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Loading Notes ‘One ofthe mest mportan aspects of adn sto tke noes and record eats. Duplication of good lads ius as mandatory as is thereoord of inaccurate loads, andthe only way to achieve hati to-wit things down The loading table you jue rend wre the cau of over a decade of roading and conographing wikout good records thos ables wouldnt ens The oma below can be copied fon raph paper and kept ina notebook Loading Notes Tawe [cope [ee [ove [ cre Sources of Supply F &M Reloading (va melon eon) (800-722-1604) Lee hand pres lists at $25 00: F&M prio i SA 26, ee Classe Loading tools $12.40 cach Lee single cavity bullet molds: $12.40 each, Recomended ols (C309: 707; C3121854R; C285-130R,285-180-8WC, Midway (mids com) (800-992-8312) Extumay good slocton frelon ooh and supplies Pome ‘You will ed al four sizes of piner large pistol, sal pst, large and sal il Its ett percha them locally ats discount ‘jeting goods store cartons f 100A 50 caliber Gl ammo ca wll Dold at east 1S cartons of pramas very safely Powder A local keto rap shooting ub an be very good sours for Rd Det and Herc by the kg a a ras svings pr pound ‘©1980, 1999, & 2000 by Miles Star All Rights Reserved aa aes steciae Survival Reloading ‘Keep your rifles and handguns shooting with properly reloaded ammunition using portable equipment. by Miles Stair PO Box 9 Myrtle Point, OR 97458 ark a Bee Hm RELOADING TOOLS There i no such thing a8 « one-size-fis-al solution to the question of which reloading tools to purchase — there are too many anificturers, and foo many-varables to count, Many of you already fave reloading tools and the tables sed inthis booklet wil allow you 1 Toad most any cartridge yeu are likely to find The Basic Level of Equipment Tin bus lef rood nl is represented by the Cc Lee Lost Pd at os tan 820.0, ese is wl mle You tela one clber You would want havea Lee cst lt eld forth caer a Lyman “3 expnder i, ad fe fr tha oe cle Thi equipment slow bu wl work “The Classic Lee Loaders ilustated above le and the Lyman ‘M" dcisillasrated above right. Note the step a the top ofthe °"M die which gently expands the top edge of the case neck, great ‘acilitatng cast bullet seating. Each °M’ die cost less than $11.0, and one diameter wil work fr any carridge casein that diameter: for ‘example, the 284° Lyman “M" de will expand the necks of 7x 57 Mauser, 7 mm-08 Rem, 7 mm Remington Magaum, and 7 cm ‘Weatherby Magnum, “The Lyman °M" dic does its job nicely. IFyou cannot find 2 ‘Lyman “Mf” dc, you can make your own expander punch. Start with ‘fired 303 British eartridge case, then neck it down in steps, fist tusing «308 Winchester size die, then a.284 de, hen finish with a 6S ‘or 270 Win die Fill with lead. The ‘steps will ight bell the case mouths of 7 mm and 30 caliber cases when rapped with a hamme a The Intermediate Level of Equipment The intermediate level of reloading tools would add great ‘versal, as you could load as many cartridges as possible In this way you could keep your neighbors in ammo — and double your own say, The most versatile setup would be the Lee Hard Too! and neck ‘Sze dics for 224, 284, 308, 312, and pistol die sets for 38 Special and 4 Special, and seating dies with inserts fr the same diameters, ‘uch ase Viekerman or Wilson tools The neck size des for bot neck rl cartridges will work when sing brass fred from a particular rifle the reloaded ammo is fred in that chamber 32 ACP pistol di can be used to neck size and seat the bullets of most 308" dinmeter bullets, and 32 $ & W dies will do the same for 312 ca bullets Te ideal neck tension is about 0.001,” so the inside neck diameter for a 308* bullet should be 307.” That means you ean usually use a 303 British nek sizer ( 312") 10 size the necks of 30 caliber cariridges when using east bullets ‘Asalast resort, a universal neck size le for one caliber can be ‘made by cating 1/2" of the bottom of a magnum size die, s0 the de «can be adjusted down to size the necks of shorter cartridges To that you would add Lee single cavity side bullet molds 284, 308, and pistol bullet molds of 388, and 429, For the rifle rol, choose a medium heavy bullet, suchas 150 grain 7 mm and 41170 gain fet