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Country / Location: ALGERIA Date July 2006

Description of Job Ref.: RMS 5 Level 3 tab-2 Eng. 015 Rig:
or Work Activity: Adjust Brake On Draw Works JSA # 0002

Recommendations to Eliminate or
Work Sequence (Job Steps) Hazards or Potential Incidents
Reduce Hazards
1. Inform driller, Raise Work permit. Personal injury. Refer RMS procedures above.

2. Secure well. Struck by objects, Personal Traumatic Check cables & shackles have no defects
injuries. prior hanging blocks.
3. Hang blocks. Pinch points, Struck by objects. Have good communication between rig floors
and draw works.
4. Remove linkage, to adjust. Struck by object, Linkage came apart. Check to be sure all keepers & split pin in
5. Adjust break band to equal height. Inefficent Breaking. Follow work procedures.

6. Adjust linkage to obtain correct brake

handle height.
7. Close work permit. Equipment not checked after job. Follow work permit procedures.


List Below the Personal Protective Equipment, Special Tools and Other Safety Equipment Required to do this Job
Hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, coverall, boots.


JSA Written By: JSA Approved By:

Job Title: Job Title: RIG MANAGER

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