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Name Meaning

Sarwat Wealth, Power, Influence.

Sarwath Wealth, riches.
Sauda, Sawdah Wife of the Prophet
Sawdah A wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Sawsan Lily of the valley
Sayyidah Lady, woman
Seemeen Name of some women.
Seerat Inner beauty, fame.
Sehr Sunrise.
Sehrish The sunrise.
Selina Moon, Salty.
Senada Graceful, heavenly.
Senait Good Luck.
Sfiyah Righteous
Shabana Famous.
Shabeehah Picture, Image, Like.
Shabina The eye of the storm.
Shabnam Dew.
Shadan Young gazelle
Shadha Aromatic.
Shadha, Shadhaa Aroma
Shadhiyah Aromatic
Shadiyah Singer
Shadmani Joy, happiness.
Shafana Integrity and Virtuous.
Shafaq Dawn. Redness in the sky at sunset
Shafath Curing or healing people.
Shafeeqah A compassionate kind hearted friend.
Shafia Mercy.
Shafiah Intercessor.
Shafiqah Compassionate, sympathetic
Shahada Bearing witness.
Shahana Queen.
Shahd Honey, honeycomb
Shahed Honey.
Shaheenah Falcon.
Shaheerah Well-known.
Shahida Witness.
Shahidah Witness
Shahina Princess.
Shahirah Well known, famous
Shahla Dark flower, Dark grey eyes.
Shahlah Blush
Shahnaaz Pride of the king.
Shahnaz Bride.
Shahnoor Royal Glow.
Shahrazad Teller of "Tales of 1,001 Nights"
Shahzaadee Princess.
Shaila Small mountain.
Shairah Poetess.
Polite. She desires support and
encouragement in all her goals.
Extremely dedicated and very
Shaistah Polite, Courteous.
Shajarah Tree.
Shajee'ah Brave.
Shakeelah Comely, beautiful.
Shakila Pretty.
Shakirah Thankful
Shakurah Grateful, very thankful.
Shalimar Beautiful & Strong
Shama Lamp.
Shamailah Good traits excellent disposition.
Shamamah Fragrance.
Shameemah A fragrant breeze.
Shamila One of friendly and likable nature.
Shamilah Complete, comprehensive
Shamima Fragrant breeze.
Shamis The sun.
Shamoodah Diamond.
Shams Sun
Shamsa Sunshine.
Shamsia Beautiful, Shining Star, One and only
Shanaz Pride of King
Shanika Good.
Shanum Allahs blessing, dignity.
Shaqeeqah Real sister.
Shareekah Partner.
Shareen Sweet.
Sharifah Noble, honoured, distinguished.
Sharifah, Shareefa,
Noble, honored
Shariqah Shining.
Sharmeela Shy
Sharmeen Shy.
Sharmin Modesty.
Very beautiful, a heart of gold ,
trustworthy, an angel , perfect.
Shatha She was a narrator of Hadith.
Shawq Longing
Shayla Little mountain.
Shayma Having a beauty spot.
Shayma, Shaymaa to look out
Shazana Princess.
Shazfa Success
Shazia Aromatic.
Shazmah Rare moon.
Sheenaz Beauty.
Shehla Kind of a flower.
Shehr bano Princess.
Shehzadi Princess.
Sheila Little mountain.
Shellah Truely, Kind person , Beautiful.
Sheyla Pine tree.

Name Meaning
Sheza Good (religious) girl.
Shezan Beautiful.
Shifa Curing, healing
Shihaam Intelligent.
Shillan A flower.
Shimah Nature, habit
Shimaz Beloved.
Shireen Sweet.
Shiya Exceptional.
Shiyam Nature, character
Shiza A gift or present.
Shu'a Rays of Sun light.
Shudun Powerful, straight
Shuhda Honey, honeycomb
Shuhrah Fame, reputation
Shujana Brave, strong.
Shukrah Thankfulness
Shukriyah Of thanks
Shumaila Beautiful face.
Shumaylah The first woman in Islam who wore
coloured garments was shumaylah; wife
of al-Abbas and she was also the first to
prepare perfume; again the daughter of Ali
bin Ibrahim was a narrator of Hadith,
known by this name.
Shumaysah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Shurafa Noble.
Shurooq Dawn, Sunrise.
Shuruq Rising, shining
Sibal, Sibaal Eyes with long lashes
Siddiqah Upright, very truthful
Siddra Like a Star.
Sidra Tree.
Sidrah Name of a tree.
Siham Arrows.
Siham, Sihaam Arrows
Simah Sign, characteristic, expression
Simra Heaven, princess.
Simrah Jannat (heaven).
Sirah See "Sarah"
Wife of Prophets companion Hassan ibn
Sirin, Sireen
Sitarah Star.
Siyana Protection
Sobia Good and Noble Girl.
Sofia Wisdom
Beautiful garden surrounded with roses
and flowers.
Sonia Pretty, very beautiful.
Soraiya Princess.
Soraya Beautiful.
Sorfina Clean, neat, free from dirt.
Souhayla Star.
Su'ad Good fortune.
Suad, Souad Good fortune
Subaha Beautiful.
Subayah Daughter of al-Harith al-Aslamiyah, she
was a narrator of Hadith; She was the wife
of Sad bin Khawlah.
Subbiha Clean, tidy.
Subhaan Praising Allah.
Subhah in the morning
Subhiyah of the morning
Subuhi The cold breeze of morning.
Suda Happy, lucky
Sudi She was a narrator of Hadith.
A person who follows Sufism - Clean
Sughra Small.
Suha Name of a star
Suhailah, Suhaylah Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing
Suhaimah, Suhaymah Small arrow
Suhair, Suhayr Proper name
Suhaylah Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing.
Suhaymah Small arrow.
Suhayr Proper name.
Suheera Beautiful.
Sukainah, Sukaynah Charming, likable
Sukaynah Calm, Quietude.
Sulafah Choicest
Sultanah Sultaness
Sumaira, Sumayra Diminutive of Samra
Sumaiya Pure
Name of a lady companion of the Prophet
Sumaiyah, Sumayyah
� the first martyr in Islam
Sumanah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Sumara Entertainer.
Sumayrah Brownish.
Sumaytah She was a companion.
Sumbul Frail, Delicate.
Sumlina Morning Star.
Summar Fruit, Gifts.
The first lady who obtained shahadat in
Summayyah First martyr of Islam.
Sumnah Name of an Arab girl (FH).
Sumra Fruit, summer fruit.
Sunbul Spikes of grain
Sundas Dress of heaven.
Sundus Silk brocade
Sunya Sunshine, brightness.
Sura, Suraa to travel by night
Suraiya Polite.
Suraya Star.
Suwaydah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Swiyyah Little one.

