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MiniLyrics 6.7.

New: Support Zune software
Improved: New lyrics editor user interface.
MiniLyrics 6.6.333
Upgrading is strongly recommended(Especailly for iTunes & WMP users).
Improved: Download LRC lyrics, if local lyrics is text lyrics.
Improved: Support iTunes 9.0
Improved: Support Right-to-left language(Arabic/Hebrew) lyrics displaying.
Fixed: Bug of saving ID3v2 synchronized lyrics(Compatibility with Windows Media
Fixed: Saving setting of check new version at startup.
MiniLyrics 6.6.324
Fixed: Download lyrics even if iTunes saves empty ebedded lyrics in song file.
Fixed: Static text lyrics displaying bug.
MiniLyrics 6.6.318
New: Support VLC media Player 1.0.
New: New local hotkey settings.
Improved: Optimized the lyrics display CPU cost.
Improved: Lyrics editor.
Fixed: Lyrics displaying fade out bug.
MiniLyrics 6.5.281
New: Support Songbird.
Fixed: Sometime MiniLyrics will crashes WMP and iTunes.
MiniLyrics 6.5.272
Improved: Only enable click through on inactive mode.
Improved: Optimized the preferences.
Improved: Add advanced save options to select text encoding.
Improved: Remove rate lyrics link.
Fixed: Lyrics text display bug in editor when anti-alias option is on.
Fixed: Long file name bug in MediaMonkey.
Fixed: Get Foobar2000 playing song file name bug.
Fixed: MiniLyrics can't restart in iTunes.
Fixed: Can't save "Winamp's" skin setting.
Fixed: Cause Quintessential Media Player crash bug.
MiniLyrics 6.4.212
New: Add Floating lyrics for default.
Fixed: Save Lyrics3v2 lyrics in ANSI format.
Fixed: Some translation bugs for localization.
Improved: Save Transparent with mouse click through settings.
MiniLyrics 6.3.179
Fixed: Bug of Supporting UTF-8 language packages.
Fixed: Hotkey of toggle MiniLyrics window is not functional.
MiniLyrics 6.3.176
New: Support VLC Player.
New: Using Ctrl + Mouse Wheel to adjust font size.
Improved: Floating lyrics and lyrics bar mode of skins.
Fixed: memory leak on loading Album Art.
Fixed: Context menu in lyrics editor
Fixed: The option of not checking new version can't be applied
Fixed: Caret drawing bug.
Fixed: The scrollbar of lyrics editor is not available in "Windows" Skin.
MiniLyrics 6.2.3762
Upgrading is strongly recommended.
Fixed: memory leaks.
Fixed: Can't display lyrics, when playing the shared music in iTunes.
Fixed: Lyrics association bug.
Fixed: Lyrics searching folder settings can't be saved.
Fixed: Under some critical conditions, the uninstall program can't remove MiniLy
rics completely.
Fixed: Saving lyrics with incorrect file name, if the song file name has more th
an 1 dot.
Fixed: Sometimes crashes XMPlay.
Improved: MiniLyrics can be installed on USB hard drive or flash drive.
MiniLyrics 6.1.3730
Upgrading is strongly recommended.
Fixed: text anti-aliasing bug.
Fixed: Foobar2000 compatible bug.
Fixed: Remember the minimized status of Main Window.
Fixed: Fix accelerate key bug
Fixed: Compatible problem on Winamp Remote music.
MiniLyrics 6.1.3723
New: Use 80 port as lyrics search service.
New: Dual lyrics search servers backup.
Fixed: Floating lyrics align position.
MiniLyrics 6.0.3715
Fixed: Sometimes crashes while loading album art.
MiniLyrics 6.0.3706
New: New skin engine and fantasy skin.
New: Floating lyrics.
New: New color theme design and blending options of lyrics text.
Improved: High rating lyrics will be preferred while searching.
Fixed: Support Foobar2000 0.95.
MiniLyrics 5.7.3418
New: Support outline lyrics text.
New: Support slideshow background.
New: Load album art as background picture if possible.
New: Add an options to "Display/Hide artist, album and title info of lyrics".
