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=============================================== Coal produced from Rantau mine has typically a low sulfur
and ash contents so it may be classified as an
OVERVIEW environmentally friendly coal. The type of coal is suitable for
power plants.
PT Bhumi Rantau Energi secured a Mining Business License
or “IUP” from Tapin Regency Administration in South

The Firm’s coal mining concession is located in Rantau Distric,

about 123 km to the northeast of Banjarmasin, the capital
city of the province. The area is accessible by car.

The firm started exploration activities in 1997, the firm has

found 21 coal seams which are located in the Warukin

Mining Operation

Conventional open pit mining method is applied to remove

and extract coal. Current mining operations are focused on
the seams “F”, “G”, “A”, and “B” seams at a stripping ratio of

Overburden is hauled to the dumping area, about 1.5 km

from the pit and ROM coal is hauled to stockpile and
crushing area, about 4 km away.
The coal seams have a thickness of between one to 50
meters mostly striking from northeast to southwest. The coal
found in the seams is categorized as environmentally friendly
subbitumious, with low sulphur and ash contents.

Parameter Unit Value

Total Moisture (arb) % 37

Inherent Moisture (adb) % 16

Ash (adb) % 5

Volatile Matter (adb) % 43

Fixed Carbon (adb) % by balance

Calorific Value (adb) Kcal/kg 5.400

Sulphur Content (arb) % 0.3

HGI % 55

Adb: air dried basis: ar: as received; HGI: hardgrove Grindability Index
Processing plant Ownership

Crushing plant and stockpile as well as other supporting Shareholder Country of Origin
facilities such as mine office, powerhouse and personnel
housing have been built on an area of 52 ha in the PT Tapin Suthra Berjaya Indonesia
company’s own land. The area can also accommodate a
helicopter pad. PT Hasnur Citra Terpadu Indonesia
The firm now operates a crushing plant with a 600 tons per
hour (TPH) capacity. To record coal hauled out of the
stockpile, two mechanical balances each with 40 tons
capacity have been installed. Two other units of crushing Company Officer
plants with bigger capacity can be built to meet the market
demands. Shareholder Position

A pond has also been built in the lower part of the land to Indro Hananto President Director
treat mining waste so that the processed water can be easily
disposed of to the existing drains. Setiawan Herliantosaputro Marketing Director

Coal transportation

Crushed coal is hauled from coal stockpile to the barge

loading port by trucks through PT Hasnur Jaya Utama Head Office:
(“HJU”) Port in Sungai Putting, South Kalimantan,
Indonesia. Wisma Pondok Indah 2, 7th Floor-Suite 703

HJU’s handling facilities consist of a 32-km hauling road, 12- Jl. Sultan Iskandarmuda Kav. V-TA
ha coal terminal with a capacity of 200,000 tons and port
facilities supported by heavy equipments for coal barge Jakarta 12310, Indonesia
loading as well as 4 units barge loading conveyor each with
500 – 1.500 TPH capacity which can load coal into 320 feet Tel +62-21 75922993 – 5
Fax +62-21 75922992


Contact person: Hartanto Indradi

Banjarmasin Office:

Jl. Jend. Sudirman By Pass rt. 02 Rw. 01

Desa Bungur Kecamatan Bungur

Kabupaten Tapin, Rantau Banjarmasin 70125

Tel. +62-517 31788

Fax +62-517 31788