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Awards Ceremony of Krakow Ministerial

Military Servicemen On the 19-20th of February,
Poland was the center of world’s
political activities. Its former
mal meeting, the NATO-Georgia
Commission assembled and re-
viewed the current situation in the
tion in Bucharest and their deci-
sion to develop an Annual Nation-
al Program to help advance Geor-
capital, Krakow, hosted NATO’s country, the defence and security gia’s reforms.
Defence Ministers informal cooperation and the assistance for US Secretary of Defence,
meeting. Representatives of mil- Georgia’s reform effort provided Robert Gates, reiterated US
itary-political alliance member within the framework of this readiness to support Georgia’s
and partner countries discussed body. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, reforms in defence and security
its peacekeeping operations, NATO Secretary General, opened sectors. As he outlined later at
transformations and security is- the NATO-Georgian commission the press-conference US has a
sues. The delegation of Ministry meeting. The Defence Minister, continuing security relationship
of Defence of Georgia participat- Davit Sikharulide, on behalf of with Georgia. “We’re involved
ed in ministerial. Georgia, expressed gratitude to in training. We are involved in
Expanding NATO support to NATO member states and its pop- military reform in Georgia. So
the Afghan National Army and ulation for their strong support this is an ongoing relationship
Afghan police was a priority of and solidarity uttered toward and it is a relationship that we
the agenda on the first day’s meet- Georgia. The Minister empha- are pursuing, both bilaterally and
ing. Defence Minister of Georgia sized Georgia’s full commitment within the framework of our
expressed Georgia’s readiness to to the Alliance values and its firm NATO allies, and through the
make its contribution to NATO aspiration to join NATO as well. vehicle of the U.S.-Georgia
led operation in Afghanistan. He Ministers also discussed the con- Commission. So I think its pro-
Georgian military service- A minute of silence was held Minister of Georgia, Davit Sikha-
men were awarded for their brav- in the honor of the Georgian mil- rulidze and Deputy Chief of Joint
ery in combat operations against itary servants who made supreme Staff of GAF, Brigadier General
Russian aggression. The Awards sacrifice for the territorial integ- Davit Nairashvili awarded 10 ser-
ceremony of 42 Georgian heroes rity of the country. According to vants who are in office and 32
was held at the Ministry of De- the President’s Order 17, issued militaries posthumously.
fence of Georgia. on January 6th, 2009, Defence Continued on p.4

Special Commemoration
for the Cadets
Many Georgian cadets died of the National Guard Depart- are envoys of the Lord in Geor-
in February, 1921, in battle ment, Col. Shmagi Telia, Chief gia and they are true examples
against the Bolshevist Russian of Education Department of JS, of our past and ancestry. They are
11th Red Army which occupied LTC Zurab Agladze and other pilgrims and we bring up new
Tbilisi and declared Soviet rule. leadership of MOD. generation after their example.
The ceremony in commemora- The ceremony dedicated to We should do honor to their
tion of the cadets was held at the the Georgian cadets included a memory and hold their bravery
Memorial near Kojori-Tabakh- musical performance by MOD in remembrance,” Col. Vladimer
mela. orchestra. The Chief of JS, Col. Chachibaia mentioned in his
The event was organized by Vladimer Chachibaia, Chief of speech. declared that Georgia is ready to sequences of the last August con- ceeding as we had planned”, de-
the Veterans Affairs Department the Veterans Affair Department, Later, the event continued in participate in operations under flict, including Alliance assis- clared Mr. Gates.
together with Kakutsa Cholo- Nukri Tsagareishvili and the the Cinema House and movie ISAF format and Georgian mili- tance to Georgia in its recovery In the framework of the Kra-
kashvili Whole Georgia Chokho- Chairman of Whole Georgia director, Gia Chubabria present- tary forces are prepared to join the efforts and the issue of Russian kow Ministerial, the Georgian
san Knights Union led by Chair- Chokhosan Knights Union, Gogi ed the documental film “Tar- peace keeping missions. „Despite bases on Georgian territory. The Defence Minister had meetings
man Gogi Dolidze. Dolidze laid wreaths on the me- nished February Shadows”. The the fact that Georgia’s territories NATO - Georgia Commission with his counterparts from Fin-
The ceremony was attended morial of cadets in Tabakhmela film was dedicated to the mem- are still under Russian occupa- discussed the assistance for Geor- land, Poland, Denmark, the
by the Chief of Joint Staff of village. Father Giorgi Gugenish- ory of Maro Makhashvili – the tion, we continue to develop our gia’s reform effort provided with- Ukraine and Lithuania. The main
GAF, Col. Vladimer Chachiba- vili conducted special prayer for only woman among the cadets. defence capabilities and make a in the list of priority items for topic of discussions at the meet-
ia, his Deputy Chief, Brigadier the souls of the cadets. The ceremony concluded with a valuable contribution to the world 2009. The talks took place in the ing was to deepen bilateral co-
General Davit Nairashvili, Head “Every other century there special performance. security policy”, mentioned Mr. context of the reaffirmation by operation between Georgia and
David Sikharulidze. NATO Foreign Ministers in De- its partner states.
In the second day of an infor- cember of the process set in mo- Nino Gogochishvili

