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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Volume 98; Number 35

A community newspaper serving Browerville, MN and surrounding areas. USPS 067-560

Dispatcher Browerville Lions
Carol Marlow retiring Super Bowl Breakfast

Dispatcher Carol Marlow has been employed with the Todd

County Sheriff’s Office since May of 1989 and has recently
announced that she will be retiring from her position. Carol
started her employment as a Jailer/Dispatch and in 1995
moved to strictly Dispatch.
Carol has many stories to tell about her experiences as an
employee with the Todd County Sheriff’s Office. Her most
memorable incident was in June of 1999 when she assisted a
caller in delivering a baby. By using her training through an The Browerville Lions club would like to thank those that attended and helped with their
Emergency Medical Dispatcher course, she was able to talk annual Super Bowl Breakfast held on February 6th at the Browerville Community Center. A
the caller through the delivery. The baby was not breathing large number of people took the opportunity to have a good breakfast and visit with friends
and she was able to give the father proper procedures to start and family during the event. Additional photos inside.
breathing and could then hear the baby crying in the back
The hardest part of her job is when people call in an emer- Businesses/residences will
gency and the caller recognizes her voice and calls her by
name. That makes these calls very personal in nature and it
is difficult to separate her personal feelings from the profes-
see garbage fee increase
sional response needed to handle the call. She recalled one By Tim King
incident where her husband called 911 and reported that Businesses and residences in Todd County that have garbage pick-up will likely see an increase in
Carol’s mother was having difficulty breathing. costs starting in June. At their Tuesday February 1st meeting, the Todd County Board of Commissioners
Carol will miss the people she works with and calls the increased the cost garbage haulers have to pay to dump a ton of garbage at the County’s Browerville
Deputies “my boys.” She has provided many quality years of garbage transfer station. It will now cost haulers $65 per ton to haul garbage to the transfer station. The
service to the Todd County Sheriff’s Office and will be missed. cost was previously $60 per ton. Fees for individuals hauling their own garbage to the transfer station
Everyone at the Sheriff’s Office wishes her the best in her will not increase. The fees in Todd County are rising because the fees at the Perham incinerator charges
retirement. are increasing. About two-thirds of Todd County’s garbage is hauled to the Perham garbage incinerator.
The rest goes to the less expensive Morrison County landfill.

Home invasion, Lerton Zander, of Long Prairie Sanitary Service, pointed out the fee hike was in excess of eight per-
cent. He said the increase will be passed on to consumers. Zander also said when fees were raised in 2008
the cost was also passed on to consumers. He said with his own increas-
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robbery, and assault
After a lengthy investigation,
Todd County Sheriff/FBI
the Todd County Sheriff ’s Office
has filed a complaint against offers cash reward
Robert John Wilder, 43, previ-
ously of rural Swanville, in a The Todd County Sheriff ’s Office, The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Minnesota National
home invasion that occurred in Bank of Long Prairie are offering a cash reward for information leading to the arrest, and conviction of
the early morning hours of the person/person’s responsible for the theft of an ATM and funds in the ATM from the City of
Saturday, 10-30-2010. An elder- Browerville. This reward is being offered in an attempt to obtain new information as to whom may be
ly female resident of a home in responsible for the theft of the ATM.
the city of Grey Eagle was On 12-04-09 the Todd County Sheriff ’s Office received a complaint that an ATM, owned by Minnesota
assaulted and robbed in the inci- National Bank of Long Prairie, had been taken from its site in the city of Browerville. To this date the
dent. Todd County Sheriff ’s Office and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have worked diligently on infor-
Wilder is being charged with mation leading to no arrest. In an effort to solve this crime we are asking anyone with any information
two counts of Kidnapping; one that may lead to an arrest to contact the Todd County Sheriff ’s Office at 320-732-2157, 1-800-794-5733
Robert John Wilder. count of Criminal Sexual or the FBI at 320-251-9394, 612-376-3600. Information can also be sent to Sheriff Pete Mikkelson at
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The Browerville Blade, Page 2 Thursday, February 10, 2011

Browerville City Council meets Elementary Science Fair Caring for a loved one
the second Thursday of the On Thursday, February 17, from A caregiver discussion group The next step
month at 7 pm in the 9 am to 3 pm, the Freshwater meets the 4th Thursday of each
After last weeks story I was flooded with questions and opin-
Browerville City Hall Education District will sponsor an month from 1:15-2:15 p.m. at
ions. It seems I'm not alone when it comes to the topic of poor
Elementary Science Fair at the Mikey’s Café, Downtown Long quality of fish in a lot of our lakes. I heard everything from killing off
Bertha Community Center. The Prairie. lakes and starting over from scratch to introducing non-native fish
Todd County Drop-In Center science fair includes fourth, fifth, The February meeting is
Fri. Feb. 11: 10 am - 1 pm, species to help control the balance. Someone even talked about
and sixth grades students from Thursday, February 24th. There is genetics. I was asked several times what "stunted" means, and
Monthly meeting Bertha-Hewitt, Browerville, Eagle no charge to attend these meetings. why "If there are so many little pan fish in lakes, and so many little
Sat. Feb. 12: 2 - 5 pm, Movie Valley, Henning, Motley, Pillager, Contact Verna Toenyan, pike, why don't the pike grow faster?" All great topics to try and
day Staples and Verndale. Program Coordinator, 320-518- cover, but I'm no DNR biologist. I can only voice my opinion based
Tue. Feb. 15: 3:30 - 6 pm, 4301 for more information. on what I catch as a fisherman, and what others catch when I see
Kevin Winkler
Monthly meeting
Real Estate 1 them with my own eyes. The fact of the matter remains the same,
Lymphedema service Real Estate 1, a three-course Home Stretch workshop fishing today is nothing like it was 30-40-50-60 years ago. Almost anyone you talk to that fished
these little lakes 50 years ago don't recall catching hundreds of 5 inch blue gills to keep one 8
Lakewood Health System series required for obtaining the A first-time homebuyer work-
incher. In fact, it is the other way around. I think the person who mentioned genetics was on the
Occupational Therapist, Janet Minnesota Real Estate license, will shop (Home Stretch) will be held in
right path. Ask a trophy deer hunter and they'll go into length about proper nutrition, buck to doe
Byland, recently completed inten- be held at Central Lakes College in St. Cloud, Thursday, February 24,
ratios and genetics.
sive training to become a Certified Brainerd from 6 to 10 p.m., Feb. 22 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. at Liberty Savings Lets better understand the term "genetics" before I continue.
Lymphedema Therapist (CLT). - March 15 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Bank (111 7th Avenue South). (from Wikipedia) For a generally accessible and less technical introduction to the topic, see
Lymphedema is a swelling of a and Thursdays. This is a free service to anyone Introduction to genetics.
body part, most often the extremi- Payment is required at the time who wants to talk with a certified Genetics (from Ancient Greek genetikos, genitive and that from genesis, origin [1][2][3]), a
ties. Once present, this chronic and of registration, which must be com- homeownership counselor about discipline of biology, is the science of genes, heredity, and variation in living organisms.[4][5]
progressive condition will not dis- pleted by Feb. 15. Class will not their personal situation pertaining Genetics deals with the molecular structure and function of genes, with gene behavior in the
appear by itself. There is no cure meet March 7 or 8. For information to buying a home. context of a cell or organism (e.g. dominance and epigenetics), with patterns of inheritance from
for Lymphedema. Therefore, the call (800) 933-0346 ext. 8142 or Learn about qualifying for a parent to offspring, and with gene distribution, variation and change in populations. Given that
goal of the therapy is to reduce the (218) 855-8142. mortgage and financing a home, genes are universal to living organisms, genetics can be applied to the study of any living system
budget and credit issues, real from viruses and bacteria, through plants (especially crops) to humans (for example in Medical
swelling and maintain the reduc-
Boiler operation estate, the closing process, basic Genetics)
home maintenance and affordable The fact that living things inherit traits from their parents has been used since prehistoric times
For further information, please workshop mortgage products that may be to improve crop plants and animals through selective breeding. However, the modern science of
contact Lakewood Health System’s A 15-hour boiler operator exam genetics, which seeks to understand the process of inheritance, only began with the work of
Rehabilitation Department at 218- available to first-time homebuyers.
preparation workshop will be held There is a small fee per house- Gregor Mendel in the mid-19th century.[6] Although he did not know the physical basis for hered-
894-8427 Mondays and Thursdays starting ity, Mendel observed that organisms inherit traits via discrete units of inheritance, which are now
hold to participate in Home Stretch
Thursday, Feb. 24 at Central Lakes called genes. (end Wikipedia)
and registration is required. To reg-
The Union Soldier College in Brainerd. This course ister for the St. Cloud all-day, one-
My guess is that most people can grasp what genetics are in a nut shell. So where do big fish
All ages are invited to a program offers attendees an opportunity to come from? Other big fish! Every once in a while a pig is born with two heads, and fish have been
day workshop please contact Stacy
called “Civil War Up Close: The prepare for taking the special and know to do the same, so when you have a lake full of 8 inch crappies that never seem to grow,
Esboldt at Central Minnesota but someone catches one 14 inches, don't get your hopes up that the rest of the school is going
Union Soldier” on Tuesday, Feb. 15, second class boiler exams. Housing Partnership at 320-259-
4 to 5 p.m. at the Great River Deadline to register and pay is to grow that big in the next couple years. So lets take a closer look at some of these little lakes
0393. keeping genetics in mind. If you have a population of blue gills in a lake that seems to be holding
Regional Library Long Prairie Feb. 17. For information, call (800)
at 6-7 inches for over 10 years, chances are those fish are going to top off their growth rate about
branch. If you have ever wondered 933-0346, ext. 8142 or (218) 855-
what it was like to live during the 8142.
Operation Round Up that size. They will lay eggs, and their offspring will grow to about the same size. In time, we end
grants awarded up with what most of these little lakes around here have, stunted genetics. Lakes that are going
Civil War, and what it was like to to have a real hard time ever going back to the way they once were, if there are never any big
be a soldier, you can find out in this Excavation safety The Todd-Wadena Community fish spawning and passing on their genetics.
program. Dressed in historically- Trust board this month awarded
accurate clothing and equipment, a
certification training Operation Round up grants total-
What will we ever do? How can things be changed? Like I said last week, nothing ever will
change if it's not a law. Suggesting we toss back 8 inch blue gills would be a waste of time. It
program on the Union soldier expe- Central Lakes College, ing $10,323 to 15 local organiza- would be pretty tough to get a law passed like that. Everyone wants to take, take, take, and drive
rience including what they carried, Brainerd, is sponsoring a program tions. further and further in search of the next bucket full. drive further and further in search of the next
ate, and wore during the great con- for anyone contemplating work Recipient organizations were: bucket full. Take muskies for example. Most lakes never had muskies in them around here, they
flict will be presented. Attendance involving excavation in the St. Bertha-Hewitt Community Educa- were introduced by the DNR. Muskie fishermen are a rare breed. I only know of one real muskie
limit is 40 and preregistration is Cloud area. Excavation Safety tion ($500), Browerville Public mounted and hanging on a wall. I have seen many replicas, but very few real mounts. The fish I
required. Certification training is based on Schools ($1200), Browerville High am thinking of was caught by someone fishing for walleye with very light tackle. Defiantly a fish
For information, please visit or underground construction safety, School ($980), Eagle Bend Public of a life time. But I can honestly say that I have never seen someone targeting muskies keep one.
call the library at 320-732-2332. the St. Cloud excavating ordi- Library ($500), Eagle Bend Senior Maybe that is why there are so many people catching them all the time. Catch and release is a
Library Hours: Mon. 2-8, Tue. 10-6, Wed. nance, and industry standards for Center ($500), Empty Stocking tried and true method to make a population of fish grow and grow big. Let's look at small mouth
2-8, Thurs. 10-6, Fri. 2-6, Sat. 10-1 electrical, gas, telecommunication, ($500), Sebeka Food Shelf ($486), bass next. Portions of the Mississippi river are so full of big smallies most people would never
and municipal utilities. Staples Elementary School ($1000), believe it unless they seen it with their own eyes. It's not uncommon to catch 80 fish in just 5-6
Training is from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Staples Food Shelf ($1100), Staples hours. And I'm not talking about 7-10 inch bass, I'm talking about smallies common over 15 inch-
Ag & Energy Expo on any of the following dates: Feb. Senior Center ($500), Todd County es and a few even pushing 20 inches. Those small mouth are big for many reasons, but a strict
The Staples campus of Central 24 or 25 and March 7 or 8 at Best Council on Aging ($500), Todd catch and release only season and slot limit can probably be credited most. I wont even mention
Lakes College will host the first Ag Western Kelly Inn, St. Cloud. The County Historical Museum ($1500), the catfish average size in the same stretch of river. It's quality fishing everyday I have been there,
& Energy Expo on Friday, Feb. 18, fee includes lunch and breaks. Wadena Ottertail Long Term and there always seems to be enough eater walleye in the mix as well.
a free event that features a farmer- Registration and payment dead- Recovery ($500), Wadena County So like I said before, the hopes of me ever seeing a lake 10 miles from home again where I
professor, Randall Reeder of Ohio line is seven days prior to the class Historical Society ($307), Wadena- can take my kids and watch them catch pie plate size blue gills, or 10 pound pike every other cast
date of choice. For information call Deer Creek School ($250). is probably a pipe dream. Just like deer hunting, some people hunt for meat, others hunt for rack.
State University as keynote speak-
The next application deadlines Fishing is the same, some people fish to eat, and others fish for pictures. The mentality of "If I
er. The day-long event includes (800) 933-0346 ext. 8142 or (218)
don't shoot that 6 point buck, the neighbor will" applies to fishing as well. What most people don't
breakfast and lunch. 855-8142. in 2011 are May 15 and September
understand is that in the case of fish, tossing back all the little†ones and keeping only the big ones
For information or registration 15. Stop by or call the Cooperative
has put us where we are today. Minnesota is†the land of 10,000 lakes, and many of them going
details contact (218) 639-7615. office at 800-321-8932 or go to to waste. Good luck out there and drive safe.

