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Pg td foe eee SR Oe) DRC esate PO etter okra mace Uke cau) TE Cs eer) ees eel UNE oe Treen ee Set] CUO ices Sa) Succ SOC REMC] rH Books and Gifis for Traders and Investors A Tribute te Av iis Ly Brian J. Millard CHANNELS & CYCLES: A Tribute to J.M. Hurst by Brian J. Millard 5 Traders Press, Inc: BOOKS BY THE AUTHOR Millard On Stocks and Shares (4th Edition) Millard on Traded Options (2nd Edition) Millard on Profitable Charting Techniques (2nd Edition) Millard on Channel Analysis (2nd Edition) Millard on Winning on the Stock Market (2nd Edition) Visit our Website at + View our latest releases + Browse our updated catalog + Access our Gift Shop for investors + Read our book reviews Contact us for our hardcopy 100 page catalog. TRADERS PRESS, INC. PO Box 6206 Greenville, SC 29606 ‘Tradersprs@aoLcom 800-927-8222 Fax 864-298-0222