Interview with the Minister’s Vision 2009
United Kingdom’s NATO Secretary
Minister for General’s Special
International Defence Representative at the
and Security Rt Hon Defence Ministry
Baroness Ann TAYLOR
The International
Daughter of the Killed Commission
Military Serviceman Investigating August
was Born War Details at MOD

Interview with the United Kingdom’s Minister for International

Defence and Security Rt Hon Baroness Ann TAYLOR PC
On February 10-12 Georgia hosted the United Kingdom’s Minister for Inter-
national Defence and Security Rt Hon Baroness Ann TAYLOR PC. The aims of
her visit were to develop further the strong bilateral ties between the UK and Georgia
and to discuss implementation of the decision, made recently by NATO Foreign
Ministers, on the establishment of a new Annual National Programme (ANP)
within the framework of the NATO/Georgia Commission. She reaffirmed the UK’s
strong support for Georgia’s aspirations for closer Euro-Atlantic integration and
for the international missions on the ground (UNOMIG, OSCE, EUMM).
On 11 February Rt Hon Baroness Ann TAYLOR visited the Ministry of De-
fence of Georgia where she met with the Minister of Defence and discussed the
above mentioned subjects.

During her visit in Georgia “Defence Today” interviewed Rt Hon Baroness

Ann TAYLOR PC where she spoke about Georgia-British relations - mostly
military cooperation, recommendations, and future plans…

