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Invited guests and people Eka Zghuladze, Iliko Sukhishvili

wishing to attend the solemn mil-
itary parade to mark the Georgian
Independence Day on May 26
gathered in front of the House of
Parliament on Rustaveli
Independence Day and Paata Burchuladze.
Following the awarding cer-
emony, solemn marching of sol-
diers began on the central ave-
nue. Parade was led by com-
Avenue and nearby territory at manders of military units. In to-
10:00. Military parade dedicated tal, 4325 infantrymen took part
to this important occasion was in the parade. The parade also
opened at 11:00 with the appear- featured communication and var-
ance of the Supreme Command- ious types of armored vehicles
er-in-Chief, Georgian President (Humvee, Cobra, BTR-80,
Mikheil Saakashvili. The Presi- EJDER). Artillery subunits
dent received the report from the passed by military vehicles and
Chief of the Joint Staff of GAF a wide range of artillery systems
Major-General Devi Chanko- (Msta-B, Geocint, RM-70,
tadze. At the event young Geor- GRADLAR, DANA) were dis-
gian singer Mariam Kakhelishvili played as well. The parade was
performed the Georgian state an- wrapped up by over flight of var-
them accompanied by the GAF ious types of helicopters (UH1-
Military Orchestra. After the an- 1H, MI-8, MI-24) and aircrafts
them president welcomed the na- (SU-25). Military servants
tion, honourable guests and con- marched on dressed in new mil-
gratulated them on the Indepen- itary uniforms and accompanied
dence Day; “Today, one of the with new military equipment.
oldest nations is celebrating Any person could attend the mil-
its Independence and young sov- itary parade.
ereignty. This is the most precious Towards the end of the pa-
day for the freedom-loving nation rade, Minister of Defence Bacho

because nothing is more precious Akhalaia declared that only cer-

and tender, then the independence tain part of the new combat
and the sovereignty of the nation, equipment and uniforms was
especially for the one, who en- presented before the public,
dured a lot of invasions and oc- which turned out to be quite
cupations from the world em- comfortable and easy to wear for
pires. Though, our nation resist- the militaries.
ed adversary continually and During the parade, attending
went on existence with persis- guests held a minute of silence
tence and dignity. That is why we to the memory of the president
attach so much significance to of Poland Lech Kaczynski, his
this day. I can remember very few wife and other Polish top offi-
nations, having experience of cials tragically killed in the air
fight for independence like Geor- catastrophe.
gians. If any nation can under- Among the invited guests
stand the price of freedom, this is were Catholicos Patriarch of all
Georgian nation. I would like to Georgia Ilia II and Holy Synod;
congratulate once again on the official representatives from leg-
Independence Day! Our nation is islative, executive and judicial
the most privileged one as it now branches, as well as from other
enjoys a long-desired freedom. state entities; Diplomatic Corps;
We are celebrating this event religious confessions; families of
without fear of possible repres- hero soldiers; artists and sports-
sions from occupier. Listen to the men; Public Defender’s Office;
sound of marching Georgian representatives of high educa-
army and military hardware. This declared president. bert Khinkiladze with Vakhtang Staff of GAF Major General vili, Ronald Akhalaia (prosecu- tional establishments and busi-
is not the sound of saber-rattling, Following the welcoming Gorgasali I Rank Order for their Devi Tchankotadze, Nino Ana- tor), Levan Aleksidze, Iulon ness circles. Military parade ded-
my friends; this is the sound of address, Georgian President contribution to the build up and niashvili, Nino Sukhishvili, Nika Gagoshidze, Ronald Akhalaia icated to the Independence Day
heartbeat of the Georgian state- awarded the Batumi Marine In- development of the country. Vacheishvili, Alberto Domingo (doctor), Niaz Diasamidze, Je- was also attended by family
hood. No matter how hard the fantry Battalion personnel-Nug- Mikheil Saakashvili personally Kabo, Daniel Kunin, Lado Gur- mal Chkuaseli, Nani Bregvadze, members of Mr. and Mrs. Kac-
enemy tries to stop this heartbeat, zar Sharashidze, Mirza Kont- granted Presidential Order of genidze, Koba Nakofia, Khater Irakli Ezugbaia, Ramaz Ni- zynskis and acting officials of
it will never manage to do it”, selidze, Aslan Inaishvili and Al- Excellence to the Chief of Joint Masadi, Aleksandre Bestavash- koleishvili, Shamil Korkoshidze, Poland‘s goverment.