Peggy’s Potpourri Broccoli Cheese Soup

1 bunch broccoli, about 1 1/4 lb., 2 c. sliced onions
Look at your zipper. See the initials YKK? It stands for Yoshida Kogyo
washed and trimmed 5 T. butter
Kabushibibaisha, the world's largest zipper manufacturer.
7 c. chicken broth, divided 1 t. oregano
On the average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily. 1/4 c. flour 2 T. Dijon mustard
Ketchup was sold in the 1830's as a medicine. 1/8 t. pepper 1 c. milk
The "pound" (#) key on your keyboard is called an octothorp. 2 c. shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
The average four year-old child asks over four hundred questions a day. Cut florets off broccoli and divide into small sections. Simmer in
lightly salted water for 2 minutes; drain and immerse in cold water
Because metal was scarce, the Oscars given out during World War II were made of wood. to stop cooking then set aside.
The three most valuable brand names on earth: Marlboro, Coca-Cola, and Budweiser, in that order. Cut stalks into small pieces; place in a large saucepan. Add sliced
Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time. onions and 3 tablespoons of butter to saucepan; sauté over medium
low heat for 5 minutes. Add 3 cups chicken broth and oregano to the
Dentists recommend that a toothbrush be kept at least six feet away from a toilet to avoid airborne
saucepan; simmer 20 to 30 minutes. Carefully process hot mixture
particles resulting from the flush.
in batches in a blender until smooth. Melt remaining 2 tablespoons
When the moon is directly overhead, you weigh slightly less. butter in saucepan; stir in flour and cook, stirring constantly, until
We shed 40 pounds of skin a lifetime. smooth and bubbly. Stir in mustard and pepper. Gradually stir in
A person will die from total lack of sleep sooner than from starvation. Death will occur about 10 days processed mixture and remaining 4 cups of chicken broth. Continue
without sleep, while starvation takes a few weeks. to cook, stirring, until mixture begins to bubble. Add milk and
cheese; stir until smooth and cheese is melted. Add remaining broc-
“Love is a fabric which never fades, no matter how often it is washed in the water of adversity
coli florets and heat through. Serves 8.
and grief.”........... Unknown
The Browerville Blade, Page 3 Thursday, February 10, 2011

Obituaries enlisted in the US Army. Following

his honorable discharge he worked
Chris Johnstone is essays, which must be received at
the cooperative office by February Mark Anderson Benefit
on various jobs until studying to Minnesota Teacher 25, 2011, will be ranked by the
become an electrician. He was unit- of the Year candidate quality of the writing and reason-
ed in marriage to Eva Jaglo Qualen Hopkins teacher, Chris ing. Up to 15 finalists will continue
on May 11, 1968. He worked as an Johnstone, son of Dave and Diane in the interview portion of the com-
electrician, mainly on large con- Johnstone, Browerville, has been petition, tentatively scheduled on
struction projects, most of his pro- named a candidate for Minnesota March 8 at the cooperative office. A
fessional career. They retired in Teacher of the Year. He has taught panel of judges will select the two
1990 and returned to the Staples at Hopkins Public Schools for 10 winners based on the content of the
area where he’s was a resident years, as both a special education students’ responses to questions
until his death. He was a member and math teacher, teaching grades and the poise demonstrated during
of Trinity Lutheran Church, the seven through 12. the interviews. Appointment times
International Brotherhood of and further details will be mailed Spaghetti Dinner Benefit for
A total of 108 educators
Electrical Workers Union (IBEW) # to each qualifying contestant. Mark Anderson
statewide have been named candi-
292, and past member of the VFW. To be eligible, students must be Sunday, February 13
dates. The Minnesota Teacher of
He enjoyed carving and woodwork- sophomores or juniors from one of 12:30 - 3:30 PM
the Year will be announced May 1,
ing, restoring tractors, inventing, these schools districts: Bertha- Long Prairie American Legion
Eleanor Gregerson Griffith gardening, bird watching, hunting Hewitt, Browerville, Eagle Valley, Free Will Offering
Eleanor Rose Gregerson and fishing. Long Prairie-Grey Eagle, Menahga, For information 320-266-6840
Griffith, 99, passed away February Erbe is survived by his sister, Kimberly Perlinger Sebeka, Staples, Verndale or Everyone can help by making one
2, 2011, at Central Todd County Marjorie Seefeldt, Mpls; two Kimberly Perlinger, Browerville, Wadena-Deer Creek. Essays must decision – checking “yes” for organ
Care Center in Clarissa. Funeral nephews, Kevin (Brenda) Seefeldt, has been named to the President’s be received at the cooperative office and tissue donation when they
services were held Saturday, Verndale and Steven (Camille) List for the 2010 fall semester at by February 25, 2011, and must be renew their driver’s license,” said
February 5, 2011, at Communities Seefeldt, Staples; stepsons, Larry Minnesota State Community and labeled with the student's name, Joel Beiswenger, Tri-County
of Faith United Methodist Church, Qualen, Mpls and Mick (Jeanne) Technical College. To earn this school, grade level, home address Health Care President and CEO.
Clarissa with Pastor Gerry Qualen, Nisswa; five grandchil- achievement a student must com- and telephone number(s). They “It’s amazing the impact one simple
Vuchetich officiating. dren; two great nephews; and 12 plete 12 or more credits for the may be sent via email (preferred) decision can have. “
Eleanor was born November 29, great grandchildren. semester with a grade point aver- at, by Staff and administration at Tri-
1911, in Marshall to George and He was preceded in death by his age of 3.5 or above. Kimberly is in fax (218-631-4188) or mail P.O. Box County Health Care make dona-
Mabel (French) Cutler. She gradu- parents; wife, Eva Qualen; brother; the Radiology program. 431, Wadena, MN 56482. tion a mission – supporting fami-
ated from Marshall High School. LeRoy “Corky”; and two half broth- lies through the donation process
On March 14, 1935 Eleanor mar- ers, Fred and Kenny Janz. Benefit supper Lakewood Health System every time the opportunity is pre-
ried Leroy Gregerson. After Leroy's Arrangements made by Brenny
Funeral Home of Staples. and silent auction extends clinic hours sented. Since 2006, five tissue
death in August of 1951, Eleanor Lakewood Health System has donors from Tri-County Health
married Hugh Griffith in A benefit supper and silent auc- Care have saved and enhanced
expanded its Staples clinic hours to
September of 1952. In 1953
Eleanor and Hugh moved to Marriage tion for
will be
held include evening appointments from
5 to 8 p.m., Monday through
more than 250 grateful transplant
recipients’ lives.
Browerville where they farmed for Saturday, February 26, 2011, 4 to 8 To learn more about donating or
many years. Hugh passed away in
November 1994. Eleanor moved to
Licenses p.m., Trinity Lutheran Church,
Long Prairie, MN.
Thursday. The new hours went into
effect February 1, 2011 and are an to register your wishes, please visit or
Contact Jeff Kazeck at 320-732- extension of the Monday evening
the Clarissa Care Center in 2008. Jose L. Montanez, Sauk Centre
6516 for more information. hours previously offered at the clin-
Eleanor enjoyed playing cards, and Blanca F. Becerra, Sauk Centre
Donations may be sent to: Mark ic. Beginning March 5, 2011, the
quilting, jotting down dates and Miguel Salgado, Freeport and
information and cooking and bak- Yoana Montanez, Sauk Centre Moldenhauer Benefit Account, c/o Staples clinic will also be open
Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.
Looking Back
ing for her family. She especially Minnesota National Bank, P.O.
Box 88, Long Prairie, MN 56347 for walk-in visits. 50 years ago - Feb. 9, 1961
enjoyed her dog Nicky. Eleanor was
a member of Communities of Faith Births The added hours were in
response to questionnaires that
A window on the south rear
side of the Iten & Heid Hardware
United Methodist Church in Brever and Doroff
Clarissa where she was very active. Lakewood were distributed to area residents was broken into by unknown
graduate from SCSU in spring, 2010. The evening hours parties on Sunday night.
Eleanor is survived by her sons: Health System St. Cloud State University con- are essentially an extension of the Nothing was taken. the matter is
Dick (Darlene) Gregerson, Cass clinic, so appointments can be under investigatin by Sheriff
Stacy and Craig Blommel, Eagle ducted fall 2010 commencement
Lake, and Curt (Deneen) made for the same types of issues Bain.
Bend, boy, Shane Allen, 6 lbs 9 oz, ceremonies Dec. 18, for 1,108 stu-
Gregerson, Browerville; 8 grand- someone might be seen for during American Legion Auxiliary
January 28, 2011 dents. A total of 851 undergradu-
children; 17 great grandchildren Sarah and Dustin Kuschel, regular clinic hours. Saturdays will hold a bake sale at Gaida’s
and three great great grandchil- ates and 257 graduate students
Brainerd, girl, Kara Belle, 9 lbs 1 oz, earned their degrees in commence- however, will be set aside for med- Store Saturday, beginning at 10
dren. January 28, 2011 ical conditions that are not life- am.
Eleanor was preceded in death ment and hooding ceremonies.
Amanda and Benjamin Arm- Among them were Melisa threatening but that require more 25 years ago - Feb. 13, 1986
by her parents; husbands Leroy strong, Brainerd, girl, AvaLynn immediate attention.
and Hugh; sister Ruth Medrud and Brever, Master of Science, Early 120 farmers gathered west of
Maria, 6 lbs 6 oz, January 31, 2011 Childhood Special Education, and The public is invited to a Grand Land O’ Lakes for a consignment
brother Lyle Cutler. Brandi Hines and David Kozitka, Opening Celebration Monday,
Arrangements by Iten Funeral Danielle Doroff, Bachelor of hay and straw auction. Prices
Staples, boy, Bentley Anson, 8 lbs 10 February 28, at 2 p.m. at ranged from $41 to $95 per ton.
Home, Browerville and Clarissa. Science, Mass Communications,
oz, January 31, 2011 Lakewood’s Staples clinic, 49725
both of Long Prairie. The Browerville City Council
Katherine Stevens and Jacob County Road 83. For more informa- now has financial control of the
Eytcheson, Long Prairie, boy, Chase tion, contact Craig Wolhowe at 218-
High school students Burlington Northern property
Ilya, 5 lbs, January 31, 2011 894-8600. that runs through the city.
Samantha and Eric Adams, invited to compete for However, before the property can
Browerville, boy, Tristan Tyler, 9 lbs
6 oz, February 1, 2011 free trip to D.C. Tri-County supports be sold is must be surveyed.
Kelsie Engholm and Jesse Todd-Wadena Electric Coopera- Donate Life Initiative
Hernandez, Brainerd, boy, Preston
Andrew, 7 lbs 10 oz, February 1,
tive invites sophomores and juniors
from the local area to compete for a
Tri-County Health Care (TCHC)
was presented with an award of
2011 chance to win a free, five-day trip to appreciation on Monday, January Happy Birthday this week
Melissa and Brion (Jr) Hartwig, Washington, D.C. Two students 31 for its participation in the 2010 to: Feb. 9: Jenn Sowers, Russ
Breezy Point, girl, Penelope Louise, will be selected to join about 1500 Minnesota Hospital Association May; Feb. 10: Allen Mortenson,
8 lbs 3 oz, February 1, 2011 others from across the country at and LifeSource strategic initiative Ceil Ostrowski, George Doege;
the nation's Capitol June 11-16, to increase organ and tissue aware- Feb. 11: Keith Kurpiers, Audrey
Will Rogers tribute 2011. ness. Tri-County Health Care’s par- Baron, Barb Perlinger; Feb. 12:
The Minnesota delegation of ticipation included publishing Richard Pufpaff, Alan Mensen,
“Will Rogers Today,” a tribute to
Erwin “Erbe” Seefeldt about 35 teens, each sponsored by information in newsletters, allow- Mike Geraets, Jean Anderson,
the great American humorist, cow-
Erwin “Erbe” Seefeldt, 83, rural local electric cooperatives, will tour ing staff to take time out and regis- Katrina Rolfs, Clay Bednarz,
boy, social commentator, vaudeville
Motley, died Saturday, January 29, the national museums and monu- ter themselves as donating, educat- Marie Katterhagen, Curt Robak;
performer, national syndicated
2011 at Lakewood Health System ments, the Smithsonian Institute ing staff and auxiliary and more. Feb. 13: Todd Hillmer, Mark
newspaper columnist, premier
Hospital in Staples. Funeral serv- and Arlington Cemetery. They will Fifty six hospitals throughout Hoelscher, Roy Perish, Michelle
radio commentator, star of 71
ices were held Thursday, February also visit with local legislators, Minnesota participated in the cam- Jagush, Jackie Steinert; Feb. 14:
motion pictures, advisor of presi-
3, 2011at Trinity Lutheran Church attend an all-states session about paign and were involved in increas- Jaden Tyrrell; Feb. 15: Joan Iten,
dents, kindly critic of Congress,
in Staples with Rev. Robin Collins government and business, take an ing the number of registered Brian Gould, Josh Brown,
author of six books, and 4,000
officiating. Interment was in Ever- evening cruise on the Potomac donors in Minnesota by 85,000 in Tiffany Deering
newspaper columns, will be per-
green Hill Cemetery in Staples. River and see a major theatre pro- 2010. While those numbers are Happy Anniversary this
formed by Randall Reeder, at
Erbe Seefeldt was born August duction. impressive, more can still be done. week to: Feb. 10: Harold and
Centennial Auditorium, Staples,
13, 1927 near Bridgman, MI, son of To participate in the contest stu- There were 125 individuals who Joan Iten; Feb. 12: Neal and
Saturday, February 19, at 7:30 PM.
Herman and Martha (Essig) dents must submit to the coopera- died in Minnesota in 2010 waiting Sherry Katterhagen, Curt and
Tickets are available from the
Seefeldt. At an early age he moved tive office a one-page, typewritten for an organ that never arrived. Erin Robak; Feb. 13: Arnold and
Box Office at 218-894-5416 or 800-
with his parents to South Dakota essay explaining why they would “In Minnesota only 59 percent of Bonnie Martinek; Feb. 14: Chuck
213-6877 or at the door.
before settling in rural Staples. He want to visit the Capitol City. The adults are designated donors. and Hilda Hector
The Browerville Blade, Page 4 Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just the dogs and me