Welcome Baroness Taylor to where we can. One of the successes

Georgia. What is the main reason of demonstrated so far is the imminent
your visit in our country? handover of our Peacekeeping English
I am here to further develop the Project to Georgian ownership.
strong bilateral ties between the UK The Security Sector Development
and Georgia and to discuss future plans Advisory Team SSDAT, of British
of the decision, made recently by Ministry of Defence is providing rec-
NATO Foreign Ministers, on the estab- ommendations to the Ministry of De-
lishment of a new Annual National Pro- fence on personnel management of
gramme (ANP) within the framework the Georgian Armed Forces. How do
of the NATO-Georgia Commission. I you evaluate the current situation re-
have re-affirmed the UK’s strong sup- garding the personnel of the Geor-
port for Georgia’s aspirations for clos- gian Armed Forces? What obligato-
er Euro-Atlantic integration, for the in- ry steps should be done regarding
ternational missions on the ground this?
(UNOMIG, OSCE, and EUMM) and We are impressed with Georgian
the future of the Geneva talks. We en- military personnel. They appear keen
joy a close relationship and have de- and motivated. We have received good
veloped an extensive bilateral security reports of their performance in Iraq un-
and defence relationship over a num- der very demanding circumstances. The
ber of years. The United Kingdom re- personnel management system is still
mains a consistent supporter of Geor- in its infancy and difficulties remain in
gia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations and we co-ordinating individual training re-
welcome the agreement made at the quirements, promotions and appoint-
Bucharest Summit that ‘Georgia will ments in order to ensure that each indi-
become a member of NATO’ and the vidual has the correct skill sets and abil-
subsequent NATO decision in Decem- ities for his or her role. In the UK, such
ber to develop an Annual National Pro- matters are governed by MOD internal
gramme. This demonstrates the Alli- directives, not Parliamentary law, and
ance’s commitment to help Georgia we would urge Georgia to study this
prepare for and progress towards Euro- model closely. An integrated personnel LANCER, but we hope to resume the Declaration and the development of the Council resolution including its com-
Atlantic integration. management policy is slowly emerging bilateral exercise next year. Annual National Programme. In terms mitment to territorial integrity of Geor-
There is, of course, a lot of work within the Georgian MOD and the UK What can you say about future of recommendations, I would suggest gia. Thirdly that states surrounding
ahead, much of which will be a Geor- Security Sector Development Adviso- plans of Georgia-British military re- that Georgia continues with its pack- Russia, the neighbouring countries of
gian responsibility. The United King- ry Team will continue to remain en- lations? age of internal reforms and makes full Russia, are not ex Soviet states. They
dom will support Georgia in this. I gaged and to advise and assist where I had a useful and constructive meet- use of the NATO-Georgia Commission are independent sovereign democracies
have been greatly encouraged in dis- appropriate. ing with Minister of Defence and the Annual National Programme to and those democracies need to be de-
cussing the next steps towards closer On the base of the special agree- Sikharulidze, as a result, I am fully help achieve these. NATO views strong fended. They need relations with Rus-
Georgian ties with NATO. ment, Britain has been carrying out aware of his priorities. We will contin- democratic institutions and values, as sia, but they also need relations with
Georgia-British cooperation has joint training “Georgian Express” ue to assist where we can and I look well as the rule of law, as key princi- the rest of Europe and the rest of the
been going on since 1999 and from since 2004. What innovations do you forward to an ever-closer relationship ples. The UK is committed to helping world.
2003 you have been working on see in the current Georgian Army? of mutual benefit between the British Georgia on its internal reform path. And I think fourth and most impor-
Georgia’s Defence and Security De- How do the trainings grow the pre- and Georgian Armed Forces. After the Russian aggression in tant lesson that I take away from this is
velopment. What serious reforms paredness and qualifications of Geor- Georgia has aspired to Euro-At- August how does the world change that political processes need to have a
have been implemented in this sphere gian and British Military Service- lantic Structures for several years. As regarding security issues and what dynamic about them. These frozen
during these five years? How do you men? you have mentioned in the comment challenges do you see in this regard? conflicts had become too isolated and
assess this period? Exercise “GEORGIAN EXPRESS” made at the Ministry of Defence, My friend the Foreign Secretary ad- it allowed too many people to give up
We have been doing a great deal of has been successful over the years. The Great Britain supports Georgia on dressed this question at the 7 February on the political route. I think that the
work in the areas of training military ability of the Georgian Armed Forces the way of integration to the above Munich Security Conference when he letter I wrote to Alexander Stubb, the
instructors for Peace Support Opera- to train alongside the British Army has mentioned alliances. In your opinion, said “I think the most important lessons current Chairman of the OSCE, the Or-
tions and in the skills required to teach improved year after year, as the skills is Georgia ready to move forward to are those that say first international law, ganisation of Security and Cooperation
English. Our consistent aim has been learnt have been disseminated and built the next step and what are future not the rule of force, is the basis for in Europe, urging him to build new mo-
to develop an indigenous capability, al- upon. In an era of expeditionary capa- changes in this regard? What recom- resolving disputes. Secondly, that mentum in the process, not just in Geor-
lowing the Georgian Armed Forces to bilities, the experience of training mendations should you give Georgia when UN Security Council resolutions gia but also in other frozen conflicts in
be self-reliant in these fields. There has abroad alongside other armed forces is in this sphere? are passed, as they were most recently Trans-Dniester, in Nagorno-Karabakh,
been a steady improvement, but there very useful for both sides. This year we We believe that Georgia is ready to in April, they need to be honoured by is an important lesson for us.”
is still a lot to be done and we, in close will be contributing to the NATO Ex- move forward. This belief is clearly all sides and you’ll remember the Rus-
co-ordination with our Allies, will help ercise CO-OPERATIVE LONGBOW/ demonstrated by the Bucharest Summit sians did sign April’s UN Security Tea Kerdzevadze

