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Gebrauchte Baumstumpffraese fuer Kompaklader

Gebrauchte Fräse für Kompaktlader

hydraulisch Dumper Raddumper Moxy 5222
Gebrauchter Dumper Knickgelenk Moxy
5222 Gebrauchter Knickgelenk Dumper
Moxy 5200 RS-500
Fertiger Sumitomo HA30C/31C Used Rau-
penfahrzeuge dumper Morooka MST2200VD
Used Felsfräse CASE DH5 all wheel drive Grabenfräse for sale
Bodestabilisierer CMI RS500 CATERPILLAR used
used Soil stabilizer CMI RS 500 Recycler
trench compactor Rammax 1404 HF
Muldenkipper Dumper Morooka MST2200VD
Gebrauchte Raupenfahrzeuge Dumper Morooka MST2200VD
Gebrauchte Felsfräse CASE DH5 Allrad Grabenfräse zuverkaufen
Bodestabilisierer CMI RS500 CATERPILLAR gebraucht
Gebrauchter Bodenstabilisierer CMI RS 500 Recycler
Grabenwalze Rammax 1404 HF
Rammax 1404 HF Grabenwalzen gebraucht
Grabenwalze Rammax 1504 HF
gebrauchte Grabenwalze Rammax 1504HF
Komatsu Longfront Bagger Kettenbagger gebraucht
Komatsu Kettenbagger Longfront PC128 Roadliner Ketten
Raupentransporter KOMATSU CD110 R gebraucht
Komatsu Raupendumper gebraucht CD110R Kettendumper
Vermeer Grabenfraese gebraucht T600
Vermeer T600D Grabenfräse gebraucht
Abbruchschere Okada STK CX1100
Gebrauchte Abbruchschere Okada STK CX1100
Grabenwalze Ameramax P33/24 (Rammax 1404)
gebrauchte Grabenwalze Ameramax P33/24 baugleich Rammax 1404Mini excavator
Komatsu PC78US-5
Mini excavator used Komatsu PC78US-5
dump truck with all wheel drive JCB 712 used
used all wheel drive dump body dumper JCB 712
used dumper JCB 712 all•wheel drive dump
High Production, truckManeuverable.
used all wheel drive dumper JCB 712 4-Wheel Drive, 4-Wheel Steer,
• Heavy-duty,
Reclaimer/Stabilizer for Cold-Mix Reclamation,
Soil Stabilization and Mining Applications.

©International Trading Office GmbH

építőgépek Leasing Gebrauchte
Diesel Engine

Baumaschinen Caterpillar 3408 DITA engine.

Gross horsepower @ 2.100, 391 kW/ 525 hp.

Komatsu használt építőgépek Hitachi Takeuchi Kobelco Occasions machines

Four-stroke-cycle diesel engine with 8 cylinders, 13 72 cm/ 5,4 in.
bore, 165j cm/ 6,5 in. stroke und 18 liters/ 1,099 cu. in. displacement
Air cleaner, dry type, two stages with visual service indicator 24 volt
electic starting system with 50 amp alternator.
Liebherr CASE használt építőgépek Poclain Sumitomo CAT Occasions machines
RS-500 Reclaimer/ Stabilizer

Mainframe & Leg Assemblies

Sennebogen 821 M Sennebogen SM 20 Sennebogen

Fabricated, heavy-duty, 825 Mwith
unitized mainframe Bagger Sennebogen
engine and cutter center
mounted for optimum weight distribution for production and travel. Hy-
SM12 draulically powered leg assemblies (four legs) feature highly verantile par-
allelogram design which provides 914.4 mm /36 in. of elevation for raising
and lowering machine in and out of cut, and loading and unloading onto
Mobilbagger Senebogen SM13 Radbagger Gebrauchte Baumaschinen
trailers for transport.

