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BILUNG ADDRESS CHANGE ORDER PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER LUwettadeon Accounts Payable 929K062 147682 ‘21 North Par, Sue 5304 ™m Ww Madison iW S97A5-218, PATE) 08 20 2020 = UNIVERSITY OF Wz-HADEBON| ROBIN DIANGELS LLC SHIP aren: KRVSTAM RUGKER Sas N 202ND ST TO 1818 BASCOM HALL, S00 LINGOLN DRIve SEARELE, WA, $2155 waptsoy, WI Sa706 contact: KA¥SADPIUCKER) 6o-282-165s Fog TERMS DELIVERY ORDER TYPE: STATECONTRACT v 130 cH ire cuaryyonr T TTEM DESCRIPTION [eeunonry cone [ unr pace! Toray on 1 LO? Fee/Honorarium for Dr. Robin DiAnge¥@ for ges1eUGbu000 12750,00 ya_75W.0 speaking at the the UW-Madison DOSzA 2020) Diversity Forum on October 27, 2090, Tora, 12,750.00 VENDOR NOTE: Payment #11 Belmad= upon acceptance of the mat@rial/service sy tha ordering departausiit. CHANGE ORDER GREATEE|PO CHANGE the total amount becouse: arogg MM to be done virtually due so covrp=1 5, TERMS: NET 30 DAYS VENDOR NOTE: TECHNICAL QUESTEONS REGARDING HIS PURCHASE onMER WILL BE ANSWERED BY THE COWMACT PERSON LISTED UNDER THE, DELIVERY ADDRESS. HOWEVER, NO CHANGES TO THIS ORDER CAN SE NADE WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION FROM THE PURCHASING SERVICES DEPARTMENT. Fog)UNIVERBETY UBE\ ONLY 02620 101 A02080¢ 0 oGg0000 DEPARTMENT PO COPY) FOR INTERNALUSE ONLY