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A arizona-advocate J THE university (OF ARIZONA. THE UNIVERSITY . OF ARIZONA September 14,2020 CONFIDENTIAL, Jacob Orsay Dear Jacob: The Dean of Students Office has race NBd aot leh complaint alleging your involveaentin VélationsioP the Arizona Board of Regents Stile todo @h Conduct. Reportedly anSepicmbérlt, 7920, you allegedly volategafie Student Code Of@anduct. Tie following is a,SfieFaurma’v the incident On Septem iff 2020, hope of Studen@O tice received 2 f@peft tating thatwaeeb Orsay has pose negative view eget ding GOVIDA neath ag sate protocols. The DesmFSIinent Office alsgrbgeed a September 1 TANBHGLOGFEDH ust clegen))shows Jac 380Orsayino in compliang with Upivesity of sitena COVIDALS health afi safety Aovcies. Sligh behavior is an alléGed yiolatidh of the Arizona Board of Resents stirigni.codeiof Conduct, pertinent parts of which af@ staipeKgelow Obde of Confict/ Endangering / Threat / Cause Harm -Epdangerii Wireatening, or causing physical harm anyygrerMser of the university community oF a,@nesel{;ealising ceasonable apprehension of suck parm grgedging in conduct or communications that ‘2 réagdhable person would interpret as a serious eity jon of intepbiaat Ome Never forget [removed] @ 9 n0 (OF ARZONA, THE UNIVERSITY ‘OF ARIZONA, Se Oe ee IR Tee users (OF ARZONN ty ve Sa ie A ME uvesiry (OFANZONA, fEQHO THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA. Dear Alton: ‘The Dean of Students Office received a Student Code of Conduct complaint on September 11,2020, regarding an @ alleged violation ofthe Arizona Board of Regents Student Code of Conduct, pertinent parts of which ae stated below: with the directions of university officials or agents, nc law enforcement or security officers, acting inthe ‘The following s a brief summary oft ‘Students failed to comply with social setting esi! re Aton ttre fearon son get coon set