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Dormitory(Cheonjeonggwan) Policy

1. Open
① The dormitory is open for regular school days and for special opening.

② The Dormitory is open in accordance with the academic schedule of

each semester.
③ Cheonjeonggwan's special openings are during summer and winter

④ Specific timetable to the opening will be determined by the chief of the

⑤ The Cheonjeonggwan may be closed during special holidays such as

lunar New Year or Chuseok and for other extraordinary reasons even
during the semester.

2. Selecting its residents

① A notice for resident sign-up is posted every December, and after
reviewing applications, the Cheonjeonggwan makes its selection

sometime in February.

② There is a quota residents but a number amounting to about 10

percent of the resident quota will be put on waiting list in case there
be vacancies due to no-show by those selected as residents or those
who decide to leave.
③ The criteria for selection of residents are as follows:
A. Regular selection: Students from provincial areas will be given

priority, and students living in Seoul's surrounding areas will be

chosen if the quota is unfilled. However, should there be more
resident candidates, the Cheonjeonggwan will choose on a
first-come basis.
B. Interim selection: In the case where the selected residents fail to

show up, or incumbent residents leave, the Cheonjeonggwan will fill

that quota as according to the waiting list (with priority going to

students from provincial areas).

④ Any other situations that go beyond what is described in Clause 1 and

3 will be determined by a management committee at the Cheonjeonggwan.

3. Fees for the Cheonjeonggwan

① The fees for the Cheonjeonggwan will be billed in the name of its chief

to be paid at designated financial institution.

② Residents who enter or residents who leave Cheonjeonggwan midway

will be separately billed each according to the respective situation

specified below. However, residents who leave because of health
reasons or to fulfill the mandatory military service will be fully

reimbursed for the remaining fee at Cheonjeonggwan.

A. Fees for Cheonjeonggwan, which will include heating bills, will be
charged by the semester.

B. Residents entering midway will be charged on a daily basis starting

on the entering day.

C. Residents leaving Cheongjeonggwan midway will be reimbursed 50
percent of the fees paid if they leave within the first month of
moving in; 25 percent, if they leave anytime between one to less
than two months after move-in. Residents leaving two months after
move-in will not receive any reimbursement.

③ Those who wish to reside at Cheonjeonggwan during the special

seasons will pay 150 percent of sum of the incumbent residents' fee
translated out on a daily basis. They may also be charged for
separate additional utilities use, if the need arises.
④ Individual research fellows and visiting professors from domestic and

foreign institutions will be charged 200 percent of more of sum of

incumbent residents'fee translated out on a daily basis as according to

Clause 3. They may also be charged for other costs.

4. Controlling entrance
① To maintain the facility's quiet ambience and to protect from burglary,

non-residents are barred from entering without permission.

② To enter Cheongjeonggwan, a person must follow the due process to

confirm that he or she is indeed a resident.

5. Facilities and maintenance: A resident who damages facilities or goods at

Cheonjeonggwan must compensate immediately. However if it is not clear
who incurred the damage, the residents involved will all compensate for

the damage.

6. Documents to be submitted:

① Those chosen as residents must submit the following papers:

A. Contract
B. Student or Personal Record
C. Bill of Health (Issued by chiefs of national or public-run hospitals or
by chief of district ward-run clinics)
② A resident who has been chosen but decides to give up or leave
midway must submit the following papers:

A. Application for reimbursement of fee paid to Cheonjeonggwan

B. Application to leave Cheonjeonggwan
* Required documents form can be found at Cheonjeonggwan officee
or Nuri website.