President of Georgia Mikheil

Monument of Heroes
servicemen who died during the Rus-
Saakashvili unveiled the “Heroes Mon- sian aggression in August 2008.
ument” in commemoration of the Geor- “This new memorial bears the
gian soldiers fallen for the territorial in- names of 4000 Georgian heroes. You
tegrity. Defence Minister of Georgia can see here quite a lot of empty plac-
Bacho Akhalaia, Chief of Joint Staff of es. I wish more names would have nev-
Georgian Armed Forces Major-Gener- er been added to it. But if we want
al Devi Chankotadze, the leadership of Georgia to exist, all of us must be ready
Defence Ministry and GAF as well as to dress this uniform; in any decisive
the family members of deceased sol- minute we have to be ready to take arms
diers attended the solemn ceremony on in our hands and protect our homeland,
the Heroes Square. The memorial is sacrifice our lives and fill in the empty
dedicated to the memory of the cadets slates with our names on the monu-
killed in 1921, the leaders of the revolt ment”, stated Mikheil Saakashvili. The
1924, the soldiers fallen in Abkhazia President of Georgia put the special
during 1992-93 war and those military capsule with names of heroes near the

monument. would like to mention that here are the and is under development”, declared
At the ceremony the Defence Min- names of not only the warriors who fell Bacho Akhalaia to the journalists.
ister stated that the fact that Georgia is heroically in August 2008 but also “Heroes Monument” was projected
celebrating Independence Day is the those Georgian soldiers who died dur- by Spanish designer Alberto Domingo
merit of these heroes. “We all are ing 1990s and earlier period. Thanks Cabo. But the idea of its creation be-
obliged to keep their memory green. I to them Georgia is independent today longs to the Georgian President.

Open Day at Vaziani Military Base Concert at Military Base

Students from the Mtskheta-based imtseishvili and Deputy Minister of The event was held with the initia-
public school No. 2 visited the Vaziani Education and Science Irina Kurdadze. tive of Defence and Education Minis-
Military Base of the 4th Infantry Bri- They also got acquainted with the train- tries. Around 30 teen-agers of 12th grade
gade. While getting familiar with the ing process of militaries. At the base, the of the Mtskheta School visited the base
military and combat equipment, the soldiers invited young guests to have within the program of “Civil Defence
schoolchildren were accompanied by dinner with them and afterwards hand- and Safe School”.
Deputy Defence Minister Nikoloz Dz- ed presents and souvenirs to them. The pilot project is being implement-
ed in 15 schools throughout Georgia, in-
cluding No. 2 Public School of Mtskhe-
ta. On the basis of the president’s initia-
tive, Ministry of Education and Science
elaborated the new civil defence and
safety program in coordination with the
representatives from Defence Ministry,
Interior Ministry, Ministry of Environ-
ment Protection and Natural Resources
and Ministry of Labour, Health and So-
cial Affairs, together with foreign ex-
perts. Newly-developed curriculum in-
volves the issues like civil defense, road
safety, first medical aid, history and ar-
mament of the Georgian army. From the Celebration of the Georgian Indepen- gia. Everything the armed forces are
beginning of a new academic year, the dence Day on May 26 ended by holding doing is intended for the well-being of
subject will be introduced in all Geor- of concert for military servicemen. Fol- the country. Other people do also their
gian schools. lowing the military parade, the concert best to rise our motivation and spirit and
was organized at the military base of the in its demonstration held the concert
4th Infantry Brigade at the initiative of specially for us” stated Senior Sergeant
Recruits Take Oath Ministry of Defence. In celebration of
this day, Georgian musical bands “33a”
and “Prani” dedicated songs to soldiers.
of the Brigade in an interview with jour-
Along with militaries, Minister of
A total of 718 recruits of GAF took a
military oath on May 21. A solemn cere- Niaz Diasamidze performed musical Defence Bacho Akhalaia and Leadership
mony was held in Kutaisi-based monas- compositions specially written for this of MoD and JS attended the event. The
tic complex of Gelati. Father Kalistrate day. “I would like to congratulate the grandiose fireworks concluded the mu-
gave his blessing to the soldiers and Independence Day to the whole of Geor- sical performance.
wished them every success in accom-
plishing their duties. The oath taking cer-
emony was attended by Chief of JS of
GAF Major-General Devi Chankotadze
and other leading figures of MoD and JS.
The recruits were going through the
basic combat preparation course at the
territory of the 3rd Infantry Brigade base.
Within 5 weeks period of trainings, they
were delivered lessons both in theory and
practise. Trainings involved individual
preparation of soldiers as well as adop-
tion of skills in first medical aid and com-
mon military regulations. At the second
stage of trainings, the military service-
men will have to undergo preparation in
such areas as evacuation of wounded
from battlefield, fire and tactical opera-
tions and communication basics. An ini-
tial phase of combat preparation is due
to last till June 20.

