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Jason was little at that time when he witnessed the murder of his father at After many years, Jason made his way back to Iolcus to regain his kingdom. On his The Argonauts face many challenges on the way to Colchis. They
the hands of his ruthless uncle, Pelias. Jason was the son of Aeson (the heir of the way, he helped an old woman by carrying her across a river. He lost one of his sandals in the encountered the fierce women of Lemnos, wherein the Lemnian women murdered
throne of Iolcus). The little Jason was saved by the help of a soldier and also through stream but earned the gratitude of the woman, who was the goddess Hera in disguise. and sacrificed the men exist who came on the cliff. On the second stop, the
the prayers of his mother Polymele and was sent him away and grow up with Centaur On the other hand, Pelias had received a warning from an oracle about a young man Argonauts meet Phineas, a blinded old man who knows the direction on the way to
Chiron. who wears only one sandal, he immediately ordered to found that man and took him to the Colchis. However, there is a replacement for his help, wherein Jason should get
palace and question his purpose, who found out that he was looking for his mother Polymele. food in the place of harpies. Then, after Jason gets food, Phineas says what he knew
However, Pelias sent Jason on a perilous quest, he needs to bring the Golden Fleece to Pelias to help the Argonauts to make it past the deadly clashing rocks.
to spare his mother's life and in order to place him rightfully on the throne of the Iolcus in


The Argo arrives in Colchis. However, King Aeetes is not pleased to see Jason, Jason and the argonauts were successfully back to Greece despite several Despite of all the challenges and obstacles they encountered. Jason
believing Jason is trying to steal his throne, slightly appeased when Jason promiseshe only obstacles. But when Jason was ready to give the Golden Fleece to Pelias, he heard that was successfully regaining the throne and become the king of the Iolcus.
wants the Golden Fleece. King Aeetes sets three tasks for Jason, he must plow a field with
his mother was already dead. And Pelias has no plans to return the throne to Jason and
fire bulls, fight dragon tooth warriors, and vanquish the dragon before he can have the even try to kill him. But through the wiles of Medea, Jason succeeds to defeat Pelias.
fleece. Luckily, the goddess Hera sends Eros to shoots an arrow through the sorceress
Medea's heart – Medea is the daughter of Aeetes, causing her to fall in love with Jason,
which makes her willing to betray her family. When Jason succeeds on his task, Jason and
the argonauts were ready to go home but unfortunately, they were chased by Medea's
brother. But through the help of Hercules and Medea who butchered his own brother, they
escape the Colchis.