Fixed: Some ID3v2 unsynchronized lyrics can't be recognized by MiniLyrics.
Fixed: Sync lyrics line with F7 key on Windows Media Player.
Fixed: Press UP and DOWN key to move up/down lyrics on Winamp5.
Fixed: Several missing translation strings.
Fixed: Remove redundant blank lines of text lyrics.
MiniLyrics 5.6.3363
New: Support shoutcast online radio in winamp.
New: Global hotkey support.
New: Support Helium Music Manager.
New: Support AIMP2 player.
New: Support per-user or per-machine settings in setup program.
Improved: Lyrics editor.
Improved: Keep blank lines
Fixed: Crash iTunes 7.5 when MiniLyrics quits first.
Fixed: Crash when saving lyrics without artist info.
Fixed: Get artist and title info in XMPlay.
Fixed: Compatible problem with MediaMonkey.
Fixed: Compatible problem with KMP.
Fixed: Right key to forward 5 sec.
Fixed: Save and remove embedded lyrics.
MiniLyrics 5.5.3160
Upgrading is strongly recommended.
Fixed: Crash when searching some lyrics;
Fixed: Windows skin support;
Fixed: Auto download lyrics failed;
Fixed: Auto load Id3v2 unsynchronized lyrics;
Fixed: Support UNICODE language package file;
MiniLyrics 5.4.3035
Fixed: Support Yahoo! Music Jukebox.
MiniLyrics 5.4.3016
New: Windows appearance skin.
MiniLyrics 5.4.2984
Improved: Support Vista, solved several compatibility problems.
Improved: Compatible with Winamp advanced title formatting.
Improved: Rate lyrics function is more easy-to-use.
Improved: Auto search will be canceled if the title name is 'track', 'music', 'c
Improved: Support saving new created lyrics as the file name of the current song
Improved: Support uploading more than one lyrics a time.
Improved: Auto save embedded lyrics after the song file is stopped.
Fixed: A random crash.
MiniLyrics 5.3.2810
New: New most easy-to-use synchronized lyrics editor.
Fixed: Randomly crashes on downloading lyrics;
Fixed: Other minor bugs;
MiniLyrics 5.2.2755
New: Display lyrics in Windows Media Player Visualization area;
New: Display lyrics in iTunes Visualization area;
New: Support Windows Media Center;
New: Support AlbumPlayer
New: Support XMPlay 3.4
New: Add downloads and rating info in the lyrics search result;
New: Rate lyrics;
Fixed: Auto hide MiniLyrics on playing movie;
Fixed: Use Winamp 5's default theme color;
Fixed: Other minor bugs;
Fixed: Auto search lyrics with incorrect song title;
Improved: Auto choose the file encoding when saving lyrics;
MiniLyrics 5.1.2728
Upgrading is recommended.
Fixed: use Skins of Winamp5;
MiniLyrics 5.1.2725
New: Add rename, delete, edit Lyrics file in the open lyrics dialog;
Fixed: Sign in error;
Fixed: Some accelerator keys;
Fixed: More lyrics could be searched;
MiniLyrics 5.0.2710
New: Support Windows Mobile/Pocket PC;
New: New user interface;
New: Search lyrics by artist;
Fixed: Support iTunes;
Fixed: Save downloaded lyrics while the song file is .cue extension;
Improved: Make a silence installation package;
MiniLyrics 4.6.2280
New: Support iTunes 7;
New: Support XMPlay;
New: Support J. River Media Center;
Fixed: Support Squid proxy server;
New: Add options of "Do NOT download text lyrics auto";
Improved: Options of Saving downloaded lyrics;
MiniLyrics 4.5.2266
Fixed: Double line with Karaoke display style.
Fixed: Crash under win9x when deleting lyrics.
MiniLyrics 4.5.2250
New: Support word wrap.
New: Support JetAudio, KMPlayer, Yahoo! Music Engine, Media Jukebox, Bsplayer.
New: More options about transparent settings, support transparent of "Mouse clic
k through".
New: Skin for Windows Media Player 11.
Improved: Selft Lyrics editor of MiniLyrics, saving lyrics.
