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5:11 pm, Thursday, 2/10/2011 1st LIVE, Mayan day 13 Ahau/Lord or

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It’s a good day to be in prayer for Egypt, everywhere. It’s a critical

time for people, for freedom, for peace for the world. Prayer works.
We are one. All are that. There is no man, woman, or child anywhere
that I am not. As we step into heart and realize our oneness, it gives
us pause. We realize that, as it happens to others, it really does
happen to self.

So let us pray. For what, I don’t know - follow heart. With Mubarak
not stepping down, and the unrest offering potential for take over by a
religious group - all is in flux. I’m concerned about the Moslem
Brotherhood taking over, there. I don’t support use of ANY religion or
creed that separates the people, that makes enemies of some. That is
not real, not Truth as I see it.

When the dark ones take over, no matter their stripe, they destroy
both freedom and knowledge of the past. They want to cut us of from
our own history, the passed-down knowledge. This is to carve out the
left-brain prison, where they will keep us, controlling all information
exposure. Thus, begins imprisonment in 3D mind that can be seen in
action down through the pages of history - real history, not what
we’ve been fed.

As an example, the Catholic Church taking over the native, the Maya
lands in South America. The books and scriptures of their culture
were the first to go. Then came the killings, the murder of the
shamans, the wise ones, the keepers of their history, wisdom, and
understanding - all are killed. Next, culture is forbidden, with the
attempt to destroy it. It lives on in people’s hearts, but cannot easily
be shared. Control continues, eroding more and more of freedom,
patiently - incrementally, then, it goes on.
We must look, from the place of heart, on the world with reasonable
suspicion. Let us be careful where we trust. Don’t bother to listen to
the major media - they are lap dogs of the powers that be (TPTB), the
elite, Illuminati, the string-pullers in the shadows. Take the facts from
what they report, if you must watch them, but none of the
commentary, the analysis. Don’t trust.

Education is also destroyed in America. The collections of the wisdom

of the ages have all been destroyed, or secreted away into private
libraries and locked down. This is a large element that enables the
tyrants to take and keep control. Once education was there to offer to
us the great thinkers, the wise ones of the past. We were guided into
the byways of their thought, and assisted to refine and hone our own
understanding - standing on the shoulders of the great ones who went

No more, today. Our connection to great wisdom still resides in the

heart. At some point we’ll be reading the Life Book, the Akashic
Records that nature, herself keeps of all that was, all that is. This will
not be found while abiding in left brain. Give it up. Go within.

Let us start there, and realize that we know nothing. The world’s
standard for Truth, today, is a lie. Truth is 100% pure. The slightest
impurity renders it not truth. There is no such thing as truth diluted -
doesn’t exist.

This 3D realm is not the place of pure Truth. We can resonate with it,
though - for we are not that - we are not 3D creatures, ourselves.
Truth is not far away. The access point, of course, is the heart. Truth,
Herself, will guide us from within.

As we step back from identifying with the world so much, we are

guided. We begin to be able to hear the still, small voice when we pay
less attention to mind and its chattering. When we withdraw our
energies, our belief, from the surface appearance of things, we
surrender limitation for the broader perspective found in the one.

Truth can be found in each heart, and it is found, too, everywhere.

The essence of everything is Truth. It can speak through a dog or a
river, a chair. Truth is underlying, not on top. All of Life is a continual
dance, a conversation with and between Self and self. We don’t hear
it, though, when in mind - only from heart.

As we entertain and support the speaking of the quiet voice, we leave

the surface of life, where we’ve lived, found our very identity, for so
long. Let this voice guide you from within.

Then, too, as we surrender life as the surface dance and enter, within,
we are shedding the barriers, the seeming boundaries we accepted,
before. Things like time no longer keep us bound as they once did.
We are free. We can wander out among our other lifetimes, sharing
across all of them for our benefit. This is subtle, quite subtle at first,
but it happens.

Say you were once Cicero in one life - then you can bring that great
fountain, that solid structure of wisdom demonstrated in that earlier
life, right here, into the present, to the benefit of this one. Time is no
barrier - once you shed your belief that it is.

Perhaps in another life you’re the railroad worker, strong and powerful
in body, but enslaved to the overlords, the railroad barons, TPTB of
their age. What do you learn in that life that is beneficial to you now?
How about the utter hopelessness of being enslaved, of the tyranny
that terrorized you, then. You learn to be wary and aware of letting
the tyrants have their way. You learn the abuse of power, directly.
You don’t forget.

Being in heart is a continual sort of Disneyland. You never know what

marvel will come forth around the bend, what wonders you will find.
Life really is like magic, itself, but we’ve been stuck so long on the
surface, and imprisoned in left brain that we can’t see it that way.

Then, too, Disney isn’t the best one to mention, I guess. It was fine
while he lived, but since his passing has gotten rather dark. The
archetypes being taught to our children show the adults as being
stupid, in the way, and pathetic, compared to the children, etc.
There’s much to question, there, once you get past the surface of the

So what I’m saying is, basically, pray for all life, and don’t trust. Don’t
trust what you’re shown, what you’re taught. Go to heart, instead - be
ruled from within, where you can be the ruler of your own life. Realize
that what’s being presented to you, on the outside, is not to be taken
at face value. Maybe it’s a test - who knows.

Sovereign beings, though, are not easily led or swayed. The source
and fount of all wisdom and knowledge we connect with within, not
“out there.” Sometimes, the only reason for what’s out there is to
motivate us to change it.

How do we change things? By going and working on self, within.

Let’s always remember that the outside is but a reflection of the
interior realm. That puts all of us in charge, in a way. As sovereigns,
let’s take that seriously. Let’s walk with both caution and wisdom -
and remember that prayer works.

PS Regarding the video, there’s the sound of a big dog barking in it. I
don’t know where that came from - there is no big dog, here. I guess
it could be some software thing I don’t know about, but IDK. Very

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