Daughter of Deceased Military

Serviceman Born
The family of Corporal Giorgi Ant- mother of the newborn child on this beau- With the assistance of the commis-
sukhelidze, fallen during the Russian tiful gift of life. Representatives of the sion, the wife of Corporal Giorgi Ant-
aggression, celebrates the birth of a new Defence Ministry presented gifts to the sukhelidze has been employed at the
family member, Anna. Corporal of the daughter of the killed corporal as well. communication unit of the Georgian
IV Infantry Brigade, Giorgi Antsukhe- “Last month a special commission Armed Forces.
lidze was killed on August 9, 2008. was founded at the Defence Ministry, Presents were given to the family
Chief of MOD Administration, Otar which considers living and employment members of another Georgian service-
Berdzenishvili and Head of Personnel conditions of the families of killed and man killed during the battle with the
Department J - 1 of the Joint Staff of GAF, missing Georgian militaries and assists Russian aggressors. A daughter was born
and Col. Tariel Londaridze visited the them with appropriate aid,” Otar Ber- to Corporal of the V Infantry Brigade,
Head of MoD Administration at the hospital maternity hospital and congratulated the dzenishvili said. Raul Mzhavanadze.

NATO Secretary General’s

Minister’s Vision 2009 Special Representative at
the Defence Ministry
The NATO Secretary General’s Spe- made comments for journalists.
cial Representative for the Caucasus and According to the Defence Minister -
Central Asia Robert Simmons paid visit “We discussed several topics including
to Georgia. Robert Simmons visited the security conditions in Georgia. We dis-
Ministry of Defence of Georgia. He was cussed that the Russian side does not
received by the Defence Minister, Dav- obey the ceasefire agreement. In spite
it Sikharulidze and Deputy defence Min- of this, we had talks about NATO inte-
ister, Giorgi Muchaidze. Together with gration issues and trends of the Annual
Mr. Simmons the Defence Ministry vis- National Program as Georgia’s pathway
ited the Political Issues and Security to NATO.”
Policy Advisor, Georgia’s Desk, Mr. “We’ve just had a very good discus-
James Mackey. sion about the security situation in Geor-
The Annual National Program and gia, about which NATO is very con-
NATO-Georgian Organization’s, further cerned, about rebuilding up its Armed
close cooperation was the subject mat- Forces, and the Defence Ministries role
ter at the meeting. The Defence Minis- in the Annual National Program. NATO
try’s priorities, like military education, as you know is moving forward towards
trainings, personnel management, sys- preparing Georgia for membership, as
tem improvement and defence planning we committed ourselves to in Buchar-
system development were argued at the est, of which the Defence Ministry will
meeting as well. play an important role, as will “Minis-
The Defence Minister introduced the ter’s Vision 2009”, the document which
well received document - “Minister’s Vi- will help prepare Georgia for member-
The Minister of Defence of Georgia ment completely emphasizes lessons Staff. As the Minister’s Vision is an an- sion 2009” to the NATO Secretary Gen- ship. I think that the Ministry of De-
composed the new document called, learned in August 2008, during Russian nual document we will look forward for eral’s Special Representative. Sides dis- fence has a very good planned security
“Minister’s Vision 2009”. This document aggression, and tries to fill all the gaps the next year to see how well those prin- cussed NATO liaison office enlargement effort and we, speaking from NATO’s
provides a general guidance for the Min- revealed in Georgian Armed forces and ciples have been implemented and to possibilities. After an hour meeting, side, look forward to working with them
istry of Defence, Joint Staff and Geor- in Defence Structure as a whole. “On the evaluate the level of progress”, said LTC Davit Sikharulidze and Robert Simmons on that regard,” Robert Simmons said.
gian Armed Forces for 2009 and high- one hand, Ministry of Defence should DA Ridout.
lights the main prospects for further de- respond to the new demands in light of Mrs. Patricia Hildegard Flor, the Am-
velopment. Vision aims to raise the short the current security environment, which bassador of Germany in Georgia men-
