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GATE-2000 CIVIL ENGINEERING Duration : Three hours Maximum marks 150 SECTION A. (75 Marks) 1 This question consists of 27 (Twenty Seven) multiple-choice tyep sub-questions each carrying fone mark, The answers to the multiple choice questions MUST be written only in the boxes corresponding 10 the question number by writing A,B, Cor Din the answer book. (27 x 1=29) 1.1. If, A,B, C are square matrices of the same order, (ABC) is equal to (a) CLATBT (be) CIBT AT (c) ATBICH @) AIC BT 1.2. The fotiowing integrat ltt Pi gx 1 (@) Converges to + (a) Diverges 3 (© Converges toy (a) Converges to.0 a 1.3, A function with a period 22 is shown below x) t o_o = 0 ms The Fourier series for this function is given by 2 ae fey= Leet y sin ax. 14, Consider the following two statements : L Themaximum number of linearly independent column vectors of a matrix A is called the rank of A. IL If A is ann x n square matrix, it will be nonsingular is tank A =n. With reference to the above statements, which of the following applies ? (@) Both the statements are false @) Both the statements are true. (© Tis true but Is false (@) Lis false but Il is true. 15, The dimensions for the flexural rigidity of a beam element in mass (Mf), length (L) and time (1) is given by () MT? (© MLIT? ® MT? @ ML 1.6. A two span beam with an intemal hinge is shown below. sine Z ‘ a t Conjugate beam corresponding to this beam is (a) a ‘ o op 4 © so 4 +. Pick the incorrect statement from the following four statements : (@) On the plane which carries maximum normal stress, the shear stress is zero. (8) Principal planes are mutually orthogonal. (© On the plane which carries maximum shear stress, the normal stress is zero. (4) ‘The principal stress axes and principal strain. axes coincide for an isotropic material. LS. A frame ABCD is eupported by a roller at A and is ona hinge at C as shown below “Tr Lo J ‘The reaction at the roller end A is given by Pe we 2p P . i) er © 5 @ 1.9, The following two statements are made with reference toa simply supported under - reinforced RCC beam : 1. Failure takes place by crushing of concrete before the steel has yielded. IL The neutral axis moves up as the load is increased With reference to the above statements, which of the following applies ? (@) Both the statements are false. ©) Listrue but I is fase. (© Both the statements are ture. (d) Lis false but Il is true. 1.10. The stress-strain diagram for two materials A and Bis shown below ‘Material A ‘The following statements are made based un this diagram (Material A is more brittle than materia’ 3. (QD The ultimate strength of material Bis more than. Sy that of A. With reference to the above statements, which of the following, applies ? (a) Both the statements are false. () Both the statements are true, (c) Lis true but 11s false, (@) (3s false but Iis true. 1.1. Four column of the same material and having identical geometric properties are supported in different ways as shown below : 1 1 m Vv It is required to order these four beams in the increasing order of their respective first buckling loads. The correct orcler is given by ©) LL V © ML © WLW @ LL. 1.12. A soil sample has a void ratio of 0.5 and its porosity will be close to () 50% ©) 66% fc) 100% (@ 33% 1.13. A borrow pit soil has a dry density of 17 kN/m*. ‘How many cubic meters of this soil will be required toconstruct an embankment of 100 m? volume with a dry density of 16 KN/m?. (a) 94 me @) 106m? fe) 100m (@) 1.14. The group efficiency of pile group {2}, will be always less than 100% {®) will be always greater than 100% {o) may be less than 100% or mote than 100% {d) will be more than 100% for pile groups in cohesionless soils and less than 100% for those in cohensive soils, 1.15. The two criteria for the determination of allowable bearing capacity of a foundation are (@) tensile failure and compression failure, (0) tensile failure and settlement. (© bond failure and shear faiture. (@ shear failuce and settlement. 