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Adverbs of manner + Present Continuous

Adverbs of manner say how something happens.

We form most adverbs of manner by adding –ly or- ILY to the adjective: slow-
slowly ; noisy – noisily. BUT: hard-hard, fast-fast, good-well.

I Answer the questions.

Are the
Is the boy children
talking playing
Is the girl noisily
dancing or quietly?
happily or quietly?
1_______________________ 2______________________

Is the child eating

politely or Is the child eating Is the girl
greedily? politely or greedily? writing carelessly
or carefully?

Is the man driving

Is the boy running slowly
carefully or
or quickly?


II Write the letters in the correct order and answer the questions. The adverbs of manner are given in
the box.

Politely, dangerously, slowly, beautifully, greedily, quietly,

loudly, quickly, easily, correctly, carelessly, noisily

1 How is the teacher speaking? LIQUETY 7 How are the children playing? LONISIY
She is speaking_______________________ _______________________________________

2 How are these boys writing? LYSSRECAEL 8 How is the boy eating? DREGELIY
_____________________________________ _______________________________________

3 How is the man driving? ROUSDANLYGE 9 How are Ann and John dancing? WOLYLS
______________________________________ _______________________________________

4 How is Adam studying? SIEAYL 10 How is John speaking? LOPELITY

______________________________________ ________________________________________

5 How are the children singing? UDOLLY 11 How is the policeman moving? KCLIQUY
______________________________________ ________________________________________

6 How is Tom answering? RELYCORTC 12 How is Jill playing the flute? LYBETIALUFU
______________________________________ ________________________________________

1 happily 2 quietly 3 noisily 4 greedily 5 carefully 6 dangerously 7 quickly


1 quietly 2 carelessly 3 dangerously 4 easily 5 loudly 6 correctly 7 noisily 8 greedily

9 slowly 10 politely 11 quickly 12 beautifully