Elevation control is manual or automatic with the right legs lied together
permitting automatic control of cross slape.
Sennebogen SM15 używane maszyny budowlane Sennebogen 821M Gebrauchte

Baumaschinen думпер

Rotary cutter assembly

Sennebogen SM20 Sennebogen 825M telaketjudumpperi käytetty minikaivuri
2,44 m/8 ft. wide x 1.27 m /50 in. diameter mandrel Cutter housing liner
group, which
Volvo BM Radlader Radlader includes 1.27
kaivinkone JCB cm/.5 in. hardened plate hood liner, and 1.9
406 Lader
cm/ .75 in bolt-on liner plates mounted on cutter hausing and sheets.

koparka mini
Hydraulic power-up end slides with independent cantral for R.H. and L.H
end slides.
JCB 408 használt építőgépek Radlader JCB 407 Occasions machines d‘occasion

Positive displacement tube system which provides lubrication of the L.H.

Radlader JCB 409 Wheel
lowerused Loaders
drive shaft JCB
to seal 410
L.H. Wheel
cutter Dumpere Dumper de oruga

Morooka dumper surcutting

chenilles думпер
Width....................................... 2438.4mm/96 in.
cutting Depth...................................... up to 406.4 mm/16 in.
Loader JCB 411 Wheel-Loaders jcb 416 mini pelles kis exkavátor Minigravemaskin

Wheel-Loader JCB 426 Whel Loaders JCB minigravemaskine brugt
Cutter Teeth

218 tungsten
435 Whel Loader jcb 436 Occasions carbide teeth
machines with 19.05
d‘occasion Μίνιmm/0.75 in. shanks. Teeth
tap in/tap out for easy replacement 218 replacebale heavy-duty
steel holders on mandrel with unique dowel location system
Chargeuses sur pneus JCB 446 Chargeuse sur pneus Usados máquinas de construção

begagnade byggmaskiner JCB 456 kaivinkone Zeppelin ZL 4 Zeppelin ZL 65

Occasions machines d‘occasion

RS-500 Reclaimer/ Stabilizer

Mechanical Rotor Drive System

Zeppelin ZL 6 zeppelin ZL 7 minigravemaskine brugt Dumpere
Wide V-belt power band drives the rotary cutter through a planetary redu-
Dumper de oruga Morooka dumper
cer gearbox Insidesur
the chenilles
cutter drum.telaketjudumpperi käytettydirectly to
Dry disc air clutch mounted
minikaivuri • Up to 25 percent more efficient than hydro-static drives
in delivering maximum available power.

Zeppelin ZL 80 Zeppelin •
ZLV-Belt power bands
8 Zeppelin ZL 100 isolate drive train
Zeppelin ZL 10from cutter generated
shock loads
• Direct drive results in maximum break-out force for higher
Zeppelin ZL Gebrauchte Baumaschinen Used construction machinery
production rates.
• 4-speed cuter transmission provides the cutter torque needed
Gebrauchte Baumaschinen Occasions machines d‘occasion Usados máquinas de
in tough applications
Operator can select speed range for optimum gradation and blending cont-
construção rol while maintaining maximum production
Speed Ranges (4)-4 Speed Select
Komatsu PC75UU minibagger
85 Komatsu
Rotor rpm PC75UU-3 Brukte Byggmaskin
150 Rotor rpm
Komatsu PC75UU-2 Komatsu 170PC50UU Komatsu PC50UU-2
Rotor rpm
205 Rotor rpm
Komatsu Bedienungsanleitung Komatsu PC78US Komatsu PC78UU Brukte Byggmaskin

Hydraulic System
Zero swing Excavator .Dumpere Dumper de oruga Morooka dumper sur chenilles
Ten-micron filtration on all filtered circuits Hydraulic holding tank with 10-
H llkreisbagger Kurzheckbagger
micron absolutegebraucht Hitachi
filtration to Minibagger
pre-filter all hydraulicHitachi EX 135UR
oil to main reservoi.

kaivinkone Hitachi EX75UR

Main Tankkaivinkone EX75UR-5 mini-escavadora
Capacity....................................... 189,27 liters/50 gals.
Control System Filter...................................... 10 micron absolute
použité stavební stroje Drive Chrg.
begagnade Oil Filter......................
byggmaskiner Komatsu 10 micron
PC 78US-

In-Tank Suction Strainer with Magnets.... 10° mesh.

