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Englis I

Adverbs Worksheet

Teacher´s name

Cali, Valle del cauca October 6th,2020


ALWAYS  The Present Simple tense is often used with the so
USUALLY  called adverbs of frequency. These adverbs express
FREQUENTLY  how often an action happens. They are placed before
OFTEN  the main verb but after the verb to be.
SOMETIMES 
OCCASIONALLY  I always get up early.
SELDOM  Does she often take a taxi?
They are usually at home.
RARLY 
Mum is sometimes angry in the mornings.
NEVER 
My brother never studies at night.

A-Write sentences using the prompts. Use the verbs in B-Write the adverbs of frequency in the right
the present simple tense and the adverbs of frequency in place in the sentence.
the right place.
1. My father go to the library. (often)
1. basketball/she/play/often
My father go often to the library
She plays basketball often
2. Do your friends watch TV ? (usually)
2. lunch/We/have/always/at 2:00
Do your friend usually watch tv
We always have lunches at two o´clock
3. Tina is busy in the mornings. (sometimes)
3. always/wake up/early/in the morning/Peter
Tina is sometimes in the mornings
Peter always wake up earlies in the morning

4. Lara/sometimes/angry/is/with her parents 4. Our teacher lets us use a calculator. (never)

Lara is sometimes angries with her parents Our teacher never lets us use a calculator

C-Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks with the verbs in
brackets in the present tense and the adverb of frequency
that appears in the picture.

1. Paul always have a shower early in the morning. (have)

2. Ever your brother is scared at night? (is)

3. Tim often send e-mails to his friends. (send)

4. My boss sometimes get angry with me. (get)

5. Usually they go to the beach in summer? (go)

6. Frank is always exhausted after exercising. (is)

7. My father often play golf. (play)

8. Lara’s mother usually buy a cake for her birthday. (buy)

9. My grandmother never go jogging in the morning. (go)

10. Tom is generally very tired at the end of the day. (is)

11. Ever Paul get impatient when he has to wait? (get)

12. Tom is not good at playing tennis. He rarely win a match.