truck far enough so partially something and takes off after it.
Letters to the editor
frozen drool cascades down the His system of hunting doesn’t
bed of the pickup. Duke only really help, and annoys the dogs
February is Teen Dating Awareness Month
drools when he is excited. that are actually hunting. To the editor:
Unfortunately, it takes very lit- If a person could restrain Teen dating violence is a problem affecting teens in every community across the
tle to get him excited. Even the part of the enthusiasm, I could United States. Did you know that 1 in 5 female high school students report being
thought of a trip to the farm can have an efficient hunting pack. physically and/or sexually abused by a dating partner? Females between the ages
produce copious amounts of dog Coty could track the game, of 16 and 24 are almost 3 times more vulnerable to intimate partner violence than
spit. People do not tailgate my Dulce could see and capture it, any other age group. It is because of statistics like these that February is recog-
vehicle on the way to the farm. and Duke could stand around nized as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. As a parent, you can look for
Coty is free to roam about the smiling as pictures were taken. warning signs in your teenager. Has your teen lost contact with close friends or
back of the truck so he can look As I drove through the farm, family members? Do they have unexplained injuries or bruises? Have they shown
over any edge not being used by the dogs had a wonderful time signs of being afraid to upset their partner? Has your teen spent excessive
Duke. He won’t attempt to jump chasing squirrels, tracking rac- amounts of time in contact with their partner? If some of these signs are present,
out and has enough wisdom to coons, and just running around your teen may be in an abusive relationship.
By Walter Scott not get downwind of an excited enjoying themselves. First The keys to preventing dating violence are education and early detection. As a
My wife and I usually have Mastiff. Dulce, excited about the Dulce dropped back and wanted friend you can let your friend know you are worried about them. Ask them how
our weekends free to enjoy out- trip in her own way, sits proper- a ride. She hadn’t caught a you can help, but let them decide what is best for them. Encourage your friend to
door activities as we choose. ly in the passenger seat, up squirrel, but was close several seek help and provide them with the information about a victim service provider
Saturday, my wife had to work. front where people belong, road times. She was ready for a As a parent there are things you can do to help your teen if they are in a vio-
It was quite a switch for me, hunting while staying warm break. Coty finally got tired, lent relationship. Talk to your teen about the relationship they are in. Discuss
with no hunting seasons open and dry. She knows if anything mostly from Duke jumping on the differences between a healthy and unhealthy relationship. Let your teen know
and no wife to go along and important needsto be caught, his head while he was searching that you are there to support them, but not the unhealthy relationship. Parents
explore the outdoors. If I’m not she can do it, unlike the two big diligently for voles in the deep and teens can contact Hands of Hope Resource Center for more information on
hunting, she and I can always oafs riding in back in the cold. fluffy snow. I loaded him into Teen Dating Violence at (320) 732-2319.
find something entertaining to I waited until we got to the the truck too. Duke was the lone Annette Schilling, Abused Child Coordinator
do on the farm. When she left for cabin to turn loose the pack of dog, running ahead of the truck, Hands of Hope Resource Center
work, I made a plan. The dogs hounds. I didn’t want any hunting as best he could. A deer PO Box 171
and I would go to the farm, just unpleasant encounters with the ran in front of us and a squirrel Long Prairie, MN 56347
to see what was happening on a cows, as has been known to hap- ran up a tree. With no guidance 320-732-2319
cold winter morning. pen. The three dogs were imme- from the other two dogs, he did-
We are the owners of three diately off hunting. Poodles are n’t know what to do. He chased,
fine dogs. Duke, the mastiff, and
Coty, the lab are outside dogs.
sight hunters. They usually spot
their prey and go after it.
they ran. That was good enough
for him.
“Sexting” a growing problem
Dulce, the standard poodle is an Labradors are primarily scent By lunch time, we were all To the editor:
inside dog that prefers to think hunters. They can smell a ready to head for home. Dulce Do you know “sexting” can be a crime? There has been an increase in police
she is not a dog at all. As a mat- mouse track in six inches of slept with her head on my lap reports concerning “sexting” which is the act of sending sexually suggestive or
ter of fact, she finds dogs to be snow, but not notice a deer and Coty curled up in the bed of explicit images through electronic devices.
much below her social status twenty yards away. Mastiffs are the truck. Duke was tired, but Police reports concerning sexting are seen predominantly among teenagers and
and will not associate with them not hunters at all, but sure do still excited to be outside, enjoy- young people, but are not limited just to that group. One study has concluded that
at all. wish they were. If Duke sees ing the outdoors. I could tell just as many as one out of five teenagers has sent a nude or semi-nude picture of them-
The trip to the farm, for Coty on the scent trail of some- how excited by the string of dog selves to someone else.
them, is half the fun. Duke will thing, Duke will run over the saliva that constantly followed Several factors make this act both dangerous and difficult to remedy. Often
stretch the log chain that top of him trying to help. He’ll my truck on our trip back home. these images can appear on the internet, in social networking sites or online else-
restrains him in the back of the do the same for Dulce if she sees where. Additionally, these images can survive as attachments, and be saved and
stored on electronic devices indefinitely. Once these images are released into
cyberspace or saved on electronic medium, their fate is in the hands of whom ever
Pete Berscheit, Veteran Service Officer receives them. Deleting them can be a difficult if not impossible task. For young
347 Central Ave Suite 3, people especially, an embarrassing image circulated beyond their control can have
Long Prairie, MN 56347 devastating consequences that can’t just disappear. Once something like this happens, many turn to the law for help. Law enforce-
ment including police and prosecutors can only do what the law provides.
However, the law regarding social networking sites, online medium, and other
internet protocol is very much in its infancy. Directing social networking sites or
St. Cloud VA Health Care System Urgent Care Clinic Opening internet providers to respond to personal requests is often very difficult. With new
NEW URGENT CARE PROCEDURE ROOMS developments in technology, the law is often a step behind.
The newly-renovated and expanded Urgent Care Clinic at the St. Cloud VA Medical Center opened Today in Minnesota there is no criminal statute dealing specifically with sex-
for business on Dec. 27, 2010. ting. However, those who produce, send or save nude photos of minors can be
The new clinic is located in the front of Building 1 (Main Entrance). To access the clinic space, enter charged under a number of different criminal statutes, including: possession of
through the main Building 1 entrance and turn to the right—Urgent Care is straight ahead. pornographic works, distribution of obscene materials, indecent exposure or other
The Urgent Care Clinic provides medical care for patients with an acute medical or psychiatric ill- serious crimes. These laws apply to minors as well as adults. While not every act
ness and minor injuries for which there is a pressing need for treatment to prevent the condition from of sexting may be considered a crime, what begins as fun can often easily develop
worsening or making recovery less likely. into the commission of a crime.
Urgent Care is not an Emergency Room. Veterans who have a potentially life-threatening medical Making prosecution more difficult are jurisdictional issues. Sexting and pos-
condition should call 911 or go directly to the nearest emergency room. session of pornographic materials involving individuals from other states and
The Urgent Care Clinic is open seven days a week, including Federal holidays, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 other countries can be very difficult to prosecute in Minnesota. Additional chal-
p.m. daily. lenges exist where victims are willing participants in the initial production and
Patients are seen on a walk-in basis and an appointment is not required. distribution of these images.
Originally constructed in 1924, numerous renovations to Building 1 ensure its continued service to The best way to respond to the problem of sexting is to prevent it from hap-
Veterans. Previously, the new Urgent Care Clinic space housed the Laboratory and Respiratory Care pening in the first place. With regard to teenagers and young people, parents have
units. These units moved into remodeled spaces in 2009, allowing the relocation and expansion of the an important role to play. Parents need to talk to their teenagers about what is
Urgent Care Clinic. appropriate use of a cell phone and other electronic devices. Parents should back
The Urgent Care Clinic had over 8,000 patient visits last year with an average of 668 visits per this up by monitoring their teenagers’ electronic communications.
month, and the enhanced space will help to ensure Veterans receive high-quality care in a functional Todd County does not have a specific diversion program for incidents of sexting.
and pleasing environment. Law enforcement and the County Attorney’s Office look at each reported incident
At this time the clinic is staffed with four health care providers, 13 nurses, two medical support assis- on a case by case basis. If there is sufficient evidence to believe a crime has been
tants, and a clinic coordinator. The clinic space measures approximately 8,000 square feet. committed, we will be vigilant in filing criminal charges against those responsible.
All Veterans are encouraged to enroll in the VA Health Care System. For information on enrolling Michael JG Schnider
for VA Health Care, contact the Eligibility Office at (320) 255-6340. Assistant Todd County Attorney
Veterans have choices in health care, and the St. Cloud VA Medical Center wants to be the Veteran’s With Article Credit to Morrison County Attorney’s Office
choice. Thank you for your service!

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The Browerville Blade, Page 5 Thursday, February 10, 2011

NOTICE OF MORTGAGE Saturday, Sunday or legal holi- West ARE ATTEMPTING TO COL- ED BY Funk to acknowledge
FORECLOSURE SALE day, then the date to vacate is the PROPERTY ADDRESS: 40698 LECT MONEY FROM ANYONE receipt and review of FY-10
THE RIGHT TO VERIFICA- next business day at 11:59 p.m. County Rd 75, Bertha, MN 56437 WHO HAS DISCHARGED THE Freshwater Education District
that default has occurred in the MORTGAGOR’S PERSONAL $182,311.31 Minnesota Statutes Chapter 333 2011 ORGANIZATION OF
conditions of the following REPRESENTATIVES OR THAT all pre-foreclosure 1. State the exact assumed THE BOARD
described mortgage: ASSIGNS, MAY BE REDUCED requirements have been complied name under which the business SIGNATURES: MOTION BY
DATE OF MORTGAGE: TO FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDI- with; that no action or proceeding is or will be conducted: Gretta’s Funk SECONDED BY Pierce to
06/20/2006 CIAL ORDER IS ENTERED has been instituted at law or other- Country Side Massage authorize the use of a signature
MORTGAGOR(S): John T. UNDER MINNESOTA wise to recover the debt secured by 2. State the address of the plate using the following signa-
Luberts, a single man. STATUTES SECTION 582.032, said mortgage, or any part thereof; principal place of business. tures: Daryl Brever, Chair;
MORTGAGEE: Mortgage DETERMINING, AMONG PURSUANT, to the power of 50551 Tamarack Road, Wadena, Margaret Knebel, Treasurer; and
Electronic Registration Systems, OTHER THINGS, THAT THE sale contained in said mortgage, MN 56482 Rod Thalmann, Clerk. And that
Inc. as nominee for Aegis MORTGAGED PREMISES ARE the above described property will 3. List the name and complete the following are authorized to
Lending Corporation IMPROVED WITH A RESIDEN- be sold by the Sheriff of said county street address of all persons con- sign necessary documents on
SERVICER: CitiMortgage TIAL DWELLING OF LESS as follows: ducting business under the behalf of the Freshwater
MORTGAGE ID #: THAN FIVE UNITS, ARE NOT DATE AND TIME OF SALE: above Assumed Name. Gretta Education District: Jerald R.
100055140025210564 PROPERTY USED IN AGRI- March 10, 2011, 10:00am Ann Wachlin, 50551 Tamarack Nesland, Executive Director;
DATE AND PLACE OF CULTURAL PRODUCTION, PLACE OF SALE: Sheriff's Road, Wadena, MN 56482 Bruce F. Lund, Special
RECORDING: Recorded AND ARE ABANDONED. Main Office, 115 Third Street 4. I certify that I am author- Education Director; Sharon
January 23, 2007,Todd County Dated: January 20, 2011 South, Long Prairie, MN 56347 ized to sign this certificate and I Parker, Business Manager;
Recorder, Document No. 446911. to pay the debt secured by said further certify that I understand Cathy Hanson, AP Clerk; and
CitiMortgage, Inc.
ASSIGNMENTS OF MORT- mortgage and taxes, if any, on said that by signing this certificate, I Lynn Lindquist, Payroll Clerk.
Assignee of Mortgagee
GAGE: Assigned to: premises and the costs and dis- am subject to the penalties of Vote: U/C
CitiMortgage, Inc. Dated: Peterson, Fram & Bergman, bursements, including attorneys perjury as set for in Minnesota OFFICIAL DEPOSITORIES:
December 9, 2010 P.A. fees allowed by law, subject to Statutes section 609.48 as if I MOTION BY Hasbargen SEC-
LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF By: Steven H. Bruns redemption within 6 months from had signed this certificate under ONDED BY Knebel to name the
PROPERTY: Lot Three (3), Attorneys for: the date of said sale by the mort- oath. following as official depositories:
Block Twenty-four (24), Tweeds CitiMortgage, Inc. gagor(s) the personal representa- 1-11-11 First International Bank & Trust
Fourth Addition to the City of Assignee of Mortgagee tives or assigns. Grett Wachlin, owner from North Dakota doing busi-
Long Prairie, according to the 55 E. 5th St., Suite 800 TIME AND DATE TO VACATE f3-10x ness in Minnesota, and
plat. Todd County, Minnesota. St. Paul, MN 55101 PROPERTY: If the real estate is an Minnesota School District Liquid
(651) 209-7599 owner-occupied, single-family LITTLE ELK Asset Fund, and any other
0056900 THIS IS A COMMUNICA- dwelling, unless otherwise provid- TOWNSHIP NOTICE Minnesota FDIC financial insti-
ADDRESS OF PROPERTY: TION FROM A DEBT COLLEC- ed by law, the date on or before The Little Elk Town Board of tution, and to authorize Jerald R.
315 4th Ave SW TOR. which the mortgagor(s) must Audit will meet Thursday, Nesland, Sharon Parker, Cathy
Long Prairie, MN 56347 vacate the property, if the mortgage February 24, at 8 pm at the town Hanson, Lynn Lindquist to
COUNTY IN WHICH PROP- f3-m10c is not reinstated under section hall. The regular board meeting invest funds in other institutions
ERTY IS LOCATED: Todd 580.30 or the property is not will follow. which have evidence of sufficient
ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL 09-058829 redeemed under section 580.23, is L.J. Abrahamson, clerk collateral. Vote: U/C
11:59 p.m. on September 12, 2011. f10c ELECTRONIC FUND
Freshwater Education
THE MORTGAGOR, THE MORT- District Hasbargen to authorize Jerald R.
GAGOR'S PERSONAL REPRE- Minutes of the Nesland, Sharon Parker, Cathy
MORTGAGEE: $77,242.68 VIDED BY LAW IS NOT AFFECT- BE REDUCED TO FIVE WEEKS Education of Freshwater make electronic fund transfers
That prior to the commence- ED BY THIS ACTION. IF A JUDICIAL ORDER IS Education District as outlined by State Statutes.
ment of this mortgage foreclo- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, ENTERED UNDER MINNESOTA January 25, 2011 Vote: U/C
sure proceeding that default has occurred in the STATUTES SECTION 582.032 CALL TO ORDER at 6:30 p.m. BOARD PER DIEM RATE:
Mortgagee/Assignee of conditions of the following DETERMINING, AMONG by Daryl Brever, 2010 Vice Chair MOTION BY Funk SECONDED
Mortgagee complied with all described mortgage: OTHER THINGS, THAT THE ROLL CALL Board Present: BY Veronen to approve the board
notice requirements as required DATE OF MORTGAGE: August MORTGAGED PREMISES ARE Daryl Brever-Browerville; Twila per diem for extra/special or com-
by statute; that no action or pro- 16, 2006 IMPROVED WITH A RESIDEN- Pierce-Eagle Valley; Roger mittee meetings assigned by
ceeding has been instituted at ORIGINAL PRINCIPAL TIAL DWELLING OF LESS Kalodrich-Long Prairie~Grey FED to be at $55 for meetings 4
law or otherwise to recover the AMOUNT OF MORTGAGE: THAN 5 UNITS, ARE NOT PROP- Eagle; Curtis Hasbargen- hours or less and $90 for meet-
debt secured by said mortgage, $157,250.00 ERTY USED FOR AGRICULTUR- Menahga; Margaret Knebel- ings in excess of 4 hours.
or any part thereof; MORTGAGOR(S): Douglas D. AL PRODUCTION, AND ARE Pillager; Charles Funk-Sebeka; Allowable mileage will be reim-
PURSUANT to the power of Johnson and Monica E. Johnson, ABANDONED. Brad Anderson-Staples~Motley bursed by the current Federal
sale contained in said mortgage, husband and wife Dated: January 20, 2011 (substitute); Scott Veronen- rate. Vote: U/C
the above described property will MORTGAGEE: Mortgage Verndale. Staff and Members: MEETING DATE: MOTION
U.S. Bank National Association
be sold by the Sheriff of said Electronic Registration Systems, Brian Koslofsky-Bertha~Hewitt, BY Knebel SECONDED BY
as Trustee for RASC 2006KS9
county as follows: Inc. Robert Schaefer-Browerville, Dave Pierce to set Board meeting
Assignee of Mortgagee
DATE AND TIME OF SALE: TRANSACTION AGENT: Fjeldheim-Sebeka, Jerry Nesland, dates as the fourth (4th) Tuesday
Thursday, March 24, 2011, 10:00 SHAPIRO & ZIELKE, LLP Executive Director; Bruce Lund, of the month starting at 6:30
Mortgage Electronic Registration
a.m. BY Special Education Director; Sue p.m. for the months of January,
Systems, Inc.
PLACE OF SALE: Main Lawrence P. Zielke - 152559 Boehland, ALC/Perkins Coordina- March, April, May, July, August,
MIN#: 100273900103584248
Lobby of Todd County Detention Diane F. Mach - 273788 tor; Sharon Parker, Business September, and November at
LENDER: People's Choice Home
Center, City of Long Prairie Kristine M. Spiegelberg Nelson Manager. Visitors: Keith Porter & Freshwater, Conference Room A,
Loan, Inc.
to pay the debt then secured - 308845 Julie Nelson of MPB&R, Ltd. Staples, Minnesota. No sched-
by said Mortgage, and taxes, if Melissa L. B. Porter - 0337778 Recorder: Tammy Miller. uled meetings for February,
any, on said premises, and the Randolph W. Dawdy 2160X ASSIGNMENT OF OFFI- June, October, December.
costs and disbursements, includ- Attorneys for Mortgagee CERS MOTION BY Funk SEC- Freshwater Bylaws amended to
ING: Filed August 25, 2006, Todd
ing attorneys' fees allowed by 12550 West Frontage Road, ONDED BY Kalodrich to appoint reflect this motion. Vote: U/C
County Recorder, as Document
law subject to redemption within Ste. 200 the following officers for FY-2011 (Mr. Nesland advised that, if nec-
Number 443977
6 months from the date of said Burnsville, MN 55337 as per FED BYLAWS: Chair: essary, special meetings may be
sale by the mortgagor(s), their (952) 831-4060 Daryl Brever, Browerville; Vice called.)
GAGE: Assigned to: U.S. Bank
personal representatives or National Association as Trustee for PURSUANT TO THE FAIR Chair: Lee Truax, Bertha- OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER:
assigns. RASC 2006KS9; Dated: December DEBT COLLECTION PRAC- Hewitt; Clerk: Rod Thalmann, MOTION BY Knebel SECOND-
DATE TO VACATE PROPER- 21, 2010 TICES ACT, YOU ARE ADVISED Henning; Treasurer: Margaret ED BY Kalodrich to name the
TY: The date on or before which LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF THAT THIS OFFICE IS DEEMED Knebel, Pillager. Vote: U/C Staples World as the official
the mortgagor must vacate the PROPERTY: TO BE A DEBT COLLECTOR. ADOPTING THE AGENDA newspaper with appropriate
property if the mortgage is not The Southwest Quarter of the ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED MOTION BY Knebel SECOND- advertisements in member dis-
reinstated under Minnesota Northwest Quarter of the WILL BE USED FOR THAT PUR- ED BY Veronen to approve the trict newspapers, when required,
Statutes section 580.30 or the Northwest Quarter and the West POSE. THIS NOTICE IS agenda as presented. Vote: U/C for proper coverage. Vote: U/C
property redeemed under Half of the Southeast Quarter of REQUIRED BY THE PROVI- PUBLIC COMMENTS Julie COMMITTEES AS NAMED
Minnesota Statutes section the Northwest Quarter of the SIONS OF THE FAIR DEBT COL- Nelson and Keith Porter BY THE CHAIR; Policy 213:
580.23 is 09/24/2011 at 11:59 Northwest Quarter, of Section 30, LECTION PRACTICES ACT AND reviewed the 2009-2010 audit. Chair Brever will name three
p.m. If the foregoing date is a Township 132 North, Range 34 DOES NOT IMPLY THAT WE MOTION BY Pierce SECOND- cont. on page 6
The Browerville Blade, Page 6 Thursday, February 10, 2011

