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Introduction 1

Cocktails 2-3

Champagne 4

Beer & Softdrinks 5

Shochu 6

Single Malt Whisky 7

Digestifs & Coffee 8

Selected Spirits 9-11

Tea 12

Bar Snacks 13

Welcome to UBar. Drinking of course is one of the great arts of living and we encourage you to
try a unique drink from our cocktail list. We have been to Japan and love crafting fancy drinks
with sourced ingredients and have taken great inspiration from the Japanese culinary culture.
We use Saké, Shochu and Japanese whisky along with other exotic and wonderful products to
offer you a refined drinking experience. Each drink will be shaken, stirred and served with the
respect it deserves.

Chris Doig
Bar Manager/Mixologist

Signature Cocktails & Fancy Drinks


UMAMI Ginger Passion 100,-

Shochu, Lychee Liqueur, Passionfruit Juice, Ginger Syrup & Fresh Lime

Double-O-Tokyo Martini 100,-

Chamomile, Sake, Dolin Vermouth & Hendricks Gin

Night Blossom 100,-

Shochu, Cherry Blossom Liqueur, Apple Juice & Calpico

Moshi Moshi 100,-

Shochu, Green Tea Liqueur, Calpico & Lemon Bitters

Please Don’t Tell 100,-

Shochu, Aperol, Rhubarb Syrup & Pink Grapefruit Juice

Refreshing / Invigorating

Soulmate 2.0 100,-

Shochu, Lychee Juice, Sansho Pepper, Star Anise & Fresh Blackberries

Little Smith 100,-

Zubrovka Vodka, Calvados, Falernum, Cloudy Apple & Wasabi Leaf

Big In Japan 100,-

Shochu, Hendricks Gin, Calpico, Rose Liqueur & Mango Juice

Memento Mori 120,-

Tanqueray 10 Gin, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Yuzu Syrup & Eucalyptus Bitters

After Dinner / Digestif Style

Lost in Translation 120,-

Suntory Whisky, Carpano Antica Formula & Bitters

Pear Me Up 100,-
Yuzu Liqueur, Xante, Vanilla Vodka, Calpico & Lime

UMAMI Espresso Martini 120,

Vodka, Kahlua, Creme de Cacao, Espresso Liqueur & Fresh Espresso


By the glass

Pol Roger Brut 110,-

2002 Dom Peringnon 220,-

Bollinger Rose 140,-


Pol Roger Brut 675,-

Pol Roger Brut Magnum 1500,-

2002 Moet & Chandon ‘’Cuvee Dom Peringnon’’ 2150,-

2002 Louis Roederer, ‘’Cristal’’ 2400,-

Krug, Grand Cuvee 2000,-


Bollinger, Rose 1000,-

**Please ask for the wine list for a larger selection


Kirin Ichiban 0.25 l. 50,-

Kirin Ichiban 0.50 l. 80,-

Sapporo 60,-

Asahi 60,-
Asahi Black 60,-

Softdrinks 35,-
Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite
Fever Tree Soda Mixers - Tonic, Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer
Fruit Juices - Elderflower, Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Lychee, Passionfriut, Mango

Mineral Water

San Pelegrino Sparkling & Panna Still 48,-

Is a distilled spirit similar to vodka made from grain, primarily, rice, barley or potato. It has become
the drink of choice amongst Japanese for its health benefits and hangover free affects. It is best
enjoyed with a mixer or simply on the rocks. ‘Honkaku’ shochu meaning authentic shochu is the top-
end and premium product, it is a refined spirit with tastes that are very delicate and subtle. The
relatively low alcohol content allows the base of the spirit and its flavours to stand out more.

Honkaku ( Genuine) Shochu Selection 5cl

Aya Selection, Barley, 38% 85,-

Beniotome Goma, Barley, Rice, Sesame, 38% 95,-
Genmaicha, Rice, Green Tea, 25% 75,-
Ginryu, Ginjo Rice, 30% 95,-
Kouriyama Imo, Rice, Sweet Potato, 25% 85,-
Shiso Otome, Rice, Shiso, 25% 75,-
Sumi, Rice, 25% 75,-

**Recommended with ice or mixed with fruit juice or tonic.

,,May the spirit of Japan be with you always’’…..
a quote from Ulf Buxrud, whisky expert and author of ,,Japanese Whisky’’


Pleasant & Easy

Nikka,,Miyagikyou”, 15 år, 45% 115,-
Suntory ,,Yamazaki”, 12 years, 43% 95,-
Suntory ,,Hibiki’’, 17 years, 42% 150,-

Fruity / Sherry Finish

Suntory ,,Yamazaki’’, 18 years 43% 130,-
Nikka All Malt 43% 95,-

Dry / Straight to the Point

Suntory ,,Hakushu’’, 12 years, 43.5% 95,-
Suntory ,,Hakushu”, 18 years, 43.5% 150,-
Nikka,,Yoichi”, 1987, Single Cask, 19 år, 63% 175,-