6 mini-escavadora
Komatsu PC78US-7 PC78US PC78US-5 Brukte Systems
Wheel & Drive Byggmaskin koparka mini

Hitachi Zaxis Hitachi EX60 Transit Speed - 0-11.3

Usado Máquinas kph/0-7 mph Kobelco SK75UR Kobelco
de construcción
Working Speed - 0-76.2 mpm/ 0-250 fpm
Four-Wheel Drive - High Inrque integral (motor and reducer)
SK135 думпер
wheel to provide the tractive effort required for the toughest jobs,
and climinate axles, transmission drive shaft, and associated
begagnade byggmaskiner Kobelco SK235 Dumpere Dumper de oruga Morooka dum-
maintenance requirements.
Four-Wheel Steering - Provides maximum maneuverability via
per operator selection of coordinated, crab and either pair of leading
RS-500 Reclaimer/ Stabilizer

wheels as required for working or traveling.

sur chenilles Posi-trac- All four wheel drive units are coordinated to propel the
machine without slippage by the use of a unique flow control valve
that equalizes
Tunnel lader GHH Tunnelbagger używane flow to all four wheels without spinout in the working
Pump - dumper
budowlane Tunnel Bagger Tunnel Infinitely variable
Tunneling electrical
Dumper displaceement control with load
sensing and pressure protection systems.
Motors- 2-speed, fixed displacement, closed loop with high
ITC Bagger Maskiner Gravemaskiner Brukt minigraver brugt Dumpere Morooka.
pressure limiter.
Tires- Drive, wide base ground grip 28L-26 (12)RJ.

Kettendumper Video Baumaschinen Eresatzteile

Bi-Directional operation Mitsubishi Dumper USA Canycom IHI

Dual working
MST2000 MST2200 Usado Máquinasdirections provide up and downMST1500
de construcciónMST800 cutting forMST
flexibility in gradation and blending control.
Specifications are easier to achieve.
1100 Muldenkipper думпер
Highest possible production is maintained.

Verleih Miete rent hire Versicherung Brukte Byggmaskin

Hitachi EX50UR używane maszyny budowlane Kobelco SK80SR SK60 SK70 digger
• Head lights. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
ersatzteil bagger die legende
• Job site
bagger vance . . . . . . . .Gebrauchte
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
• Tail Lights. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
• Rotaling beacon lights. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
• Dash lights. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

cat bagger fuchs bagger Gebrauchte Baumaschinen używane maszyny budowlane

bagger bilder lego bagger használt építőgépek ferngesteuerter bagger Occasions
High-powered-Fail Safe- Hydraulically actuated service brake in front wheel
drive motors. Brake automatically engage when hydraulic power fails or is
machines d‘occasion думпер
caterpillar bagger bagger Used construction
Electrical machinery

24 volt,
ferngesteuert bagger getriebe 60 amp chariging
Occasions machines circuit, battery disconnect.

bagger simulator bodo mit dem bagger game Used construction machinery
Service Refill Capabilities
bagger bagger atlas Gebrauchte Baumaschinen használt építőgépek
Primary and secondary fuel filters, rack shut-olT solenoid powered
through battery disconnect.
modellauto bagger radlader bagger Komatsu bagger garten bagger verleih kaivinkone
RS-500 Reclaimer/ Stabilizer

Fuel tank.........................1 135,6. ........................300

hersteller bagger vance bagger gebraucht
Hydraulic baumaschine
oil tank. ............ bagger ferngesteuerte
. 189,27........................50
Hydraulic reserve tank........18,93..........................5
110 Zeppelin ZL 12 Zeppelin ZL 140system..................181,7..........................48
używane maszyny budowlane Zeppelin ZL4
Remote radiator fill system for easy access.
Cargadoras de neum?cos
Operator Controls
Komatsu PC75UU Komatsu PC75UU-3 minigravemaskine brugt Komatsu
• Modular operator station swivels forward to rearward,
and 180 degrees providing excellent visibility of the work
PC75UU-2 думпер area in either direction
• Machine stability and low vibration reduce operator fatigue
Komatsu PC50UU Komatsu
PC50UU-2 Dumpere
• Highly-visible Dumper
systems gauges de oruga Morooka dumper sur
and controls
• Micro-processor based control system automatically maintains
chenilles cutting depth, cross slope, and speed Engine load sensing system
automatically adjusts travel speed to cutting conditions
Komatsu Bedienungsanleitung Komatsu optimum
PC78US usetelaketjudumpperi
of engine horsepower.
•A 48 character LCD readout provides a continuous display of
cutting depth, travel speed and percent of cross slope.
The micro-processor also permits a complete on-line review of all
machine operations to assist in operator training and trouble
telaketjudumpperi käytetty minikaivuri Komatsu PC78UU Zero swing Excavator .
shooting problems in the engine or electrical and hydraulic systems
permitting automatic control of cross slope.
H llkreisbagger Kurzheckbagger
•Manualgebraucht Hitachi
backup control Minibagger Hitachi EX 135UR

