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Key Players

Morgan Stanley, a leading U.S. Investment Bank,

omotesinnovation as well. Thisvisionwasdevelopedundertheleadership of the
new president John Mack and hisexecutiveteam.
PresidentMackwaslookingforpeopleto ³shake up the culture.´ With heavy
resistance, he recruited Paul Nasrto be theSeniorManaging Director in Capital
MarketServices. Paul was a highlyregardedbankerwithovertwenty (20) years of
experience. He knewthatone of Morgan Stanley¶sweakareaswas Capital
MarketServices, anareawhere he hadbeensuccessful in thepast. Paul
alsoknewthatitwouldtake more than a
traditionalcorporatebankertopenetratethismarket. Thatpersonmust be
energetic, aggressive and innovative. That¶swhy he recruitedRobParson.
Robdevelopedrelationshipswiththeimportantplayers in thebanking and
insurance industries and a strongreputation. Robisnoteasilydiscouraged

Π  Π
orintimidated and knowswhatittakestogetthejob done. His drive and

Sequence of Events

The position that Paul neededtofillwasdifficulttoperform and had a

veryhighturnoverrate. He thoughtthatRobwastheperfectpersontofillthatbillet.
Robacceptedthe position withtheunderstandingthattherewas a
potentialforgrowthbecausetheeffortwas in need of repair and thatthe Morgan
Stanley had done verylittlebusiness in Capital Markets. Paul
implicitlypromisedRob a promotiontomanaging director duringrecruitment.
Robneverthoughtthat he wouldhavetotip-toe oneggshellswhendealingwithco-
workers. The new presidentwantedpeoplewhocouldshakethings up and
Robhadbeensuccessful in bringing Morgan Stanley intothisMar ket. However,
itseemedthat he has createdsomeanimosityamonghispeers. Morgan Stanley
instituted a 360 degree performance... ?