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List of battery types

This page is a list of notable battery types grouped by types of battery.


An AA size alkaline cell, one of

the many types of battery.
Primary cells or non-rechargeable Secondary cells or rechargeable
Batteries by application
batteries batteries

Alkaline battery (zinc manganese Aluminium-ion battery Automotive battery

oxide, carbon) Carbon Battery Backup battery
Aluminium–air battery Battery (vacuum tube)
Atomic battery Single Carbon Battery[1]
Battery pack
Dual carbon battery[2][3][4]
Radioisotope thermoelectric Battery room
generator Flow battery Battery storage power
Betavoltaic device station
Vanadium redox battery
Bunsen cell Biobattery
Zinc–bromine battery
Chromic acid cell (Poggendorff cell) Button cell
Zinc–cerium battery
Clark cell CMOS battery
Lead–acid battery
Daniell cell Common battery
Deep cycle battery Commodity cell
Dry cell
VRLA battery Electric vehicle battery
Earth battery
AGM battery Flow battery
Frog battery
Gel battery Home energy storage
Galvanic cell
Grove cell Glass battery Inverter battery
Leclanché cell Lithium-ion battery Lantern battery
Lemon/potato battery Nanobatteries
Lithium ion lithium cobalt oxide
Lithium battery battery (ICR) Nanowire battery
Lithium air battery Lithium ion manganese oxide Local battery
Magnesium battery battery (IMR)
Polapulse battery
Mercury battery Lithium ion polymer battery
Photoflash battery
Molten salt battery Lithium iron phosphate battery
Reserve battery
Nickel oxyhydroxide battery Lithium–sulfur battery
Smart battery system
Lithium–titanate battery
Oxyride battery Watch battery
Thin film lithium-ion battery
Organic radical battery [5] [6]
Lithium ceramic battery battery
Paper battery
Magnesium-ion battery Wet cell
Pulvermacher's chain
Metal–air electrochemical cells Zamboni pile
Silver-oxide battery
Solid-state battery Lithium air battery
Sugar battery Aluminium–air battery
Voltaic pile Germanium air battery
Calcium air battery
Penny battery
Iron air battery
Trough battery
Potassium-ion battery
Water-activated battery Silicon–air battery
Weston cell Zinc–air battery
Zinc–air battery Tin air battery
Zinc–carbon battery Sodium-air battery
Zinc chloride battery Beryllium air battery
Molten salt battery
Microbial fuel cell
Nickel–cadmium battery

Nickel–cadmium battery vented

cell type
Nickel hydrogen battery
Nickel–iron battery
Nickel metal hydride battery
Low self-discharge NiMH battery
Nickel–zinc battery
Organic radical battery
Polymer-based battery
Polysulfide bromide battery
Potassium-ion battery
Rechargeable alkaline battery
Rechargeable fuel battery
Sand battery
Silicon air battery
Silver-zinc battery
Silver calcium battery
Silver-cadmium battery
Sodium-ion battery
Sodium–sulfur battery
Solid-state battery [7]

Super iron battery

Zinc ion battery

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Fuel cell

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