Hitachi EX75UR EX75UR-5 Komatsu Usado Máquinas de construcción PC

78US-6 Komatsu думпер

PC78US-7 PC78US PC78US-5 Usado Máquinas de construcción Dumpere

Dumper de oruga Morooka dumper sur chenilles

Hitachi Zaxis Hitachi EX60 Four- Wheel

Kobelco steeringtelaketjudumpperi
SK75UR and four-Wheel drive lets operator
käytetty select
coordinated steering ( all wheel), crab steering, steering of eigther
leading pair of wheels Its 4.42 m/14 ft.G in turing radius and 17.78
Kobelco SK135 Usados máquinas de construção koparka mini
cm/7 in. Icft hand side clearance are the best in the industry.

Kobelco SK235 Usado Máquinas de construcción Brukte Byggmaskin

Μίνι εκσκαφέας
Air System

Tunnel lader GHH Tunnelbagger Tunnel

One 75,7l liter/ 20 gal.Bagger Tunnel
reservoir, dumper
one engine Tunneling
mounted Dumper
compressor, appro-
ximately 6 m³ min/21,19 ft.³min. 150 psi (103 bar) safety valve, quick coup-
ITC Bagger Maskinerlers
for hook-up onBrukt używane
air impact tool. maszyny budowlane minigraver

brugt Dumpere Morooka. Raupendumper

Optional Equipment

Kettendumper Video Baumaschinen

• Group, plainEresatzteile
cutting rotor, Mitsubishi
914.4 mm/36 in. x 7.28
Dumper m/7Canycom
USA ft. 6 width,IHI

wall thickness of 25.4 mm/1 in.
MST2000 MST2200 MST800 • HardMST1500
surfacing for
1100m/50 in. standard cutter
Muldenkipper Verleih
• Tow hooks - rear only
• 1.27 m/50 in. diameter x 2.44m/8 ft. wide servere service cutter.
Miete rent hire Versicherung
• Kennametal quick change random pattern cutter mandrel.
• ROPS brackets
Hitachi EX50UR Kobelco SK80SR minigravemaskine brugt SK60
• 3.05 m/10 ft. spray bar.
• 1.47 m/58 in. diameter cutter mandrel for 50.8 cm/20 in.
minigravemaskine brugt SK70
depth Usados máquinas de construção
• Fully computerized, totally automatic asphalt emulsion additive
Zeppelin ZL65 Cargadora de neum?cos
systems for cold Zeppelin ZL6 używane maszyny budowlane
or hot liquids
• Water Spray Systems - 114-l, 135 lpm/ 30-300 gpm and
Pale gommate zeppelin 227-18,92 lpm/ 60-500 gpm each with flowmeters and manual or
automatic microprocessor controls.
Zeppelin ZL80 Zeppelin Automatic Cross Slope
begagnade System
byggmaskiner Zeppelin ZL100 Zeppelin
• Optional rotor with 2.22 cm/.875 in. shank tool holder.
•ROPS 2-part fold down construction for shipping.
ZL10 Zeppelin ZL110 Zeppelin ZL12 Zeppelin ZL140 Laderaupe Fiat-Hitachi
•Gab with heater and air conditioner
• Tow hook attachment-front and rear (wel-on)
10 C Occasions machines d‘occasion Raupe Fiat Hitachi 10 C Μίνι εκσκαφέας
• Sound reduction package.
• 1.22 m/4 ft. wide cutter group for interstate shoulders Group includes
Used construction machinery použité
127 cm/50 in stavební strojebaffle
diameter cutter, Dumpere Dumper
plate and ski for de oruga Inside
mixer box Cutting depth is limited to 25.4 cm/10 in. The cutting part
Morooka dumper sur
of the drum can be mounted on L.H or R.H. side of machine
•Expanded asphalt distribution system
Chargeuses sur chenilles Brukte Byggmaskin
Operating Fiat-Hitachi

Wheel Base.........................6.22 m / 20 ft.5 in.