1.16. [duty (D) is 1428 hectares /eumoe and base period (B) is 120 days for an irrigated crop, then delta (A) in meters is given by (a) 1028 «138 & 073 (@ 001 1.17. The relation that must hold for the flow to be itrotational is O) Oa oa © o> 1.18. Cavitation is caused by (@) high velocity (@) (c) high pressure (@)-high temperature low pressure 1.19. If the pump head is 75uu, discharge is 0.464 m*/s and the motor speed is 1440 cpm at rated conditi the specific-speed of the pump is about @a @) 26 © 38 (@) 1440 1.20. The BOD removal efficiency, in percentage, during primary treatment, under normal conditions is, about @ 65% ©) 85% (© 30% (@) Zero 1.21. Critical factors for the activated sludge treatment process are (@) maximum hourly flow rate. () maximum and minimum flow rate. (© maximum hourly flow rate and maximum daily organic load (@) minimum hourly flow rate and minimum daily, organic load. 1.22. Use of coagulants such as alum (@ results in reduction of pH of the treated water. (©) results in increase of pH of the treated water. (©) results in no change in pH of the treated water. (@)_ may cause and increase or decrease of pH of the treated water. 1.23. The disinfection efficiency of chlorine in water treatment (a) is not dependent on pi value. (8) is increase by increased pH value. (@)_ remains constant at all pH valve. (2) is reduced by increased pH value. 1.24. The standard plate size in a plate bearing test for finding modulus of subgrade reaction (k) value is (@) 100cm diameter (b) diameter (0 75emdiameter (a) Sem diameter 1.28. Width of carriage w recommended to be @ 75m (© 375m ay for a single lane is (%) 79m (d) 55m 1.26, Stopping sight distance is the minimum distance available on a highway which is the (2) distance of sufficient length to stop the vehicle without collision (0) distance visible toa driver during night driving (©) height of the object above the road surface (@) distance equal to the height of the driver's eye above the road surface. 1.27. Bituminous materials are commonly use in highway construction because of their good (@ tensile and compression properties. () binding and water proofing propertis. (©) shear strength and tensile properties. (@) bond and tensile properties 2. This question consists of 24 (Twenty Four) multiple-choice type sub-questions, each carrying TWO marks. (Q4x2=48) 24 IE (s y,2)= (xt ey? 22)? vt at Set oF ag eqnalto 1 (@) Zero 2 2.4 Lot fs) =£ [if ()] denote the Laplace transform of the fametion ft), Which of the following statements s] (ride = ss) fo) ; dF {joo jvens]- Fis-a) , oy ome JH ws fhe = sF(5)-F(O): a 24. The limit of the funetion f (x) = [1-a*/x*] as x-» @isgiven by @2 or @) expla‘) (@) Zero 2.5. The maxima and minima of the function f(p) = 2x3- 15x? + 36x + 10 occur, respectively, at (@ x= 3andx=2 (b) x=Tandx=3 (© x=2andx=3 © (@) x=3andx=4 2.6. The four cross sections shown below are required to be ordered in the increasing order of their respective shape factors. OoL Which of the following order is correct ? © MLW, © LAL LIV © M0 4) Ithav, 1,1 Vv 2.7. A simply supported beam with an overhang is traversed by a unit concentrated moment from the left to the right as shown below > Diet — uel ‘The influence line for reaction at B is given by @ © (@) zero everywhere 28. The following two statements are made with reference to the planar truss shown below 1. ‘The trussis statically determinate IL, The {cuss is kinematically determinate With reference to the above statements, which of the following applies ? {@) Both statements are true. (0) Both statements are false. (o) Wis true but I false (@) Tistrue but Is false 2.9, A cantilever beam of length Land a crose section with shape factor f supports a concentrated load P a5 shown below : P Lp po | The length L, of the plastic zone, when the maximum bending moment, equals the plastic moment M,, given by 2.10. For the sicucture shown below, the vertical deflection at point A is given by © sa PL? SIE] © Zero P @ Bt gt EL | [ 211. The ultimate bearing capacity of a soil is 400 KN /m?. The depth of foundation is Im and unit weight of soil is 20 kN/m'. Choosing a factor of safety of 2.5, the net safe bearing capacity is (@) 100 N/m? (0) 112 kN/m? (© 80 kN/m? (a) 100.5 KN/m? PL? @ Se 2.12. A deep cut of 7m has to be made in a clay with unit, weight 16 KN/m? and a cohesion of 25 kN/m? What will be the factor of safety if one has to have a slope angle of 30° ? Stability number is given to be 0.178 (from Taylor's chart) for a depth factor of 3. () 080 Mu (©) 125 @ Lo 2.18. In a drained triaxial compression test, a saturated specimen of a cohesionless sand fails under a deviatoric stress of 3 kgf/cm? when the cell pressure is | kgf/cm?. The effective angle of shearing resistance of sand is about (a) 37° (b) 45° (© 53° (a) 20° 2.14. Two footings, one circular and the other square, and founded on the surface ofa purely cohesionless soil. The diameter of the circular footing is same as that of the side of the square footing. The ratio of their ultimate bearing capacities is (a) 3/4 & 4/3 (©) 10 @) 13 2.45. To have zero active pressure intensity at