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10 The DePaulia. May 16, 2011
NuLIon & WorId
It began in Canada with a small
group oI Iive Iriends outraged
aIter a Toronto police oIIicer
told law students they would
be saIer iI they didn`t dress
like 'a slut. What began as a
conversation among Iriends grew
into a multinational movement.
with protests scheduled across
the world.
The protests. known as
SlutWalks. began in Toronto on
April 3 and have since spread
worldwide and are coming soon
to the streets oI Chicago.
'SlutWalk isn`t iust about
rape and assaultit`s not
about iudging people on their
sexual behavior and on double
standards. said Jamie Keiles.
a co-organizer oI the Chicago
SlutWalk. 'Instead. let`s iudge
them as a person.
Since SlutWalk's inception. it
has become 'a lot broader oI an
idea. Keiles said. 'It`s about
promoting sex positivity and
giving people agency over their
identity. she said.
Keiles said she hopes the
movement will inIorm people
about victim blaming'the
idea that victims oI rape are at
Iault and somehow their actions
contributed to the Iact that they
were assaulted. she said. 'It`s
an accountability Ior all people to
know that`s not true.
Many DePaul students plan to
participate in Chicago`s SlutWalk
protest on June 4.
'It is never the victim`s Iault.
and the notion that women were
asking Ior it` is exactly what
the victimizers use to explain
their actions. said Ireshman
Andreia Lapsys. who plans on
participating in the Chicago
SlutWalk. Lapsys. a public
relations maior said. 'Girls dress
to attract the attention oI guys.
but so do they. Why should
women be Iorced to change what
they wear?
DePaul Ireshman and political
science maior Angelika Giatras
also plans to attend the upcoming
Chicago march. Giatras said
the Canadian police oIIicer`s
statement was 'completely
ridiculous and added that.
'It reveals the problem oI
stereotyping in society. and such
thinking unIairly places blame on
victims Ior crimes against them.
But not everyone disagreed
with the police oIIicer`s 'slut
remarks which said. 'Women
should avoid dressing like sluts
in order not to be victimized.
according to the Associated Press.
'Honestly. I kind oI agree with
that statement. iI a girl is dressing
promiscuous that obviously
means they want some sort oI
sexual attention. said Alanna
Bagladi. a Ireshman maioring in
digital cinema. 'II they`re going
out to the bars and not looking Ior
sexual relations they shouldn`t be
so suggestive. she said.
Some DePaul students said that
how a woman chooses to dress
doesn`t necessarily have to do
with sexual attention.
'Everyone is entitled to
dress and express their own
sexuality however they please
and should never be shamed Ior
those very personal decisions.
said Melina Lindsey. a iunior
maioring in secondary education.
According to Lindsey. students
'can recognize that what people
choose to do with their bodies is
entirely up to them.
Chicago`s own 'SlutWalk
protest is scheduled to take
place on June 4th. with the walk
assembling at the Thompson
Center Plaza an hour beIore
marching at noon. There will
be live music and entertainment
Iollowed by a social gathering Ior
drinks and conversation on the
patio at Zella. 1938 N. Clybourn
starting around 3:30 p.m. aIter
the walk.
Giatras encouraged students to
participate in the walk. and said.
'The only way you can aIIect
change is to take the time and
eIIort to protest and make your
voice heard.
CIIcugo geurs up Ior SIuLWuIks
From left, sa Stearns of Somerville, Mass., Nadia Friedler of Cambridge, Mass., Louisa Carpenter-Winch, of Cam-
bridge, Mass., and Emma Munson-Blatt, of Cambridge, Mass, chant during the "SlutWalk" in Boston on Saturday, May
7, 2011, which organizers described as a demonstration against those who blame the victims of sex crimes.
Photo courtesy of The Associated Press
With the glamour and extravagance oI
the royal wedding over. British taxpayers
must think about the wedding's aItermath
and how much it is going to cost them in
the end.
British taxpayers have been leIt with
security costs. estimated to total at least
$11 million. according to the Associated
However. the increase in tourism and
retail sales are said to have helped boost
the British economy.
'The British expended millions on an
event that drew two billion television
viewers and hundreds oI thousands oI
people to the streets. said Patrick Murphy.
an associate proIessor oI management in
DePaul University's Kellstadt Graduate
School oI Business. 'From a purely
business or economic perspective. it's
important to understand the true meaning
and value oI so many eyeballs coming
together. he said.
'The idea oI tourism doesn't mean
the same thing in today's world as it
did in 1981. when Diana and Charles
were married. Murphy said. 'I don't
think anyone who understands tourism
realistically expected a big spike in
tourists headed to Britain and spending
money. he said.
Charles and Diana`s wedding. in
comparison to William and Kate`s.
was much more grandiose. with more
international travelers. a longer procession
and a close-to three month honeymoon.
The newest royal couple said they were
being mindIul oI the tough economy when
planning the wedding. according to the
Still. the amount oI money spent leIt
some people thinking that it may have
been over the top given the current state
oI the British economy.
'The initial Iixed cost helped ensure
a successIul event that impressed the
world and eIIectively mitigated the
many potential variable costs oI a poorly
executed large event. Murphy said.
'The waste in money is a valid claim.
said Sean Ring. a student at DePaul.
However. Ring said once the security
costs are divied up to taxpayers. the money
doesn't amount to too much.
Murphy said the overall production
oI the wedding is something that Brits
had been looking Iorward to and will
remember Iorever.
'The royal wedding's real return Ior
the British has less to do with tourism
and more to do with the intangible
beneIits associated with the large scale
socialization oI a core element oI British
culture. Murphy said.
'It's very hard Ior an American to
understand it but. Irom the point oI view
oI many British people. the day oI the
royal wedding was a great day to be
British. Murphy said.
DePuuI gIves ILs Lwo cenLs on rovuI weddIng's economIc ImpucL
Britain's Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall watch as Brit-
ain's Prince William kisses his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge on the
balcony of Buckingham Palace after the Royal Wedding in London Friday,
April, 29, 2011.
Photo courtesy of The Associated Press
Nation & WorId. May 16. The DePaulia 11
Photos and news courtesy of The Associated Press
TIIs week In worId news
A rar |s seer al lre W|rdoW ol a d||ap|daled ou||d|rd |r 8ucra(esl's r|slo(|c d|sl(|cl. Tru(sdav. Vav 5. 2011. Vosl
ol lre r|slo(|c ou||d|rds. Wr|cr escaped dero||l|or |r corrur|sl l|res. a(e |r a ve(v poo( cord|l|or as lre|( (|drllu|
oWre(s dave lrer up lo( lrarc|a| corpersal|ors l(or lre slale (alre( lrar rav|rd lo sperd lo (eslo(e lrer. Rorar|ar
aulro(|l|es a(e rov|rd al a ve(v s|oW pace W|lr lre (eslo(al|or ol lr|s orce lou(|sr|rd a(ea ol lre Rorar|ar cap|la|.
Tre u.3. Erv|(or-
rerla| P(olecl|or
Adercv o(de(ed l|||ro|s
ollc|a|s lo adopl sl(|cle(
Wale(-cua||lv slarda(ds
lo( sl(elcres ol lre Cr|-
cado R|ve(. sav|rd |l rusl
oe c|ear eroudr lo( (ec-
(eal|ora| use. |rc|ud|rd
sW|rr|rd. acco(d|rd lo a
|elle( serl lo lre slale ard
oola|red ov a reWspape(.
Tre Cr|cado T(|oure (e-
po(led Tru(sdav lral lre
u.3. EPA serl a |elle( lo lre
l|||ro|s Erv|(orrerla| P(o-
lecl|or Adercv derard|rd
lre sl(|cle( slarda(ds oe
sel lo( pa(ls ol lre Cr|cado
R|ve(. lre Ca|-3ad Crar-
re| ard lre L|ll|e Ca|urel
R|ve(. Trev sa|d c|earup
srou|d oe corp|eled as
soor as poss|o|e.
ll slale ollc|a|s la|| lo
adopl sl(|cle( slarda(ds.
lre EPA W||| p(orpl|v do
so |lse|l. lre |elle( sa|d.
A decade ol |rveslrerls
|r Wa||Wavs. ooal (arps
ard pa(|s rave p(ov|ded
peop|e W|lr access lo lre
Wale( ard roW We reed lo
ra|e su(e lre Wale( |s sale
3usar ledrar. lre u.3.
EPA's (ed|ora| adr|r|sl(a-
lo(. sa|d |r a slalererl.
Lasl vea(. lre slale Po|-
|ul|or Corl(o| 8oa(d ad-
opled slarda(ds lral Wou|d
ra|e lre Wale(Wavs c|ear
eroudr lo( ooal|rd ard
peop|e Wro o(|elv la|| |r
lre Wale(. Wr|cr la||s sro(l
ol (ecu|(ererls urde( lre
C|ear wale( Acl.
A Russ|ar-ls(ae|| wo(|d wa( ll vele(ar Wea(s r|s ur|lo(r W|lr deco(al|ors
as re Wa|ls lo ra(cr |r a sl(eel pa(ade ra(||rd \E 0av |\|clo(v |r Eu(ope)
|r Je(usa|er. wedresdav. Vav 11. 2011. 3co(es ol ls(ae|| wo(|d wa( ll vele(ars
l(or lre lo(re( 3ov|el ur|or ra(cred lodelre( W|lr lre|( lar|||es |r Je(usa|er
wedresdav lo ce|eo(ale lre lr arr|ve(sa(v ol lre A|||es v|clo(v ove( Naz| 0e(-
rarv |r 1915.
