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XSI Knowledge Base Specs

Version 1.0: 7 March / 0X

o Login will be required for the XSI KB. Documents, links, & tools will be visible
and accessible according to the token in the user account:
⇒ No special token
 see & access all articles with no special token requirements
(this includes all articles in the current xsi db.
 use of the kb submission templates
⇒ beta token
 adds access to the beta kb to basic access.
 Kb submission templates includes beta field under version.
⇒ si token
 adds access to all documents and links in addition to beta
⇒ xsi_kb token
 adds access to all tools in addition to si access.

Template GUI Fields

o Access level field
⇒ This field is only visible for si and xsi_kb token holders.
⇒ 3 different levels of access:
 general access (selected by default)
o Option to have any of the following information displayed (this can either be
taken from their user profile or added directly*:
⇒ Personal Name
⇒ Alias
⇒ Company Name
⇒ Email contact
⇒ Web contact
o add images and upload files (files upload needs to be synched with XSInet).

* Upon submission of the KB article, prompt user for updating user account
according to any changes or additions to profile information.

o Immediately publish articles submitted for any user with an si token.
o Move Category Titles list (currently shown on the kb splash page) to the left
menu. Retain display of the number of articles in each Category.
o Individual Category pages (i.e.: are
generated once a day by indexing the kb db @ 1:00 am. This change will serve 3
⇒ Speeds up display of pages (pages do not have to be generated for
each view request).
⇒ Provides a delay time between the posting of an article and its listing
in the kb.
⇒ Removes the requirement for contributors with an xsi_kb token to
post manually at a future time.

o Have 4 levels different kb email aliases:
 general access
 si (replaces current alias)
With the exception of Customer Service & User Education content editors,
subscription to the kb aliases is purely optional. Access to each alias depends on
o Send notification to the appropriate kb email alias(es) each time an article is
o Automatic “New” & “Updated” flags applied to all article listings on the
Categories pages, which have been altered within the past 30 days.
o After submitting an article, extend offer to subscribe to the KB & get access to all
info according to your user profile.

Etc Cetera
o SEARCH: Local db search using the 1:00 am kb db indexing mentioned under
o NEW SPLASH PAGE: Splash consists of search & “see new articles”, where user
can request a custom list according to the time frame of their period.
o FOOTER: Add footer to each article: For further assistance, please do not hesitate
to contact your technical support provider.
o EDITING: Create a new version of an article when it is updated. Need an option
in Administration to retrieve previous versions.
o LEGAL NOTICE: Softimage reserves rights to edit & use info as desired.
o REMOVE UNNECESSARY HEADERS: Do not display field titles that are not
used in the article (i.e.: remove “References” if there are none).
o USER PROFILE UPDATE: For the User Profile: add web & alias fields. Add
“subscriptions” field with newsletter, kb, & XSInet options. KB subscription is
auto set according to user tokens (i.e.: if have beta, get notified whenever a beta
kb gets posted in addition to the general access articles).