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The birth of a brand

making it work for you.

What is a brand?
A brand, your brand is a culmination of many elements that eminate from
the organisation, consolidating to produce a promise to your audience,
that promise is the life blood that flows through every vein of the company.

The issue for many organisations is capturing and distilling the pure value
of the brand, ensuring complete audience engagement, differentiation
that stakes a claim in the market and value proposition that allows the
organisation to produce growth making profit!

The following pages break down exactly how Pomegranate provide our
clients with what we call Brand Confidence, our proven process for
successful brand development.
Its time to define your brand
with confidence:
Brand strategy is the process of identifying your brand’s most
compelling unique attributes and combining them into a unique
promise. A strong brand stands out from its category. It’s relevant
to those who come into contact with it. it’s believable, because it’s
built on credibility and a compelling truth, during the first stage of

Whether the task at hand is brand creation for a new company,

or rebranding a global company due to a change in business
conditions, we employ a process that’s proven and comprehensive
we call it Brand Confidence TM .

Brand Confidence is our five phase formula to complete brand success.

1. Knowledge

Getting under the

Depending on the challenges that face your organisation, we will
employ an array of qualitative and quantitative research strategies and
• Segmentation studies • Audience profiling & persona’s
• Brand image assessment • Buying behaviour analysis Promise
• Competitive analysis • Workshops / Focus groups Internal External
• Web site usability • Media touchpoint assessment
• Semiotics and messaging • Online ROI tracking Pereception
• Comms analysis • SEO Analysis
• Benchmarking • Name testing and validation

In addition, Pomegranate use a Strategic Brand Assessment— a method

that enables us to evaluate the strength and value of your internal
brand. Unlike traditional research methods that look at the brand from
the “outside in” by measuring customer attitudes, the Strategic Brand
Assessment fills another critical need by looking at the brand from
the “inside out” using the perspectives of company management and
employees. This technique uncovers underlying business or marketing
issues that may be undermining the success of the brand, shows
cultural alignment or the lack thereof, and recommends ways to improve
marketing communications in order for the brand to reach its potential.

Touchpoint Mapping is another valuable research tool we use to define

and illustrate every potential point of contact between your brand and its
many audiences. By outlining your brand touchpoints, you can implement
the right practices and processes to ensure that customers and other
audiences have consistently positive experiences.

We use brand mapping—the process of identifying your organization’s

unique attributes, surveying the competitive brand positions and analyzing
opportunities—to define an area that is unique to your company and
compelling to your internal and external audiences.
2. Strategic Vision

Building the
Strategic vision contains the crucial stages in the development of
the robust foundations, a brand must be able to breathe and grow
with the organisational demands.

Brand Architecture
Brand architecture is the hierarchical structure by which brands, products,
services and subsidiaries are managed on a relative basis to each other Your Aud
within an organizational entity. For example, is your organization’s brand 1. Compet
architecture a Branded House, emphasizing the corporate brand, or a 2. Barrier
y pan

House of Brands, with individually branded products or divisions? 3. Social

Your Com


4. WOM tial
Brand architecture also involves the development of nomenclature 5. Experi
systems and sometimes a Brand Decision Tree to determine the function ...
and role of Parent Brands (think Procter & Gamble), Endorsed Brands
(Stainmaster by Dupont), Ingredient Brands (“Intel inside”) and Stand-
Alone Brands (did you know the Ritz-Carlton brand belongs to Marriott?).

Pomegranate can help you identify the appropriate brand architecture

for your organization—and implement it—so that the structure and its
benefits are clearly defined, accepted and understood.
Brand Creation
We thrive on the opportunity to create a brand from the ground up. In
order to give it life, we identify the organization’s core attributes, conduct
extensive internal and competitive research, and develop the foundational
positioning—all of which set the stage for the creative process that
follows in Expression.

Brand Positioning
A brand position must be relevant, believable and defendable to thrive.
A strong brand stands for something. The most compelling brands claim
the highest ground—they own a mindset. Volvo and safety. Nike and
performance. Virgin and Passion. Energizer and longevity. So what’s your
brand position? Is there one word you can own?

Once we have identified, substantiated and detailed your brand pillars, we

combine them to express their cumulative benefit—your brand position.
We identify the brand’s guiding principles and values, and craft an elevator
statement so that everyone in your organization can explain the brand
and its positioning clearly and consistently. We then establish the brand
personality to guide its voice, tone and visual expression.

In any given industry or category, we create brand positions that clearly

differentiate our clients’ companies from their competition—and also
carry high growth potential.

Connection Planning
Far beyond traditional media planning, there is connection planning—
recommending and developing relevant channels by which to reach your
target with a mix of integrated media strategy, architecture and planning.
Depending on your audiences, we’ll identify the right use or combination
of mass media, interactive, outdoor, broadcast, and new media. We also
employ social network strategies and planning, stewardship, and tracking,
reporting and analysis.

Go-To-Market Strategy
Strategic development precedes and guides all of our brand
communications—namely the implications of segmentation, distribution,
pricing and placement. Once a strategic approach to these variables has
been resolved, we determine the overall go-to-market strategy and move
into creative development.
3. Expression

Bringing the brand to

Brand Communications
One of the most significant advantages you’ll get from Pomegranate
is the seamless transition from brand strategy through the creative
development, execution and production of marketing materials. The same
team members who create and develop the brand strategy also manage
its evolution into brand communications—ensuring that the voice, spirit
and positioning elements of the brand shape all creative messaging from
launch through implementation.