cont. from page 5 SECONDED BY Freshwater Internet Service Point, located at 12818 Bay view
members to the negotiations Kalodrich to approve the Provider proposals. Proposals Dr., Sauk Centre, MN. REQUEST FOR BID
committee at the next meeting. SPED/ECSE contract with are due April 1, 2011. Contact On motion by Kircher and sec- Internet Service
MOTION BY Veronen SECOND- Wadena County Public Health as Rich Murdock for specifications. ond by Kneisl, the following reso-
Provider (ISP)
ED BY Funk to amend the presented. Vote: U/C Vote: U/C lution was introduced and adopt-
Freshwater Education
bylaws to have three committee District
named by the chair. Vote: U/C
2011 APPOINTMENTS: By Pierce to advertise and fill a five SECONDED BY Pierce to ANTS FOREVER, TODD
hr. per day/25 hr. per week max- approve the Licensed Teacher COUNTY CHAPTER Freshwater Education
prerogative of the Chair,
Margaret Knebel was appointed imum at entry level and prorated Seniority List, the SPED WHEREAS, the Todd County District will be accepting
to the National Joint Powers HRA, sick leave, and benefits for Paraprofessional Seniority List Board of Commissioners are in RFP’s starting March 1,
Alliance and Lee Truax was a para assigned to transportation and the Classified Employee agreement to approve a 2011 from ISP’s for all
appointed to the Teacher at the request and obligation of Seniority List as presented. Vote: Gambling Permit for the Freshwater buildings and
Continuing Education the Long Prairie-Grey Eagle U/C Pheasants Forever. RESOLVED,
member districts. Please
Committee. School District. Vote: U/C BUSINESS FINANCE to approve a one day Gambling
contact Rich Murdock by
SECONDED BY Pierce to hire Knebel SECONDED BY hold a raffle on April 9, 2011 at or
Kyrie Hanson effective January Hasbargen to approve the Bruno’s Hub Supper Club, locat- (218) 894-2439 ext. 1043 if
BY Knebel to approve the annual
review of Policies 410, 413, 414, 14, 2011 as SPED December 2010 and January ed at 30905 County Road 13, interested in receiving an
415, 506, 514, 522, 524, and 616 Paraprofessional for the Deer 2011 financial report and pay- Burtrum, MN 56318. RFP form. RFP forms must
and to direct the Executive Creek Level IV Site as presented. ment of checks numbered 107452 On motion by Kneisl and sec- be submitted to Rich
Director to maintain the district Vote: U/C - 108182. Vote: U/C ond by Kircher, the following Murdock by April 1, 2011.
policy manual in accordance with VOLUNTARY REDUCTION: REVIEW CURRENT GASB motion was introduced and
any MSBA recommended legal MOTION BY Veronen SECOND- 45 OBLIGATIONS: Mr. Nesland adopted by unanimous vote: To
revisions and/or legislative ED BY Hasbargen to approve the asked board members to review approve a one year Club On Sale
voluntary reduction for Joni the summary and bring any and Sunday Liquor License for On motion by Ruda and sec-
mandatory revisions. Vote: U/C
Schwartz, ECSE Instructor; from questions back to the March the Oscar Jacobson Post. ond by Kneisl, the Tipping Fee
1.0 FTE to .5 FTE effective for meeting. On motion by Kircher and sec- and Recycling Subsidy resolu-
the 2011/2012 school year as pre- ADJOURNMENT MOTION onded by Ruda, the following tions will be tabled until the
sented. Vote: U/C BY Pierce SECONDED BY Funk motion was introduced and February 1, 2010 Commissioners
HIRE SPED PARAPROFES- to adjourn at 8:54 pm Vote: U/C adopted by unanimous vote: To Meeting.
Kalodrich to call for a FY-11
SIONAL: MOTION BY Knebel Publication preapproved approve a one day On Sale 3.2 On motion by Kneisl and sec-
Professional Financial audit pro-
SECONDED BY Funk to Summary Malt Liquor License for ond by Kircher, the following
posal from the current firm. Vote:
approve the employment of Del RESPECTFULLY Swanville Lions to hold a fishing motion was introduced and
Nasri, effective January 3, 2011, SUBMITTED: derby on Feb 26, 2011 on Long adopted by unanimous vote: To
for the remainder of this school /S/Rod Thalmann, Clerk Lake in Todd County. approve the Prairie Lakes
year of 98 days per terms of the Freshwater Education On motion by Kircher and sec- Municipal Solid Waste Authority
MOTION BY Hasbargen SEC-
notice and employee agreement. District #6004 onded by Ruda, the following Joint Powers Financing
ONDED BY Veronen to name
Vote: U/C motion was introduced and Agreement committing Todd
Hitesman & Associates, P.A,
FMLA LEAVE REQUEST: Todd County adopted by unanimous vote: To County by participation in the
Maple Grove; Kennedy &
MOTION BY Pierce SECOND- Commissioners Minutes approve a 2 month 1 week On Prairie Lakes Municipal Solid
Graven, Minneapolis; and
ED BY Knebel to approve up to January 18, 2011 Sale, and Sunday Liquor and Off Waste Authority Joint Powers
Pemberton, Sorlie, Rufer &
12 weeks for the Family Medical Sale Liquor for Shipwrex on Board the general obligation of
Kershner, Fergus Falls as well as CALL TO ORDER
Leave Act request of Erin Judd Mound Lake, Grill and Bar, Inc.- Todd County for up to 16.19% of
Knutson, Flynn & Deans, P.A., The Todd County Board of
for the approximate leave dates - owner Shawn A. Ehlert. the bonds issued for expansion of
Mendota Heights as the 2011 Commissioners met in the
of March 9, 2011 through June 1, On motion by Kircher and sec- the Perham Resource Recovery
LAW FIRM CONSULTANTS for Commissioner’s Board Room in
2011. Vote: U/C ond by Neumann, the following Facility.
Freshwater Education District. the City of Long Prairie, MN on
FMLA LEAVE REQUEST: motion was introduced and On motion by Kneisl and sec-
Vote: U/C the 18th day of January, 2011 at
MOTION BY Hasbargen SEC- adopted by unanimous vote: To ond by Neumann, the following
OPENING A RESERVE 9:00 A.M. The meeting was
ONDED BY Pierce to approve up approve appointment of Dr. motion was introduced and
LOAN ACCOUNT: Item received called to order by Chairperson
to 12 weeks for the Family Quinn Strobl as Medical adopted by unanimous vote: To
no motion. Blessing with all members pres-
Medical Leave Act request of Examiner for the year 2011. approve the appropriation of to
REPORTS Special Education ent. The meeting was opened
Shawn Duerr for the approxi- PLANNING & ZONING the Prairie Lakes Municipal
Report, ALC/Targeted with the Pledge of Allegiance.
mate leave dates of March 9, On motion by Kneisl and sec- Solid Waste Authority for the
Services/Perkins/CTE, and Approval of Agenda
2011 through June 1, 2011. Vote: ond by Ruda, the following purposes of providing operating
Member Services Reports were On motion by Kneisl and sec-
U/C. motion was introduced and capital in preparation for
given. ond by Neumann, the following
ALC/TARGETED SER- adopted by unanimous vote: To takeover of the Perham Resource
NEW BUSINESS motion was introduced and
VICES/PERKINS/CTE: approve CUP for the business of Recovery Facility and subse-
ECFE/SCHOOL READI- adopted by unanimous vote to
MARCO LEASE COPIER cleaning/detailing & general quent expansion of said facility.
NESS/EC SCREENING/ FOSS/ approve the agenda as amended
AGREEMENT: MOTION BY repair of vehicles out of the exist- ADMINISTRATION
COLLABORATIVE: with the following changes:
Funk SECONDED BY Kalodrich ing shop/garage. Minnkota On motion by Ruda and sec-
VOLUNTARY REDUCTION 1. Removing Recorder’s Year
to replace the current two ALC North, LLP - Stanley Green, ond by Kircher, the following res-
Agreements with MARCO for a Pres. 2851 120th Ave. Willmar, olution was introduced and
Funk SECONDED BY Knebel to 2. Removing Tipping fee
Lease Copier Agreement as sum- MN 56201. Granted with condi- adopted by unanimous vote:
accept the voluntary reduction 3. Removing Recycling
marized. Vote: U/C tions. The CUP was amended by A RESOLUTION ADOPTING
from Kimberly Thoennes from Subsidy
286 hours to 258 hours for the ROUTINE BUSINESS
CONTRACT: MOTION BY hours as needed 24 hours of busi- PLAN FOR 2011 – 2015
2010-2011 school year effective On motion by Kneisl and sec-
Knebel SECONDED BY Pierce ness. WHEREAS, the Todd County
January 3, 2011. Vote: U/C onded by Kircher the following
to approve the Menahga ALC On motion by Ruda and sec- Board of Commissioners is
AMEND FMLA REQUEST: motion was introduced and
cleaning contract with Amy ond by Kneisl, the following reso- responsible for allocation of fund-
MOTION BY Knebel SECOND- adopted by unanimous vote: To
Chenail as presented. Vote: U/C. lution was introduced and adopt- ing and maintenance and pur-
ED BY Kalodrich to amend the approve the January 4, 2011
DONATION: MOTION BY ed by majority vote, with chase of County infrastructure
dates of FMLA for Emili Hibbs to minutes with a date change of
Knebel SECONDED BY Funk to Neumann in dissent: and equipment, RESOLVED,
January 3, 2011 – February 28, the minutes.
approve the $500 ALC technolo- RESOLUTION TO RESCIND that the Todd County 2011 –
2011; original dates approved at On motion by Ruda and sec-
gy donation from WalMart. CURRENT & ADOPT A NEW 2015 Capital Improvement Plan
the November 23, 2010 onded by Neumann the following
Vote:U/C. TODD COUNTY FLOOD PLAIN is adopted and incorporated by
Governing Board meeting for on motion was introduced and
ACCEPT PREVIOUS YEAR ORDINANCE reference to this resolution as
or around January 16, 2011. adopted by unanimous vote: To
REALLOCATED FUNDS: WHEREAS, Minnesota Attachment A. (Capital
Vote: U/C approve the Commissioner
MOTION BY Knebel SECOND- Statutes Chapter 394 authorizes Improvement Plan on file in the
SPECIAL EDUCATION: Warrants # 26826 thru 26955 in
ED BY Kalodrich to approve the the adoption of official controls Administrator’s Office).
DONATION: MOTION BY the amount of $117,118.53.
acceptance of the reallocated by a Board of County On motion by Neumann and
Funk SECONDED BY Knebel to On motion by Ruda and sec-
Carl Perkins funds, in the Commissioners, RESOLVED, second by Ruda, the following
accept an anonymous $5000 ond by Neumann, the following
amount of $11,432.23, from the that the Todd County Board of resolution was introduced and
donation to Freshwater resolution was introduced and
State of Minnesota. Vote: U/C. Commissioners hereby rescinds adopted by unanimous vote:
Education District for use in adopted by unanimous vote:
early intervention. Vote: U/C RESOLUTION FOR GAM-
SECONDED BY Pierce to County Board of Commissioners BOARD
ONDED BY Veronen to approve WHEREAS, the Todd County
approve a $200 annual printer hereby approves the attached WHEREAS, the County Board
FY-11 Purchase of Service Board of Commissioners are in
contract agreement with Marco Todd County Flood Plain is responsible for making
Agreement for Audiology agreement to approve a
as presented. Vote: U/C Management Ordinance and new appointments to the Todd
Services with Paul Bunyan Gambling Permit for the Sauk
CALLING FOR INTERNET definitions as recommended, to County Variance Board.
Education Cooperative as pre- Valley Gobblers. RESOLVED, to
SERVICE PROVIDER (ISP) be effective February 1, 2011. RESOLVED, that the Todd
sented. Vote: U/C approve a one day Gambling
PROPOSALS: MOTION BY (Ordinance on file in the Todd County Board of Commissioners
WADENA COUNTY PUBLIC Permit for the Sauk Valley
Hasbargen SECONDED BY County Administrator’s Office.) make the following appoint-
HEALTH “ON CALL NURSE Gobblers Club to hold a raffle on
SERVICE”: MOTION BY Funk Veronen to approve calling for February 26, 2011 at Diamond SOLID WASTE cont. on page 7
The Browerville Blade, Page 7 Thursday, February 10, 2011