the tip of a wall in cohesive soil, one should apply a uniform surcharge intensity of (@ 2ctana (© ~2ctane 2.16, Water flows at a depth of 0.1m with a velocity of ‘6m /s ina rectangular channel. The allernaie depth is, (@) 030m (@) 0.40 ma. (©) 086m (@) 081m ©) 2ccota @ -2cna 2.17. Inan area of 200 hectare, water lable drops W te porosity i 0:35 andthe specie ele 0.15, change in volume of storage in the acjuifer is @ 160m? ©) 1.6% 10m (© 810° m' (16% 10m 2.18. A tube well having a capacity of 4m*/hour operates for20 hours each day curing the irrigation season How much area can be commanded if the irrigation interval is 20 days and depth of irrigation is 7 em? (@ 171% 10m 6) 1a 10 me (2) 229% 108m?) 2.29.10 m? 2.19. The parameters in Horton’s infiltration equation [0 = {e+ (f, = 12°89 are given as, f, = 7.52 em/ hour, f, = 1.34 em/hour and k = 4.182/hour. For assumed continious ponding the cumulative infiltration at the end of 2 hours is (2) 2.68 om @) 150m (c) 134cm @) 4.18 cm 2.20. Water flows at a rate of 10m?/s in a rectangular channel 3 m wide. The critical depth of flow is (a) 1.13 m ©) 2m (o) 145m @) 104m 221,A circular sewer 2m diameter has to carry a discharge of 2m?/s when flowing nearly full. What {s the minimum zequized slope to initiate the flow? Assume Manning's n= 0.015. (@} 0.00023 () 0.000036 (©) 0.000091 @ 0.000014 2.22. The following characteristics pertain to the sand filters used in water industry I. Filtration rate is 1 to 4 m?/(m? day). IL, Typical duration of operation in one run is 24 to 72 hours, IIL Operating cost is low. Which of the above characteristics pertain to slow sand filters ? (@) 1)Mand 101 (© Mand OL 2.23. The ruling minimum radius of horizental curve of a national highway in plain terrain for a fuling design speed of 100 km/hour with ¢ = 0.07 and £=0.15 is close to (a) 250m (© 36m 2.24. Design rate of super elevation for horizontal highway curve of radius 450 m for a mixed traffic condition, having a speed of 125 km/hour is @ 10 6) 0.05 (© 007 (@ 0.454 @) land it (@) Land Ut () 360m @ 300m SECTION B. (75 Marks) his section consists of TWENTY questions of Ave . mnarks each, ANY FIFTEEN out of them have t0 ie 0 each questions must be tanted on a fresh page. If more number of questions see attempted, score off the answers not to be jse only the first fifteen unscored (13 x 5= 75) answered. Answers 00cm evaluated, el answer will be consiciered strictly 3. Find the solution of the differential equation 2 ay © cos of + K with initial conditions y)=0, Useeither Ure method of undet (p-3 or the operator (P= 3 The stiffness matrix for a beam element is given to be as follows. D (0) =0. Here 2, and kare constants, ermined coefficients } based method. 5 4. Aisa square matrix is given by [2 0 Az Lo 2 ] Ab . One of the eigenvalues of A is given to be equal to a Symmetric 2. Determine the other eigenwalues. Express the on eigenvector correspanding to the lowest eigenvalue ; in the form ( 1 ab]? and determine a and b. EL) 0 6L aL } 9. A continuous beam 250 mm x 450 mm carries 6 numbers of 12 mm diameter longitudinal bars as shown. The factored shear force at the point of 11. A 5m thich clay layer hes betiveen two layers of sand each 4 thik the ep ofthe upper ayer ol Sand being at ground level The water tobe 2m below the piczometrc svsface being dm above ground level The saturated unit weight of eey is AD EN/nm and that of sands 19 KN, Sve the water able un weight of sand is 16 KN Calculate the effective vertical stresses at the top and bottom af the layer. Alsoravr the teal vertical stoess diagram in the given col layers. 12, Inan oedometer test. a specimen of saturated clay 19 mm thick reaches 50% consolidation in 20 minutes. How long it would take a layer of this clay 5m thick to reach the same degree of consolidation under the same stress and drainage conditions ? How lond would it take for the clay layer to reach 30% consolidation ? - inficction is 200 KN. Check i the beam iecafe in Seg" nie out swans cores 2 grass presse of bond. Assume M15 mix with ¢4 = 15 N/mm? and srareled uniewelohent lend ion iau/ataneine mild steel with c, = 250 N/mn?, A clear cover of 25 . it weight of sand is 20 KN/m? and the mm can be assumed. The design bond stress for unitweight stove tie water ables 17HN/ae The oe eae ne 7 shear strength parameters are c’ = ( and @! = 30° mil seal bars in M15 concrete is specified to be Oe . . factor of safety with respect Of shear failure for the Section of “point following cases: a aa (a) water lable is 5m below ground level : : (b) water table is at 1.2 m