Fixed: Bug of saving time offset of ID3v2 Synchronized Lyrics.
Fixed: Auto resize the width of window when MiniLyrics is minimized.
MiniLyrics - 4.3.2195
Fixed: Auto save ID3v2 synchronized/unsynchronized lyrics failed, if no ID3v2 ta
g is in the mp3 file.
MiniLyrics - 4.3.2190
New: Use default Internet proxy server setting of IE when MiniLyrics starts firs
t time.
Fixed: Crash with Foobar2000 0.9 when searching lyrics automatically.
Fixed: Crash with Winamp when playing real media file.
MiniLyrics - 4.3.2175
1. New: Support to save/load ID3v2 synchronized and unsynchronized lyrics in the
mp3 file. iTunes and Windows Media Player could view lyrics that MiniLyrics sav
es in the mp3 file.
2. New: Support Enhanced LRC format lyrics (Karaoke lyrics).
3. New: Support Foobar2000 0.9.
4. New: Detect and select Language packages automatically.
5. Improved: horizontal scroll lyrics display style, lyrics scrolls more smoothl
6. Improved: 'Restart MiniLyrics' program will not modify the option of 'start w
ith player'.
7. Fixed: Be compatible with multiple display monitors.
8. Fixed: Be Compatible with Winamp Media Library.
MiniLyrics - 4.2.2061
1. New: support MediaMonkey.
2. New: 3 new cool skins(for Quintessential Player, realplayer, iTunes6).
3. Improved: auto search lyrics, added the prompt information.
4. Improved: support iTunes more perfectly.
5. Improved: the 'horizontal scroll style'.
6. Improved: popup menu group.
7. Fixed: support MusicMatch jukebox.
8. Fixed: saving lyrics in mp3 file automatically.
MiniLyrics - 4.1.2019
1. Fixed the bug of supporting windows 9x.
2. Support proxy user authentication.
3. Solve some other bugs.
MiniLyrics - 4.0.1978
1. Support UNICODE character encoding, MiniLyrics could display all kinds of lan
guage lyrics.
2. Support save the character encoding of lyrics.
3. Add new skin for WMP10.
4. Add default color themes for skins.
5. Add the uploaded lyrics management.
6. Add the function of deleting lyrics in mp3 file.
7. Add separate font settings for English and other language lyrics.
8. Solve some bugs in self lyrics edit.
9. Solve some other bugs.
MiniLyrics - 3.7.1810
1. Add 10 more color and font scheme;
2. Support loading background picture into lyrics display window;
3. Support docking functions in iTunes;
4. Add the option for lyrics encoding;
5.Support *.srt format to support viewing subtitles while watching movies;
6.Add Opacity percentage settings in display menu;
7.Disable transparent display option in Edit mode;
8.Solve the lyrics switch problem in Quintessential player;
9.Solve the one error in overwriting lyrics while uploading;
10. Solve the conflicting with Winamp Media Library while closing the lyrics win
MiniLyrics - 3.5.1648
1. Add in the preference the choice of saving lyrics directly into mp3 files
2. Add the button to access the overall context menu in the floating node
3. Auto hide the lyrics while playing movies.
4. Auto fill lyrics info while saving the lyrics into the mp3 files.
5. Add new hotkey to activate lyrics window.
6. Users can move lyrics together with mp3 into disk.
7. Sovle the problem of online search in win9x Os systems
8. Solve the problem of maximum length restriction of lyrics in win9x Os systems
9. Fix the problem of displaying lyrics in dual monitors.
10. Solve the problem that displaying option can't be changed as the song switch
11. FIx the pause probelm in tray controller for windows media player.
12. Modify the setting options of proxy server.
13. Add several language packages.
MiniLyrics - 3.4.1480
1. Display dialog box to show ongoing process when interacting with server.
2. Added a new option to let users hide the floating toolbar.
3. Added a new function to remember the lyrics window width before closing it.
4. Fix one display error in showing Korean lyrics
5. Solved the connection error due to the problems in proxy server settings
6. Solved one crash exception happened in online search.
MiniLyrics - 3.3.1370
1. Added the floating toolbar into the screen to facilitate the access of some c
ommon options.