A (eoe| so|d|e( slards dua(d al a W|rdsWepl crec| po|rl or lre ouls||(ls
ol 8erdraz|. L|ova. wedresdav. Vav 11. 2011. P(essu(e |s rourl|rd or
Voarra( 0adral l(or W|lr|r r|s sl(ordro|d |r lre L|ovar cap|la|. W|lr |rc(eas-
|rd NAT0 a|(sl(||es ard Wo(ser|rd sro(lades ol lue| ard doods. Ar acl|v|sl sa|d
F(|dav lral lre(e ras a|so oeer a Wave ol arl|-dove(rrerl p(olesls |r seve(a|
T(|po|| re|droo(roods lr|s Wee| d|sserl lral |r lre pasl ras oeer rel W|lr ze(o
lo|e(arce ard o(ula| lo(ce.
3v(|ar secu(|lv lo(ces
opered l(e or lrou-
sards ol p(olesle(s F(|dav.
|||||rd al |easl ore pe(sor
W|lr a dursrol lo lre read
as so|d|e(s l(|ed lo read oll
derorsl(al|ors ov occupv-
|rd roscues ard o|oc||rd
puo||c scua(es. acl|v|sls
Tre dealr |r lre cerl(a|
c|lv ol lors ra(|s lre |al-
esl o|oodsred |r Wral ras
oecore a Wee||v (rvlrr
du(|rd lre lWo-rorlr up(|s-
|rd. W|lr p(olesle(s la||rd
lo lre sl(eels eve(v F(|dav.
or|v lo oe rel W|lr ou||els.
lea( das ard oalors ov se-
cu(|lv lo(ces.
Lead|rd rurar (|drls ac-
l|v|sl Vazer 0a(W|sr sa|d
F(|dav's v|cl|r Was srol |r
lre read. A secord acl|v|sl
|r lors pul lre dealr lo|| al
Al l(sl lrev opered l(e |r
lre a|( oul lre peop|e cor-
l|rued lre|( Wav. ard lrer
lrev srol d|(ecl|v |rlo lre
c(oWd. lre secord acl|v|sl
sa|d. as||rd lral r|s rare
rol oe used lo( lea( ol (ep(|-
sa|s l(or lre dove(rrerl.
le sa|d secu(|lv lo(ces
d(essed |r o|ac| ard p(o-
(ed|re durrer |roWr as
srao|ra We(e do|rd lre
lurar (|drls d(oups sav
lral oelWeer Z00 ard 850
peop|e rave oeer ||||ed
s|rce lre sla(l ol lre (evo|l
ada|rsl P(es|derl 8asra(
Assad's (ep(ess|ve (ed|re.


The nation`s largest
online poker companies
were Iorced to Iold on April
15 aIter the FBI seized
the Internet addresses
oI the sites. Authorities
unsealed Iraud and money
laundering charges against
the companies` chieI
The poker community
nicknamed the shutdown
'Black Friday. as many
Americans rely on online
poker Ior their main source
oI income. An estimated 8
to ten million people live
oII their online earnings.
according to a player`s
advocacy group.
Many students are among
those millions.
DePaul student Marty
Rose played an average
24 tables simultaneously
Irom 2009 to 2010. With
this money. Rose was able
to Iully support himselI.
paying Ior rent. tuition and
other expenses.
Neel Choksi. 20. has
Iully supported himselI
since he was 18 years old
with poker money. Choksi.
a Lakeview resident. used
his earnings to pay Ior a
year oI tuition at DePaul.
While some argue
proIessional poker is risky
behavior. Choksi said. 'it`s
a great idea.
'Even with all oI this.
Choksi said. 'I don`t regret
it at all.
'Going broke is almost
unheard oI iI the player has
selI-control. Choksi said.
'Most proIessionals use
rules where we only play
games that we have 100
buy-ins Ior. which reduces
the variance. However. he
added. 'OI course you get
the bad apple who can`t
help but play out oI their
This is not the Iirst
time the government tried
to shut down the online
poker empire.
According to
the Federal
D e p o s i t
I n s u r a n c e
in 2006
the Bush
instituted the
U n l a w I u l
I n t e r n e t
G a m b l i n g
Act (UIGEA).
The act
i n s t i l l e d
r e g u l a t i o n s
that created
o b s t a c l e s
Ior online
gambling companies
to legally operate in the
United States.
26-year-old poker
enthusiast JeIIrey SaberoII
oI Cleveland. Ohio. said
he blames the UIGEA Ior
Iorcing the online poker
companies to use illegal
methods Ior which they are
now being indicted.
'The UIGEA Iorced the
online poker companies
to set up shell companies
and Iraudulently corrupt
payment processors
into transIerring their
checks. so that the players
could receive money Ior
gambling. SaberoII said.
SaberoII said many oI his
Iriends make an average
$300-$400 per day. Many
oI his college Iriends didn`t
need to take out student
loans. They relied solely
on their online winnings
Ior tuition
costs and other
'There are
also players
out there that
may have
made $50.000
a day. easy.
SaberoII said.
'Now they
must go Iind
a iob where
they may be
lucky enough
to make that in
a year.
Accor di ng
to Los Angeles
Times. The
M a n h a t t a n
court has oIIicially Iiled
money laundering and Iraud
charges against the site
owners oI Full Tilt Poker.
PokerStars. AbsolutePoker.
and Ultimate Bet.
A 24-yearold senior
at DePaul University.
Nick Daglas played only
Ior recreational purposes.
However. unlike other
students. Daglas did not
rely on his winnings.
'Individuals make a
living Irom online poker.
Millions oI people are now
out oI a iob due to these
sites being eliminated.
Daglas said.
'I have a number oI
Iriends who rely on poker
to pay the bills who are
moving to other countries
where online poker is
legal. said Rose. 'Many oI
them are going to Canada
because it's close and
English speaking
SaberoII said many oI
his Iriends in his online
poker community are
also considering moving
to other countries where
online poker is legal.
'Most Iulltime players
are waiting Ior the dust to
settle with the indictments
and see what happens.
beIore moving residences.
SaberoII said.
Many are hopeIul Ior the
shutdown to be overturned.
or that regulations Ior
online poker companies
will be created. allowing
them to legally operate
within the U.S.
Neel said he believes
that within two to three
years. regulated poker
sites backed by Las Vegas
Casinos may arise.
'I panicked Ior the Iirst
24 hours oI learning online
poker had been shutdown
because a large percentage
oI my network was tied
up online. Choksi said.
'American players can`t
access our accounts so
there isn`t much we can do
10 The DePaulia. May 2, 2011
I panicked for
the hrst 24 hours
of learning online
poker had been
shutdown because
a large percentage
of mv network was
tied up online.
Sonoma State sophomore Chris Benton, 18, is surrounded by Poker books at his home in Fremont,
California, August 14, 2007. Benton is one of a small but growing number of teens who see online
poker as more than just a pastime, but as a vocation.
Photo courtesy of MCT WIRE SERVICES
NuLIon & WorId
Student loan debt
surpassed credit card
debt Ior the Iirst time
last year and as more
students pursue college
and graduate level degrees
this year. is predicted to
exceed $1 trillion dollars
this year.
However. the number
oI applications to DePaul
at the undergraduate level
rose 40 percent Irom
2010. according to DePaul
Assistant Vice President
Ior Institutional Research
and Market Analytics. Liz
While applications to
DePaul`s undergraduate
programs increased
substantially. enrollment
at DePaul`s College oI
Law decreased 17 percent
Irom 2010 compared with
the national average oI an
approximate 11 percent
drop. said Michael Burns.
the Assistant Dean and
Director OI Admissions at
DePaul`s College oI Law.
Burns said part oI the
economic decline is in
part responsible Ior the
drop in applications as
many prospective students
are concerned about
increasing their student
debt during at a time when
positions Ior lawyers in
some markets are on the
Yet. even as Law school
applications decrease
nation wide. DePaul`s
Pre-law advisor. ProIessor
David Barnum said he
believes that student
interest in law school is
as great as ever. Barnum
said there has always been
a bimodal distribution oI
salaries Ior lawyers and
that DePaul students
remain conIident that
they will Iind themselves
prospering aIter law
school. making Law
school worth the expense.
DePaul students seem to
be optimistic about other
graduate opportunities as
Freshman Jake Garcia.
a sound recording
technology maior. said
expense was certainly a
maior consideration in his
choice to attend DePaul
and would continue to be
a Iactor in his graduate
plans. However. he said
that presently he was
'more concerned with
where graduate school
could get him than with
the expense and associated
Timantha Tran.
a sophomore and
psychology maior.
also acknowledged the
signiIicance oI expense
in her choice to attend
DePaul. However. she
said the scholarship
given to her by DePaul
and the nature oI the
5-year undergraduate and
graduate program she
is enrolled in made the
expense worthwhile.
or onIIne poker, Is IL
game over?
Getting degree still helps
The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows higher trends
in unemployment for those who did not graduate high
school than those with higher education in 2010.
Unemployment rate by education level
Men and women age 25 and oIder
2011 MCT
Source: U.S. Labor Departments Bureau of Labor Statistics
Graphic: Chicago Tribune
2010 2011
Less than high school
Bachelors degree or higher Only high school
Some college
TIe prIce
Lug oI un
SLudenL Iouns surpuss
credIL curd debL
The amount owed on student Ioans in-
creases at a rate of about $2,854 per es-
cond. Student debt is predicted to exceed
$1 triIIion sometime this year.
Nation & WorId. May 2, 2011. The DePaulia 11
Photo courtesy of The Associated Press
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - PaIestinians have reached initiaI
agreement on reuniting their rivaI governments in the West Bank
and Gaza, ofciaIs from both sides said Wednesday, a step that
wouId remove a main obstacIe in the way of peace efforts with
Even before the agreement was to be signed, however, key
questions about how to unify rivaI security forces remained un-
soIved, and IsraeI immediateIy rejected the prospect of a PaIes-
tinian government incIuding Hamas.