Name Meaning
Sabuhi Morning Star
Sadad Right thing to do, lucky hand
Sadaf Shell, Oyster, Pearl.
Sadah Happiness
Sadiah Good luck.
Sadiqah Truthful, sincere.
Sadiyah Fortunate
Sadoof Name of a poetess.
Saeedah Fortunate, Auspicious.
Safa Pure
Clarity, purity, serenity; name of a
hill in Makkah
Safeerah Messenger; Ambassador.
Saffanah Pearl
Saffiya Best freind.
Safia Pure.
Safiyya Best friend.
Untroubled, serene, pure, best
Untroubled, serene, pure, best
Safiyyah, Safiya
friend; wife of the Prophet
Safoorah Wife of Prophet Musa (A.S).
Safun Breezing
Safwah An Arab feminine name.
Safwana A Shining Star, Rock.
Sageda Sageda is ...
Sagheerah Short.
Sahar Dawn
Sahibah Colleague.
Sahirah Wakeful.
Sahlah Easy, convenient.
Sahlah, Sahla Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing
Sahrish Sunrise.
Saibah She was a narrator of hadith.
Most Beautiful, unmatched,
Saidah Happy, fortunate
Saihah Good, useful
Saila Sunshine.
Saima Keeps fasts.
Saimah Fasting.
Saiqa Lightning.
Saira Happy.
Sairah One who travels.
Sairish Magic, flower.
Saja to be calm and quiet
Sajidah Prostrating to God
Sakeenah Calm, quiet and tranquil.
Sakina She was a narrator of Hadith
Sakinah Allah-inspired peace of mind.
God inspired peace of mind,
Sakinah, Sakeena
Saleemah Healthy, Sound.
Salifah Previous.
Salihah Correct, agreeable
Salikah Following; Mystic.
Salimah Sound, safe, healthy.
Peaceful, flawless, faultless, safe,
Salimah, Saleema
Peaceful, safe, healthy; a wife of
the Prophet
Salmaa Peaceful.
Salsabil A fountain in Paradise.
Salsabil, Salsabeel Spring in Jannah
Salwa Solace; quail
Samaa Sky.
Samah Generosity.
Samah, Samaah Generosity
Samaira Enchanting.
Samar Evening conversation
Samarah Soft light
Samawah Summit, height
Sameea One who listens.
Sameeha Generous blessing of Allah.
Sameen Precious.
Sameenah Overweight, fat.
Sameh Forgiver
Sameya Pure.
Samia Exalted, noble, much praised.
Samiah Forgivness or forgiver.
Samihah, Sameeha Generous
Samina Precious, Generous.
Samira Call.
Samirah Entertaining female companion.
Samirah, Sameera Entertaining female companion
Samiun The Hearing.
Samiya To hear.
Samiyah Elevated, exalted, lofty.
Samiyah, Saamiya Elevated, exhalted, lofty
Sammar Fruit.
Samra Soft, light tanned color
Name of a fruit, written in the
Quran 24 times.
Resplendence, brilliance; to gaze,
Eminence, sublimity, Brilliance,
Sana, Sanaa
Sanam Beloved.
Sanari Sweet and Beautiful.
Sanaubar Cone bearing tree.
Sanika Strong minded, warm hearted.
Saniyah Resplendence, brilliance
Sanjeedah Serious.
Sara Princess.
Name of the wife of the Prophet
Sarina Peace.
Sarish Morning.
Sarra She was a female companion.
Beautiful, companion of prophet