2. Added the new option "Fadeout Background" in the display preference.
3. Added the internet connection test wizard.
4. Added a new skin "Green Sparkle".
5. Fixed a bug in displaying txt based lyrics.
6. Solved one exception that causes crashes of the software.
7. Solved one bug of the online search lyrics.
MiniLyrics - 3.2.1245
1. Solved the bug of the inability to catch the crash report under windowsXP sp2
2. Solved the crashing exception induced by online search;
3. Added the download options: Users can save the lyrics as the same name as the
4. Added the hotkeys : Left and Right arrow keys can scroll the song 5 seconds b
5. Optmized the lyrics displaying;
6. Sovled the bug of the inability to browse for the local lyrics in lyrics asso
7. Modified the Self Lyrics Editor's mode tooltip;
8. Unified the Self Lyrics Editor's Buttons¡‾ colors and styles;
9. Added a how-to-launch-the-program message at the end of installation.
MiniLyrics - 3.1.1140
1. Solve the bug of lyrics association with ".CUE" cdrom image.
2. Support the old skin of winamp5.
Minilyrics - 3.0.1072
1. Fixed the bug of automatically resizing the lyrics window with winamp5 modern
Minilyrics - 3.0.1070
1.Add Self Lyrics Editor.
2.Support Http proxy online search
3. Add the capability to read ID3V2 info into mp3.
4. Support WMP10.
5 Add antiliasing support to make lyrics look more smooth.
6. In the multi-line display mode, dilute the color of the approximate lines fro
m current line.
7. Simplify the process of lyrics uploading by reducing the some search methods.
8. Simplify the lyrics search by reducing the number of lyrics listed in the tab
9. Correct one exception bug that causes crashes.
Minilyrics - 3.0.747
1.Solve the crash problem when submitting lyrics in Win98
Minilyrics - 3.0.736
1.Solve one problem causing crash;
2.Improve the user interface in searching and uploading lyrics;
3.Fix the error in checking version;
4.Fix the bug of "not able to continue installing software";
5.Fix the bug of mistakenly filtering the song title;
6.Add forum and Bug report link into the "About" menu;
7.Solve the problem of exiting the software too slow at times;
8.Fix a problem in "Running Minilyrics" while re-initiating the software
9.Fix some bugs in MusicMatchBox

Minilyrics - 3.0.675
1.Solve two critical crashing bugs;
2.correct one error in scroll bar
3.Add the function for checking newer version
MiniLyrics - 2.6.216
1. Associate lyris automatically after MiniLyrics downloaded the lyrics.
2. Support iTunes now.
3. Support Musicmatch Jukebox now.
4. Fixed the bug of "MiniLyrics show position"
5. Fixed the problem of AVS when minimized MiniLyrics.
6. Fixed the problem of getting lyrics file name in foobar2000.
7. fixed the problem of "None" asssocaition.
8. support the old skin of Winamp5.
MiniLyrics - 2.5.208
1. Add full match and part match searching function in the local lyrics associat
2. custom lyrics editor is enabled now.
3. Add transparent support use the background color.
4. fixed some bugs, and support winamp5 well.
5. fixed the problem of lyrics searching under compressed NTFS file system.
6. support to foobar2000 0.8
MiniLyrics - 2.4.196
1. Optimize the lyrics search speed, cost less system resource.
2. Optimize the lyrics match rule, cause less mismatch.
3. Filter the characters that can't be displayed in the lyrics.
MiniLyrics - 2.3.190
support for winamp5 now, but does not support winamp5's skins now.
fixed the fatal error of opening *.sl files.
fixed the error of saving lyrics to the song's directory in foobar2000.
MiniLyrics - 2.2.170
improved the lyrics edit. Scroll and action record are very easy.
improved fixed the latest version Checking method.
fixed the fatal error of getting song name in winamp2.
fixed two fatal errors of formatting lyrics data.
fixed the LRC file decoding error of ignoring the millisecond part.
MiniLyrics - 2.2.161
fixed the crash problem, when press any key in minilyrics for winamp3
fixed the lyrics display problem in MiniLyrics' window for winamp3
fixed the lyrics aossication to "<None>" problem
MiniLyrics - 2.1.149
added the skin of TCPort, thanks ipgo
support foobar2000 0.7
MiniLyrics - 2.1.148
fixed and improved the method of dignose the crash of MiniLyrics;
improved the install program, search supported player automatically;
MiniLyrics - 2.0
added the tooltips support
added the multiple language character encoding support of lyrics
added the MiniLyrics crash capture for better dignose the problem
added the function of double click to select the theme in the color themes dialo
added the "color theme" menu item in the context menu
added the short cut key: 'Z', 'X', 'C', 'V', 'B' to control the player to back,
play, pause, stop, next
added the tray icon options to control the player
added options of do not show minilyrics on playing videoes
added the mouse wheel message processing in the lyrics editor window
added the delete, rename function in the lyrics associate dialog
optimized the program, decreased the program size
fixed the problem of vanished lyrics in the two row lyrics displaying mode
fixed a problem under the simple lyrics editor mode
fixed the problem of uninstall when MiniLyrics is running
when the associated lyrics does not exist, search or download match lyrics
fixed the fuzzy search of filter the chinese interpunctions
fixed the problem of download a lyrics a hundreds of times

MiniLyrics - 1.93
winamp2, winamp3, windows media player 9.0 and foobar2000 are well supported
fixed lyrics association problem
fixed mode switching problem in winamp3
added "do not bother me" in the lyrics downloading dialog box
added the double click support in the downloading dialog box
select the best match lyrics automatically in the downloading dialog box
fixed crash problem in the lyrics searching

MiniLyrics - 1.92
fixed "evaluation expired" problem
fixed the option minimize, maximize with winamp's problem2
fixed top most options failure problem
fixed the search problem of case insensitive
install program can search winamp's install path automatically
added an option to make minilyrics do not show under taskbar and system tray ico
MiniLyrics - 1.91
added a cool function that MiniLyrics can display lyrics under the AVS of winamp
2, winamp3
added color theme setting options, which makes minilyrics more colorful
optimized the lyrics displaying, decreased the CPU cost
added the support of UTF-8 under winamp3
enhanced the function of lyrics searching, now support part match searching
added the option of hide MiniLyrics when no lyrics is displaying
changed the fuzzy words "load lyrics" to "associate lyrics"
added the help support in the menu
added the network proxy of username, password support
if multiple lyrics are found, show the lyrics downloading selecting dialog to ch
oose the best
added simple lyrics editor mode in all the skins
fixed the problem of "ramdom skin" of winamp2
fixed the problem of lyrics saving dialog when chuanging the lyrics file type
fixed the making winamp carsh problem
when text lyrics is opened, switch to simply lyrics editor mode automatically
fixed the winamp3 proxy setting problem
MiniLyrics - 1.83(MiniLyrics3 build #4 for winamp3)
added the manual searching lyrics by input song name function
set the default window's position to system tray icon postion
added the function of open lyrics with other editors
added the function of adjust minilyrics window width by the lyrics length
optimized the lyrics matching options: if not find the lyrics by ID3Info, then u
se file name
added options to adjust minilyrics window height under minimode.
set defaut options to activate, minimize and restore with winamp window
fixed other small problems
MiniLyrics - 1.80(MiniLyrics3.0 beta1 build #2 for winamp3)
added the simply lyrics editor mode to support text lyrics displaying and editin
fixed the problem of proxy
fixed the lyrics saving problem
fixed the skin setting saving problem
fixed the skin resize problem of minimode
MiniLyrics - 1.70 (MiniLyrics3.0 beta1 build #1 for winamp3)
supported the skin setting of winamp, Minilyrics can use winamp's skin now
added the minimize, restore with winamp option
added http proxy support,can use winamp, ie's proxy setting
added saving as *.snc file function
added the function that minilyrics can be draged with winamp
fixed the lyrics saving problem
fixed the lrc file type saving problem
fixed the lyrics searching automatically problem
fixed lyrics flicker problem of song changed
fixed the title bar flicker problem under win98 when no song is playing

MiniLyrics - 1.61
fixed the lyrics downloading problem when the saving folder does not exist
fixed the lyrics searching database upgrading automatically problem
MiniLyrics - 1.6
added the lyrics searching database upgrading automatically function
supported the Resume broken downloads
Magnetism window supported. Winamp can stick to MiniLyricss' main window
when playing the online songs, MiniLyrics can find match lyrics
fuzzy searching of filter the chinese interpunctions
download problem of socket receive error!