Peaty & Smoky

Nikka White Label Pure Malt, 43% 80,-
Nikka Barrel Strength, 51.4% 75,-

Medicinal & Salty

Nikka,,Yoichi”, 12 years, 45% 95,-

Composed / Precise / Complex

Nikka,,Taketsuru”, Pure Malt, 17 years, 45% 95,-
Nikka,,Taketsuru”, Pure Malt, 21 years, 45% 95,-
Suntory ,,Hibiki’’, 21 years, 42% 195,-


Hennessy Fine 75,-
Hennessy X.O. 150,-
Hennessy Paradis 285,-

Domaine Dupont, Réserve 95,-

Ron Zacapa 23years 135,-
Ron Zacapa XO 165,-
Pyrat XO 125,-

Allegrini, Grappa di Amarone 95,-

Filter Coffee 35,-
Espresso 30,-
Double Espresso 40,-
Macchiatto 40,-
Cappuccino 40,-
Café Latté 40,-

Petit Fours 55,-



Makers Mark, USA, 75,-
Buffalo Trace, USA, 85,-
Woodford Reserve, USA, 95,-
Knob Creek, Small Batch, USA, 9 years, 95,-
Sazerac Straight Rye, USA, 85,-
Rittenhouse Bonded Rye, USA, 95,-
Van Winkle Fam.Reserve, Straight Rye, 13 years, USA, 150,-

Manhattan 120,-
Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth & Bitters

Old Fashioned 120,-

Whiskey, Sugar & Bitters

Angostura 1919, Trinidad, 75,-
Mount Gay Extra Old, Barbados, 85,-
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, Venezuela, 12 years, 95,-
Appleton Extra, Jamaica, 12 years, 85,-
Wray & Nephew White, Jamaica, 75,-
La Mauny Rhum Blanc, Martinique, 75,-
Goslings Black Seal, Bermuda, 75,-
Pyrat XO Reserve, Anguilla, 95,-
Ron Zacapa, Guatemala, 23 years, 135,-

Classic Rum Cocktail

Hemmingway Daiquiri 120,-
Rum, Grapefruit Juice, Marachino Liquer & Lime
Plymouth, England, 75,-
Plymouth Navy Strength, England, 85,-
Bombay Saphire, England, 85,-
Beefeater 24, England, 75,-
Citadelle Reserve, France, 95,-
Tanqueray 10, England, 85,-
Sipsmith London Dry, England, 95,-
Jensen, Bermondsey Dry, England, 95,-
Genever Bols, Holland, 75,-
Hayman’s Old Tom, England, 75,-
The Duke, Munich Dry, Germany, 95,-
Adler, Berlin Dry, Germany, 85,-
Saffron, France, 85,-
London Gin, Original Blue, England, 95,-
Blackwoods Vintage, Scotland, 75,-
Hendricks, Scotland, 85,-
Caorunn, Scotland, 85,-
Edinburgh Gin, Scotland, 85,-
Geranium, Denmark, 85,-
Wilkinson, Japan, 85,-
Waragi, Uganda, 60,-
Junipero, USA, 95,-
Norse Cask, Single Cask, 10 years, Scotland, 125,-

Classic Gin Cocktail

Dry Martini – stirred not shaken 120,-

Gin, Vermouth, served with an olive and citrus zest

Belvedere, Poland, 85,-
Ciroc, France, 85,-
Grey Goose, France, 95,-
Kauffman, Russia, 125,-
Ketel One, Holland, 85,-
Stoli Elit, Russia, 90,-
U’luvka, Poland, 85,-

Classic Vodka Cocktail

Moscow Mule 95,-
Vodka, Lime & Ginger Beer

El Tesoro, De Don Felipe, Silver, Jalisco 95,-
El Tesoro, De Don Felipe, Anejo, Jalisco 125,-
Arette, Repo, Jalisco, 85,-
Gran Centenario Repo, Jalisco, 85,-
Gran Centenario Anejo, Jalisco, 115,-
Patron, Silver, Jalisco, 100,-

Classic Tequila Cocktail

Tommy’s Margarita 100,-
Tequila, Agave Syrup & Fresh Lime


Darjeeling “First Flush” 40,-

A wonderful light tea delicate flavors and has a pleasant crisp finish.

Sencha Yamato 40,-

A refreshing green tea served at no more than 80 degrees ensuring a fresh, light taste.

Sencha Hatsumidori 65,-

A top quality sencha that is more complex in flavor. The leaves are sorted by hand,
removing the stems and larger leaves. A fine dark green leaf characterizes a good quality sencha.

Genmaicha 40,-
A very popular tea in Japan. Light-bodied, delicate flavor and excellent accompanied with food or after dinner.

Matcha Wako 95,-

This is the definitive Green Tea, wonderful balance and refreshing flavor.
Encourages the 4 components of the ‘tea ritual’; inner calm, respect, cleanliness and harmony.
Prepared traditionally and whisked up to ensure the texture and temperature are perfectly balanced.

Bar Snacks

Edamame ,,UMAMI’’ Style 45,-

Edamame Naturel 40,-

Gioza with Duck Confit and Foie Gras (3 pieces) 85,-

Tempura Basket 175,-

Ura Maki Sushi Selection 100,-