nose. 308 dametr. These bills wil work in virtually ‘any 7 mm (284°) il, and almost any 30 caliber cartridge inluding the 30-30 Win because of the flat nose design, The Lee sizer dies work wel Pst de sets come with anock expanding di wa, ‘Loo Bullet Mold ad, 900409, SHE uso ye or ope ST Bupeops pssaeape SL, éSTOOL DNIGVOTAN ATAV.LUOd ALM. swan mbar Jo [eae] paoueapy oy SHELL HOLDERS RECOMMENDED ‘Shel hele are rere tomo carted fam resin isn tbe rea proctn Ta they ut i he Base of i arta eer move i as scary eh renovate wh Sim drag Foti, eves, mow eat ass Baye a commonality ‘hich allows fora cocrsbi latte and versity he shel RS toes A chon ty of cate dito will ow di ne wellchosn sel Idee wl ft man erent eartndoee MMos of ue cringe ass redesigned at as eet ag0 in ther bosie form To miamez cnt, standardind dates ete ted Van” ot fn ie base cass the hem aor extractor prove ect inthe a he ie el agi se ad toca we ard (be an ently ire artidge ise For example, the ‘ustancartuge was saodiced n 180, and from bat base dra de faine the 8 Spal, thn te S40 Krag, the 308 Bri et THAR Special carve was destaned in 902 srl gave ne tothe ter 228 ‘Remneton ease even Dough rmlese The 378 H&M Magnum was Inteiced in 1608, an that sie ote de besa all of the modera “Sand magnum cases. THe mm Mscr vs facodueo in 188 and sei Ui forall “mode” standard mls cases. ued rm dane dite he various ears, ‘The7 x61 Shape fe Hart cared for example appears o he 9 sandand feted magnum case. bt as actually design it sgh “om. 20 shel hk wil il of ha sana rem sacs, even ith ese ‘soln Sith 63 Bel Maus case ha ght rim st bl Sede wl accep all standard ints cases sch she 308 Winchester ot Fe sl ler ube sane fr Psiicprahcss 224 atts ines sch the 106,45 ACP, Cue 47077 | setn 03 ei 44 Speci and agama 455 158) es | S010, al sand eted mapnans Getida, 925. 550) 36 | Se Spoc 357M nd oversond 299 ae, ake dla 370) 12 | avon vas cases. 319 Zipper awagh 85, 23") 6 [om top (eas dianeer 92°) ‘Ror curse any sel fale Foray spec cards voo may ‘owe or reasonably expec to loa, such atthe Magnum, 49 Cll ot Similar eardges which wl ot Gt abell odes Tse above. The advanced etl of preparation would inl the Les set of 11 shel olds ‘nc sll Se over 10 catoges (avaiable fem F dM fr les than 815.00) to ai tothe west anal tae sel hades fe bot prise (tee ameter 3757) MAXIMUM LOADS Maay sto boginrloadin boat fel thy must roa! excey row tothe max possible velcty = ee if evey fot por sso 6 ‘ivan veloc wll mae th ciffrene Baoan Ivor deh Ti mig jnstnar De way hey red A “hot loa” ane which is eleadsd up to dhe maximum (or possibly ov he maxi doen upon akin at Tempe) ed pot cher or ur para carte, as dtc bythe ined weapea Difrat acon ssks a eonsreton mcd que distant (or hace ror) of loading The flows Tis ows the gently esope istry saan fo the ras ‘ermisiblepessres in ivrlcartdges Is Us accepted mr ‘ables manus to produce then ase to ake that pata pressure witha retcenabs natan of fey, For example, 30-30 Wencstey bret designed to take 3,00 PSI chamber proses a tha! bras vl faery quell indeed if eae nl ote an dst ~ even if oul fo firearms that are Soonger than the (804 Wachester lever acuen fhe ‘nomial aos wah titre eck nk ithe bras dain ‘constriction an this case 223 Reminglon $2,000 PSI_—_243 Winchester 0 0 ecb 33500306 Sprnstid 51.000, 3m Wincheaer 520003030 Wancheser 38,000, 300.Win Magu 5400038 Specal 1S 400 at 35500 Sma Lge 33009 41Rem Magno 30.0) SYS ito Aiken Maem = oun 33 Se Use ‘Toe press issn ar thai secommende aig proses an rena sexed EaSet or ed and te 48 SO ‘int repeater cn ec fm proses ebay at ast Ne a pty by re The cecptens (coma pt) med too all fest factory press just ably fin ih ton, but ads ‘sing 20,000 PSI forte 8 ACD wl danagin sey aly Bat low do yu dermoid So sear la espn? rests ay eto vanish to he chambre aa el Uinenson ed the aide, teatro ary The hades ad Uianetr of hela abd ths tacks Cad thet tral ce aac) of te brash an afc the prs. We must cen e hota sine of act Kaew how tse rhe poses those mal capes BOLT ACTION RIPLES may jsf ua “sty case when fed wit ec, bes a an eat es xan ia Mos: te ation ris (spt the Sevope “Hd pa Lc 9010 ae) ath cept easoabl J us wt ano ch lft uso cae dt estat ey a eral stanton could 6 eons dane