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Grade: Grade 12
Subject Title: Principles of Marketing
Quarter: 1st
Topic/Unit: Marketing Principles and Strategies


The learners shall be able to: Students will be able to independently/with his/her The Avon Company is set to produce a new product
classmates use their learning to: line on cosmetics.

Plot marketing goals and approaches for product or Set the goals for a product or a service; and choose You are one of the Head of the Marketing
service. which is the best marketing approach to use for the Department. You were called for a meeting
product or service. regarding the new product line and there is a debate
on the approach that will be used.

Discuss your goals for the product and choose

which approach to marketing should be used. Cite
the advantages and disadvantages of each

Your output will be evaluated using a rubric.


Grade: Grade 11
Subject Title: Entrepreneurship
Quarter: 1st
Topic/Unit: Development of a Business Plan


The learners shall be able to: Students, independently/with his/her classmates, will Mr. Ayala is planning to buy a share from different
be able to: companies for investments purposes.

Presents an acceptable Business Plan. Identify the primary purpose, goals, mission, vision, You are one of his trusted employees. You are
target market and strategies of an existing company. tasked to look for a well-known and successful
company around the metro.
Present the background, history, vision, mission,
goals, target market, and strategies of your chosen

Your output will be evaluated using a rubric.

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Development of a Business Plan

  Criteria Points
1 2 3 4  
Audience has difficulty Student presents Student presents
Audience cannot understand
following presentation information in logical information in logical,
Organization presentation because there is no ____
because student jumps sequence which audience interesting sequence
sequence of information.
around. can follow. which audience can follow.
Student is uncomfortable Student demonstrates full
Student does not have grasp of Student is at ease with
Content with information and is able knowledge (more than
information; student cannot answer content, but fails to ____
Knowledge to answer only rudimentary required)with explanations
questions about subject. elaborate.
questions. and elaboration.
Student occasional used Student used visuals to
Visuals related to text and
Visuals Student used no visuals. visuals that rarely support reinforce screen text and ____
text and presentation. presentation.
Student's presentation had four or Presentation had three Presentation has no more Presentation has no
Mechanics more spelling errors and/or misspellings and/or than two misspellings misspellings or ____
grammatical errors. grammatical errors. and/or grammatical errors. grammatical errors.
Student mumbles, incorrectly Student incorrectly
Student's voice is clear. Student used a clear voice
pronounces terms, and speaks too pronounces terms. Audience
Delivery Student pronounces most and correct, precise ____
quietly for students in the back of members have difficulty
words correctly. pronunciation of terms.
class to hear. hearing presentation.
        Total----> ____
Teacher’s comment:

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Adelle Grace Montessori School, Inc.

Principles of Marketing and Strategies

  Levels of Performance

Criteria 1 2 3 4 Points

1. Organization and Clarity: Unclear in most Clear in some Most clear and Completely
parts parts but not orderly in all clear and
viewpoints and responses are outlined both clearly and orderly. over all parts orderly

2. Use of Arguments: Few or no Some relevant Most reasons Most relevant

relevant reasons reasons given given: most reasons given
reasons are given to support viewpoint. given relevant in support

3. Use of Examples and Facts: Few or no Some relevant Many Many relevant
relevant examples/facts examples/facts supporting
examples and facts are given to support reasons. supporting given given: most examples and
examples/facts relevant facts given

4. Use of Rebuttal: No effective Few effective Some effective Many effective

counter- counter- counter- counter-
arguments made by the other teams are responded to and dealt arguments made arguments arguments arguments
with effectively. made made made

5. Presentation Style: Few style features Few style All style All style
were used; not features were features were features were
tone of voice, use of gestures, and level of enthusiasm are convincingly used used, most used
convincingly convincingly convincingly
convincing to audience.

Teacher’s comment: