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Fog lights installation Yaris 2009 TR

1.Remove five plastic pins from the bumper on top below the hood line and 2 additional from over the wheels.
Unscrew 8 bolts from under the bumper with a 10' socket or a philips screwdriver.

(To remove the bumper, start from the wheel arches pulling it towards you.)

2.Locate the dummy plastic trims for your fog lights and remove them
3.Install your fog lights plastic trims

4.Install your fog lamps

5.Guide the fog lights wires from the lamps in front of the radiator alongside the headlights and horn wires up to
the engine room from left to right.

6.Connect the negative wire (1.) to the car's frame. There can be several points inside the enigine hood, this one
was made for headlights negative (2.)
7.Connect the fog lamps wires to the lamps and put the bumper back on.

8.Open the hood and remove the plastic top under your windscreen. There are 2 pins on left and right to remove.
9.If you don’t know the circuit on your cables and want to pre-wire your car, you’ll need to remove the wipers
and unscrew 2 black bolts for wiper motor.
It’s all for gaining access to the area on right, highlighted in yellow. If you still can’t reach this wire “corridor”
in the engine room, you may loosen the black metal plate underneath. I only lifted it an inch with few loosened

10.Cut the entry of the rubber tube and pull the red positive wire from your fog lamps through the engine room.
11.Pull the cable from the engine room to your wire console behind glove box.

12.Now search for the battery positive wire that will be power source for our lights and search for an ignition
cable that will light the lamps only while ignition is on. We’ll need a voltmeter and will search with it for 12V
current in main power battery + cable. In our case it is a thick yellow cable from instrumental panel harness.
13.Ignition cable is usually gray and has a current of 12V only when the ignition is on.Luckily in this harness
it’s the one beneath the yellow power source cable.

-Ignition OFF and current is 0V

- Ignition ON and current flows, 12V.

14.We need to connect our kit’s battery power wire (2.) with car’s yellow battery power cable (1.) and kit’s
ignition wire (4.) (called ACC) with car’s ignition wire (3.). Connect kit’s earth black wire number 5. to car’s
frame.Don’t worry about short circuit, the current flows in the cables only if the harness is plugged. Unplugged
they have no current and can be worked on. Still if you hear some ticks or see sparks, stop and check for burned

15.Put the harness back in, wrap all connections with isolation tape.

16.Guide the main cable from wire room to middle lower console to the switch under the handle brake. Hide it
under the plastic parts above gear box. Connect the switch and install it in the console.
17.Ensure all is nicely hidden, tightend, and isolated from other circuits. Put all back on, fire up your engine and

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