Fatah and Hamas ofciaIs said the pIan, brokered by Egypt,
caIIs for the formation of a singIe caretaker government in the coming days. The
government wouId administer day-to-day business untiI new presidentiaI and
IegisIative eIections are heId in exactIy one year.
"We have a comprehensive agreement now. We have
agreed on aII the issues," said Azzam aI-Ahmed, the
chief Fatah negotiator in the reconciIiation taIks. It was
not cIear when the agreement wouId be signed.
Hani Masri, a member of a PaIestinian deIegation that
met with Hamas Ieaders in Syria and the new
I e a d e r - ship in Egypt, said the poIiticaI upheav-
aIs in both countries pushed the two rivaIs together
and "made the agreement possibIe."
AI-Ahmed said that under the deaI, Fatah and Hamas security forces wouId be
Jasor VcC(a|re
s|ls |r Wral used
lo oe a T|l|e 8uc|s Tru(s-
dav. Ap(|| 28. 2011. alle(
a sl(ord lo(rado (|pped
lr(oudr Tusca|oosa. A|a..
or wedresdav. P(es|derl
8a(ac| 0oara sa|d re
Wou|d v|s|l A|aoara F(|-
dav lo v|eW darade ard
reel W|lr lre dove(ro(
ard lar|||es devaslaled
ov lre slo(rs. 0oara
ras a|(eadv exp(essed
cordo|erces ov prore lo
0ov. Rooe(l 8erl|ev ard
app(oved r|s (ecuesl lo(
ere(dercv lede(a| ass|s-
Kare| Kaolare. lre
(eclo( ol lre 0(ard
Voscue ol Lvor. poses
|r lre roscue |r Lvor.
cerl(a| F(arce. Tru(sdav.
Ap(|| 28. 2011. Tre F(ercr
roscue |s see||rd exp|a-
ral|or l(or u.3. aulro(|-
l|es ol docurerls (e|eased
ov w|||Lea|s |derl|lv|rd
lre roscue as a le((o(|sl
(ec(u|lrerl ruo. Kaolare
savs re rel Tru(sdav W|lr
a u.3. d|p|oral|c ollc|a| lo
d|scuss lre docurerl.
A Yerer| d|(| ro|d-
|rd a oa||oor s|ls or
lre d(ourd rexl lo a rer-
oe( ol P(es|derl A|| Aodu|-
|ar 3a|er dua(ds sro(l|v
oelo(e lre a((|va| ol 3a|er
lo de||ve( a speecr lo sup-
po(le(s |r 3araa.Yerer.
F(|dav. Ap(|| 29. 2011.

8(|la|r's P(|rce w||||ar. lo(ed(ourd |ell. ard r|s W|le
Kale. lre 0ucress ol Caro(|dde. lo(ed(ourd (|drl.
|eave weslr|rsle( Aooev lo||oW|rd lre|( ra((|ade. Lor-
dor. F(|dav. Ap(|| 29. 2011.

10 The DePaulia. April 18, 2011
NuLIon & WorId
The U.S. invaded Iraq eight
years ago. Despite promises oI
removing Iorces. nearly 50.000
U.S. troops remain in Iraq today.
DePaul`s Middle East
Politics Association (MEPA)
wcommemorated the anniversary
on April 8 with a panel oI Iraqi
students and staII to discuss the
war. current conditions in Iraq.
and the resulting reIugee crisis.
'I want to tell other people
Iraq lost. America lost .nobody
won. said MustaIa Basree. a
student at DePaul and an Iraqi
reIugee. Born in Baghdad. his
Iamily was Iorced to Ilee to Syria
in 2005 aIter several threats to
their lives.
In Syria. Basree said his
Iamily struggled to assimilate to
a new culture and Iind work.
AIter Iinally settling down. in
2009 the United Nations High
Commissioner Ior ReIugees
(UNHCR) oIIered Basree`s
Iamily resettlement in the United
'I come Irom a culture where
men kiss each other on the cheek
out oI respect or love; you can`t
do that here. Basree said.
Basree now studies biology
and chemistry at DePaul and is
president oI MEPA. He hopes to
become a microbiologist to Iind a
cure Ior cancer.
Other panelists included DePaul
Arabic proIessor Mahmoud
Sae`ed. an Iraqi-American and
award-winning novelist. and
Islamic Studies proIessor. Laith
Al-Saud was born in Baghdad
but grew up in the United
States. With a Shia mother and
Sunni Iather. Al-Saud said the
denominations oI Islam are not as
exposed as the U.S. media would
have us believe.
'|Islamic denominations| are
only important now since its been
publicized by outsiders. he said.
Although Basree has been
in the U.S. throughout the
occupation oI Iraq. Al-Saud said
he remembers the Iirst GulI War
and is Irustrated by the current
situation and 'Islamaphobic
views oI many Americans.
'II we`re going to turn this
country around. we have to do it
together. Al-Saud said.
US InvusIon oI ruq goes on eIgILI veur, DePuuI commemoruLes
:ettler re|ier
France was declared to be the most
militantly` secular country of
Western states in a BBC analysis
of church and state relations:
'Secularism is the closest
thing the French have to
a state religion. It under-
pinned the French Revolu-
tion and has been a basic
tenet of the countrvs pro-
gressive thought since the
18th Centurv.
To this dav. anvthing
that smacks of ofhcial
recognition of a religion -
such as allowing Islamic
headscarves in schools - is
anathema to manv French
France defnes the right oI Iree-
dom oI religion as a liberte pub-
lique (public liberty). rather than a
civil right (as interpreted in most
other countries).
Along with Islamic veils. the
wearing oI crucifxes. Jewish kip-
pa skullcaps and other religious
symbols are banned Irom public
"Veil ban continued from cover
plicitly state it. Abed said she
Ieels the ban targets the Mus-
lim community.
'It is telling them they are
not French enough and that
to be French. she said. 'you
have to shed your religious
and cultural identity to some-
how ft in.
According to Abed. these at-
titudes do not run parallel to
those in the U.S.
'Although there is tension
here and a rising xenophobia
that targets and profles Mus-
lims. she said. 'we still praise
Abed said that in Chicago.
most oI the violence over rip-
ping scarves oII Muslim wom-
en does not take place at De-
Paul University. 'On campus
there is a lot oI appreciation
Ior diversity. she said.
When the veil debate was
approved last July. a survey by
Pew Research
Center Iound
Western Euro-
pean countries
to be in over-
whelming sup-
port oI the ban.
According to the
survey. 71 per-
cent oI Germans
and 62 percent
oI British said
they would sup-
port a similar
law in their own
countries. In
contrast. 65 per-
cent oI Americans said they
would oppose such a measure.
University President Rev.
Dennis Holtschneider said
banning Iace veils has never
been considered at DePaul.
'That conversa-
tion doesn`t exist
here. he said.
'Our Muslim
student popula-
tion has grown
in recent years.
and it`s greatly
enriched us as
an institution.
Hol t schnei der
In 2004 France
banned religious
s ymbol s i n-
cluding cruci-
fxes and Islamic
veilsIrom public schools.
Church and state were Ior-
mally separated in France
more than a century ago. a
time when Muslims were bare-
ly a presence in the country.
Today. France has the larg-
est Muslim population in the
world. with 10 percent oI the
country's 64 million people
who are Muslim.
But oI the 5 million Mus-
lims living in France. less than
2.000 wear a Iull Iace veil.
Warner said she believes De-
Paul University and Chicago
have 'a very open and accept-
ing environment Ior students
who have diIIerent thoughts.
belieIs and ideas to kind oI
work together and challenge
each other. to push those
'I think this is a very posi-
tive environment to have these
kind oI discussions.
Even though
some people think
that the hiiab and
burqa opresses
women. its still a
Groups work Lo preserve IdenLILv In runce, vIew women's oppressIon dIIIerenLIv
Women supporters of Pakistani religious party Jamat-i-slami rally to condemn the ban imposed on
wearing a burqa or veil in France, Thursday, April 14, 2011 in Lahore, Pakistan. Placard on left reads
"veil is pride, respect and security of a woman."
Photo courtesy of The Associated Press
One week ugo, runce becume LIe hrsL worId counLrv Lo muke IL IIIeguI Lo weur sIumIc veIIs In pubIIc. PerspecLIves on women's oppressIon und IdenLILv
Nation & WorId. April 18, 2011. The DePaulia 11
Congress narrowly avoided a shutdown oI the U.S. Iederal government on April 8. reaching a tentative
compromise on a budget with $38 billion in cuts. Despite claims Irom both political parties that the
$38 billion in budget cuts is a noteworthy step towards reducing the national debt. the Congressional
Budget OIIice estimates the bill will only cut $352 million Irom the deIicit through Sept. 30.
9emetre|: :|mie Kert|liter eller|: |e limi| ltrirj ler
e|er|ier rrerier:, :ttl e: |lerre |erer|lee, e: well
e: iri|ie|ire: |e elimire|e |le |rrirermer|el |re|et|ier
/jert': rewer |e :e| ter|er emi::ier :|erer: er
rejtle|e jreerlet:e je: emi::ier:.
|trirj ler |eme': /llere|le Cere /t| er Kete |e |le
Ier ette|ier rrejrem were irtlte ir |le |ill e:ri|e
:|rerj Kert|liter erre:i|ier.
Ile elimire|ier el ltrirj ler |le re|ierel lijl :ree reil
::|em, wlitl i: lilel |e rt| |le |rele: er Celilerrie':
S1J |illier :trer rrejet| er :imiler erelermer|: etre::
|le U.'.
Kert|liter: rlete e ter er |le ltr t:e |e temrer:e|e
trime rit|im:, ere|lirj |lem |e tleim er et|re SS |illier
ir :erirj:.