10C używane maszyny budowlane
Wheel Track. .......................2.12m/6 ft. 11.5 in.
Turning Radius.....................4.42 m/ 14 ft. 6 in.
Chargeuses sur chenille Fiat Hitachi 10C Chargeuse sur chenilles Fiat-Hitachi
Processing Width. .................2.46 m/ 8 ft. 2 in
• Operating Weigth.................25 400,7 kg/ 56,000 ib s .
D150 Cargadoras de orugas Used construction machinery koparka mini
Operati ng Heigh-Maximum (with legs extended )
Without ROPS............4.28 M/14 IT
Fiat Hitachi D150 Cargadora de orugasWith
Fiat-Hitachi Occasions machines
ROPS..................5.18 M/17 d‘occasion

D 150 Pale cingolati Fiat Hitachi D 150 używane maszyny budowlane Fiat-Hitachi D80
Transport Dimensions

Fiat Hitachi D80 Weight approx.....................25 332.67 kg/55,850 ibs.

Widht. ................................3 m/ 9 ft. 10 in
Brukte Byggmaskin Fiat-Hitachi D 80.....................7.82
Gebrauchte Baumaschinen m/ 25 ft. 8 in.

Fiat Hitachi D 80 • Transportation Heigh-MIn

Without ROPS............3,35 M/11 IT
With ROPS..................3.45 M/11 IT. 4 IN.
Usados máquinas de construção mini pelles kis exkavátor Minigravemaskin brukt

Fiat-Hitachi FD10 Usados máquinas de construção kaivinkone mini-escavadora

Dumpere Dumper de oruga Morooka dumper sur chenilles miniescavadora

Fiat używane maszyny budowlane minigravemaskine brugt mini-escavadora

Hitachi FD10 Fiat-Hitachi FD 10 Used construction machinery Fiat Hitachi FD 10

Fiat-Hitachi FD14 használt építőgépek Occasions machines d‘occasion

Fiat Hitachi FD14 Used construction machinery koparka mini

Fiat-Hitachi FD 14 Brukte Byggmaskin Fiat Hitachi FD 14 Fiat-Hitachi FD145

używane maszyny budowlane Fiat Hitachi FD145 Dumpere Dumper de oruga Morooka

dumper sur chenilles

használt építőgépek Gebrauchte Baumaschinen Fiat-Hitachi FD 145

Fiat Hitachi FD 145 begagnade byggmaskiner Fiat-Hitachi

FD175 Fiat Hitachi FD175 Gebrauchte Baumaschinen Μίνι εκσκαφέας

Fiat-Hitachi FD 175 Used construction machinery Fiat Hitachi FD 175 Fiat


Used construction machinery Hitachi FD255 Fiat Hitachi FD255 Fiat-Hitachi


FD 255 Fiat Hitachi FD 255 Cat 935 używane maszyny budowlane CAT 933

CAT 931 cat 953 CAT 963 cat 973 Bagerlader JCB 1

CX Mehrzweckbagger JCB 2 CX Baggerlader JCB 3 CX Radbagger JCB 4 CX

Μίνι εκσκαφέας

Terne Occasions machines d‘occasion Dumpere Dumper de oruga Morooka dumper



JCB 3cx használt építőgépek Terne JCB 3 cx Usados máquinas de

construção JCB 3cx Bagerlader JCB 1CX

Komatsu PC75UU Komatsu PC75UU-3 Komatsu PC75UU-2 Komatsu PC50UU Komatsu


Komatsu używane maszyny budowlane Bedienungsanleitung Komatsu

PC78US Usados máquinas de construção

Komatsu PC78UU begagnade byggmaskiner mini pelles kis exkavátor

Minigravemaskin brukt

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