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Multiple choice Open cloze Word formation Key Word Transformation

8 Questions 1 mark for each 8 Questions 1 mark for each 8 Questions 1 mark for each 6 Questions Up to 2 marks for each
correct answer. correct answer. correct answer. correct answer.
Synonyms Parts of speech Forming nouns from verbs Comparative/Superlative
Collocations Pronouns/Relative pronouns Forming adjectives from noun Passive & impersonal passive
Idioms Articles/Quantifiers Forming adverbs from adjectives Phrasal verbs
Phrasal verbs Modal/Auxiliary Verbs Forming adjectives from verbs Causative verbs
Fixed phrases & expressions Conjunctions Forming opposite meanings Modals of speculation
Prepositions Difficult spelling Inverted sentences
Linking words
Awareness and control of Vocabulary, in particular the Reported speech
Idioms Auxiliary verbs
grammar with some focus use of affixation, internal
Complementation on vocabulary. Conditionals
changes and compounding in
Semantic precision word formation. Unreal past tenses

Multiple choice Gapped text Multiple matching

6 Questions 2 marks for each 7 Questions 2 marks for each correct answer. 10 Questions 1 mark for each correct
correct answer. answer.
Understanding of the text. Understanding of cohesion, coherence, Tests understanding of
Paraphrasing text structure, global meaning. opinion, detail, attitude and
Identifying detail, opinion, attitude, tone, Paraphrasing. specific information. Scanning
purpose, main idea, implication and how a Look for clue word at the beginning and for meaning Paraphrasing.
text is organised. end of every paragraph and before and Watch out for phrasal verbs, set
after the gaps. phrases and idioms.

Part 1: one compulsory - Essay Article, Essay ,Letter, Report or Review

One compulsory question 240–280 words One question from a choice of four 280–320 words
Writing a discursive essay in which you have to summarise A choice of four questions (2–5). For Questions 2–4, you
and evaluate the key points contained in two texts of may have to write an article, a letter, a report or a review.
approximately 100 words each. Candidates must integrate Question 5: If you read one of the set books and want to
a summary of these key points, an evaluation of the write about it, you may decide to try Question 5. You have
abstract arguments involved and their own ideas on the a choice of two tasks, 5(a) or 5(b) for this question.You
topic in a coherent essay. may have to write an article, essay, letter, report or a

Multiple choice Sentence completion Multiple choice Multiple matching

6 Questions 1 mark for each 9 Questions 1 mark for each 5 Questions 1 mark for each 10 Questions 1 mark for each
correct answer. correct answer. correct answer. correct answer.
Three short, unrelated recordings A monologue or prompted A recording with interacting Five short, themed
lasting approximately 1 minute monologue lasting 3–4 minutes. speakers lasting 3–4 minutes. monologues, of approximately
each. You have to listen to the The questions are a series of You have to listen to the recording 35 seconds each.
recordings and answer two incomplete sentences. You have to and answer a series of multiple- There are two multiple-
multiple-choice questions for each listen to the recording and identify choice questions, each with four matching tasks. Each multiple-
recording. Each question has three the information you need (one to options (A, B, C or D). matching task requires the
options (A, B or C). three words) to fill each gap. Listening for opinion, gist, detail, selection of the five correct
Listening for gist, detail, function, Listening for specific information, inference. options from a list of eight.
purpose, topic, speaker, stated opinion. Gist, attitude, main points,
addressee, feeling, attitude, interpreting context.
opinion, etc.

Interview Collaborative task Long turn and discussion

2 minutes 4 minutes 10 minutes (2-minute long turn for each candidate and then
approximately 6 minutes for the discussion).
Conversation between the The interlocutor gives you The interlocutor gives you a card with a question and some
interlocutor and each candidate. some spoken instructions ideas on it and you have to speak for about 2 minutes on your
and one or more pictures to own. After you finish, your partner has to comment and the
The examiner asks each of you a
look at. First, you have to
series of questions, addressing a answer a question which
interlocutor then asks you both a question on the same topic.
question to each of you in turn, to focuses on your reaction to The interlocutor follows the same procedure with your partner
give you an opportunity to talk aspects of one or more and then leads a discussion with both of you.
about yourselves. pictures (1 minute). The
Giving information about yourself second part is a decision- Speaking on your own for a longer time, expressing and
and expressing your opinion or making task which you justifying opinions, developing topics.
have to do with the other
speculating about various topics. candidate.