cont. from page 6 Sheriff’s Newsletter February 2011

ments to the Todd County
The Todd County Sheriff’s Office County but we are going to be losing be used to supply fire and ambu- ditch near one of those lakes in the
Variance Board to serve four
has been busy compiling data from those inmates to Douglas County. lance services throughout the coun- early morning hours of the burgla-
year terms, from January 1, 2011 2010 for our end of the year statis- Douglas County just built a new ty with the equipment needed for ries. There is a good chance that the
until December 31, 2014: tics. In 2010, the Todd County facility and it makes more economic this project. We are actively pursu- individuals in that vehicle were
District 1: Rudy Bjerga Sheriff’s Office took a total of 12,207 sense for Pope County to utilize that ing other funding sources for the responsible for the break-ins and if
District 3: Loren Miller 911 calls. Sixty-seven percent of the facility. remainder of the project. the witness would have called, we
District 5: Bill Berscheit calls were from wireless (cellular) Our activity statistics are pretty As always, we urge citizens to may have solved those cases. Don’t
On motion by Kneisl and sec- phones. The highest volume of calls similar to previous years. We show report suspicious activity and ever hesitate to contact law enforce-
ond by Kircher, the following res- came in on Sunday’s where we han- an increase in property crimes crimes in progress. We recently had ment. You can contact our office by
olution was introduced and dled a total of 1939 calls. The lowest which is probably a result of our a rash of fish house burglaries and calling (320) 732-2157 or toll free
adopted by unanimous vote: call volume was on Wednesday’s economy. Theft reports went up two days after taking some of those (800) 794-5733.
A RESOLUTION AUTHO- where we took 1516 calls. The from 102 in 2009 to 141 in 2010. complaints, I had a citizen tell me Sheriff Peter J. Mikkelson
RIZING TRANSFER OF FUNDS remainder of the days was pretty Burglary reports went up from 55 in about a vehicle that went in the Todd County Sheriff’s Office
WHEREAS, the Todd County consistent with Fridays and 2009 to 102 in 2010.
Board of Commissioners has Saturdays slightly higher than the We had a decrease in DUI
entered in to an agreement to rest of the days. The majority of 911 arrests. In 2009 there were 161 total
provide funding for the Todd calls come into Dispatch between arrests and in 2010 there were only
County Development the hours of 11:00 AM and 11:00 57. I believe this is a result of a
Corporation, RESOLVED, that PM. The highest volume call time is number of factors. Because of the
the Todd County Board of around 3:00 PM. poor economy, there are not as many
Commissioners authorizes a one- Of the 911 calls, 1707 were what people going out in the evening. Also
time transfer of funds in the we call hang up calls. Dispatch will the Safe and Sober campaign
amount of $80,000 to the Todd answer the call and there will be no appears to be having a positive
County Development one on the other end of the line. We effect statewide on the reduction of
Corporation Fund in accordance do have the capability of calling that DUI’s. The DUI statistics from 2009
with the performance agreement number back to verify whether or were unusually high compared to
between the parties. not there is an emergency but fre- previous years. In 2008 there were
On motion by Kneisl and sec- quently do not get an answer on the 79 DUI’s, in 2007, 106. In 2010 By Rin Porter, Commission Member from District One,
ond by Kircher, the following call back. If the call is from a wired there were only 12 accidents involv- and Vice Chair
motion was introduced and line, we can respond to that location ing alcohol compared to 22 in 2009. The Todd County Planning Commission held a public hearing
adopted by unanimous vote: To to see if there is an emergency. If it Other statistics of interest are as Thursday, February 3, 2011, at 6:30 PM at the Main Street Government
approve the 2011 Public Health is a wireless call, we can’t always follows: In 2010 there were 25 Center in Long Prairie. Present were: commission members Jim Pratt,
Fee Schedules. (Schedules on file pinpoint the location of the caller. domestic assaults, compared to 20 Chair; Mike Wiener, Lloyd Graves, Gene Irsfeld, and Rin Porter; and
in the Administrator’s Office). Two hundred six of the 911 calls in 2009. Thirty eight assaults in Commissioner Gerry Ruda, board liaison. Staff present were Garry
On motion by Kneisl and sec- that we received were tests. 2010 compared to 21 in 2009. Johanson, Director of ELRM, and Linda Bleess, office manager. Five
ond by Kircher, the following Numerous times, people will be pro- Eighteen criminal sexual conduct members of the public attended.
motion was introduced and gramming the 911 number into cases in 2010 compared to 21 in The agenda for the evening was a discussion of several topics in the
adopted by unanimous vote: To their phones and will accidentally 2009. One hundred thirty one dam- Todd County Land Use Ordinance: ordinance content and formatting,
approve the general fee schedule call. Wrong numbers accounted for age to property in 2010 compared to zoning districts, recreational vehicle language, feedlot rules, ISTS septic
changes including the addition of 308 of the calls. The vast majority of 148 in 2009. Fifty three drug cases system rules (7080), and shoreland rules. The ordinance is up for a minor
the charge of fifty cents per page 911 calls were requests for an ambu- in 2010 compared to 68 in 2009. revision during 2011, as requested by Todd County Administrator Nathan
lance. Calls for an ambulance aver- Eight fleeing police officer cases in Burkett in September 2010. The listed topics are the ones which gener-
for color copies and fifty dollars
aged close to five per day. 2010 compared to four in 2009. ate the most calls and questions to the Planning and Zoning Office staff.
per hour of chargeable staff time.
The Todd County Detention Thirty nine trespass in 2010 com- Those attending the public hearing spent about two and one-half hours
On motion by Kneisl and sec-
Center averaged 40 inmates a day pared to 23 in 2009. discussing these topics. Garry asked the commission to form an ad hoc
ond by Kircher, the following
throughout 2010, 37 males and In other news, we have been committee to read the ordinance review compiled by independent envi-
motion was introduced and
three females. We held quite a few involved in the planning stages of a ronmental consultant John Sumption of Cass County, prepare recom-
adopted by majority vote with
inmates for the State of MN transition to the ARMER (Allied mendations, and meet four to six times in the next three months to arrive
Neumann voting against: To
Department of Corrections in 2010, Radio Matrix for Emergency at a consensus on how the Todd County Land Use Ordinance should be
approve the Recorders fee sched- Responders) system. The cost of
but we currently do not have any of revised this year.
ule including the addition of a this system is high and we have
their inmates. This was good rev- The committee will consist of two ELRM staff, one member of the
twenty dollar fee for filing of been actively looking for funding to
enue for our office but we’ve been Planning Commission, one member of the Soil and Water District staff,
ordination papers. told by the state that their overall assist in this transition. We recently two members of the public, and one county commissioner, to be appoint-
ADJOURN inmate numbers are down and it is received confirmation that we have ed by the chair of the board of commissioners.
On motion by Ruda and sec- not likely we will be holding any of been awarded a substantial grant The next meeting of the Todd County Planning Commission is sched-
ond by Neumann, the meeting their population for some time. We hosted by the Long Prairie Fire uled for Thursday, March 3, at 6:30 PM at the Main Street Government
was adjourned. also have held inmates for Pope Department. This grant money will Center.
SERVICES 4,130.92
COMPANY 2,071.25
CORP 9,407.37
MORTON SALT 30,272.14
COOP 5,288.13
ROYAL TIRE 3,831.53
GROCERIES 3,810.82
NOLTING INC 4,387.55
THAN $2000 32,898.22
FINAL TOTAL $117,118.53
On a motion by Neumann and
second by Kircher the preceding
minutes of the County Board
meeting held January 18, 2011
were duly approved by a unani-
mous vote of the Todd County
Board of Commissioners at the
Regular Board Meeting held on
February 1, 2011
Witness my hand and seal
Mark Blessing
County Board Chairperson
Nathan Burkett,
County Administrator
Farmers Union Industries, LLC
Would Like To Recognize And
Thank The Following Employees
For Their Many Years Of Service!

Retirees – L to R: Andy Hudalla, Alan Fenner, Ray Borchert, Larry 5 Years of Service – L to R: Larry Kruzel, Scott Klim, Devin Hines, Dave
Steffen, George Buhl Gosiak, Doug Becker, Ron Baron

10 Years of Service- L to R: Matt Kramer, Jerry Holmquist, (not 15 Years of Service – L to R: Shawn Jahraus, Tim Ahrendt, Bob
pictured – Wayne Petermeier) Henrich, Henry Decker, Al Welters, Jerry Smith (not pictured – Ivan
Gritz) (not pictured) 20 years of service: Greg Hedlund

30 & 35 Years of Service – L to R: Daryl Brever (35), Bryce

25 Years of Service – L to R: Ron Twardowski, Wally Brever, Kevin Hermanson (30) , Leonard Holmquist (30) [not pictured – Jimmy
Evans, Mark Pachan Oliver (30), Tim Fisher (35)]

Central Bi-Products, Northland Choice, Midwest Grease

Browerville Blade, Page 8
Long Prairie, MN Thursday, February 10, 2011
Co-students of the month Spelling Bee participants/winners

ßMiguel Bravo is Chris Dirkes is Browerville

Browerville Lions co-student Lions co-student of the month
of the month for January. He for January. Chris is always
is always willing to help oth- prepared for class, willing to
ers and works well with other give assistance to others with
students. He is a fun student projects and always pleasant
to have in class. Miguel is in class. HOSA did a food
friendly and kind to others. shelf drive, and found out
Miguel is also a Tiger basket- that he is already a
ball player and plays an Browerville food shelf volun-
important role in their suc- teer. He takes responsibility
cess. for his schoolwork, working
independently on classes in Fifth Grade: Keara Wilson, Dalton Butler, Josie Brichacek, Sierra Bollin, Ali Bryniarski; Sixth
Browerville Blade, Page 9 the library area.
Thursday, February 10, 2011 Grade: Brendan Emery, Austin Strom, Christina Oppegard, Megan Carry, Taeleigh Marlow; Seventh
Grade: Damian Lange, Emily Pechan, Josiah Cole, Grace Couchey, Clayton Henderson; Eighth Grade:
Faith Couchey, Catherine Aksamit, Dani Leagjeld, Julia Blommel, Katelyn Middendorf
1st Annual
Remember Mark Dance
(In memory of our friend and colleague Mark Perkins)
Friday, February 11, Browerville Liquor Store
4 MN Twins Tickets (donated by Coach Middendorf)
$50 Browerville Bucks (donated by the Fire Department)
$50 Meat Bundle gift certificate (Steve's Country Foods)
$30 gift certificate (Knotty Pine Embroidery)
(Winners will be announced at 11pm)
4 R Music from 9 pm – 12 am
All donations go to the American Cancer Society of MN

Coaches vs. Cancer

Coaches vs. Cancer is a nationwide collaboration between the
American Cancer Society and the National Association of Basketball
Coaches (NABC) that empowers basketball coaches, their teams, and
local communities to make a difference in the fight against cancer.
The American Cancer Society is the nationwide community based vol- Spelling Bee winners
untary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major First: Grace Couchey; Second: Damian Lange; Third: Emily Pechan and Faith Couchey
health problem, through research.
Today, high school and Division I, II, and III college coaches across the
country are involved in the program. Coaches vs. Cancer has raised more
Sixth grade takes first place
than $55 million since its inception to support the American Cancer
Society’s work to save lives from cancer. 100% of the funds raised will sup-
port your local Relay For Life and the lifesaving mission of the American
Cancer Society.
Coaches vs. Cancer’s mission is to increase cancer awareness and pro-
mote healthy living among student, faculty, school staff, fans, and the
community at large, through year-round awareness efforts, fundraising
activities, and advocacy programs.
Last season, over 80 Minnesota high schools participated and raised
more than $80,000 to support the American Cancer Society’s fight against
cancer. Did you know that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be touched
by cancer? It’s estimated that, by the end of 2010, more than 25,000
Minnesotans will have heard the words, “you have cancer.” Because of
this, we are asking everyone to join our team. TOGETHER we can win
this fight!
Thank you, Browerville community, for your support in this effort.
Join Our Team in the Fight Against Cancer
For more information, call 1-800-ACS-2345 or visit

Tiger Athletics
Mon. Feb. 7: JHBB @ Royalton, 4:30
Tue. Feb. 8: BBB @ Nevis 6:00; GBB @ Menahga, 5:00; NYM/UNC @
UNC, 5:00; BH @ Prairie Center @ LP, 7:00
Thurs. Feb. 10: BBB hosts Upsala, 5:00; BH Northern Lakes 7:00
Fri. Feb. 11: GBB hosts Royalton 5:00
Sat. Feb. 12: BH Red Lake Falls @ LP, 2:00; WR Breckenridge duals,
The Browerville 6th grade boys placed first in the Crosby Ironton basketball tournament on
January 29th.They defeated Aitkin, Pequot Lakes and Crosby Ironton. Boys: Front- Coach
Christensen, Matthew May, Austin Strom, Isaac Stearns, Hayden Host, Coach Petermeier.
Back- Nate Petermeier, Harry Christensen, Brendan Emery, Bryce Irsfeld, Jordan Salber.
Tigers Gain Conference Win
Browerville Blade, Page 10, Thursday, February 10, 2011

No. 1 Sebeka By Jim Roberts

defeats Tigers The Browerville Tigers traveled to Royalton Friday and picked up another nice win; this time a Prairie
Conference win. This was the third game in four nights for the Tigers.
Browerville set the tone early again with Seth Kellen scoring 30 seconds into the game and Austen Wollenburg
connecting on a 3-pointer a minute later to take a 5 - 0 lead. The Royals first two baskets were 3-pointers and
were within 1 point at 7 - 6. A little later the Tigers extended their lead behind two 3-pointers by Luke May.
With Browerville holding a 7 point lead, Royalton made their third 3-pointer followed by another basket to cut
the score to 17 - 15 with 5:09 remaining in the half. Those would be the last points scored for the Royals before
half time.
The Tigers took a timeout to discuss what was happening, and then came back to the court to hold the Royals
scoreless for the remainder of the half. Kellen scored one basket and Wollenburg made four consecutive free
throws after being fouled and then shooting two more for a technical foul called on one of the Royals players. At
the half, the score was Browerville 23, Royalton 15.
Royalton scored the first two baskets of the second half before Mitch Heid connected on a 3-pointer. Three
minutes later, Luke May scored his third 3-pointer of the game to give the Tigers their first double-digit lead of
the game at 33-23. Heid backed up that shot with another 3-pointer and Kellen scored for a 15 point lead.
Back-to-back-to-back 3-pointers by the Royals cut into the Tigers lead and with 1:09 to go the score was 47 -
39. Browerville, who made 15 of 20 free throws for the game, made 7 of their final 8 to close out the win. The
final score was Browerville 51, Royalton 43.
Kellen led the Tigers with 12 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 steals. Heid was also in double figures with 10 points
and dished out 3 assists. May and Wollenburg each added 9 points. Wollenburg also had 4 steals.
The Tigers travel to Nevis Tuesday and are back home for a Thursday game against Upsala.
Tigers Win
By Jim Roberts
Thursday night the Tigers traveled to Menahga to take on the Braves in another Section 5A match-up. After
an intense game against Sebeka just two nights earlier, the Tigers felt they needed to set the tone early. That
they did, outscoring Menahga 38 to 11 in the first half. Coach Schueller said, “We haven’t had any long road trips
for awhile, and I was nervous to see what we would come out like after such an emotional game on Tuesday.”
In the second half, the Tigers used all 14 players after extending their lead to 34 points early on. The final
score was 61 - 46. Tigers.
Seth Christensen led all scorers with 14 points (12 in the first half) and had 7 rebounds. Seth Kellen was the
rebound leader with 8. Eleven Tiger players scored.

