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This Supplemenntal Memorandum executed on this the fifth day of

Februvary 2011 by A.S Antony Samy son of Sebastian aged 42 Religion
Christian residing at Konakkollaipatty, M.K. Veduthi, Karambakudi Taluk
(hereinafter referred as Mortgagor / s) IN FAVOUR OF INDIAN BANK, a Body
Corporate constituted under the Banking Companies (Acquisition and Transfer
of Undertakings) Act, 1970, having its registered office at 762 Anna Salai,
Madras 600002, carrying on business in banking among other places at
Regunathapuram 622 302 (hereinafter referred as Mortgagee)

The Mortgagor / s has / have already deposited on 9/3/2009 at IOB

Aranthangi – No. 67/09 the following documents of title relating to his / their
property / properties listed hereunder with the Mortgagee with intent to create
an equitable mortgage in favour of the Mortgagee over the property / properties
to Which the documents relate to and described hereunder for the purpose of
securing repayment to the Bank of all the amounts owing to the Bank under
advances made to Mr A.S Antony Samy Son of Sebastian by the Mortgagee
by way of loan / cash credit / overdraft not exceeding Rs. 2,00,000/-(Rupees
Two Laks Only) (I memorandum 2.5 Lakhs, Now Rs. 2.00 lakhs) together with
interests, charges thereon.

The Mortgagor / s further declare / s that the documents deposited are all
that were in his / their possession and control and that the property / properties is
/ are not charged or encumbered in any way whatsoever.

agor / s

1 03.06.2005 Partition deed between Mr. S. James Original

and others (Doc. No. 618/2005, S.R.O
2 26.12.2007 Sale deed executed by Original
Tmt. C. Kulanthaiammal infavour of
Mr. A.S.Anthoni Samy (Doc. No.
1874/2007, SRO Karambakudy)
3 20.07.2006 Sale deed executed by Mr. S. Arul Original
peter in favour of Mr. A.S.Anthonisamy
(Doc. No. 881 / 2006, S.R.O
4 06.09.1979 Partition deed between Original
Thangaprakasam and others (Doc. No.
1080/1979, S.R.O. Karambakudy)
5 30.12.2008 Mortgage discharge receipt executed Original
by the secretary, Karambakudy co-op
Primary Agricultural and Rural
Development Bank Ltd., infavour of
Thangaprakasam and others (Doc. No.
1545/2008, SRO.Karambakudy)
6 20.07.2000 Sale deed executed by Xerox copy
Arockiathammal and Another infavour
of Kulanthaiammal (Doc. NO.
674/2000, SRO Karambakudy)
7 29.12.2008 Encumbrance certificate No. Original
1054/2008 from 1.1.1984 to
8 29.12.2008 Encumbrance Certificate No. Original
1055/2008 From 01.01.1987 to
9 05.01.2009 Kist receipt Original
10. 30.01.2009 VAO Certificate, Vadakkalore Vattam Original
11. 01.08.2008 Computer patta issued by the deputy Original
Tahsildar, Alangudi
12 29.12.2008 Computer patta issued by the deputy Original
Tahsildar, Alangudi
13 23.12.2008 ‘A’ Registrar Copy True Copy
14. 30.12.2008 Adangal True Copy
15. U.D.R.Patta Xerox Copy

Pudukkottai District & Registration District, Aalangudi Taluk, Karamabakkudi Sub

Registrar Office, Panduvakkottai Village, Nanjai.

Sl.No A.C Survey No. Boundaries

1. 1.32 19/1D Pudukottai District, Pudukkottai
Registration District, Alangudy Taluk,
(0.53.5) Karambakudy Sbu. Registrar Office,
Panduvakkottai, Konakollaipatti
2 0.14 37/33 -

2. 0.91 81/2 West of Arul Peter
North of Arokiasamy
(0.37.0) East of Ponnusamy
South of Arulandhu
3. 0.90 81/2 East of A.S. Anthonisamy
South of Arulandhu
North Devaraj
0.36.0 West of Vincent
4. 0.61 81/4 South of Arockiasamy and another
North of Road
(0.24.5) East of Santhiyagu
West of Chellaiyan
Total an extent of Acre 3.88 Cents.

In witness whereof the Mortgagor / s has / have set his / their hand the
day, month and year first above written.



gor / s.