Ile Cerrere|ier ler |t|lit Kreete:|irj, wlitl rrerie:
leerel ltrirj N|K er |K', we: tt| | S&J millier,
wlile |le ||/ we: tt| | SI. |illier, e I rerter|
etree:e lrem |le rreriet: eer.
Ile 9erer|mer| el 9eler:e reteire er et|re SS |illier.
Ile eler:e irtree:e teme wi|l er ei|ierel SIS.& |illier
|e ltr |le ter|irtirj wer: ir |re er /ljleri:|er, ere
el |le erl erer|mer|: |e :ee er irtree:e ir i|: |tje|.
..| :ttte::e: irtlte |letlirj |le |r|erier 9erer|mer|
lrem erlertirj i|: "wil ler:' relit ler |le re:| el |le
eer, wlitl tetl erer tr mere rt|lit ler: |e eil er
je: etrlere|ier.
Ile ere:tre el S.Z |illier lel|erer U.'. Cer:t: ltr: we:
|le lerje:| :irjle rrejrem tt|, er ettetr|irj jimmitl
|le| ere|le Cerjre:: |e tleim |le :erirj:, e:ri|e i|
|eirj rreriet:l :le|e ler elimire|ier.
There are a halI dozen words Ior drug cartel inIormants. and dou-
ble that Ior drug war dead. "Narco" has become a general prefx. The
trend has people worrying that Mexico is developing a kind oI oII-
hand iargon that anesthetizes people by making escalating violence
seem routine.
Some experts. however. say slang and euphemisms can help people
deal with the horrors around them.
Some Mexicans are so terrorized by the especially brutal Zetas
gang that they reIer to the cartel in hushed tones as "The Last Letter."
or merely "The Letter."
Ih| /''C|/I|9 |K|''
eopIe murcI In IronL oI LIe NuLIonuI PuIuce durIng u proLesL uguInsL vIoIence In MexIco CILv
on AprII 6, zo11. TIe sIgn reuds In SpunIsI: 'CuIderon, murderer oI voungsLers`.
10 The DePaulia. April 11, 2011
NuLIon & WorId
In the States. 'Mexican Iood
was always at the top oI my
list oI Iavorites. ReIried beans.
guacamole. nachos. tacos. and
dare I say it the occasional late
night Queso Crunchwrap Supreme
Irom Taco Bell. I knew when
I traveled to southern Mexico.
these 'Tex-Mex dishes probably
wouldn`t appear on every menu.
What I didn`t know was that
lumping Yucatecan cuisine in
with my perception oI 'Mexican
Iood would be doing it quite an
From the succulent Pollo
Pibil chicken marinated in red
chili paste and orange iuice. to
the tostada-like Panuchos and
Salbutes a sure bet on every
appetizer menu in Merida. to the
delicious Sopa Lima lime soup
with tomato and cilantro. Iood
Irom the Yucatan state in Mexico
is as Ioreign and delectable as
those countries who do not share
a border with the U.S.
In Mexico. dishes such as
burritos and Iaiitas are imported
Irom the United States; American
Ioods that can be rather hard to
Iind when walking along the
streets oI Merida.
Food is more than a means oI
sustenance here; it is part oI the
national identity. Yucatecan dishes
are a cultural display as signiIicant
and beautiIul as Merida`s historic
colonial architecture or the ancient
ruins oI the Riviera Maya.
No matter the Iare. meals are
social events here. Coming Irom
a culture in which I`m doing well
to make it out oI my apartment in
the mornings with a piece oI toast
and a to-go mug oI coIIee. it is
odd to sit at the table and enioy
every meal oI the day Ior at least
a halI hour. Domesticity is still
the liIestyle oI most women here.
and Iood preparation is an integral
part oI their trade.
Men. on the other hand.
dominate the restaurant industry
a precedent I was quick to
note in my Iield notes Ior my
anthropology class. Due to the
cultural value placed upon Iood.
waiting tables is held in high
regard. Thus. men prevail in the
However. the most mouth-
watering meal I`ve had thus Iar
in Yucatan was prepared by a
sweet Mayan woman at a small
cocina iust outside oI Merida.
She did not speak any English.
so my Iriends and I ordered the
Iirst thing she suggested. While
it looked rather daunting when
she placed it in Iront oI us with a
plateIul oI tortillas a bubbling
black stew with meaty bones
surIacing at odd angles it tasted
better than anything I`ve ordered
at the lovely bistros downtown.
II I only knew the name and
recipe oI the mystery dish.
I would prepare it every night
when I return to Chicago. iust
to Irighten my roommates out oI
asking Ior a bite oI my dinner.
An Afghan protestor holds a banner during a peaceful protest in Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday April 7, 2011. Cler-
ics at the protest of about 300 people say a U.S. pastor who burned a Quran should be prosecuted and Americans
should withdraw from Afghanistan.
'In iust a Iew short minutes Paul Carisma
said his country`s way oI liIe was destroyed.
'The Haiti earthquake was a horrible
experience. he said. Carisma came to
Chicago aIter the 2010 Haiti earthquake to
Iinish high school. Now. he is a Ireshman
at DePaul University and on April 1. he
participated at 'Taste Ior ZaIen. a beneIit
aimed to help the people oI Haiti.
The beneIit celebrated the one-year
anniversary oI ZaIen. a micro loan proiect
aimed to support sustainable economic
development in Haiti. The organization
does so by providing interest-Iree loans to
entrepreneurs to start businesses.
'I got involved with ZaIen because it is a
really helpIul organization. Carisma said.
'What makes them diIIerent is that their
loans are interest-Iree. It is very beneIicial
Ior the overall community.
The event raised more than $15.000.
which was matched by the Vincentian Iamily
Ior a total donation oI $30.000 to Haitian
entrepreneurs. Much oI this money will be
used to buy an irrigation pump. enabling a
village to Iarm additional land and improve
local nutrition.
Since ZaIen`s inception one year ago. the
organization has raised more than $300.000.
According to Laura Hartman. the DePaul-
appointed representative oI the proiect. $25
can put a child through school Ior a year
or can buy a water Iilter that can help stop
'Imagine what $350.000 could do. It`s
economic transIormation. she said.
The money will also be used Ior clean
water Iilters Ior about 100 Iamilies and Ior
tuition Ior schoolchildren.
According to Yasmine Caiusce. a member
oI the proiect`s board and DePaul graduate
student. the proiect was designed in a model
that can be easily done again.
'I hope that proiects like ZaIen can be
repeated throughout the world. she said.
'This proiect lets people`s dreams come
Marcus Saint Jaen. a Haitian who currently
attends DePaul. said he became involved
because he 'really believed in it and its
'Sometimes it costs iust as little as $10 to
get started. but they don`t have the Iunds.
Jaen said. 'Nobody ZaIen helps is getting
anything Ior Iree. It really is about helping
others help themselves.
Jaen said his Iavorite aspect oI the program
is seeing them succeed because so much oI
the country is in need. 'This is absolutely
beneIicial Ior them. he said. 'It is not only
helping Haitians. but helping the whole
'II you go to certain areas oI Haiti. you
can see hope in people`s eyes. But in some
areas you can`t. Jaen said. 'For the country
as a whole. the only thing they have is hope;
they don`t have any money. iust hope.
Nation & World Editor
A farmer in Boucan-Carr displays
eggplants cultivated as a result an
irrigation water pump received from
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Girard
"Quran burning continued from cover
and the Internet, streaming a
video of a fellow Pastor lighting
a kerosene soaked Quran on fire
via YouTube and Facebook.
'It's sad that it's always the
fundamentalist crazies that get all
the media attention, said Jordan
Kelley, 20, an economics and
religious studies major at DePaul
University. Kelley is also liaison
to the university for Intervaristy,
a interdenominational Christian
'I can understand why they
would get really upset, he said.
'But at the same time, it's sad
that they had to take what a
small group did and put it on a
bigger scale.
In Afghanistan, President
Hamid Karzai announced the
story publicly, calling for the
U.S. government to condemn
Pastor Jones for his offenses
to Islam and the Muslim
community. This was the first
time news of the burning had
been released in the country.
Protesting of the video-taped
burning of the Quran began
on Friday, April 1, in Mazar-i-
Sharif, one of the least troubled
areas of the country with little
known pro-Taliban or anti-
American sentiment. There
were no Americans stationed in
Mazar-i-Sharif at the time of the
Demonstrations spread to other
cities in the country and lasted
four days, resulting in multiple
deaths and one of the worst
attacks on the UN. In Mazar-i-
Sharif, thousands of people took
to the streets, some peacefully.
However, others sought out
foreign targets, mobbed a UN
compound and killed seven UN
workers and five Afghanis, BBC
News reported.
'The average Afghani gets
their news from people around
them. It's very traditional that
way, said Khalil Marrar, a
political science professor at
DePaul University. 'They're not
really going to understand that
Pastor Jones is a minority in
America and that everyone is not
happy with it.
Images of an American igniting
Islam's sacred scripture can fuel
the frustrations felt by Afghanis
towards the U.S.'s presence in
Afghanistan as a whole.
Khaled Keshk, an associate
professor of religious studies at
DePaul said the pastor's problem
is that he sees the actions of
the 10 people on Sept. 11 as
a representation of Islam as a
'We do the same thing. So
for the Afghanis to do the same
mistake shows they are as
civilized as we are.
Photo courtesy of The Associated Press
HuILI works Ior susLuInubIe monev, Iood
Nation & WorId. April 11, 2011. The DePaulia 11
Tr|s coroo pro-
lo ol 9 po(l(a|ls
sroWs Acre |rd|derous
rer W|lr lre|( laces
cove(ed W|lr l(ad|-
l|ora| pa|rl|rd du(|rd
a p(olesl derard|rd
lre (elu(r ol arcesl(a|
|ards l(or Pa(aduav's
dove(rrerl. lurd(eds
ol Acre lrd|ars rave
sel up carp or lre
d(ourds ol Pa(aduav's
erv|(orrerla| adercv.