‘We are working for better future of our country’

Interview with the Commander of Training and Military Education, Colonel Nickoloz Janjghava
tember like in public schools. At the first nations. So their level of preparedness for girls but the system is segregated.
course we’ll admit 100 students, 100- will be under constant and strict moni- As far as I am informed the same
11th and 100 – 12th grade students. To- toring. kind of institution was functioning
tally, during three years lyceum will pre- Let’s assume that graduates of in Georgia. What was the reason for
pare 300 cadets. Cadets Lyceum will successfully com- closing it?
Do you plan to make focus on some pete with their mates and receive high Yes, you are right. The lyceum was
certain subjects? grades at the national exams. Do you functioning but it had many problems.
We want to pay special attention to have any guarantee that they will Generally the 90s was very difficult pe-
mathematics, physics and chemistry, so refuse to continue studies in the civil riod for Georgia. The situation was very
we want to concentrate on technical sub- educational institutions and choose hard in the army, as well as in Cadets
jects. This does not mean at all that we’ll military academy instead? Lyceum. The military educational insti-
pay less attention to other disciplines. We don’t have any guarantee. Our tution could not provide the high quali-
The school program will be identical to task is to inculcate in the young genera- ty education for young generation, so it
any other regular schools. All the pro- tion respect and love for military, to had no sense to preserve it.
grams for schools are elaborated by the teach them what it means to be a sol- Who initiated to restore the Cadets
Ministry of Education and Science and dier, what advantages will they have if Military Lyceum?
consequently the same program will be they enter the Defence Academy and The initiative comes from the Presi-
used in our lyceum. become officers. In general we are work- dent of Georgia and we are very grate-
The graduates of the Cadets Lyce- ing for better future of our country. The ful for this. We must think about our
Cadets Military Lyceum is due to in order to find out why the applicants um must be competitive with the pub- more educated, well-disciplined and future generation, new generation of
start functioning in Georgia in autumn. decided to associate their future career lic school students at the national ex- prepared citizens we’ll have the better officers who will not be constrained with
Many countries have educational mili- to military life. Their motivation is very aminations. How are you going to it will be for Georgia. soviet system. Cadets Lyceum will be a
tary programs where juveniles are able important for us. We are not going to make them competitive? Will cadets enjoy any kind of priv- very good institution for creation of new
to gain productive military preparation force them to become military service- I can’t say anything in advance but ileges? generation of officers. Earlier we start
and leadership skills. In that vein, Geor- men. After graduation of Cadets Lyce- what I can definitely say is that we are They won’t have any special privi- their training the better results we’ll re-
gian Defense Minister is working to re- um they will pass the national examina- going to offer our students the best con- leges, but they will have more time and ceive.
store the Cadets Military Lyceum in the tions and to follow military or civilian ditions and high standards. Together opportunity to get the best education and Was it necessary to make any kind
city of Kutaisi. The lyceum will be an career will be their choice. with the Ministry of Education we’ll be more focused on educational process. of legal amendments?
educational institution where children Have you already developed cur-
can master military disciplines and be riculum for the lyceum?
given more rigorous and intensive phys- The curriculum will be similar to
ical education. “Defence Today” inter- the public school course of study only
viewed the Commander of Training with additional military disciplines. This
and Military Education, Colonel will be gun assembly-disassembly, drills
Nickoloz Janjghava and physical exercises. By the end of the
What is the goal of establishing the year the cadets will have field-practical
Cadets Military Lyceum? exercises. Those cadets who will decide
Establishment of the Cadets Corps is to continue studies in the Defence Acad-
one inseparable part of ongoing defence emy will be physically and morally
reformation process, especially in terms ready for their future military career.
of military educational sphere. The pro- Lyceum will be like boarding school
cess itself consists of several stages and where the students will live and train
the first one is creation of Cadets Mili- together for five days a week. I want to
tary Lyceum. This will be the military underline that this will not be a military