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The action at the net was intense during the Tiger’s battle
with Sebeka last week. Photos by Tarissa Host.

By Jim Roberts
The No. 1 team in the State Class A polls, Sebeka, came to Browerville
Tuesday night for a Section 5A match-up with the Browerville Tigers.
Sebeka (now 14-0) and Browerville (now 13-2) both put together a well
played game between two very good teams.
After four minutes of play, Browerville had a 9 to 2 lead. Sebeka closed
the gap to 9 - 6 before the Tigers went on an 5 - 0 run. Sebeka then put a
run together of their own. The Tigers went scoreless for four minutes and
Sebeka, behind two 3-pointers by Cody Pulju, took their first lead of the
game, 16 to 14, forcing Browerville to take a timeout. “We talked about
them (Sebeka) having the ability to go on a run. Sustaining the run was
important, and getting back to what we were doing early on is what we
wanted to do,” said Coach Schueller.
Sebeka increased their lead to 24 to 16 and then didn’t score again for
the final 3:10 of the half. The Tigers scored 8 points, 6 of those points from
Seth Christensen to take a 26 - 24 lead into the locker room.
The Tigers shot 48% in the first half while Sebeka managed just 32%,
including 2 of 13 from behind the arc. Roles reversed in the second half
with Sebeka shooting 48%, including 4 of 9 from 3 point range, and
Browerville shooting 40%. The Tigers were just 1 for 10 from 3 point
range for the game.
At the half-way mark of the second half, Sebeka held a 1 point lead at
42 - 41. Sebeka would then get two big baskets to extend their lead to 52
- 45. One of those, a 3-pointer by Paul Funk after a missed Sebeka free
throw. It was one of only three missed free throws for Sebeka for the game.
The other decisive basket was an offensive put back by John Clark. Clark
scored 20 of his 22 points in the second half.
Sebeka’s Cody Pulju made all 6 of his free throw attempts to end the
game as the Tigers were forced to foul. Pulju also scored 22 points on the
night including 4 3-pointers and 8 for 8 from the free throw line.
Coach Schueller said those two baskets in the second half, the 3-point-
er by Funk and the put-back by Clark, are what made the difference.
Also, free throws. The Tigers were only 4 for 11, while Sebeka was 14 of
Seth Christensen finished the game with 18 points and 8 rebounds.
Mitch Heid scored 14 (12 second half points) and pulled down 10
rebounds, had 2 steals and 3 assists. Seth Kellen chipped in 7 points and
8 boards.
Browerville Blade, Page 11, Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sutlief and Kent

place second at PRC
By Andy Lancaster, Eagle Valley Athletic Director
The Broncos wrestling team had a busy week with two duals and the
Park Region Conference tournament. Tuesday the wrestling team suf-
fered a defeat when they traveled to Pine River to take on the Pequot
Lakes/Pine River Backus Road Crew by a score of 27-45. Thursday the
team was handed another defeat when they traveled to Bertha to take on
the Berth-Hewitt/Verndale Raiders by a score of 33-44.
Saturday the team once again traveled to Bertha for the Park Region
Conference tournament. The team placed seventh with eight wrestlers
placing in the top six of the nnine team tournament. Adam Sutlief at 112
pounds and Tylor Kent at 130 pounds reached the finals. Adam improved
his record to 23 wins and seven loses but fell to Shane Novak of New York
Mills to place second. Tylor had the most exciting match of the final round
showing his athleticism and unique style of wrestling. Tylor ran out of
gas and lost a close one to Zach Mathys of Ottertail Central by the score
of 6-7 to also place second. Ridge Quistorf had a good day and earned a
medal with a third place finish at the 119 pound weight class. Seniors
Cody Middendorf at 171 pounds and Senior Emil Schnack at heavyweight
placed fourth. At 125 pounds Preston Irsfeld placed fifth. Noah Becker at
103 pounds and Mathew Schettler at 145 pounds both placed sixth.
This week the team is hopeful for the return of injured team leaders
Austin Butler and Brad Schettler for the final week of the regular season.
Mitchell Heid presented a gift to his parents Cory and Gail Heid, during Parrent’s Night held
Tuesday the team travels to New York Mills for a triangular starting at 5
February 1st. Photo by Tarissa Host.
pm with New York Mills and United North Central (Menahga-Sebeka).
Thursday the team will travel to Royalton for a triangular with
Royalton/Upsala and Crosby-Ironton starting at 5 pm. This is a makeup
day due to a snow day postponement earlier in the year. The team will Sixth grade band concert
travel to Breckenridge for a dual tournament Saturday when the team
will face Staples/Motley and Breckenridge.

Broncos win
Staples Open
By Coach Lorentz Evan Vearrier-2nd Place, Isaiah
After coming up one point short Wagner-1st Place; Third Grade-
the year before, the BEV Paul Wagner-1st Place-
Elementary Wrestling Broncos (1-15-11)-Osakis Open-PreK-
capped off a great day by placing Alex Line-1st Place, Evan Vearrier-
first overall at the Staples Open. 1st Place, Isaiah Wagner-3rd Place;
The Broncos led the way with Kindergarten-Dante Haywood-1st
seven champions and five runners- Place, Nate Benning-1st Place,
up out of the 18 who wrestled for Parker Duncan-2nd Place; First
the team. Congrats to the following Grade-Dominic Lindquist-1st
Broncos who brought home the Place; Second Grade-Aiden Eckel-
First Place Hardware: Alex Line, 3rd Place, Arden Eckel-3rd Place,
Dante Haywood, Parker Duncan, Cael Lorentz-1st Place, Carter
Nate Benning, Landon Gode, Meiners-1st Place, Third Grade-
Dominic Lindquist, Carter Levi Line-2nd Place, Paul Wagner-
The Browerville Sixth Grade Band Concert was performed Thursday, February 3rd.
Meiners, Cael Lorentz, Mason 2nd Place, Fifth Grade-Tony
Gode, Carter Riedel, Austin Bollin- Gosemire-3rd Place
Lehner, Ian Gould, Levi Line, Nye (1-16-11)-Minnewaska Open-
Becker, Dalton Butler, Colton Kindergarten-Dante Haywood-1st
Booker, Donovan Decker, Andrew Place; First Grade-Landon Gode-
Johnson 1st Place; Second Grade-Cael
The Broncos had 88 team points Lorentz-1st Place, Mason Gode-1st
to place first, Detroit Lakes and Place; Fourth Grade-Darius
Minnewaska tied for second with Haywood-3rd Place
78. Long Prairie/Grey Eagle and (1-22-11)-Frazee Open-Second
Staples/Motley tied for fourth with Grade-Cael Lorentz-1st Place
72 points to round out the top five. (1-23-11)-Staples Open-PreK-
Great Job Broncos! Alex Line-3rd Place; Kindergarten-
Various Broncos have been Dante Haywood-1st Place, Nate
wrestling throughout the area and Benning-2nd Place, Parker
representing our team with great Duncan-1st Place; First Grade-
pride and effort. Some Broncos Dominic Lindquist-2nd Place-,
have traveled to Osakis, Pillager, Landon Gode-1st Place; Second
Staples, Frazee, and Minnewaska Grade-Austin Bollin-Lehner-4th
in the last few weeks. Great Job to Place, Cael Lorentz-1st Place,
all who have competed! Upcoming Carter Meiners-1st Place, Carter
events include the Jaycees Riedel-4th Place, Mason Gode-2nd
Regional Qualifier in Long Prairie Place; Third Grade-Ian Gould-1st
or the West Central Open in Place, Levi Line-1st Place, Nye
Barrett. Our annual Bronco tour-
ney is Sunday, Feb. 20 in Clarissa.
Becker-2nd Place
Fifth Grade-Colton Booker-4th
Johnson leads Tigers past Johnnies
Team and Individual photos Place, Donovan Decker-4th Place,
By Coach Middendorf
have been rescheduled to Monday, Dalton Butler-2nd Place
Browerville 60 St. John’s 42
Feb. 28th in Browerville. Sixth Grade-Andrew Johnson
Senior Kenley Johnson scored 16 of her 24 points in the second half as the Tigers picked up a 60-42 victory
Results: 4th Grade
over the Johnnies Thursday night in Collegeville. The win marked the third time the Tigers have beaten St.
(1-14-11)-Pillager Open-PreK-
John’s this season.
Browerville Public School Menu Johnson and eighth grader MaKenna Hegseth combined for seven three-point baskets in the win and got
another deep basket from senior Taylor Oberg. Hegseth finished with 14 points while Oberg added the lone
Mon. Feb. 7: Pepperoni pizza, green beans, PB/butter sandwich, pear
slices, milk triple. Senior Jerica Thompson, eighth grader Katelyn Middendorf, and seventh grader Kendra Buchta each
Tue. Feb. 8: Chicken patty/ bun, nacho chips/cheese sauce, celery/PB chipped in four points in the win. Freshmen Andi Buhl pulled down six rebounds and added three points and
dip, apple, 2 milk three steals in an impressive performance. Eighth grader Kate Kellen came off the bench to score two points in
Wed. Jan. Feb. 9: BBQ rib patty, mashed potatoes, corn, peach slices, her first varsity game to aid in the Tiger scoring effort.
milk Cora Griffin led St. John’s with 16 points.
Thurs. Feb. 10: Hamb/cheeseburger, FF/ketchup, peas, orange, milk The Tigers are now 5-13 overall and 4-5 in the Prairie Conference. Friday the girls hosted Royalton in the
Fri. Feb. 11: Chili/crackers, bologna sandwich, carrot & celery stix, Coaches vs. Cancer “Pink Out Night.”
Christ the King celebrates Catholic Schools Week

Thank you for supporting Christ the King School

The Browerville Blade, Thursday,
Page 13 February 10, 2011

David J. Clairmont, Motley, appeared in court on charges of theft Joshua J. Thomas, Long Prairie,
Sheriff’s Report and two counts of burglary. His next court date is February 7. no seat belt used-$110.00
John T. Allen, Long Prairie,
January 31:
On January 29, Vern Desotell reported that he had found an 69/55-$135.00
Joshua A.Martin, Fargo, ND, made his first court appearance on
injured deer near his residence on 225th Ave., in Germania Thomas J. Bowers, Pelican
two counts of DWI. An RU8 hearing was set for February 14.
Township. A DNR permit was issued to Desotell. Rapids, 80/70-$125.00
Bobby J. Dunkley, Wadena, was sentenced for receiving stolen
At 6:52 am, January 31, the sheriff ’s department responded to a Penny L. Douglas, E Grand
property. He was fined $585, sentenced to 365 days, 346 days stayed
two vehicle accident at the intersection of County Roads 24 and 21. Forks, 84/70-$135.00
for two years and placed on supervised probation for two years.
Sharon Notch, Eagle Bend, was turning north from County 24 to Zachary J. Humphrey, Breezy
Jane A. Mudder, Long Prairie, appeared for an RU8 hearing on
County 21 when she was struck by David Eckenrode, rural Sebeka. Point, 84/70-$135.00
driving after cancellation and uninsured vehicle charges. An
Minor damage was sustained by both vehicles. No one was injured. Jose L. Meza-Morales, Long
omnibus hearing was scheduled for February 28.
On February 1, at approx. 6 am, a vehicle entered the Luanne Prairie, 70/60-$125.00
Donald C. Pohlmann, Grey Eagle, made his first court appearance
Reinbold property, rural Long Prairie, and stole gasoline from a gas Geoffrey C. Parks, Brownsburg,
on three counts of hunting under the influence of alcohol. An RU8
barrel. IN, 87/70-$145.00
hearing was set for February 14.
On February 1, at 10:29 am, Ruth Brauch, Hewitt, reported a Joseph M. Pesta, Long Prairie,
Timothy A. Wolbeck, Grey Eagle, made his first court appearance
phone scam in which a party identifying himself with Winner’s 74/55-$145.00
on three counts of negligent fire charges. An RU8 hearing was sched-
International told her that she had won 3.5 million, but was request- Kimberly A. Peters, St Paul,
uled for February 14.
ed that she send $150 to them prior to her collecting her winnings. 98/70-$285.00
Sandra L. Rohloff, Bertha, pled guilty to DWI at an omnibus hear-
This is a common scam and Todd County Sheriff ’s Office reminds Brandon B. Putzke, Alexandria,
ing. She was fined $610, sentenced to 90 days, 75 days stayed for two
everyone not to provide personal information to anyone on the phone. window tint too dark-$135.00
years, placed on two years supervised probation, ordered to complete
On February 1, at 6 pm, Joseph Brenny, Staples, struck a deer Taylor J. Skoog, Burnsville,
an chemical dependency evaluation and attend a MADD impact
with his 2003 Nissan maxima on Warner Road, just outside the city 80/70-$125.00
of Staples. Brenny was not injured, the vehicle sustained severe dam- Jacob C. Weisser, Fargo, ND,
James J. Vearrier, West Union, made his first court appearance on
age. 80/70-$125.00
charges of domestic assault. An RU8 hearing was scheduled for
At 7:53 pm, February 1, the sheriff ’s department received a report
February 14.
of a two vehicle accident on 4th St. NW in Bertha. Cheryl Phyle,
Bertha, had struck an SUV that was parked along the street. Snow days, 245 days stayed, 2 yr; drive
Property Transfers
packed, icy road conditions had caused her Ford Escort to slide, strik- Traffic Citations after cancellation-$610.00 WTY-JT Carole M Austing,
ing the vehicle, a Chevrolet Suburban, owned by Brian Verdugt, Todd County Sheriff Thomas L. Miller, Browerville, single to Gerard T Rush Jr etux
Bertha. Phyle sustained minor injuries and was transported to the Kelly L. Korf, Long Prairie, dis- expired registration-$115.00 12-28-10 Lots 7 & 8 Anderson’s
hospital by a private party. The Escort received moderate front end orderly conduct-$135.00, 90 days, Staples Police Subdivision First Addition rec 1-
damage, the Suburban was unoccupied and sustained minor damage 46 days stayed 1 yr Rhett B. Bastien, Waite Park, 13-11
to the front passenger side. John F. Tesch, Long Prairie, no drive after suspension-$285.00 WTY Steven L Greenwaldt,
On February 3, at approx. 6:45 am, Danny Peyton struck a horse proof insurance-$385.00, $965.03 Mathew D. Schwichtenberg, single to Bertha City 11-19-10
two miles south of Long Prairie on State Highway 287, with his Ford restitution, 90 days, stayed 90 Staples, obstruct view of driver- SE4NE4 & pt of SW4NE4 2-132-
Focus. Peyton was not injured, the vehicle sustained light right front days, 1 yr $125.00 35 rec 1-13-11
damage. The horse, owned by Mark Collins, ran home with slight Long Prairie Police DNR QCD-JT Randy Robert Smith
injuries. Michael A. I. Arellano, Long Trevor L. Dally, Alexandria, fish etux to Randy R Smith etux 12-
At 5:45 am, February 6, Joyce Bednarz, Browerville, struck a deer Prairie, uninsured vehicle-$285.00; w/extra line-$125.00 29-10 S2NW4 29-131-35 rec 1-
on County 21, 1 1/2 miles south of Hwy 210, with her 2004 Buick fail to deliver certificate of title w/i Joseph A. Gruenes, Clear Lake, 14-11
Century. Bednarz was not injured, the vehicle sustained moderate timeframe-$100.00 no license in possession-$95.00 QCD Gary H Nordstrom etux
front end damage. Marquis D. Henley, Long to American National Bank of
Michael P. Thom, Long Prairie,
On February 6, between 7:30 and 9 pm, a grey Power Arc plasma Prairie, no valid license-$185.00 MN 12-15-10 Lots 12,14,15,16,
no license in possession-$95.00
cutter was stolen from the box of a pickup while it was parked in Phillip M. Johnson, Eagle Bend, 18,19,28,29 & 30 Blk 1 Black’s
MN State Patrol
Little Sauk, south of the Legion. disorderly conduct-$285.00, 90 RV Resort CIC #24 rec 1-18-11
Zackery S. Cain, Hewitt, drive
Anyone with information concerning any of these cases is urged to days, psychological eval, super- WTY-JT David Leagjeld etux
after suspension-$285.00; unin-
contact the Todd County Sheriff ’s Department at 320-732-2157 or 1- vised probation, 2 yr; 3rd degree to Michael J Kramer etux 1-14-
sured vehicle-$200.00; no seat belt
800-794-5733. damage to property-$450.00, 365 11 NW4NE4 2-129-34 rec 1-18-
Court Report
Court appearances are First Appearance, RU8 (second appear-
ance), and Omnibus (third appearance)
January 21:
Kristi L. Kohlhase, Bertha, appeared for a contested omnibus
hearing on three counts of criminal vehicular operation and two
counts of DWI. A review hearing was set for June 17.
January 24:
Julie A. Suhl, Motley, was sentenced for fifth degree drugs. She
was fined $575, sentenced to 60 days, with credit for five days served
and placed on supervised probation for five years.
Kyle A. Carner, Brainerd, appeared for an RU8 hearing on charges
of no proof of insurance, driving after revocation, and unlawful trans-
fer of registration. An omnibus hearing was set for February 7.
Daniel J. Traynor, Long Prairie, was sentenced for first degree
damage to property. He was ordered to pay $3,722.82 restitution,
fined $560, sentenced to 30 days, with 20 days credit for days served
and placed on five years supervised probation.
Shawn M. Ward, Alexandria, was sentenced for defeating security
on realty. He was fined $325 and placed on supervised probation for
five years.
Jennifer D. Johnson, Granite Falls, pled guilty to dishonored
check charges at an RU8 hearing. She was fined $601.11 and sen-
tenced to 30 days, with 25 days stayed for one year.
Ashley R. Chase, Alexandria, appeared for an RU8 hearing on two
counts of indecent exposure and contributing to the need for child
protective services. An omnibus hearing was set for February 28.
Thomas E. Anderson, Staples, pled guilty to furnishing alcohol to
a minor, at an omnibus hearing. He was fined $585, sentenced to 365
days, 350 days stayed for two years, and placed on supervised pro-
bation for two years.
January 27:
Nicholas W. Praska, Staples, pled guilty to fifth degree drug
charges at a contested omnibus hearing. Sentencing was scheduled
for March 21.
January 28:
Steven W. Tessler, Staples, was sentenced for fifth degree drugs.
He was committed to the Commissioner of Corrections for 13 months.
Imposition of the sentence was stayed for five years and he was fined
$210, sentenced to 180 days in jail, with 144 days jail credit and
placed on supervised probation for five years.
Damian D. Hansmann, Clarissa, appeared for a probation viola-
tion hearing. An admit/deny hearing was set for February 7.
Douglas C. Dickman, Staples, appeared in court on charges of fifth
degree drugs (meth) and fifth degree drugs (marijuana). His next
court date was set for February 7.
Browerville Blade, Page 16 Thursday, February 10, 2011
Browerville Blade, Page 17 Thursday, February 10, 2011