and long term priorities, which are erect- developed after August 2008 and on the tioned that it was the right moment to
ed from the postwar realities, learned les- other hand we should maintain course of evaluate learned lessons of last year and
sons and country’s permanent security action in the direction of sustained de- especially of the warfare period. She also
issues as well. Fulfillment of these issues velopment of armed forces and NATO noted that Minister’s Vision is, at the
will enhance Georgia’s military capabil- integration”, added Mr. Sikharulidze. same time, pragmatic and also a very
ities and establish a more secure environ- Col. Vladimer Chachibaia, Chief of broad outline of what Georgian Armed
ment which gained special importance Joint Staff, more broadly presented mili- Forces should look like in the future. “For
after last summer’s experience. Apart tary aspects of “Minister’s Vision 2009”. Germany the emphasis on education is
from other directions, particular empha- As it was revealed in Chachibaia’s especially important, because we already
sis in 2009 will be focused on social pri- speech, the General Staff participates in have very strong partnership with Geor-
orities, in order to support the families of preparation of new documents on threats gia exactly in this field. We took part in
the soldiers killed or injured as a result assessment and National Security. “Geor- establishment of Sergeant School in
of the Russian aggression, as well as re- gian Armed Forces today is going Georgia and also we took a lot of offic-
construction and full rehabilitation of through the phase of analyzing the expe- ers for trainings in Germany. We are go-
damaged infrastructures. rience gained during August Russian ag- ing to intensify these relations”, added,
NATO Liaison Officer in the Caucasus Zbigniew Rybacki and Robert Simmons
There are four major directions in gression. This means elimination of prob- Mrs. Ambassador.
“Minister’s Vision”, each of which con- lems, which occurred during warfare, What is specifically important about
tains number of different concepts. Im-
provement and further institutionalization
development and implementation of re-
sult-oriented military policy and transfor-
the new document is the unity of attitude
and evaluations of military experts. David The International
of the Defence Management System will mation of military forces in proper direc- J. Smith, Director of Georgian Security
be one of the year’s priorities. Also, it is
quite remarkable that, according to the
tion”, mentioned Col. Chachibaia.
Finally, representatives of legislative
Analysis Center said: “I may say that it
is a visionary vision. It means that Geor- Commission Investigating
document, education arises as the priori- branch of government expressed their gia is moving forward and is not staying
ty of defence policy. The next point con-
cerns the development of capabilities of
opinion about presented document. Mr.
Zaza Gelashvili, Deputy Chairman of
where it is. The document quite logical-
ly examines doctrine, training, manage-
August War Details at MOD
Georgian Armed Forces. The document Defence and Security Committee of the ment, and capability. It sets forth what The International Commission inves- Guests were received by the De-
also underlines our country’s consistent Parliament of Georgia, declared that the has to be done for the next year. That is tigating the Russia-Georgia war details fence Minister, Davit Sikharulidze. The
and unchangeable foreign policy priori- “Minister’s Vision 2009” was thorough- both, evaluation, and continuity to build attended the Defence Ministry of Geor- meeting was attended by Deputy De-
ty – such as Georgia’s aspiration to join ly discussed and positively evaluated by capability and continuity to work with the gia. The eight-person delegation was led fence Minister, Giorgi Muchaidze and
the North Atlantic Alliance Organization. their committee, as it correctly reflects NATO. Overall, it is good work”. Mr. by the chairperson of commission, Head of Analytical Department, Davit
It declares, in the “Minister’s Vision all the new realities, challenges and de- Irakli Sesiashvili from “Association of Heidy Tagliavini. Nardaia.