educational institution where we’ll pre- unit but militarized public school.
pare the students of 10 th, 11 th and What about infrastructure, can
12 th grades. The Cadets Military you say a few words about the condi-
Lyceum will be a military educational tions?
institution where we’ll prepare the per- At this stage we are going to open mil-
sonnel for Defence Academy. Upon itary lyceum in Kutaisi. Later we plan to
graduation of the lyceum, cadets will be establish the same kind of military educa-
able to enter the academy and get mili- tional institution in Tbilisi. In Kutaisi, on
tary education there during four years. the territory of former military base the in-
What are the basic requirements frastructure is refurbished. Now the base
for schoolchildren to be enrolled at the is being equipped with modern equipment
Cadets Lyceum? and selection process of the personnel is
The first and the foremost require- underway. The base for lyceum will be select the best tutors. We’ll not From Monday to Friday they will be We made some amendments in the
ment is high level of education. Each completed by the 1st of August and ready only control how fast the cadets can run under our supervision. Exercises, free Law on Education. The major require-
student will have the certificate with the for the coming academic year. The stu- and how far can they throw the hand time and lesions will be integrated. All ment was to integrate the military edu-
list of scores. They will undergo the test- dents will have the best conditions to learn grenades but also we’ll constantly check cadets will have military uniform spe- cational institution in a united education-
ing in general skills. The tests will be well, train and prepare for the national ex- their level of education in each disci- cially designed for each of them. All the al system and get accreditation. As far
worked out by the Ministry of Educa- ams. This generation will be our worthy pline. Those hundred students will be instruction materials beginning from as I know the draft passed through two
tion and Science. They will be tested in successor. divided in four or five groups and the books to learning equipment will be free parliamentary hearings and will be ap-
physical fitness as well, although this When the educational process will instructors will be able to pay more at- of charge. They will be provided with proved in the nearest future.
won’t be the military standard physical start and how many students are you tention to each of them individually. It the best meals four times a day. During What can you say about tutors?
test but tailored to the students of the going to admit? will be the matter of prestige for us how these three years we take all responsi- How are you going to select them and
9th grade. We’ll also conduct interviews The academic year will start in Sep- the cadets will pass the national exami- bility on them. In fact we are not invent- will you choose them from military or
ing anything new, everything civilian candidates?
is approved and tested. Military servicemen will teach only
You mentioned that the same kinds military subjects. This will be guns or
of institutions are function in many basic military tactic. The youngsters
countries throughout the world. Did must feel what army is and what it means
you take one concrete example or col- to be a military. This will be a kind of
lated experience of various countries ideological and physical training,
and tailored it to existing specifics? Together with the Ministry of Edu-
In fact, as I’ve already mentioned, cation and science we’ll declare the con-
this system is well approved worldwide. test, and anyone can take part in it. We
The system is similar elsewhere. This is are committed to select the best of them.
the boarding school system where The lyceum will have director appoint-
the boys are spending five from seven ed by the Defence Ministry and will pro-
days in the lyceum. They can go home vide overall management of lyceum ad-
on weekends. We are going to have very ministration.
interesting exchange programs with the How would you urge parents to
similar military educational institutions take their children out from public
of other countries. That’s one of the schools and enroll them at the Cadets
main reasons why we’ll pay utmost at- Lyceum?
tention to foreign languages, especially The parents must be sure that they
to the English language. I can’t say that children will be protected. They will
we copied the system of one concrete acquire those qualities that will be use-
country. The system is functioning the ful throughout entire life. They will
same way in all countries from South make friend and the most important of
Korea to the United States of all will receive the best education,
America. We admit only males. In oth- this will be elite militarized civil edu-
er countries the same kind of schools are cational institution.