disable the menu item of "Opacity" under windows 98
can't save the latest window positon of minilyrics
removed the bad lyrics edit function
the registration notice problem on MiniLyrics starting
the lyrics association interface description error
the lyrics match error
the lyrics saving problem
MiniLyrics - 1.5
added lyrics download management function, remove the download history of prefer
optimized the lyrics matching rule, reduce the match error
when close MiniLyrics, just minimize the window to the system tray icon
added the option that just download the best match lyrics
added the option that user can select to download when there are many lyrics
added the option that minilyrics does not start with winamp
added the option "show all the tips"
added keyboard shortcuts support
added the option that downloading the lyrics to the associated song's folder
added the Kara OK lyrics display option
added the context menu the opacity, Kara OK command
when the history links was downloaded, the same link can't be downloaded again
the free space can't be reused after the links was deleted in the download histo
ry file
socked handle has not been closed after the exception downloading occurs
the window minmize and restore position problem when restart
the minilyrics window shape problem under windows XP
the options "show MiniLyrics in" does not match the setting
downloading error on big files(can't download the full file)
downloading error on retry.
when the lyrics window color setting changed, the border was not changed
problem of processing the interupted downloaded file
error of enterring registration code, when cancel the input, registered user wil
l become unregistered
MiniLyrics - 1.43
added the download retry times setting
problem on processing chinse characters LRC files, after decoding, half characte
r maybe occurs
the message box infomation problem
the language pack switching prolem in preference dialog options pages
upgraded to new version old setting file minilyric.ini would be overwrited
lyrics association error, after canceled the association, but does not update im
under windows 98 the preference dialog's font problem
in new version prompt dialog, newline should be showed
added the function of delete the download URL history
MiniLyrics - 1.42
prevent the log file exceeded 1MB
in the lyrics selecting dialog box if the file name is too long, lyrics maybe ca
n't been displayer properly
when decoding LRC file and encountered empty line, the continued lyrics will bec
ome double line.
version compare problem and user interface problem
when the lyrics search folder changed, research the match lyrics
full support for multiple language
MiniLyrics - 1.41
fiexed the opacity function can't be saved under windows 2000
fiexed downloading history release and open file error
after minimized minilyrics, then restart, minilyrics' position is error
MiniLyrics - 1.40
added multiple language support: english and chinese
added network connecting options

MiniLyrics - 1.32
fixed access invalid memory address when set the background color of the lyrics
added function to display the lyrics downloads history.
MiniLyrics - 1.31
fixed download the same file several times
add the mark to data file and enhancement exception handle
MiniLyrics - 1.3
search and download lyrics to the local machine automaticly
when text lyrics file is opened, lyrics editor window will not be opened
added the function of checking the new version when it start
MiniLyrics - 1.2
added simply lyrics edit function
error on saving lyrics
duplicated lyrics are showed in the lyrics association dialog
the resource of minilyrics was not released after exited
added drag and drop support for MiniLyrics
added opacity for MiniLyrics under windows 2000/XP
MiniLyrics - 1.1
Simply edit for text lyrics file
MiniLyrics - 1.0
fixed the user interface display
display lyrics more smoothly
fixed bug of skin: open default skin failure when first time run
MiniLyrics - 0.99
added skin support
fixed the user interface refresh problem on resizing
added text lyrics support
fixed the problem of skin contorl focus
enhanced lyrics search function
optimized the skin config file skin.skn

MiniLyrics - 0.98
fixed the user interface clipping problem
fixed the user interface clipping problem on single-line mode
added function: for different display style, minilyrics can use different window
position size setting
added minimode support
fixed other small problems