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Step-by-step action plan:

Assumption 1: Our production team has come up with a high-tech product that they say it has potential
even in a covid situation.

Action 1: Get the necessary briefing from production team and do a brief research among our existing
customers if they might need such a product or not.

Action 2: Share your findings with colleagues from business development team. Determine together the
overall feasibility and market desire for this product.

Assumption 2: Covid has created some opportunities such as thermal cameras, tracking technologies
and even surveillance technologies. In the forensic industry, since the customers such as governmental
bodies need continuous supply of forensic and medical equipment, I assume that the product is feasible.

Action 3: The first quick research is not enough to launch a product, therefore do a bigger research of
potential customers (from among existing ones or new customers), new markets or existing markets,
potential rivals, regulatory trade practices of countries, covid restrictions of states, preferably a forecast
of demand after the launch and whether our production team can satisfy such a demand.

Action 4: Based on the findings of the detailed research, we might determine the launch procedure. A
smaller launch and a slow growth should be followed because the biggest part of medical equipment
budget of countries will go to the covid-related expenses. In the forensic side, such as prosecutor’s
offices, police departments etc., these might choose to stick with their existing technology.

Action 5: The form in which the new high-tech device will be offered to the customer will be important.
Seek ways to integrate it into existing product offerings, bundling it into existing technology might make
it easier to sell.

Action 6: Determine pricing strategy. If the previous detailed market research isn’t enough, do a pricing
research based on the existing products in the forensic industry that serve a similar purpose.

Action 7: Contact potential buyers and inquire about their willingness. Email and inform them on the
benefits and technology of the product. When looking for potential buyers, our existing customers are
more important because it is always easier to sell something new to your customer rather than
someone entirely new to you. Also, concentrate the approached potential buyers in a region because
shipping might be problematic due to covid.

Action 8: Email won’t be enough most probably, therefore we might offer free-trial for some of the
existing customers that keep on buying from us in the covid period.

Assumption 3: We might assume that we get positive customer response from around the world.

Action 9: We might do a priority listing, by concentrating our efforts most on the existing customers,
then on those who show willingness and who might recover from covid earlier (such as east asia, or a
less-affected region such as Africa), lastly, we should focus our efforts on customers that might be close
to the production facility, or distribution channels are more developed. After this the product is ready to

Forenscope Safe Systems Standard and Pro SWOT Analysis:

 Multispectral range of vision

 Up to 200x zoom capability
 Total product offering (all-in-one package with monitor and integrated software)
 Foot pedal preventing contact
 Built-in software
 Privacy and security through authorized system


 Product portfolio not diversified enough


 Among the competing products, there are not any products that claim a multispectral vision.
This can be an important advantage over other products. Furthermore, with its high zoom
capability and all-in-one product offering, it can be preferred by customers that need high
zooming and integrated product offering.


 Although a fully equipped device, customers may want to bundle it with some parts that they
already have.
 Besides, there are only two product types in this series, standard and pro whereas many
suppliers provide 4-5 products with varying capacities for different needs, thus capturing a wider
array of customer needs. Those customers that need something in between standard and pro
might go to the competitors.
 Given the differences between the two products, the price point of the two might also be
different, which might again discourage customers looking for a price point in between these
Comparison of Forenscope Safe Systems Pro and Standard with similar products from competitors
Feature/ Forenscope Medgyn Centrel lutech Kernel Karl Kaps

Magnific 200x 40x 6.5x zooming Up to 120x in 30x Up to 120x

ation zooming, zooming, digital
Lighting No uv-led White/blue 170w led led led led
Camera Included, Included, hd Not included, Included, hd Included, hd Included, hd
advanced with no sold
camera multispectra optionally
especially l facility
in pro
Security/ Foot pedal - - Remote+foot Remote -
sterility pedal control
Product All-in-one Monitor&ac Monitor&acc Monitor&acce Monitor&access
offering cessories essories sold ssories sold All-in-one ories sold
sold separately separately separately
Forenscope Safe Smartphone Pro and Standard SWOT Analysis:

 Wide multispectral range

 Ring filter system
 Especially designed for sexual assault cases
 Internal software


 May be lacking in some extra features such as direct annotation on image and chain of custody


 In this newly-emerging subsection of the market, there is great potential.