2009”, that Georgia will continue to up- mands of Georgian State. Mr. Gelashvili Justice and Freedom” noted that he likes Current developments at the conflict Heidy Tagliavini held the meeting in
hold its commitment toward the organi- strongly appreciated involvement of ed- “Minister’s Vision 2009”, because it zones and future activity plans of the the Joint Staff of GAF as well. Guests
zation, in order to intensify integration ucation among prior points. doesn’t look like some PR documents and commission were subjects of discus- were received by the Chief of JS, Col.
process and raise its compatibility with Mr. Nika Laliashvili, representative of correctly demonstrates all the existing sions at the Defence Ministry. Vladimer Chachibaia and his deputy,
NATO standards. It is also important that, Parliamentary Minority, Christian-Dem- problems in the defence system. Mr. Irak- After the August war, this made it the Brigadier General Davit Nairashvili.
among foreign priorities, there are listed ocrat Party mentioned that “Minister’s li Aladashvili, editor of military journal second visit at the Defence Ministry of As Chairperson of the delegation
points like, the deepening of bilateral re- Vision” is the only adequate conceptual “Arsenali” also mentioned that almost ev- this commission. Georgian MOD has who are investigating the Russia-Geor-
lations with partner countries and Geor- document in the country. “I am very glad erything necessary is highlighted in the cooperated actively with the Indepen- gia war details, Heidy Tagliavini, in-
gia’s intention to enhance its contribution that first time we see the words “lessons document, but now, the most important dent International Fact-Finding Mission troduced the commission’s course of
into international counter-terrorism and learned”. This means that government is the realization of these statements. Mr. on the conflict in Georgia and will con- action to the executive and legislative
peace support operations. realizes its mistakes and the State starts Koba Liklikadze, Military expert com- tinue to do so. authorities.
Official presentation of the “Minis- to base its decisions on past experience, mented that the document adequately re-
ter’s Vision 2009” document took place even on very bitter ones”. Mr. Giorgi flects post-war realities and problems re-
in Hotel “Sheraton Metekhi Palace” on Targamadze, the leader of Parliamentary vealed within the Georgian Armed Forc-
February 17. The ceremony was attend- Minority noted that in this case opposi- es last August, especially in the command
ed by representatives of executive and tion would cooperate with government system. “Also a military-civil relation is
legislative government, military attachés, for effective implementation of principles very interesting, because neither of the
ambassadors of foreign countries accred- pointed out in “Minister’s Vision 2009”. countries is able to win the war, if it
ited to Georgia, representatives of NGO’s LTC DA Nick Ridout, Defence At- doesn’t have support from society”, add-
and military experts. Mr. David taché of the United Kingdom of Great ed Mr. Liklikadze.
Sikharulidze, Minister of Defence of Britain and Northern Ireland, comment- “Ministers Vision 2009” appeared to
Georgia, presented the guests with the ed that the document is a very encourag- be the rare exception in our country’s re-
new document and briefly introduced its ing one, as it lays down very clear tar- ality which received positive appraisal in
main points. By the words of Minister - gets and requirements. “There weren’t almost every part of society that in itself
“Ministry of Defence of Georgia fully big surprises for us in the document; this is very encouraging. Now it’s time sim-
acknowledges its role in maintaining is very good, because it means the conti- ply to wish successful implementation of
country’s security and will undertake all nuity of policy that is very important. noted purposes that will provide for all
necessary measures in order to enhance Also it was very pleasant for me to see the citizens of Georgian to live in more
Georgia’s defence capabilities”. David among priorities greater coordination defensible, secure and hopeful country.
Sikharulidze also mentioned that docu- between Ministry of Defence and Joint Ana Alania Heidy Tagliavini