La 3ec(ela(|a de| Aro|-
erle |3EAV). derard-
|rd lre dove(rrerl
(elu(r lre|( arcesl(a|
|ards. ove( 11.000
ac(es. rea( lre Voa(a-
cavu Fo(esl Nalu(e Re-

Arl|-dove(rrerl p(oleslo(s sroul s|odars du(|rd a derorsl(al|or de-
rard|rd lre (es|dral|or ol Yerer| P(es|derl A|| Aodu||ar 3a|er. |r 3a-
raa. Yerer. Tru(sdav. Ap(|| Z. 2011. 0elv|rd a dead|v dove(rrerl c(ac|doWr.
lers ol lrousards ol p(olesle(s or wedresdav pou(ed |rlo lre sl(eels ol Yerer's
secord |a(desl c|lv |r lre |alesl derorsl(al|ors ada|rsl lre |ord se(v|rd p(es|-
derl. A(ao|c W(|l|rd or p(oleslo('s surd|asses (eads: Leave.
Po||ce ollce(s
use sr|e|ds lo
cove( lrerse|ves l(or
pa|rl lr(oWr ov deror-
sl(alo(s du(|rd a p(olesl
ol ur|ve(s|lv sluderls
ada|rsl a dove(rrerl
o||| lo |rc(ease p(|vale
|rveslrerls |r puo||c
ur|ve(s|l|es |r 8odola.
Co|oro|a. Tru(sdav.
Ap(|| Z. 2011.
Pl0T03 AN0 NEw3 C0uRTE3Y 0F
C0VPlLE0 8Y 5$&+(/0(7($

A slalue ol Var|||r P|ss deco(aled W|lr cre((v o|ossors ard d|sasle( p(everl|or
dea( slards |r a To|vo slal|or. Japar. Tru(sdav. Ap(|| Z. 2011. Tre oarre( (eads
Keep lre sp|(|l. Easle(r Japar |a(ea r|l ov lre lsurar|) . Tre deco(al|or Was rade ov
a |oca| vo|urlee( d(oup. Nea(|v a rorlr alle( a 9.0-ea(lrcua|e dere(aled lre lsurar|
a|ord Japar's ro(lreasle(r coasl. ro(e lrar 11.Z00 peop|e a(e sl||| r|ss|rd. Varv ol
lrose rav rave oeer Wasred oul lo sea ard W||| reve( oe lourd.
10 The DePaulia. April 4, 2011
Libya wins independence aIter three decades oI Ital-
ian colonial rule and eight years oI U.N. trusteeship.
Libya was the frst oI the Iormer European posses-
sions to get independence.
Moammar Gadhaf. a 27-year-old army captain.
leads a largely peaceIul coup that overthrows the
monarchy and soon becomes Libya's disputed ruler.
He moves to establish a socialist system. including
nationalizing businesses. and supports groups con-
sidered by the West to be terrorists.
U.S. Jets bomb a Gadhaf compound in Tripoli aIter
Libya is Iound responsible Ior a bomb blast at a Ber-
lin discoteque Irequented by U.S. troops. The U.S.
airstrikes kill Gadhaf's adopted baby daughter.
Suspected Libyan agents plant a bomb that blows
up Pan Am Flight 103 over the Scottish town oI
Lockerbie. killing 270 people. mostly Americans. In
the wake oI the bombing. Libya becomes increas-
ingly isolated. including the subiect oI U.N. sanc-
In steps that help the country emerge Irom isolation.
Libya acknowledges responsibility Ior the Locker-
bie bombing. agrees to pay up to $10 million to the
relatives oI each oI the 270 victims. and declares it
will dismantle all weapons oI mass desctruction.
The U.S. and Libya exchange ambassadors Ior the
frst time in 35 years. aIter Libya pays compensation
to the Iamilies oI the Lockerbie victims. Gadhaf
marks 40 years oI rule with lavish celebrations. He
is elected chairman oI the AIrican Union Ior on year.
PopuIation: 6.6 million
Life expectancy: 77.65
Literacy rate: 82.6 percent
Male: 92.4 percent
Female: 72.4 percent
Government type:
Authoritarian state
0| exports by destnaton
Jan.- Nov. 2010
Media: State-controlled
UnempIoyment rate: 30
percent (2004, latest avail-
Poverty: 30 percent live at
or below the poverty line
GDP: $89.0 billion (2010)
GDP per capita: $13,800
Economy depends
primarily upon revenues from
the oil sector, which contrib-
utes about 95 percent of ex-
port earnings, 25 percent of
GDP, and 80 percent of gov-
ernment revenue.
Source: CA World Factbook
Compiled by Rachel Metea
A pro Gadhaf supporter wears a green scarf on his face in Tripoli, Libya, Tuesday March 29, 2011.
Nation & WorId. April 4, 2011. The DePaulia 11
F8. 15 ' Anti-government protests
erupt as part oI a wider wave oI
pro-democracy rallies in the Arab
world. The Libyan uprising quick-
ly turns bloody. with pro-Gadhaf
Iorces clamping down hard and fr-
ing on protesters.
F8. 17 ' Activists designate this day
as a day oI rage. It is the anniver-
sary oI clashes in 2006 in Benghazi
when security Iorces killed protest-
ers attacking the city's Italian con-
F8. 21 ' Diplomats at Libya's mis-
sion to the U.N. side with the revolt
against their country's leader.
F8. 22 ' A defant Gadhaf vows to
die "a martyr" in Libya and says he
will crush a revolt which has seen
eastern regions break Iree Irom Iour
decades oI his rule.
F8. 26 ' The U.N. Security Council
imposes sanctions on Gaddaf and
his Iamily. and reIers Libya's crack-
down on rebels to the International
Criminal Court.
F8. 28 ' EU governments approve
a package oI sanctions against Gad-
daf and his closest advisers includ-
ing an arms embargo and bans on
travel to the bloc. The 27 EU states
also agree to Ireeze the assets oI
Gaddaf. his Iamily and govern-
ment. Gaddaf reIuses to acknowl-
edge the protests in the streets oI
Tripoli. saying all Libyans love
NA8. 1 | The U.N. General Assem-
bly unanimously suspends Libya's
membership in the U.N. Human
Rights Council because oI violence
by Iorces loyal to Gaddaf against
NA8. 9 ' Gaddaf repeats earlier
claims that the revolt is inspired by
Ioreign al Qaeda militants.
NA8. 10 ' Warplanes sent by Iorces
loyal to Gaddaf bomb the oil town
oI Brega. extending attacks deeper
into rebel-held territory in the east
oI Libya. rebels report.
NA8. 11 ' Libya suspends diplomat-
ic relations with France.
NA8. 12_The Arab League calls Ior
a U.N. no-fy zone over Libya.
NA8. 17 ' The U.N. Security Coun-
cil votes to authorize a no-fy zone
over Libya and "all necessary mea-
surescode Ior military action" -
code Ior military action to protect
civilians against Gaddaf's Iorces.
NA8. 19 ' The frst air strikes halt
the advance oI Gaddaf's Iorces on
Benghazi and target Libya's air de-
NA8. 21 ' Western Iorces launch a
second wave oI air strikes on Libya
overnight and oIfcials in Tripoli
say a missile intended to kill Gad-
daf destroys a building in his Iorti-
fed compound.
NA8. 22 ' Western warplanes fy
more than 300 sorties over Libya
and fred more than 162 Tomahawk
cruise missiles in the mission to
protect Libyan civilians.
NA8. 26 ' Rebels capture the strate-
gic town oI Aidabiyah with the help
oI Ioreign warplanes. and advance
unchallenged to Ras LanuI. the oil
terminal town.
Narch 28 ' Qatar becomes the frst
Arab country to recognise Libya's
rebels as the people's legitimate
NA8. 30 ' Gaddaf Iorces press Iur-
ther east with an artillery oIIensive
against rebels. Since March 28.
rebels have been pushed back more
than 150 km (95 miles) towards
A Libyan woman reacts with her hands written on them in Arabic, " love Libya" as she joins a rally in support of the allied air campaigns against
the forces of Moammar Gadhaf in Benghazi, eastern Libya, Wednesday, March 23, 2011.
For every college student. there are
worries about whether or not they will get
iob out oI school utilizing their degree. In
the current iob market. things are looking up
Ior unemployed workers. and employment
Ior last year`s DePaul graduates was ahead
oI the national average.
Although uemployment rates in 2010
were the highest in over two decades.
things are expected to be better Ior the
unemployed in 2011. The Iastest growth
in nearly a year. employers added a net
192.000 iobs in February. the Labor
Department reported last Friday.
There has been a substantial increase
in the number oI employers recruiting
Ior DePaul interns and graduates at the
university`s iob Iairs. said Amanda Powers
Snowden. the University Career Center`s
communications manager. According to
Powers Snowden. by the end oI 2010.
iob postings increased by 37 percent and
internship postings grew by 17 percent.
According to the Career Center. DePaul
is ahead oI the national average Ior
undergraduates becoming employed.
'Thirty percent oI DePaul bachelor`s
degree recipients had Iull-time positions
by the time they graduated in June 2010.
compared to the national average oI 24
percent. Powers Snowden said. 'The 6
percent increase can be attributed to the
skills DePaul students receive Irom careers
services and inIield advisors.
'We take pride in getting our graduates
hired. she said.
Many Chicago businesses preIer to hire
DePaul graduates over recruits Irom other
local universities. said Powers Snowden.
She added. 'DePaul is one oI the highest
recruited universities in the Midwest.
The Midwest has seen signiIicant
decreases in unemployment. Chicago
and its surrounding suburbs saw the third
largest cut in unemployment oI the maior
metropolitan areas with a drop oI 1.9
Sophomore Amy Mason said the nation`s
iob market hurt her Iamily. but the situation
has improved.
