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Fisher Specification Manager Software

Powerful, intuitive software for control valve sizing and selection

Fisher ® Specification Manager Software

Fisher® Enabling engineers to be more productive

Specification at control valve sizing and selection

esigned for engineers, Fisher® Specification It’s All About Efficiency
Manager software offers a powerful set of Convenient hot buttons and right-click options provide quick access
tools for producing an ISA specification sheet to view Cv plots and create new projects, tags and revisions (see ‚
faster, improving noise prediction calculations and below). The Windows® Explorer-type view allows for quick navigation
exporting dimensional data for Fisher and Baumann™ between projects and tags (see ƒ below). You can set engineering unit
control valves. You’ll find it easy to learn and use. preferences for each new project.
Fisher Specification Manager software helps take the
worry out of control valve specification. Fisher and Baumann control valve bulletins in PDF format are available
from the software during control valve selection.
Clear, Sequential Specification Process
Create an ISA specification sheet with ease using Powerful Comparison and Editing Tools
Fisher Specification Manager software. Simply You can build a default specification sheet for the project and quickly
navigate through the tabbed steps to enter your use notes from a clipboard. The “find and replace” feature ensures a fast
mechanical requirements and service conditions process for changes across the entire project.
(see  below). Fisher Specification Manager software
will guide you through control valve models and Fisher Specification Manager software offers a powerful comparison tool
construction details to complete your specification sheet. for evaluating differences between tags and/or revisions (see „ below).

1 Tabbed Steps 2 Hot Button 3 View of Projects and Tags

4 Compare Specifications
Fisher ® Specification Manager Software

Quickly Generate Dimensional Drawings Electronic Reports

Fisher Specification Manager software can create You can easily generate and share the following
dimensional drawing reports for your project that are Microsoft Word reports with your project team using
consistent with the Intergraph® DDP (Dimensional Fisher Specification Manager software:
Data for Piping) module. The dimensional data can
be viewed in a Microsoft® Word® document as a • ISA specification sheet (shown right)
drawing or exported to an Excel® spreadsheet for • Control valve sizing calculation
import into the DDP. • Actuator sizing calculation
• Project summary
Share Information Quickly With Other • Cv versus travel plot
Programs • Dimensional drawing (shown right)
Fisher Specification Manager software can reliably
export the data on the ISA specification sheet into
a text or XML file format. Mapping features deliver
the data ready to use for Intergraph’s SmartPlant
Instrumentation® and your Emerson sales engineer’s
quotation tool.

The custom mapping tool empowers you to create

your own data map so that you can exchange data
with other systems as well.

Product Documentation
Fisher and Baumann product
bulletins are viewable in PDF
format from Fisher Specification
Manager software.
Basic requirements for the software
• PC compatibility

• Minimum hard drive space 165 MB

• Minimum RAM size 128 MB

• Microsoft Windows XP operating system or higher

• Microsoft Word 97 or higher; Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher;

and Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher

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