Munich Security Conference

The Hotel “Bayerischer Hof” in tervention and the militarization of the how vulnerable individual states were
Munich, hosted a very important forum separatist regions. The Vice President of when there was a breakdown in respect
on foreign and security policy issues in the United States of America Joseph R. for basic principles like peaceful reso-
Europe and beyond on February 6-8. Biden expressed his opinion on the Rus- lution of conflicts.
Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs of sian policy towards Georgia at the con- About the new security fears, Mili-
the German Federation, Frank-Walter ference, “We will not agree with Russia band made the following statement in
Steinmeier, opened the 45th Munich Se- on everything. For example, the United his report: “Europe’s security architec-
curity Conference there with an impas- States will not recognize Abkhazia and ture therefore needs to address new glo-
sioned call for a new era in global disar- South Ossetia as independent states. We bal fears and our traditional concerns.
mament. The conference began by fo- will not recognize a sphere of influence. And it needs to build on the systems and
cusing on issues of non-proliferation of It will remain our view that sovereign institutions that proved themselves over
nuclear weapons, arms control and states have the right to make their own the last few decades - NATO, the EU,
above all Iran’s feared nuclear weapons decisions and choose their own allianc- the OSCE, the UN and the Council of
program in Munich. es. But the United States and Russia can Europe - while reaching out to forge new
The German Foreign Minister also disagree and still work together where relationships to underpin our stability
made an appeal to the 300 high-ranking our interests coincide”. and prosperity”.
participants of the conference to contrib- Minister of Defence of Georgia, Dav- The issue of Georgia was raised by
ute in building a new security architec- id Sikharulidze, made a comment on NATO Secretary, General Jaap de Hoop
ture embracing Russia. Steinmeier also Biden’s report and mentioned that the Scheffer, during the meeting with the
insisted that arms control had to be ex- statement of the Vice President of the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Ivanov,
tended to include conventional weapons. United States of America is a clear mes- where they discussed - but did not agree
His own vision was a world without sage towards Moscow and practically on – Russia’s unilateral recognition of
nuclear weapons. To this end, Cold War the first public formulation of the for- Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
patterns of thought had to be overcome eign policy of President Obama’s admin- German Chancellor Angela Merkel,
20 years after the end of that era. But istration. French President Nikolas Sarkozy and
the suspension on the CFE Treaty by In his speech Biden also spoke about the Polish Prime Minister also talked
Moscow demonstrated that conventional challenges, what the US would do and about Georgia’s integration into NATO.
arms control was just as urgent as dur- what America hoped its partners would “Ukraine and Georgia will join NATO.
ing that period. consider. The Vice President named No third country is eligible to interfere
The participants of the Security Con- three main priorities within US activi- in this process. When these countries are
ference totaled 300 high-ranking and ties in the global arena where he gave ready to bring security to the alliance,
top-level participants from more than 50 a gentle hint to Russia on its aggres- they will become members of the North
countries, among them a dozen heads sive policy towards Georgia as well, Atlantic Treaty Organization”, said An-
of state and government and approxi- “The threats we face have no respect gela Merkel.
mately 50 high-ranking foreign and de- for borders. No single country, no mat- Nikolas Sarkozy agreed with Mrs.
fence policy-makers. ter how powerful, can meet them alone. Merkel regarding Georgia and Ukraine
Along with the defined political-eco- We believe that international alliances and said that NATO and EU are so im-
nomical issues of international security, and organizations do not diminish portant organizations, certain rules are
one of the main topics at the conference America’s power; they help us advance necessary to be kept. Distrust exists be-
was the current situation in the Cauca- our collective security, economic inter- tween Russia and EU after the Georgian
sus and building Russian military bases ests and values. So we will engage. We crisis. He does not think that today‘s
in Georgian occupied territories. The will listen. We will consult. America Common Foreign and Security Policy, difficult relations with many of your Russia is dangerous for NATO or EU,
speakers of the conference highlighted needs the world, just as I believe the Dr. Javier Solana Madariaga, also men- neighbors”. because Russia has plenty of internal
two fundamental changes in the assump- world needs America. But we say to our tioned Russia’s attitude towards its The Secretary of State for Foreign problems and conflicts to solve.
tions of European security architecture friends that the alliances, treaties and neighbours. As he stated from the EU, and Commonwealth of the Affairs Unit- The foreign and security policy mak-
and Europe’s relations with its neighbors international organizations we build the idea of Russia feeling threatened is ed Kingdom of Great Britain and North- ers at the Munich Conference reiterated
to the East. One is the Georgian-Rus- must be credible and they must be ef- absurd, “but for Russia, apparently, that ern Ireland, David Miliband, began his their support for the territorial integrity
sian War, the second, the recent gas cut- fective. That requires a common com- is the case. Russia should understand report about new threats of security in of Georgia and its Euro-Atlantic aspira-
off to Ukraine. In this respect, Georgia mitment not only to live by the rules, how small countries feel vulnerable be- parts of Eastern Europe, the Balkans and tions.
again gained the support of the world, but to enforce them”. side a giant neighbor. And that in today’s the Caucasus. He mentioned that the
as the west urges Russia to stop its in- EU High Representative for the world it’s not a good sign if you have conflict in Georgia last summer showed Tea Kerdzevadze