'My dad was a car dealer and my
Iamily was very hurt Iinancially during
the recession. but he has Iound work
elsewhere in the car industry recently.
Mason said.
Four out oI ten workers are likely to
look Ior a new iob in the next 12 months.
representing an increase oI Iour percent
Irom December to January. With growing
new opportunities that were not available
beIore college graduates look to be using
their degrees.
Although most students seem pleased
that America`s unemployed are getting
back to work there are some who beneIited
Irom the recession.
'I received a lot more Iinancial aid Irom
my FAFSA aIter my parents got laid oII
than I did when they were working. said
iunior Juan Garcia.
ConIidence is highest in younger
employees. Workers between 18 and 34
years old have the strongest belieI that the
iob market is getting better.
'When I started college I was nervous
about Iinding a iob aIter graduation. but
things seem to be changing so I am a little
more conIident. said senior Alex Miles.
He also said that his tension was highest
when contemplating changing maiors.
'At DePaul. we`ve also seen a demand
Ior those with communication. marketing
and sales skills. said Powers Snowden.
Industries proiected to do the best in 2011
are in sales. healthcare and manuIacturing
reported the U.S. Department oI Labor.
'Even though my hopes are high I know
competition is greater than ever in Iinding
a iob. Miles said.
llustrations courtesy of MCT Wire Services
10 The DePaulia. March 7, 2011

"Good men" Continued from cover
However. Edwards only
agreed with Hymowitz
to a certain extent. 'I do
believe that our culture has
many negative eIIects on
young adults. but it can`t be
generalized to males only.
'Studies have shown that
boys are Ialling behind
in schools because oI the
gender roles and expectations
oI society. Edwards said.
According to Edwards.
these education trends are
directly related to the later
development and behavior oI
young men today. 'I believe
that both genders are aIIected
by today`s individualistic and
consumerist society.
Drawing on the 'radical
reversal oI the social
hierarchy. Hymowitz wrote.
'Among pre-adults. women
are the Iirst sex. Women
graduate Irom college in
greater numbers and have
higher GPAs. 'As most
proIessors tell it. they also
have more conIidence and
drive. she wrote and added
that they are 'more likely
than men to be in graduate
school and make strides in the
According to Hymowitz.
this causes identity uncertainty
among pre-adulthood males.
Marriage is delayed longer
than ever beIore and the pool
oI possible spouses continues
to grow while career-driven
Iemales seek work instead oI
a Iamily.
Another Iactor cited was pop
culture. A number oI media
channels promote a careIree.
live in the moment` attitude.
sans career responsibilities.
as well as sexual promiscuity
without consequences.
'Relatively aIIluent. Iree oI
Iamily responsibilities. and
entertained by an array oI
media devoted to his every
pleasure. the single young
man can live in pig heaven
and oIten does. Hymowitz
DePaul students Iall into
Hymowitz`s pre-adulthood`
generation. Within a week
oI this essay being printed.
several DePaul students posted
the article link on social media
websites such as Facebook to
share their opinion.
'I know guys who read this
Ielt resentIul and attacked.
which is a reasonable
response. said Molly
Gudmundson. a iunior who
said she agreed the career
development process has
contributed to young men
exhibiting irresponsible.
adolescent behavior.
'Maintaining a romantic
relationship and eventually
starting a Iamily is not
necessarily a priority Ior those
pursuing career-related goals.
or as the author put it. Iamily
is not a part oI the picture.`
she said.
However. Gudmundson said
Hymowitz`s argument could
have been more compelling.
had it Iocused on how this
phenomenon is unique
to young men oI recent
generations. 'Although. it is
not an indication that young
men oI our time are completely
incapable oI age appropriate
behavior. she added.
Gudmundson was not alone
in her ideas. A number oI
students voiced their concerns
online. arguing the author`s
bias. deIending their gender.
and pointing to societal Iactors
in relation to pre-adulthood.
'I Ieel like the entire article
is one-sided. said Travis
Grandt. a iunior. 'It`s 100
percent Iactual that people are
putting oII adulthood as long
as possible and many oI the
reasons cited in the article are
valid. he said. 'However. I
despise the idea that it is only
men who are holding back on
'It`s neither women nor
men who are responsible Ior
this. but society as a whole.
Grandt said. 'I can`t deny I
know more women who are
ready to iump into adulthood
than guys. but when you think
about little kids. it`s the girls
who are playing house and
trying to imitate adults and
boys who are running around
playing in the dirt.
Whether one agrees or
disagrees with Hymowitz. her
article highlights a signiIicant
societal pattern oI pre-
Hymowitz may have
claimed all the good men are
gone but Travis Grandt Ielt
this is untrue.
'The article shouldn`t be
called Where Have All the
Good Men Gone` because we
still exist. he said. 'Women
who are actually looking Ior
adults and not Iinding them are
probably looking in the wrong
places. iust like men who are
looking Ior women are likely
in the wrong places.
Nation & WorId. March 7, 2011. The DePaulia 11
TIIs week In worId news

A p(o-0adral suppo(le( srouls as sre po|rls lo a prolod(apr ol lre L|ovar |eade( al a p(o-
(ed|re (a||v ol a(ourd 100 suppo(le(s |r 0(eer 3cua(e or 3alu(dav. Feo. 2. 2011. Tre
eroall|ed (ed|re ol Voarra( 0adral |s a(r|rd c|v|||ar suppo(le(s lo sel up crec|po|rls ard
(ov|rd pal(o|s a(ourd lre L|ovar cap|la| lo corl(o| rovererl ard cuasr d|sserl. (es|derls sa|d.
Rel|(|rd Cr|cado Vavo(
R|cra(d 0a|ev savs lre
ur|led 3lales ras oecore a ral|or
ol Wr|re(s.
0a|ev rade lre asse(l|or |r cor-
rerls Tru(sdav al wrealor Co|-
|ede's J. 0err|s lasle(l Cerle( lo(
Ecoror|cs. 0ove(rrerl ard Puo||c
Po||cv. lasle(l. a Repuo||car. |s a
lo(re( u.3. louse spea|e(.
Respord|rd lo a cuesl|or aooul
(eslo(|rd lre ral|or. 0a|ev roled
|r lre 19Z0s. Are(|cars lea(ed a
Japarese la|eove( ol lre ecororv
ard |ale( corp|a|red aooul lre |oss
ol rarulaclu(|rd joos lo Vex|co.
le sa|d roW We'(e Wr|r|rd aooul
lre Cr|rese ard lre lrd|ars. le
sa|d |l Are(|cars sac(|lced a ||ll|e
lo( lre corror dood. lre u.3. car
corpele W|lr arv ral|or.
0a|ev. Wro W||| oe (ep|aced as
Cr|cado ravo( |r Vav ov Rarr
Erarue|. a|so sa|d laxpave(s car
ro |orde( lrarce lre cu((erl |eve|
ol dove(rrerl.
Corp||ed ov 5DFKHO0HWHD_ Prolo ard reWs cou(lesv ol 7KH$VVRFLDWHG3UHVV
Tre 3up(ere Cou(l (u|ed
wedresdav lral a d(|ev|rd
lalre('s pa|r ove( roc||rd p(olesls
al r|s Va(|re sor's lure(a| rusl
v|e|d lo F|(sl Arerdrerl p(olec-
l|ors lo( l(ee speecr. A|| oul ore
jusl|ce s|ded W|lr a lurdarerla||sl
cru(cr lral ras sl|((ed oul(ade W|lr
(aucous derorsl(al|ors corlerd-
|rd 0od |s pur|sr|rd lre r|||la(v
lo( lre ral|or's lo|e(arce ol roro-
Tre 8-1 dec|s|or |r lavo( ol lre
wesloo(o 8apl|sl Cru(cr ol Tope-
|a. Kar.. Was lre |alesl |r a ||re ol
cou(l (u||rds lral. as Cr|el Jusl|ce
Jorr Rooe(ls sa|d |r r|s op|r|or
lo( lre cou(l. p(olecls ever ru(llu|
speecr or puo||c |ssues lo ersu(e
lral We do rol sl|le puo||c deoale.
Tre dec|s|or erded a |aWsu|l ov
A|oe(l 3rvde(. Wro sued cru(cr
reroe(s lo( lre erol|ora| pa|r
lrev caused ov sroW|rd up al r|s
sor VallreW's lure(a|. As lrev
rave al rurd(eds ol olre( lure(a|s.
lre wesloo(o reroe(s re|d s|drs
W|lr p(ovocal|ve ressades. |rc|ud-
|rd Trar| 0od lo( dead so|d|e(s.
''You'(e 0o|rd lo le||. ''0od lales
lre u3A/Trar| 0od lo( 9/11. ard
ore lral coro|red lre u.3. Va(|re
Co(ps rollo. 3erpe( F|. W|lr a s|u(
ada|rsl dav rer.
3peecr |s poWe(lu|. ll car sl|(
peop|e lo acl|or. rove lrer lo
lea(s ol oolr jov ard so((oW. ard
as |l d|d re(e |rl|cl d(eal pa|r.
0r lre lacls oelo(e us. We carrol
(eacl lo lral pa|r ov pur|sr|rd lre
spea|e(. Rooe(ls sa|d.
Tre rurar ard lrarc|a|
cosls ol Vex|co's d(ud Wa(.
d|p|oral|c cao|e |ea|s. lre |rlux
ol u.3. a(rs ard a Wave ol arl|-
|rr|d(al|or |r|l|al|ves |r lre ur|led
3lales a(e a|| la||rd a lo|| or Vex-
|co-u.3. (e|al|ors lral rad sroWr
sleadv |rp(overerl |r (ecerl vea(s.