Clarissa Clarissa Drug DENTAL CLINIC
John P. Nei DDS
Family Dental Clarissa, MN William H. Peterson DDS
218-756-2242 Michael J. Winge DDS
Jeralyn Bowie DDS
Hours 917 1st Ave SE • 732-6141
M-F 8 am-5:30 pm Al Hoelscher,
Sat 8 -12 noon Agent
214 West Main Street PO Box 254
Nelson Insurance
Check for different
Clarissa, Mn 56440 Holiday Hours Browerville Agency
New Patients Are Always Welcome 320-594-6410
in the Newspaper 325 2nd Ave NE
10 companies
10 minutes
*Custom Exhaust
*A/C Service *Brakes
*Coolant Flush *Computer
*Diagnostics *Alignment
532 Hwy 71 N., Eagle Bend - WITHOUT OBLIGATION
218-738-2913 Neil Pollard
Crow Wing, Todd counties
more efficient and effective
unveil preliminary results model,” said Lisa Paxton,
Brainerd Lakes Chamber CEO.
of redesign pilot project “To help clear the way for counties
to achieve these goals, we are pre-
Officials of Crow Wing and Todd through judicious use of taxpayer pared to help inform lawmakers
Counties unveiled the innovative dollars. about the barriers that are in the
results of a pilot project aimed at Tim Reardon, of The Reardon way. We will ask lawmakers for
delivering superior county services Group, said this study affirmed the their help in clearing the path to
to customers in a cost-effective need for prevention and early county reform.”
manner. intervention so the need for more Early in this study, the part-
“Our mission in this project was intensive and expensive interven- ners placed a high priority on con-
to identify how we could achieve tions can be avoided. sulting groups of people through
better customer outcomes in an Recommendations of the study focus groups. Customers provided
environment of fewer resources,” include: enlightening information about
said Tim Houle, Crow Wing Investing the right resources at their experiences. County workers
County administrator. “We wanted the right intensity at the right time and contracted service providers
to identify breakthrough ideas for the greatest impact. gave their input and observations
about how we could do business Giving discretion for care to the about the current system and how
differently and be more effective people who know the customer it could be improved. In addition,
and efficient.” best. In a sense, empowering front- county officials researched data in
The results of the pilot study line workers with the ability to tai- their respective counties to under-
were revealed during a news con- lor services based on needs. stand patterns and how multiple
ference at Staples City Hall before Providing the necessary services were delivered to cus-
an audience of employees and resources to meet customer needs. tomers.
elected officials of Crow Wing and Improving communication and Service areas studied included
Todd Counties as well as represen- services, especially across program corrections, law enforcement, pub-
tatives of the Minnesota Chamber areas, in part through better use of lic health and social services.
of Commerce, Brainerd Lakes technology. This information was then ana-
Chamber, Long Prairie Chamber of Identifying rules and regula- lyzed by a team, which used the
Commerce, Staples-Motley Area tions that are barriers to change. information to formalize recom-
Chamber of Commerce, Initiative Social services administrators mendations on how to improve the
Foundation and Region Five in Crow Wing and Todd Counties delivery of these county services to
Development Commission among intend to immediately implement customers.
others. changes in policy in their counties “This is our bold vision to
Through a collaborative process as a result of this study. Other improve the outcomes for our cus-
over the past five months, the part- changes will require legislative tomers and our communities,”
ners in this project intensely stud- approval. The counties, together Reardon said. “Now we need the
ied how to better serve customers with the Minnesota Chamber of courageous leadership necessary
receiving community services, Commerce as well as regional to champion this change. We need
especially those receiving multiple chambers of commerce, will help to remove obstacles and imple-
health and human services. The carry this message to Minnesota ment a new design for county serv-
partners wanted to determine how legislators. ices. It is time to dismantle what
counties can better serve their cus- “We are excited about the oppor- doesn’t work and to pursue a new
tomers, in a respectful manner tunities presented in this study for way of doing business .
that leads them to self-sufficiency, counties to deliver services under a

School is Open
Please Drive Carefully
The Browerville Blade, Page 18 Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 Winter Health comes to treating a cold or flu,

but is it true? Yes, says Dr.
Myth #7: You don’t need
sunscreen in the winter.
temperature can be relatively
warm at 32°F, but it's more about
Myths Exposed Sharp. “Turns out, there’s some It’s cold and cloudy, so you can how long the bare skin is
real science behind this,” he retire your sunscreen until exposed. Also, wet skin is very
By Sarah Jio, Woman's Day
says, explaining that chicken sunny days at the beach this vulnerable.”
Due to cold and flu season,
soup may have a positive effect summer, right? Wrong, says Myth #9: Dry skin is just a
chilly weather and holiday
on the immune system with Debra Jaliman, MD, a New York harmless winter annoyance.
stress, it seems like we worry
something called neutrophil City–based dermatologist. “The Itchy, flaky skin can be an irri-
more about our health during the
aggregation—which means sun and UV rays are present tating and unsightly conse-
winter than at any other time of
“bringing white blood cells winter, spring, summer and fall,” quence of cold, dry air. But
year. But do we really need to
together.” White blood cells help she says. “I recommend that you should you just write it off as a
stress about our well-being this
fight off infection in your body wear a sunscreen with SPF 30, winter annoyance? No, says Dr. Thursday & Friday - 4pm-Close
season? We spoke to the experts
and are integral to helping you and it’s best to wear a UVA/UVB Jaliman. Dry skin, if not kept at Saturday - 10am-Close
about the biggest winter health
feel better faster. While it’s not blocker. The best ones contain bay, can be a portal for infection. Sunday - 12pm-Close
myths and found out the truth.
clear if other broths or hot bever- zinc or titanium.” “It’s very important to keep dry
Myth #1: You can catch a
cold by being out in the ele-
ages have similar immune sys- Myth #8: Frostbite is hard skin hydrated,” she says. When Feb. 12th
tem benefits, Dr. Sharp says hot to get. skin becomes dry, it can lead to
ments too long. Valentines Day Celebration
liquids like tea and broth can Frostbite may sound like small cracks that can leave your (Not just for lovers)
You’ve probably heard the old
help reduce the symptoms of a something people dealt with in body prone to infections. To pre-
warning that going outside in Dinner for 2 - $25.95
cold or flu virus, relieving sinus olden times, or possibly a condi- vent this, moisturize twice
chilly weather, and staying there Choose 2 entrees:
and throat pain. tion suffered only by hardcore ski daily—after you shower and
too long, can make you “catch” a New York Strip • BBQ Ribs
Myth #4: You lose most of enthusiasts. But not only is frost- before bed—as well as through-
cold. Not true, says D.J. Verret,
the heat from your body bite easy to get, it’s more com- out the day for body parts that Chicken Kiev • Homemade
MD, an otolaryngologist in
through your head, so you mon than you think, says Dr. are prone to dryness, like your Chicken or Shrimp Alfredo
Dallas. “Going outside—with or
need to wear a hat. Jaliman, who got a case of frost- hands. “I like Aquaphor,” says
without a wet head—is one of the Reserve before Feb.11th
We’ve all heard this one—and bite after an afternoon on the Dr. Jaliman. “It’s inexpensive
best things you can do to prevent & receive a complimentary
perhaps it worries you when slopes. How do you get it? When and effective.”
catching a cold. Actually being beverage for 2!
you’re out with your children skin—usually on the extremities, Myth #10: You can’t get
cold has nothing to do with your
during the winter months. If like hands and feet—becomes too allergies in the winter 31886 County Rd 3 • Eagle Bend
risk of catching a cold. Colds are
they don’t wear a hat in the cold, cold or wet (or both), it can months.
caused by viruses or bacteria
is it drawing dangerous amounts become slightly numb and then In the winter, there’s good and 218-738-5155
which are more often spread in
of warmth from their bodies? Not blister. It can happen fast—even bad news for allergy sufferers,
the winter because of close con- OPEN FOR LUNCH
really, says Dr. Sharp. “It’s large- in just 30 minutes while in says Dr. Verret: “If you have
tact from everyone being SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS!
ly a myth,” he says. While it’s extreme cold and wet conditions. pollen allergies, they will be bet-
indoors.” That’s right, spending WELCOME SNOWMOBILERS
true that you’ll lose heat from “If blisters occur, then there may ter in the winter, but if you're
time outdoors can make you less
any part of your body that is be damage and the skin may sensitive to indoor allergens, Stop in - take a break and
susceptible to those nasty germs.
exposed to the elements and not turn black,” says Dr. Jaliman. such as pet dander or dust mites, enjoy a drink or a bite to eat!
Myth #2: More people are
covered with clothing, forgetting “Then you may become insensi- your allergies may be even
depressed during the winter Thur.- Wing Night & Peel/Eat
a hat “is not a major health risk,” tive to heat and cold in the worse.” So although your sneez-
months than at any other Shrimp
he assures. “You’re no better off future. With further damage, you ing and sniffling may not be from
time of the year.
in shorts and a hat than warm may suffer nerve damage and seasonal culprits, your indoor Fri. - Surf -n- Turf & Prime Rib
Gray, dreary skies. Holiday
pants and no hat.” The bottom lose fingers and toes.” And don’t allergies could be more bother- Sat. - Prime Rib
stress. Bitter-cold weather. It
line: A hat is great in cold condi- think that it needs to be -10°F for some than usual. Sun. - Chef’s Choice
seems natural to assume that
tions, but if you leave the house you to run into trouble. “The
depression spikes in the winter
without one to take the dog on a
months. And yet, health experts
walk—no biggie. A warm coat is
say that’s just a myth. “Contrary
much more important to keep

Cherry Grove Market

to popular belief, major depres-
you insulated.
sion is not more rampant during
Myth #5: You shouldn’t
the winter months than at any
exercise in the cold.
other time of the year,” says John
You may already be unmoti-
Sharp, MD, a professor at
Harvard University. But what
vated to lace up your running Hwy. 71 • Browerville • 320-594-0020
shoes and head out into the cold,
about the wintertime sadness
but if you’re worried that chilly-
you may be feeling? “The ‘holiday
weather exercise is bad for your Hours: Mon-Tues-Thur-Fri-Sat • 8am - 6pm • Wed- • 8am - 5pm • Sunday • Closed
blues’ is a significant, temporary,
health, don’t be. “It’s fine to exer-
stress-related condition, but it is
not a recognized medical ailment
cise in the cold, just make sure Have you checked out Baked Goods
you warm up first,” says Dr. •Rolls •Buns •Bread •Pies
or diagnosis.” Some people may
also experience Seasonal
Sharp. That may mean walking Cherry Grove’s Nuts & Seeds? •Cookies and more!
a bit before starting on a vigor-
Affective Disorder (SAD), which
ous run, or avoiding a big hill • Almonds •Fresh Made To Order
has symptoms similar to depres- W Dr Deli Sandwiches•
sion, such as insomnia, irritabili-
until you’re acclimated to the RA • Brazil Nuts yR
temperature. Sudden physical oa Need A Large Amount
ty and difficulty concentrating,
exertion in cold weather can, at • Cashews ste For A Special Gathering?
but only occurs during the winter
times, be a risk for cardiovascu- d
months. If you suffer from these
lar strain—for example, leaving
Butter Toasted • Filberts Call Ahead And We Can
symptoms or just have less ener- • Macadamia Have It Ready For You
your armchair and heading out-
gy in general during this time of
year, consider trying light thera-
side to vigorously shovel snow. Mi • Peanuts Pieces In 24 Hours!
(An important note: Anyone with xe
py, suggests Dr. Sharp, who
a history of heart problems
d • Pecans
explains that an inexpensive
should always consult his or her
10,000-lux light box (which can
doctor before starting any new • Pine Nuts
fit on your desk) used 20 minutes d
exercise regimen—in the cold or d/Salte • Pistachios y Toa
or so a day may give you a
otherwise.) Your best bet for win- Roaste o n e
boost—even if you haven't been
ter workouts is to ease in slowly. • Flax Seeds H
diagnosed with SAD by a medical
Myth #6: We need more • Sunflower Seeds
sleep in the winter.
Myth #3: The idea that eat-
Admit it—when winter hits
No • Pumpkin Seeds
ing chicken soup can zap a Sa
and the sun seems to all but dis- lt
cold is just an old wives' tale.
appear, the thought of hiberna-
• Soybeans In The Shell
tion sounds appealing, doesn’t it? • Chia Seeds - (Add to your cereal
But that sleepy feeling you may or baked goods for additional antioxidants!)
get in the winter doesn’t mean
you should always let yourself Buy Bulk For Quality & Value! The Taste Of
snooze longer. “While it’s natural Homemade Goodness!
to want to be cozier and be in bed
more, we don’t technically need
more sleep,” Dr. Sharp explains.
Instead, it’s likely that the
scarcity of sunlight in the winter
months makes us think we’re
sleepy. There’s nothing wrong
with going to bed earlier, but
beware of sleeping too much.
“Some people find that when
Your mom or grandmother •Troyer Braunscweiger $4.79 Lb
they get more sleep, they feel
may have raised you to believe
that there’s something magical
sleepier during the day, even a •Troyer Mozzarella $4.09 Lb.
little dazed.” or $3.95 by the chunk
about chicken soup when it
Thursday, February 10, 2011
The Browerville Blade, page 19
- Action Ads -
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Complete Beauty Service Grain Market Report