Managing Defense in Wider Security Context

NATO Professional Development ing shared her opinion regarding the ister congratulated attendees on the suc-
Center within the framework of 2010- event. “We are very pleased to finally cessful completion of the course and
2011 Bilateral Cooperation Plan be- be here in Georgia to work with the outlined that the knowledge gained dur-
tween Georgia and the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence in Georgia and with ing two weeks period will help them in
of Great Britain and Northern Ireland participating nations on the very impor- managing defence in democratic system.
organized seminar at the Georgian De- tant issue of managing defence in a de- “This was the workshop, organized un-
fence Ministry. During two weeks, MoD mocracy. The course will be covering a der the auspices of NATO in the Geor-
civilian and military staff shared the variety of issues from how to analyze gia-United Kingdom cooperation for-
experience of the British experts on the security context, how to improve mat, which was attended by the local
Managing Defence in Wider Security interagency cooperation in development representatives, as well as representa-
Context. Besides MoD personnel, rep- of national security and defence policies. tives from Black Sea and Caucasus
resentatives of Parliament of Georgia, We’ll also be looking at relevant man- countries. Besides, participants of this
Office of state Minister on European and agement issues from strategic planning seminar had an opportunity to establish
Euro-Atlantic Integration, Ministry of to knowledge management and so on in contacts that would sustain the fruitful
Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign order to develop better capability cooperation among the partner coun-
Affairs, National Security Council, Min- amongst other participating countries in tries”, stated Mr. Kharshiladze.
istry of Economic Development, State terms of providing for defence and se- The British Ambassador emphasized
Minister of Reintegration took partici- curity”, mentioned Dr. Cleary. importance of seminar adding, “It was
pation in the course. The Georgian MOD The course was specifically tai- a very successful training course, pro-
also invited representatives from lored to help adopt the best Western forces, governance in transitional de- gic and change management. vided by two very important institutions
Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia and practices in managing defence in new mocracies and transparency. Partici- By the end of the course, Deputy in UK - Cranfield University and De-
Moldova to attend the course. democracies. The course involved lec- pants also had opportunity to receive Defence Minister Nodar Kharshiladze fence Academy. This event was part of
Dr. Laura Cleary from UK’s Defence tures and discussions on regional se- information about media relations, and Ambassador of the United Kingdom our desire to help Georgia modernize not
Academy who has planned the whole curity challenges, strategic defence leadership, and cross-government ap- to Georgia Denis Keefe handed the par- only its defence systems and but in fact
course and delivered the part of the train- review process, role of modern armed proach in policy development, strate- ticipants over certificates. Deputy Min- the whole political system.”

Simulation Center Opens at National ISAF Mission

Peacekeeping company of the Geor-

Training Center ‘Krtsanisi’ gian Armed Forces returned to Georgia.