As P(es|derl Fe||pe Ca|de(or p(e-
pa(ed lo( ar ollc|a| v|s|l lo wasr-
|rdlor or Tru(sdav lo reel W|lr
P(es|derl 8a(ac| 0oara. l(usl(a-
l|ors care oul |rlo lre oper ard
lre (relo(|c |r sore Wavs (ed(essed
lo lre 1980s. Wrer lre lWo dove(r-
rerls (oul|re|v l(aded oa(os aooul
d(uds. rorev |aurde(|rd. l(ade ard
|rveslrerl |ssues.
Tre v|s|l care a ||ll|e ro(e lrar
lWo Wee|s alle( lre |||||rd ol u.3.
lrr|d(al|or ard Cuslors Erlo(ce-
rerl aderl Ja|re Zapala. Wro
Was srol lo dealr or a r|drWav |r
ro(lre(r Vex|co or Feo. 15 W|lr
a dur lral Was srudd|ed |r l(or lre
ur|led 3lales.
Tre |||||rd o(oudrl oac| u.3.
douols aooul Vex|co's ao|||lv lo cor-
l(o| v|o|erce. al lre sare l|re Vex-
|co |s oed|rr|rd lo crale urde( Wral
|l sees as a |ac| ol u.3. W||||rdress
lo (educe |ls derard lo( d(uds o(
sler lre loW ol durs l(or lre u.3.
lral rave cosl ro(e lrar 31.00
||ves re(e s|rce Ca|de(or loo| ollce
|r 200.
As la( as (educ|rd lre derard lo(
d(uds. lrev raver'l dore so. As la(
as (educ|rd lre loW ol a(rs. lrev
raver'l. |l ras |rc(eased. Ca|de(or
sa|d |r urusua||v ra(sr correrls
lre Wee| oelo(e lre v|s|l.
Edvpl's r|||la(v (u|e(s ap-
po|rled lre l(sl posl-losr|
Vuoa(a| p(|re r|r|sle( Tru(sdav.
(ep|ac|rd ar a|( lo(ce p||ol c|ose lo
lre ousled |eade( |r a o|d lo ap-
pease lrousards ol p(olesle(s Wro
rad lr(ealered lo (ereW lre occu-
pal|or ol a cerl(a| Ca|(o scua(e.
Tre oppos|l|or ra||ed lre dec|-
s|or as arolre( v|clo(v lo( peop|e
poWe( oul rarv Wa(red p(essu(e
rusl oe ra|rla|red or lre r|||la(v
lo |rp|ererl olre( deroc(al|c (e-
lo(rs. |rc|ud|rd ar accourlao|e
po||ce adercv ard a reW corsl|lu-
Leade(s ol lre 18-dav up(|s|rd
lral lo(ced Vuoa(a| lo (es|dr rad
oeer p(ess|rd lre r|||la(v lo l(e
Arred 3ralc. a(du|rd lral a p(|re
r|r|sle( sWo(r |r ov lre ousled
|eade( srou|d rol slav |r ollce.
Trev a|so We(e ard(v lral r|s Cao|-
rel Was l||ed W|lr ldu(es l(or lre
o|d (ed|re.

A Cr|rese r|||la(v oard (erea(ses oelo(e lre oper|rd ses-

s|or ol lre Cr|rese Peop|e's Po||l|ca| Corsu|lal|ve Corle(erce
|CPPCC) re|d |r 8e|j|rd's 0(eal la|| ol lre Peop|e. Tru(sdav. Va(cr
3. 2011. Tre ecororv Was oe||eved lo oe lre dor|rerl lop|c al lre
Tre u.3. (|s|s la|||rd oer|rd Cr|ra |r lre corpel|l|or lo( d|ooa| |rlu-
erce as 8e|j|rd Woos |eade(s |r lre (esou(ce-(|cr Pac|lc. 3ec(ela(v
ol 3lale l|||a(v Rodrar C||rlor sa|d lre dav p(|o( lo lre corle(erce.
le( urusua||v sl(ord correrls oelo(e lre 3erale Fo(e|dr Re|al|ors
Corr|llee a(e ce(la|r lo arde( lre corrur|sl poWe(. espec|a||v |r
||drl ol Cr|rese P(es|derl lu J|rlao's (ecerl r|dr-p(ol|e v|s|l lo wasr-
|rdlor. seer as ooosl|rd l(usl ard l(ade oelWeer lre Wo(|d's lWo |a(d-
esl ecoror|es.
As C||rlor (a||ed ada|rsl culs soudrl ov Repuo||car lo lre u.3. lo(-
e|dr a|d p(od(ar. sre lo|d seralo(s. we a(e a corpel|l|or lo( |rlu-
erce W|lr Cr|ra. Lel's pul as|de lre rurar|la(|ar. do-dood s|de ol
Wral We oe||eve |r. Lel's jusl la|| sl(a|drl (ea|po||l||. we a(e |r corpel|-
l|or W|lr Cr|ra.
10 The DePaulia. February 21, 2011
NuLIon & WorId
Arizona`s Gov. Jan Brewer sued the Iederal
government Ior Iailing to enIorce immigration laws
and Ior sticking the state with the high costs oI iailing
crime-commiting illegal immigrants.
The court Iiling came in response to the Iederal
government`s legal challenge to SB 1070. Arizona`s
controversial immigration law. The most controversial
portion oI the bill requires police to check a person`s
legal status when they have already been stopped or
arrested Ior a separate crime. given the oIIicer has
'reasonable suspicion. Due to the pending Justice`s
complaint. this portion oI the law has yet to be
Critics have argued the law sanctions racial
proIiling. Immediately aIter SB 1070 was introduced.
the Mexican government issued a travel alert. warning
its citizens oI a 'negative political environment.
Supporters cited a provision in the bill that read.
police oIIicers 'may not solely consider race. color.
or national origin when questioning the status oI
suspected illegal immigrants.
While Arizona`s controversial immigration reIorm
bill may be on hold. its eIIects have rippled across
the nation. Since the start oI the year. more than
15 other states have introduced similar legislations
that would give newIound power to state law
enIorcement agencies when dealing with suspected
illegal immigrants.
Multiple bills proposed in Texas include a provision
Ior schools to veriIy the status oI students who attend
state educational institutions. as well as requiring
local governments to enIorce immigration laws or
risk losing state appropriated Iunding. Maine. South
Dakota. and Georgia. among others. would grant
state police the power to act as immigration oIIicers.
enIorcement that historically has been under Iederal
'I believe the law does call out Ior racial proIiling.
said law student Cynthia Mazariegos. Although
Mazariegos said she believed there can be a Iair and
equal enIorcement oI the law by the Immigration and
Custom EnIorcement. it would be impossible Ior city
and state police oIIicers to do so.
However. not everyone at DePaul shares a similar
opinion. 'I support the Arizona`s SB 1070. said
Connor Wilson. a College oI Commerce maior.
'States should be able to act accordingly to issues
in the state iI the Iederal agency responsible is not
enIorcing the law. Wilson said.
Many supporters oI tougher immigration laws have
said they see the inIlux oI immigrants as an economic
threat. Many people have cited the loss oI American
iobs to low wage workers and made claims that
undocumented immigrants place an immense burden
on the U.S. education and healthcare inIrastructure.
In Texas. there are more illegal immigrants in the
workIorce than unemployed Texans. according to
numbers Irom the U.S. Bureau oI Labor Statistics
and the Pew Hispanic Center. Less than six percent
oI the Illinois workIorce is composed oI unauthorized
Brewer said she plans to use private Iunds Ior the
counter-suit. So Iar. the cost oI lawyers deIending SB
1070 has cost more than $1 million in bills.
'Immigration reIorm was needed long beIore the
Arizona law. said economics proIessor Gabriella
Bucci. who specializes in immigration. According
to Bucci. the Arizona bill is a symptom oI America`s
illegal immigration problem and said. 'but the
problem is longstanding and. sadly. long ignored.
Protests have erupted
across the Middle East aIter
Egypt`s own revolt toppled
longtime leader Hosni
Mubarak Irom power. a
departure Irom a region
marked by iron-Iisted
autocratic rule.
'People went out to
express and voice their
Ieelings. but didn`t have any
expectations. said Egyptian
student Sayed El Salamony
with respect to Egypt`s Iirst
day oI protests on Jan. 25.
Salamony. who is at DePaul
on a student visa and serves
as the vice president oI
the Middle East Politics
Association. said the
protesters` low expectations
were. 'why they were able
to accomplish so much.
Protests demanding Ior
better government. social
Ireedom. and in some cases.
Ior government oIIicials
to resign. have spread
across the Middle East.
The political Iuture oI the
oil-rich region still remains
unknown. causing many to
worry iI it will disrupt the
world`s economies.
Egypt`s protests Iollowed
in the wake oI a Tunisian
revolution that ousted
longtime dictator Zine
el-Abidine Ben Ali. The
events have been said to
be reIlections oI a deep-
seated political unrest with
regimes that have ruled
many oI the Arab states Ior
'What took place in Tunis
is a game-changer. said
political science proIessor
Khalil Marrar. 'Regardless
oI its outcome. it has
shown that the status quo oI
liIelong governance in the
region is tenuous at best.
and at worst. a concept on
the wrong side oI history.
Many oI the leaders have
taken preemptive steps to
provide concessions to
the protestors. oIIering
monetary incentives and
increased subsidies Ior
Iood. as well as promises
oI greater social Ireedoms.
Bahrain`s King Hamad Bin
Isa al-KhaliIa promised
a $2.650 check Ior every
Bahraini Iamily. while
Algeria ordered an end
to the country`s own
emergency laws.
'During good times.
Arab states could have
their governments' sins
overlooked through
subsidies and virtually
bribing the population
into complacency. Marrar
said. 'However the global
economic crisis and its
aItermath have made the
cost oI conducting the
business oI state in a way
that`s prohibitively high.