Brand Naming
What’s in a name? When done right, a good name has gravity, subtext
and style—all of which make it memorable and proprietary to your brand.
At Pomegranate you’ll find that brand naming is an in-house skill set that
many other brand firms typically outsource.

Companies, products, services, spin-offs, joint ventures—you name it and

we’ve, um, named it. With a finalized name, we begin the step of giving
the name what it needs to thrive—context.

Brand Identity
Brand identity begins with logo development, yet it also goes far beyond it.
Our brand identity designers are experts at crafting corporate signatures
that express the essence of the brand. For every project, they explore all
aspects of identity design—intent, typography, colourways, iconography,
and more—to create studies that typically include several dozen
candidates. Similar to our naming process, a wide net is cast for purposes
of exploration, leaving no relevant consideration untouched.

Once a corporate mark has been finalized, we develop the brand

expression—or the brand’s look and feel—that includes an expanded
colour palette and typography, imagery, repeating elements, and other
considerations that give the brand its proprietary and aesthetic qualities.

The visual identity system then becomes a major component of the brand
guidelines manual, which serves as the “brand bible” to ensure the brand
is expressed consistently and appropriately as it is adopted by members
throughout your organization.

Creative Development
Beyond all of the research, planning and strategy—the importance
of which can’t be underestimated—lies the true nature of brand
communications: connecting with your audiences through creative
expression. Brand communications have been a core competency of
Pomegranate since our founding, and our skill sets have only sharpened
as the methods of brand contact have grown exponentially. We develop
offline and online brand content in the following categories:

* Advertising—print, interactive, broadcast, outdoor and nontraditional

* One-to-one marketing/direct marketing
* Web site and web application development
* Internal communications (employee-facing)
* Collateral materials
* Sales force material/content
* Trade show/Road show applications
* Online forums
* Graphic Design
* Experiential
* Point-of-purchase
Digital Marketing
As the importance of the web as a branding and marketing medium
increases, Pomegranate is committed to offering best-in-class services
across the digital landscape. This includes expertise in research, web
design, and online media. Whether you need a dynamic website that
generates leads and drives sales, or an innovative online campaign to
increase brand awareness, we go far beyond web marketing to create a
robust and effective business tool for your company. Our digital services

Strategy, Planning & Analytics

* Customer, Channel & Consumer Research
* Web, Marketing & Blog Analytics
* Audience Segmentation & Profiling
* Web 2.0 & Enterprise 2.0 Strategies

Interactive Marketing
* Creative Services
* Brand Building & Direct Response
* Integrated Campaigns
* Social Networking, Community Building & Blogging
* Emerging Platforms
* Mobile Marketing

Web & Interactive Development

* Web Design & Development
* Information Architecture
* User Experience & Interface Design
* Content Creation
* Content Management & Technology Solutions

Media Planning
* Media Strategy Development
* Search Marketing (SEO, SEM/PPC)
* Email & eCommunication Marketing
* Online Advertising & Ad Serving
* Viral & Social Media
* Media Mix Planning

Customer Relationship Management

* Lead Generation & Management
* CRM Strategy & Implementation
* Incentive & Loyalty Marketing
4. Production

Its not a challenge with

the right approach.
We have deployed some of the most complex brand awareness
programmes imaginable, ranging from the global messaging campaign
for UK Trade & Invest, that included an ad campaign to cross 34
Airports across the globe, 42 business and academic publications in 14
languages, whilst providing the online production of an extensive public
website and internal information intranet!

Our clients are used to the rigorous procedures we apply to every level
of our production. It is imperative to us that your brand is implemented
with meticulous attention to detail across all media channels. Because
of this we have developed our unique QC testing and application
process that provides peace of mind through out the deployment of all
our projects.
5. Evaluation

but how do you know?
Regular analysis of the brand effect, internally and externally, is
crucial for understanding the impact, engagement and permeation of
the brand message. With the correct insight, brand evolution can be
applied with control and streamlined cost efficiency. Today we have
more accessibility to devices and systems than ever before, we can
assess reach, absorbtion, channels, sentiment.... the list is extensive.

At Pomegranate we work with each client individually to define an

analysis strategy that will both be manageable and provide the data
points with the greatest relevance for the organisation. We establish
the primary feedback loops and analysis points from the first phase
of our process. Using the robust benchmarking activities initiated in
the knowledge phase, to be cross referenced. Our evaluation process
encompasses a comprehensive selection of data interrogation methods
and technical tools:

• Sales team diagnostics

• Marcomms matrix
• Web analytics
• Social Media monitoring
• Emarketing analysis
Additional components of our approach:

Brand Influence
We define brand Influence as the process of educating and training
everyone in your organization so that they can “live the brand.” We
conduct workshops and training sessions, provide training materials and
provide ongoing support to ensure widespread brand adoption.

This essential aspect of brand development results in your people—who

are often the main brand touchpoints—not merely understanding the
brand but personifying it.

Brand Stewardship
Throughout every engagement, we serve as your brand stewards—
thinking proactively on your behalf to advance your brand’s market
position. The dedicated team on your business manages the day-to-day
pursuits without losing focus on the bigger picture, which is to build the
value of your brand over time.

Channel Management
Pomegranate goes beyond channel marketing to true channel
management. We are experts at managing sales channels to increase
awareness, generate leads and drive revenue generation. Our strategies
and programs are designed to bridge the gap between marketing and
sales—effectively driving growth through the implementation of flexible,
scalable and proven solutions. RB’s channel management services
The next step:
We hope this has provided you with greater clarity and insight into the
fundamentals of a true definition of branding.

If this has inspired you to learn more about how Pomegranate create truly
confident brands, please contact us now. We would be happy to discuss
your requirements further.

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