Awards Ceremony of Military Servicemen The First Judo Tournament

Continued from p.1 servicemen. The relatives some of Geor- heroes in Kharagauli, Lanchkhuti and
gian servants, who were recommend for Kobuleti. Corporals of IV infantry Bri-
Nine soldiers were invested with the a medal, were not able to attend the cer- gade, Zaza Glunchidze and Tengiz
Vakhtang Gorgasali’s Orders of I rank, emony. The leadership of the Ministry Chigladze, were awarded with Vakhtang
the Vakhtang Gorgasali’s Orders of II of Defence and the Joint Staff of GAF Gorgasal’s Orders of II rank and Cor-
and III ranks were granted to 13 mili- called on these families. poral of the First Infantry Brigade Rus-
tary servicemen and 10 servants - Mili- Junior Sergeant of the First Infantry lan Tsuladze was presented with Medal
tary Courage Medals posthumously. The Brigade, Ushangi Sophromadze and for Military Courage posthumously.
Leadership of MOD granted the rewards Captain of the Fourth Infantry Brigade, Ceremony of awarding medals took
to their family members. Aleksandre Tandashvili were invested place in Imereti as well. Head of MOD
Ten Georgian militaries who are with the national rewards posthumous- Administration, Otar Berdzenishvili vis-
serving in the forces were awarded as ly. The Vakhtang Gorgasal’s Orders of I ited cities of Samtredia, Tkibuli, Bagda-
well. Orders for Military Courage, Med- rank granted to their relatives Deputy di and Vani. The Head of MOD Admin-
als for Service and the Vakhtang Gor- Defence Minister, Shalva Kochladze istration handed over the Vakhtang Gor-
gasali’s Orders of III rank were granted and Commander of IV Infantry Brigade, gasali’s Orders of III rank to relatives
to them. Major Giorgi Kalandadze in Tbilisi. of Corporal of IV Infantry Brigade,
A few days later a separate awards A similar event took place in West Avedik Lomadze. Families of sergeants The first Judo tournament was held heavy weight class is Battalion Com-
ceremony was held at the Defence Min- Georgia. Deputy Defence Minister, Gela of the Second Infantry Brigade Nikoloz among the military servicemen of GAF mander of SO Forces, Lieutenant Davit
istry and national rewards were granted Berdzenishvili invested with national Porchkhidze, Zviad Katsadze and Ilia at the MOD sports complex “ORBI”. Dardzuli.
to the family members of killed military awards family members of the Georgian Gabunia were granted Medals for Mili- The military servicemen of all units of The tournament was attended by
tary Courage. the Georgian Armed Forces participat- Minister of the Culture, Monuments
As Otar Berdzenishvili mentioned ed in the tournament. According to the Protection and Sport, Nikoloz Rurua,
– the awarding process is permanent Olympic system, winners were divided Head of Sport’s Department, Davit
and not symbolic. It includes social into 7 weight classes among the wres- Namgalaury, Deputy Head of Judo Fed-
support measures for relatives of the tlers. eration, Davit Berdzenishvili and veter-
killed or missing Georgian military ser- Military athletes won medals. Cor- an sportsmen.
vicemen. poral of the V Infantry Brigade, Khvicha Winners were decorated with med-
“According to the Order of the De- Khaptani won in 96 kg category, Spe- als by Deputy Defence Minister, Giorgi
fence Minister of Georgia, issued on cial Operations’ Forces Sergeant, Ma- Muchaidze, and Deputy Chief of JS,
January 15th, 2009, was established muka Mazmiashvili - in 66 kg category, Major General, Devi Chankotadze and
council for” Considering Social Securi- Junior Sergeant of SO battalion, Zura Land Forces Commander, Col. Koba
ty Issues for the Family Members of Dogonadze overpowered in 73 kg class, Lachkepiani.
Killed and Missing Military Servants of Aleksandre Chakhunashvili, Lieutenant Judges of the international category
the Georgian Armed Forces during the of the Second Artillery Brigade - in 81 participated in the tournament as well.
warfare against Russian occupation,” by kg category, Corporal of the First Infan- Head of Sport’s Department, Davit
way of the Council activities 23 people try Brigade Mamuka Margiani - 90 kg Namgalauri on behalf of the Minister of
were employed and in the near future category, Corporal of the Engineering Culture, Monument Protection and
the number of them will be increased.” Brigade Kakhaber Murachashvili won Sport, granted presents to the Defence
Deputy Chief of Joint Staff BG Davit Nairashvili awarding the military serviceman - Otar Berdzenishvili said. in 100 kg category. The winner in a Ministry.