below ground level. f | ' | 450 i 1 mm 14.For the retaining wall shown in the figure below T assume that the wall can yield sufficiently to 7 develop active stage. Use Rankine'’s active earth "nos. of 12mm dio. pressure theory and determine (a) active force per meter of the wall, and (b) the location of the A resultant line of action. i 10. A 12mm bracket plate is connected to a column | flange as shown in the figure below. The bracket : transmitsa load of W = 200 kN to theeolumn flange. z A 10mm fillet weld is provided along AB, BC and CD. If @ = 350 mm, b = 200 mm and d = 650 mm, verify if the size of the weld provided is adequate. Allowable shearing stress in the fillet weld can be taken to be 108 MPa. le be 45, A pump is to deliver water at a rate of 14 m/s ahve thick plate from a sump to a reservoir which is 10 km away through a steel pipe 1200 mm in diameter for 2 lengtir of 5 km and the remaining through a PSC pipe of diameter 1000 mmn. The elevation difference between the fill ank level of the delivery reservoir and the low water level of the sump is 50 m. What is the Break Horse Power ( in kW) requirement of the motor ? Assume a pump house loss of 3.75 m and minor losses to be 10% of the friction losses. Use Darcy-Weisbach friction factor (6 of 0.018 for steel pipe and 0.02 for PSC pipe with a pump efficiency of 80%. 16. A149 scale model of a proposed dam is used (0 preatit prototype low conditions. The design flood Tischarge near the spillway f 15000 1" /s. Establish the relation between velocities in the model and mat flow rate should be established in prototype. W locity of the model to simulate this flow ? If a vel L2m/sis measured ata point in the model whatis the velocity at a corresponding point in the prototype? 47. An area of | hectare is irrigated through a stream ‘of 0,03 m?/s. Depth of the root zone is 1 m and (a) The § day BOD of the waste at 20°C. (b) Ultimate carbonaceous BOD. (6) Remaining oxygen demand aftec 5 days, (a) The 5 day BOD of this waste at 25° C assuming a temperature coefficient of 1.047 21. The load penetration date from a California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test is provided in the following table, Indicate whether any correction is required for the calculated CBR value. Find the CBR value of the soil from the data provided. ‘Table : Load penetration data available moisture holding capacity is 16 cm/m. Fenatatlontin wind -| Load in kgf kg Tors) Icrigation water is supplied when 50% of the available moisture is depleted. Water application 0 0 efficiency is 60% Determine the storage efficiency. OS : 18. A 6 hour unit hydrograph of a watershed is given 77 D below. Calculate 18 hour unit hydrograph using S-curve method and tabulate the results. 15 29 Timethour) ahr unit hydrograph 20 0 {m?/(cm)] 25 30 ° ° 3.0 58 = 4.0 70 2 309 i ms * kad 75 93 2 418 0 = 30 146 5 oe 36 55 Area of plunger is given as 19.6 cm?, Pressure for 2 18 standard crushed stones at 2.5 mm and 5.0 mm are 19. Consider a glucose solution (C,H,,0,) of molarity + 175 x 10* that is completely oxidized to CO, and 1,0. Find the amount of oxygen required for this reaction, The chemical mass balance equation for the above reaction is given as CyF 0, 60, -» 6CO, + 61,0 (Atomic weights are : C = 12; H= 1; 0 = 16). 20. The dissolved oxygen (DO) in an unseeded sample vf diluted waste having an initial DO of 9.5 mg/is, ‘measured to be3.5 mg/l after5 days. The dilution factor is 0.03 and the reaction rate constant k= 0.22/day (10 the base ‘e’ in the di °C") Estimate lecay curve at 70 kg/cm? and 105 kgf/cm? respectively.’ 22. An ascending gradient of 1 in 45 meets @ descending gradient of 1 in60. A summit curve has 'obe designed for design speed of 80 km/hsoas (0 provide a safe overtaking sigh! distance of 230 m. Estimate the length of the summit curve. ANSWERS 14) 12) 13.@) 14) 15) 16.) O18 19.4@) 120.66) LAL) 142.@) 1.13.) (@) 15.) 1.16.(0)1.17.@) 1.481) 1.29. (0) 21 (a) 22.0) 23.(4) 24a) 25. 26() 27.(¢) 28.) 2.9.(d) 240.(6) DAL (0) 242. (c) 243.(4) 2A (a) 2A5.(a) 246. (b) 217.00) 298.(@)2.29.(@) 2.20.2) 2.21.(°) 2.22. @) 2.23.0) 2.24. (0) EXPLANATIONS 2 ; aiea 2esin — cos x dx =— sin in ne 2 [+ fh) is even function] 2. mx Hence series is, f(x) anny cos 150 EL=ML'T?xL'=MLT? 1.6 [Inreal beam Tn conjugate beam Teond Frein Inteynal hinge Roller RollerSupport Internal linge Hinge Hinge 1.8 The frameis statically determinate. Taking moment about, wehave =0 =0 112 113 We and 1 = y, “TH since 7,is constant for a given soil, therefore Ya Ms ta ~ Va 116 Here 117 Forirrotational flow, vorticity,