Military servants of the 23rd Battalion
of the 2nd Infantry Brigade took part in
instructors underwent a special prepa- ISAF (International Security Assistance
ration to lead simulative exercises for Force) operation under the French Com-
militaries in cooperation with the U.S. mand in Kabul. Georgian peacekeepers
military experts group CUBIC. The first started their mission in November 2009
series of staff trainings is scheduled to and provided security of 15 NATO‘s
be held by the end of July with partici- member and partner countries’ military
pation of the 41st Battalion. stationed on the French Base.
U.S. Ambassador to Georgia John “We can proudly say that the peace-
Bass stated that the fact of opening the keeping mission has been performed
mentioned centre is one more confirma- successfully. I want to extend my grati-
tion of support from the American side tude to each military for their devoted
to the Georgian government. “We are service in this mission,” mentioned Se-
pleased to have funded the construction nior Lieutenant Jemal Tsitadze upon ar-
of this facility. It’s an important piece rival from Afghanistan.
of improving the Georgian militaries 172 military servicemen of GAF
ability to train and prepare so profession- Land Forces and Orthodox Chaplain
ally for the wide branch of missions that Father Ioseb carried out their mission in
it maybe asked to perform. The scenery Afghanistan during six months.
is part of broader commitment to help
Simulation Training Center was As Deputy Defense Minister Nodar Georgian militaries and Georgian gov-
opened for the military servicemen of
GAF in the National Training Center
“Krtsanisi.” The center opening ceremo-
Kharshiladze mentioned this is the first
simulation centre in Georgia. He
thanked to the American side for assis-
ernment develop all of its capabilities
to be able to assess threats and look at
them within the contexts of national se-
Day of the Armed Forces
ny was attended by Deputy Defense tance. “This centre gives possibility to curity strategy and make good decisions
Minister Nodar Kharshiladze, Chief of our Armed Forces to undergo all kinds about how to respond to those threats
Joint Staff Devi Chankotadze, United of exercises and training. The center also and its part of our enduring commit-
States Ambassador to Georgia John R. gives opportunity to carry out inter agen- ments to Georgia and are supported for
Bass and accredited military attaches. cy trainings,” mentioned Nodar its territorial integrity and sovereignty,”
The Simulation Training Center was Kharshiladze. stated the U.S. Ambassador.
formed through the framework of the Thanks to the modern technologies As Major Emzar Svanidze stated
U.S.-Georgia bilateral cooperation. The installed at the facility, military subunits simulation system is one of the best op-
United States, under the ongoing collab- will be capable to create favourable con- portunities as meeting with real combat
oration, donated the center with advanced ditions for trainings. Military exercises cartridges always connects with threats.
technical equipment and developed spe- will be conducted at tactical, operation- Except this condition, simulation cen-
cial training programs for it. The con- al and strategic levels. The new centre tre is maximally approached to the real-
struction of the Centre was finished in will enable the soldiers to plan military ity. In the entire world, at first trainings
December 2009 and the equipment in- operations beforehand, to realize them are undergone by simulation system and
stallation began from January, 2010. and make subsequent analysis. Georgian then in reality.

On April 30 Georgian Armed Forces were happy to personally host the chil-
celebrated the 19th anniversary of its dren who, with their presence, brought
foundation. Georgian Defence Minister in a special fun and gayety in the mili-
personally congratulated the soldiers on tary units. Today, the children were re-
the professional day. In celebration of the ceived in all dislocation places, who will-
jubilee, Mr. Akhalaia visited several mil- ingly congratulated the soldiers with this
itary bases and awarded successful sol- jubilee”- Minister told journalists.
diers with service medals. Soldiers were Alongside the Defence Minister, the
also congratulated by schoolchildren. children enthusiastically took a view of
Under the Ministry’s initiative, a military the Senaki military base technical equip-
open day was specially organized for ment and armament and had dinner in
them in Senaki, Vaziani and Gori mili- company of soldiers. Defence Minister
tary bases. “I would like to congratulate and military servants handed over the
all the Georgian militaries on this impor- guests various presents and souvenirs.
tant occasion. From now on, we will try Armed Forces Day was also marked by
to introduce a new tradition of holding a series of concerts being held during
open days at bases. Today, the militaries three days in the military bases.