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Target Time
Health Objective of Eligible Frequen- Personal
Programs Factors Implication Population
Populatio Activities Tabl Logistics Evaluation
Problem Care n cy Involved

Poor  Public Health Inability of the Improper After 3 weeks of  Orientation in Jan 3 Once Ball pen Clinical After 3 weeks of
Environ- Nursing families to sanitation nursing Health Center – 27 Instructor: nursing
mental maintain good may lead to intervention, the 2011 Pencil Ms. intervention, the
Sanitation  Environmental sanitary occurrence of families will be Hernandez families was
 Survey Thrice
Related to Sanitation condition due to: disease like: able to: Ruler able to:
Unsanitary a. Control of Students of
water  Lack of  diarrhea  48=100% 48=71.1% 48=100%  Spot mapping Once Survey Capitol  48=100%
drainage Diseases knowledge  cholera Acquire forms Medical Acquire
system that b. Dengue about proper  dengue knowledge  Collation Once Center knowledge
may be Prevention environmental  skin about proper Clipboard about proper
lead to and Health sanitation diseases environmental Once Public environmental
breeding  Implementation Books Health
Program sanitation sanitation
sites of  Negative
- Health Nurse :
vectors  Health attitude in life May increase  48=100% 48=71.1% 48=100% Teaching Cameras Ms. Ceres  48=100%
Data: Education like: morbidity and Discuss - Information Dugay Discuss and
39=81.25% mortality rate different ways disseminatio Laptops perform ways
Families about proper ns Brgy. 49B about proper
that has  lack of environmental - Providing Papers Apitong environmental
poor discipline sanitation like: President : sanitation like:
broom sticks
sanitary Calculator Mr. Marlito
 “laziness”  Proper and garbage  Proper
 get used to hygiene cans hygiene
life with  Proper  Proper
improper waste waste
 Farewell to the
Families manage- manage –
tal ment
families ment by
that doesn’t
sanitation  Removal of installing a
clean their
water Garbage garbage
drainage that cause drum on
clogging of every block
39=81.25% the water  clear the
Frequency drainage 48=71.1% 48=100% drainage
that the system system to
water prevent
drainage is  48=100% accumulati
clogging Enumerate on of
different stagnant
diseases that water for
may arise due dengue
to improper prevention
environmental 48=71.1% 48=100%
sanitation  48=100%
 48=100% most of the
Be motivated diseases that
to practice may arise
environmental from
sanitation improper
l sanitation
 Diarrhea
 Cholera
 Dengue
 Skin

 48=100%
Motivate and
put into action