Rates & Policies for the Entire Family
Corn..........................................................$5.86 Bu.
Classified Ads: . . . . . . .15 words = $7.00 each additional word 15¢
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Inserts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8¢ each $80.00 per thousand
Card of Thanks: . .Up to 25 words = $7 25 to 50 words = $10.50
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Over 50 words, 5¢ each additional word Kurls Soybeans..................................................$13.30 Bu.
In Memory: . . . . . .Up to 25 words = $10 25 to 50 words = $12.50 594-6202 Monday February 7, 2011
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FOR SALE beautiful service. Also thanks to the Hi series men: 497, Steve Covington;
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43.7 acre farmstead 8 mi. N of funeral lunch ladies for a job well
Clarissa. For details call 320- done. Thank you to Mike and Heid women: 499, Mary Kraus; 460, Emily Available after hours by appointment
365-3090 j6-f24c Iten for their compassion and help Klassen; 439, Patty Lowe
______________________________ at this time of sorrow. Pinbusters DJ & Girlz 6 6 inherently bad, Dayton’s off-year request is
The Bernadine Chock family Won Lost Jim Line 5 7 extremely irresponsible in light of a current
HELP WANTED __________________________ Strikers 9 7 Gordos 3 9 $6.2 billion state budget deficit. I believe bond-
Prairie Community Services is
looking for a caring person to Bowling News J & S Concrete 9
Gemini Siding 8
Moonshiners 1 11
Hi game men: 224,Butch Booker 224,
ing should only be used for emergency repairs
of state-owned facilities and flood relief or nec-
work in our group home. Shifts Courtesy of Prairie Lanes, Top Guns 8 8 Matt Andreasen; 212, Wayne Booker; essary prevention activities, not for indefinite
include weekends, overnights, Long Prairie Strokers 8 8 women: 200, Nikki Andreasen; 154, Linda “stimulus” projects. Rather than spending
AM & PM shifts. Call 320-594- No Names 6 10 Line; 150, Heather Booker money for a new baseball stadium in St. Paul
6556 weekdays or stop in at 110 City League
Hi game men: 228, Jose Estrada; 190, Hi series men: 586, Butch Booker; and a basketball arena in Minneapolis, we
2nd St. W, Browerville. f3-10c
Won Lost
Jeff Wettstein; 189, Shane Marcyes; 563, Wayne Booker; 563, Matt need to be fiscally responsible and spend on
______________________________ Young Guns 23 5
women: 167, Lori Marcyes; 161, Judy Andreasen; women: 465, Nikki what we need not what we want. We need to
Am. Legion 17 11
Schmeising; 157, Heide Marcyes Andreasen; 415, Linda Line; 393, Sheila focus on getting folks back to work, not rack-
WORK WANTED Harvest States 17 11
ing up the state’s credit card.
Prairie Lanes 12 16 Hi series men: 631, Jose Estrada; Booker
Roof snow removal. 320-533- ALTERNATIVE TEACHER LICENSING
Gould Const. 9 19 539, Punk Marcyes; 507, Greg Ostrowski;
0332, Brian Oestreich tfn 2011 LEGISLATIVE With strong bipartisan support, the Senate
LP Packing 6 22 women: 436, Judy Schmeising; 430,
______________________________ passed a plan to create an alternative path-
Hi game: 243, Tyler Graves; 237, John Heide Marcyes; 424, Nancy Wettstein WEEK 5 IN REVIEW
FOUND Dear Friends: way into the classroom for well-qualified can-
Lackmann; 220, Jose Estrada T & C Classic didates. Alternative licensure is a tool that
Male Black Lab, no collar, well Hi series: 649, John Lackmann; 593, Won Lost In the past month, the Legislature made
great strides toward reforming state govern- can attract well-educated professionals into
trained, found near Thunder Gary Larson; 590, Chris Current LP Packing 18 2
ment and improving Minnesota’s job climate. I our teaching ranks. It allows diverse and
Lake. 320-594-3097 Kane Transport 15 5
Urban League have worked with business and industry lead- dedicated people to teach our children with
______________________________ Midwest Machine 14 6
Won Lost ers around the state, taken the first step real business and professional experiences in
CARD OF THANKS Shoot-Strike 19 5 E85 12 8 the classroom.
toward balancing the budget, and passed
The family of Eleanor Gregerson Praire Woods 18 6 Mikey’s 9 11 NUCLEAR ENERGY FOR OUR FUTURE
reforms that will improve our delivery of gov-
Griffith would like to thank all of Now and Then 18 6 Swan Produce 8 12 This week, the Minnesota Senate gave
ernment services. Here is an update on this
our family and friends for their sup- Prairie Lanes 14 10 Jim Woeste 3 17 bipartisan approval to a bill that will lift the
week’s actions.
port, cards, and flowers during the Bye Team 0 20 nuclear moratorium in Minnesota. With a vote
death or our mother. The Clarissa Hi game: 245, Greg Graves; 237, Jose of 50-14, the Senate passed a bill to repeal
CMFCU 10 14 The Minnesota Senate took nearly a $1
Care Center and it's staff for all the Estrada; 226, Gary Larson the nuclear power prohibition. Nuclear energy
Lunser Const. 4 20 billion step toward balancing a projected $6.2
wonderful care given to Eleanor, the Hi series: 660, Greg Graves; 635, is clean, inexpensive, and lowers our depend-
Bye Team 0 24 billion state budget deficit Thursday. The
Communities of Faith UM ladies for Gary Larson; 632, Jose Estrada ence on foreign oil and gas. It is important for
Hi game: 247, Sherry Grittner; 223, Senate passed Senate File 60, which
the wonderful lunch prepared and Minnesota to have all options on the table
Jenny Thelen; 215, Dee Opsal Courtesy of Eagle Lanes addresses spending problems by making one-
Pastor Gerry Vuchetich for a great when it comes to planning its energy needs for
Hi series: 592, Sherry Grittner; 550, time reductions from 2010 permanent and
service. Inter-City League 2/2 the future. Lifting the ban allows nuclear ener-
Jenny Dubois; 536, Julie Lange prevents state agencies from misusing funds
Dick & Darlene Gregerson & fam- Won Lost gy to be at least part of the discussion. This bill
at the end of the year. The bill is fiscally
ily Browerville Women Baso Ins. 52 36 is a path to energy independence offering cer-
responsible, sets clear priorities and makes
Curt & Deneen Gregerson & fam- Won Lost Central Ag 49.5 38.5 tainty for businesses and job creators as they
government live within its means. I am
ily Wolters Body 23 5 Benson Const. 40.5 47.5 plan for tomorrow and work to keep existing
pleased that we are able to keep our word to
___________________________ Now & Then 18 10 Busy B Cafe 34 54 jobs.
the people of Minnesota and start taking the
We would like to thank all our rel- LP Packing 17 11 Hi game: 220, Mike Blommel; 216, Al Thanks for taking the time to read my
necessary steps to get our state back to living
atives, friends, and co-workers for Tidy Bowl Girls 16 12 Woida; 202, Al Blommel update and please feel free to contact me with
within its means. This bill is the first step in a
prayers, words of sympathy and Woeste Girls 15 13 Hi series: 584, Mike Blommel; 548, Al your questions and comments.
line of many to reduce the massive deficit left
food, at the loss of our loved one. Am. Legion 14 14 Woida; 531, Mark Johnson Sincerely, Bill
before us.
Thank you to the staff of CTCCC, to Marcyes Ex. 8 20 State Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen encour-
the nursing staff and doctors at Bye Team 0 28 Sunday Nite League ages and appreciates constituent input, and
Long Prairie Memorial Hospital for Hi game: 193, Marsha Wolters; 191, can be reached at 651-297-8063, by mail at
K & S Current 10 2 This week Governor Mark Dayton
their kindness and care of our moth- Melissa Blom; 188, Dee Opsal 123 State Office Building, 100 Rev. Dr.
Andreasen 9.5 2.5 announced his intention for a $1 billion bond-
er. Thank you to the casket bearers, Hi series: 522, Melissa Blom; 503, Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN
ing bill, spending $531 million on designated
lectors, eucharistic ministers, Clarissa Convicts 7.5 4.5 55155, or via email at sen.bill.ingebrigt-
Marsha Wolters; 479, Sharlene Schroeder projects and offering $469 million for lawmak-
servers and choir for making it a Outlaws 6 6
ers to designate. While a borrowing bill is not
Cows successfully captured

Two escaped cows led members of the Todd County Sheriff's Department, Browerville City
Employees, and several volunteers, around Browerville after they escaped from a stock
trailer on Hwy. 71 Wednesday afternoon. After about a half hour, the cows were successful-
ly cornered and reloaded in the trailer.

County board, continued

ing prices for fuel it would be They also agreed to accept a pro- in 2010 as compared to 2009,
hard not to pass the increased posal to make the seating and according to Perish. There were
fees on to his business and resi- arena of the grand stand avail- 406 births in Todd County in
dential customers. able for rental for $250 for one 2009 and only 246 in 2010. That
Zander also said he felt it was day. The grand stand has not is nearly a forty- percent drop in
unfair to increase fees for com- previously been available for births between 2009 and 2010.
mercial haulers and not individ- rent. HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT
uals. He said everyone should be ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Commissioners told County
treated equally. Mike Hanan, Rick Utech, Todd County Engineer Loren Fellbaum to pur-
Todd County Solid Waste Economic Development Director, chase two new Caterpillar road
Director, told Zander that indi- met with commissioners. Utech graders from Ziegler Equipment
viduals who bring only a bag or said since he was hired in of Brainerd and two new GMC
two of garbage to the transfer November he has met with more pick-ups from Nelson Motors of
station are already charged the than twenty Todd County busi- Fergus Falls. The $343,000 pur-
equivalent of $100 per ton. nesses, numerous government chase will be made in cash
Zander also pointed out that agencies, and fifteen economic immediately and then refi-
the Todd County Solid Waste development partners that can nanced by the county as part of a
Department had over a million assist the Development bond offering this spring. The
dollars in cash at the end of Corporation add or bring jobs to purchases and financing
2009. He wondered why, during Todd County. As a result of those arrangement are part of a capi-
difficult economic times, the meetings, Utech said he is mov- tal improvement program
county needed to increase fees. ing toward the creation of a recently approved by the com-
Mike Hanan said the county is revolving loan fund for Todd missioners.
required to run the Solid Waste County businesses. He said he is HISTORIC COURTHOUSE
department like a business. He also working on developing a At their Tuesday meeting
also said the transfer station Going into Business Class for Todd County Commissioners met
needs to purchase some new people interested in starting with the architect and engineer
equipment, including a com- their own business. He also said that are working on the renova-
pactor. he is working on developing a tion of the Historic Courthouse.
Commissioners Randy technical assistance program for Based on a review of preliminary
Neumann and David Kircher new and existing businesses in drawings for the renovation
voted against the fee increase. the county. He hopes to bring a commissioners told the architect
FAIR GROUNDS consultant from the Small and engineer to proceed.
Following comments from a Business Development Center in “This means the commission-
representative of KEYL Radio of Brainerd to Todd County on a ers approve fundamentally of
Long Prairie, commissioners monthly basis. the design and the architect and
agreed to cancel a proposed Utech’s office is in the Main construction manager should
increase in the fee to use the Street Government Center in move forward to more detailed
Expo building at the Todd Long Prairie. drawings,” County
County Fair Grounds. The radio RECORDER’S ANNUAL Administrator Nathan Burkett
station has used the building for REPORT said.
years for their Farm and Home Todd County Recorder Cheryl Based on the preliminary
show. Perish told commissioners that drawings the architect was able
A proposal to increase the one- 2010 revenues taken in by her to decreased the estimated cost
day charge for the building from office had declined by ten per- of the project by $70,000.
$450 to $500 per day drew criti- cent, or more, in all categories as Commissioners also directed
cism from the radio station dur- compared to 2009. Much of the Burkett to seek bids to sell a
ing the commissioners public money the recorder collects goes large safe that is currently in the
comment period before the into the county’s general fund. Historic Courthouse.
beginning of the meeting. When However, significant portions STAPLES BUILDING
the proposal came before the are used to improve services to Following a closed session
commissioners, during the meet- the public in the recorders office with Long Prairie Attorney Tom
ing, Commissioner David and other offices that serve the Sellnow, the commissioners
Kircher was critical of the public on land related issues. agreed to write a purchase order Home invasion, continued
increase. He pointed out that the Perish also pointed out bank for the North Central Service
building had a leaking roof. He foreclosures on property in the Cooperative Insurance Agency Conduct in the 1st degree; one threats to the victim if she did
also said raising fees during a county have increased every building at 200 1st Street in count of Burglary in the 1st not comply with his demands.
bad economy was a bad idea. He year since 2005, when there Staples. Following their meeting degree; one count of 2nd degree Wilder is currently in custody
said he would not support the were thirty-six foreclosures in in Long Prairie the commission- assault with a dangerous at the Crow Wing County Jail on
increase in rental fees. When Todd County. In 2009 the num- ers visited the building in weapon; and one count of criminal charges in an incident
Commissioner Randy Neumann ber had increased to eighty-eight Staples. No purchase price for Terroristic Threats. that occurred in the city of
voiced support of Kircher’s posi- and there were ninety-five fore- the building was mentioned. The suspect forced entry into Brainerd. The Todd County
tion the commissioners agreed to closures in 2010, she said. the residence and physically Sheriff ’s Office was assisted in
drop the proposed increase. Perish’s office also collects assaulted the victim with a this case by the Minnesota
All of the commissioners did vital statistics for the county, knife. He stole cash from the Bureau of Criminal
agree to increase the damage including the number of births, victim, tied her up and had con- Apprehension.
and clean-up deposit to rent any deaths, and marriages. Fewer tact with her private parts. The
the buildings at the fair grounds. people were born in Todd County suspect also made verbal

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