 Could be ideal for poor healthcare quality regions in the world.
 Might leverage a low-cost position when compared to traditional examination stations.
 Could be used by hospitals but also at a smaller scale.
 May require lower initial investment, its compact design doesn’t require much spare parts or
 Can share information with other partners easily.


 Although newly emerging, there is competition. MobileODT seems to be a well-known and

tested competitor.
 The system of MobileODT is proposed by some actors in the market as a low-cost colposcopy
technology that might help poor regions and developed regions alike.
 They have special software and design of the same product for sexual assault and general
medical purposes, thus they seem to have a wider and more diversified product offering.
 Our stress on multispectral imaging capability is a good advantage, but the competitor puts
emphasis rather on the overall user-friendliness of the product and its being a compact and
integrated alternative to traditional colposcopy systems.
Safe Smartphones pro and standard vs. competitors
Feature/compan Forenscop MobileODT Lutech
y e
Magnification ? 16x Up to 120x
filter Ring filter High contrast digital Progressive
system, filter green
semen filtering
Software Internal included sold
forensic separately
Extra feature Special Marking&annotation Smaller lcd
filters, directly on the screen
strong image, case sharing,
lighting, chain of custody
wide tracking.

Herhangi bir parmak izi, parmak derisinin yüzey morfolojisini temsil eder ve parallel şekilde görünen bir
grup çizgiden oluşur. Ancak bu çizgiler bazen kesişir ve ani bir biçimde son bulabilir. Bu çizgilerin son
bulduğu veya çatallanma yaptığı noktalar teknik olarak “karakteristik noktalar” adıyla bilinir. İki parmak
izinin aynı kişiye ait olup olmadığını belirlemek için yürütülen süreç, parmak izlerinin sınıflandırılmasıyla
başlar ve iki parmak izinin karakteristik noktalarının ilişkilendirilmesi veya karşılaştırılması ile sona erer.
İzlerin sınıflandırılması uluslararası iz tiplerinin “kabataslak” biçimde incelenmesini içerir. Böylece
parmak izi daha önceden belirlenmiş bir gruba veya sınıfa atanabilir ve daha sonra gözden geçirmek
üzere veritabanının bir kısmı elde edilmiş olur. Diğer yandan her bir karakteristik noktanın geometrisini
temsil eden vektörlerden başlayarak parmak izleri “detaylı” biçimde kıyaslanır. Diğer bir deyimle, parmak
izlerinin karşılaştırılması, unsurları her izin karakteristik noktalarını temsil eden karakteristik vektörler
arasındaki benzerlik derecesini bulmayı sağlar.

Con el incremento en la resolucion espacial y espectral de las imagenes percibidas a distancia, nuevos
detalles han aparecido en las imagenes que son grabados desde arriba y desde el espacio. Asi que han
sido mas facil percibir y reconocer nuevas clases de objetos. Por lo tanto, el reconocer automatico de
objetos ha sido uno de los problemas mas populares en la analisis de las imagenes percibidas a
distancia. Un impresionante rendimiento en los conjuntos de datos que derivan de diferentes recursos
ha sido demostrado por clasificadores que utilizan caracteristicas tradicionales y tambien por redes
nerviosas con objetivo de aprender las caracteristicas y las reglas de clasificacion. Lo que estos tipos de
datos tienen en comun es incluir clases relativamente distintas que pertenecen a areas urbanas, rurales
y agricolas y que tambien generalmente contienen datos adecuados para un dirigido objetivo de
aprender. Estos conjuntos de datos han contribuyido a incrementar los niveles de exito comparando
diferentes enfoques objetivamente.

Ali İsmail Kaçar