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Plaintiff, )
v. ) CR No. 2:10cr186-MHT
Defendants. )



Comes now the Defendant, Ronald E. Gilley ("Gilley" or "Defendant"), by and through

undersigned counsel, and hereby respectfully moves this Honorable Court to continue trial in the

above-styled matter. As grounds in support thereof Defendant states as follows:

1. On November 30, 2010, Defendant Gilley filed a Motion to Continue the trial of

this case and to adjust the scheduling order in accordance therewith. Said motion is attached as

Exhibit 1 and Defendant hereby re-alleges the factual statements in said motion as if fully set

forth herein.

2. A hearing on Gilley's first Motion to Continue, as well as motions to continue

filed by eight other co-defendants, was held on December 11, 2010. Following said hearing the

Court denied Defendants' motions to continue but extended Defendants' motion and reciprocal

discovery deadline to February 4, 2011. (Doc. 286 and 288).

3. In the last two months, defendants have been pouring over the massive amount of

discovery. In doing so, Defendant Gilley's obligations have been threefold:

a. Examine the discovery in effort to prepare a defense

b. Examine discovery in an effort to prepare motions.


c. Examine discovery in an effort to provide reciprocal discovery.

4. In addition to what Gilley described as a "herculean effort" to digest the massive

amount of discovery in his motion to continue filed in November, Gilley now faces a

significantly expanded task due to the guilty plea and cooperation agreement of co-defendant

Jarrod Massey. Mr. Massey was Gilley's principal lobbyist with regard to the legislation at the

heart of this case. Documents provided by the Government indicate that Mr. Massey began

cooperating with the Government within days of his arrest and has provided extensive interviews

on matters related to the charges in this indictment. In addition, however, Mr. Massey has also

provided information on a wide array of individuals and alleged criminal conduct not contained

in this indictment.

5. The first glimpse of the additional effort needed to properly defend this case due

to the Massey guilty plea did not come until December 21, 2010, when Mr. Massey changed his

plea from "not guilty" to "guilty" and the defense was provided with summaries of Mr. Massey's

interviews. Redacted from these interviews, however, was an extensive amount of material

alleging other criminal activity in which Mr. Massey engaged as well as allegations against a

variety of other people. This redacted material, which the Government has conceded pertains to

ongoing criminal investigations, was not provided to the defense until January 31, 2011, just four

days ago.

6. Mr. Massey's credibility as a Government witness will be a critical factor in the

trial of this case. As such, Defendant Gilley requires additional time to analyze and investigate

the allegations made by Mr. Massey, including the significant depth of Mr. Massey's admitted

criminal activity unconnected to Mr. Gilley.


7. Although Defendant's attorneys have diligently used their best efforts to be

prepared to try this case as scheduled, the massive amount of discovery, including hours and

hours of recordings, thousands of pages of documents and the sweeping descriptions of Jarrod

Massey's criminal conduct only recently provided, make it impossible to be adequately prepared

for a trial date that is now just sixty (60) days away.

8. One of the factors to be considered in a considering continuance motion is

whether the case is so unusual or complex due to the number of defendants, the nature of the

prosecution, or the existence of novel questions of fact or law, that it is unreasonable to expect

adequate preparation for pre-trial proceeding or for the trial itself. [18 USC § 3161 (h)(7)(B)(ii)].

This particular factor is so dominant in this case that a continuance is necessary. By the time this

day is over, the court will be inundated with, among others, motions to dismiss, motions to sever

and motions for bills of particular filed by the remaining ten defendants in this case. Next week,

Defendants will file lengthy motions to suppress the wiretap recordings. These motions present

the court with unique and novel questions of law and fact that are likely to require oral

arguments, additional briefings, evidentiary hearings or a combination thereof. It will be simply

impossible to prepare for trial while also addressing these motions. Furthermore, the Court's

rulings on these motions will impact the trial and Defendants' preparation.

9. Under the circumstances, the failure to grant a continuance will result in a

miscarriage of justice. [18 USC § 3161 9h)(7)(B)(i)].

Wherefore, premises considered, Defendant Ronnie Gilley respectfully states that the

above concerns and factors outweigh the interest of the public and any defendant on the current

schedule and thus hereby moves this Honorable Court to continue the trial of this case.


Respectfully submitted,

/s/ G. Douglas Jones________

G. Douglas Jones


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