According to Islamic
studies proIessor Khaled
Keshk. the protests. which
he said are Ior Iundamental
human and political rights.
could not be extinguished
by any amount oI monetary
The increasing number
oI protests have led some
to worry whether they
will escalate into greater
violence. as many oI the
countries` regimes have
begun to crack down on
protesters. According to
the Egyptian Ministry oI
Health. 365 people died
during Egypt`s 18 days oI
'I think it's a genuine
expression oI popular
willpeople power`
that millions in the region
have dreamed oI Ior
decades. said Marrar.
'However. as any student
oI history knows. the results
will be mixed. oscillating
between democratic
governance. military rule.
outright chaos. and post-
revolutionary repression.
Sayed called on students
in the DePaul community to
support the popular protests
in the Middle East.
'Students can call Ior the
United States to reconsider
its alliances with Arab
regimes; this does not entail
intervention. like the Iraq
War. he said. He said it is
'simply to protest against
U.S. support Ior oppressive
regimes in the Middle
East. and added. 'We want
democracy. not hypocrisy.
"f people don't know they're
there, they won't survive. t's as
simple as that."
An anti-government protestor holds a makeshift crucifx during a demon-
stration against the evacuation in Tahrir square in Cairo, Egypt, Sunday
Feb 13, 2011.
ArIzonu sues
Photo courtesy of The Associated Press
A woman reacts as she at-
tends a demonstration by job-
less archeology graduates de-
manding jobs in Cairo, Egypt,
Wednesday Feb. 16, 2011.
Strikes and protests erupted
in Egypt following the uprising
that toppled President Hosni
Photo courtesy of The Associated Press
Nation & WorId. February 21, 2011. The DePaulia 11
TIIs week In worId news
"f people don't know they're
there, they won't survive. t's as
simple as that."
Tess Thackara. U.S. Coordinator
at Survival International. the NGO
responsible for publicizing the
photographs and the footage. spoke
with the DePaulia about the storv
behind obtaining the images. about the
importance of widespread awareness
of the tribes existence. and about wavs
students in the U.S. can get involved
in ensuring the survival of this unique
group of people.
Q: Can you tell us how you obtained the
images and who exactly are the people
seen in the footage?
A: This particular tribe has been monitored
Ior almost twenty years by FUNAI. the
National Indian Foundation. Recently.
the group invited BBC to use their high
quality equipment and BBC in turn passed
the Iootage on to Survival in an eIIort to
spread awareness and Ior people to realize
the importance oI protecting these people.
These people are members oI one oI
the last remaining uncontacted tribes
in the world. They are located near the
headwaters oI the Envira River. near the
Brazil/ Peru border. They have had no
peaceIul contact with other tribes and the
mainstream society. That is not to say they
have had absolutely no contact with the
outside world. But so Iar. it`s only been
devastating Ior them.
Q: What are some of the problems
they`re faced with? Do you think
publicizing the photographs and the
footage will have any positive impact on
their situation?
A: Uncontacted tribes around the world
Iace a constant slew oI threats including
encroaching illegal loggers. oil mining and
dam-building amongst others.
II people don't know they're there. they
won't survive. It's as simple as that. In the
responses we have seen to these images
being released. it is very clear that people
around the world care about the survival
oI vulnerable tribal peoples. and we have
seen time and time again that public
opinion is the greatest Iorce Ior change.
Q: But isn`t there a risk involved with
revealing the existence of these people
to the general public?
A: We have to tread a Iine line between
publicizing their existence in order to
help them survive. and conveying the
importance oI letting uncontacted tribes
themselves make the decision to contact
the outside world at their own pace.
And we do not publicize their exact
location. Besides. when you think about
it. the danger oI the tribe not surviving
Iar outweighs the risks involved with
revealing its existence.
Q: Can you tell us what students in the
U.S. can do to help out?
A: I would encourage students to be aware
oI what is going on in the world. Post on
Facebook. tweet it. showcase movies. and
simply talk about it.
You can also sign up to our e-news on
the homepage oI our website. We send out
appeals via our e-news asking people to
sign petitions and write to governments.
But the main thing is Ior students to
spread the word about these issues and
generate as much awareness as possible.
It is not inevitable that all tribal peoples
will eventually be wiped out. II we rally
together a real diIIerence can be made.

Kasrr|(| Vus||r devolees (a|se lre|( rards lo( p(ave(s as a read p(|esl. urseer. d|sp|avs a
(e||c ol ls|ar's P(oprel Vurarrad al lre laz(aloa| sr(|re or lre F(|dav lo||oW|rd E|d V||ad-
ur Nao|. ra(||rd lre o|(lr arr|ve(sa(v ol lre P(oprel. Trousards ol Kasrr|(| Vus||rs dalre(ed
al lre laz(aloa| sr(|re. Wr|cr rouses a (e||c oe||eved lo oe a ra|( l(or lre oea(d ol lre P(oprel.
0eroc(als or lre (ur |r
w|scors|r avo|ded slale
l(oope(s F(|dav ard lr(ealered lo
slav |r r|d|rd lo( Wee|s. polerl|a||v
pa(a|vz|rd a slale dove(rrerl lrev
ro |orde( corl(o|.
Tre pa(lv's slard ada|rsl oa|arc-
|rd lre slale's ouddel ov cull|rd
lre pav. oerells ard co||ecl|ve
oa(da|r|rd (|drls ol puo||c Wo(|e(s
|s lre oo|desl acl|or vel ov 0ero-
c(als lo pusr oac| ada|rsl |asl la||'s
00P Wave.
8ul lre d(aral|c sl(aledv lral's
c|odded lre Cap|lo| W|lr lrou-
sards ol p(olesle(s c|asres W|lr
ore esserl|a| l(ulr: Repuo||cars
lo|d eve(vore ur|ors Wou|d oe
a la(del. ard lre 00P ras ro(e
lrar eroudr voles lo pass |ls p|ars
orce lre Led|s|alu(e car corvere.
Tre 11 3erale 0eroc(als |ell
lre slale Tru(sdav. de|av|rd ac-
l|or |r lral craroe( or a sWeep|rd
arl|-ur|or o|||. 3er. Jor E(per-
oacr. Wro Was arord lrose Wro
led. sa|d F(|dav lral lre d(oup Was
p(epa(ed lo oe aWav lo( Wee|s. a|-
lroudr re Wou|d |||e lre slardoll lo
erd as soor as poss|o|e.
Tre Repuo||car-corl(o||ed louse ras
voled lo o|oc| lre Erv|(orrerla| P(o-
lecl|or Adercv l(or (edu|al|rd d(eerrouse
dases lral sc|erl|sls sav cause d|ooa|
Tre 219-1ZZ vole added lre (edu|al|or
oar lo a sWeep|rd sperd|rd o||| lral Wou|d
lurd lre dove(rrerl lr(oudr 3epl. 30. Tre
(esl(|cl|or |s opposed ov lre 0oara adr|r-
|sl(al|or. Wr|cr |s us|rd |ls (edu|alo(v poW-
e(s lo cu(o d(eerrouse dases alle( d|ooa|
Wa(r|rd |ed|s|al|or co||apsed |asl vea(. Tre
adr|r|sl(al|or a|so savs lre oar Wou|d cosl
lrousards ol corsl(ucl|or joos.
EPA ras a|(eadv la|er sleps lo (edu|ale
d|ooa| Wa(r|rd po||ul|or l(or ver|c|es ard
lre |a(desl laclo(|es ard |rdusl(|a| p|arls. ll
|s expecled lo soor (o|| oul (u|es lral la(del
(elre(|es ard poWe( p|arls.
Texas Repuo||car Ted Poe p(essed lre
arl|-EPA reasu(e. l|s Texas d|sl(|cl |s
rore lo rarv o|| (elre(|es.
Cr|ra Wa(red lre ur|led
3lales rol lo use ca||s lo( ur-
cerso(ed access lo lre lrle(rel as
a p(elexl lo |rle(le(e |r lre dores-
l|c alla|(s ol olre( courl(|es.
Fo(e|dr V|r|sl(v spo|esrar Va
Zraoxu rade lre correrl al a
(edu|a( o(|elrd Wrer as|ed aooul
3ec(ela(v ol 3lale l|||a(v Rodrar
C||rlor's speecr or lrle(rel l(ee-
dor or Tuesdav.
C||rlor sa|d lre adr|r|sl(al|or
Wou|d sperd S25 r||||or lr|s vea(
or |r|l|al|ves des|dred lo p(olecl
o|odde(s ard re|p lrer del a(ourd
cu(os sucr as lre 0(eal F|(eWa|| ol
Cr|ra. lre dadd|rd ol soc|a| red|a
s|les |r courl(|es |rc|ud|rd l(ar
ard Edvpl's (ecerl ursuccesslu|
allerpl lo lrWa(l arl|-dove(rrerl
p(olesls ov pu|||rd lre p|ud or or-
||re corrur|cal|or.
Cr|ra ras lre Wo(|d's |a(desl
lrle(rel ra(|el. W|lr 15Z r||||or
peop|e or||re. Tre corrur|sl
dove(rrerl p(oroles lrle(rel use
lo( ous|ress ard educal|or. oul
uses exlers|ve corl(o|s. popu|a(|v
|roWr as lre 0(eal F|(eWa||. lo
o|oc| access lo rale(|a| cors|d-
e(ed suove(s|ve o( po(rod(apr|c.
Va (epealed lre slarda(d dov-
e(rrerl pos|l|or lral lrle(rel use(s
|r Cr|ra erjov l(eedor ol speecr
|r acco(darce W|lr lre |aW. ard
sa|d Cr|ra Was W||||rd lo Wo(| W|lr
olre( courl(|e.
8ul We a(e ada|rsl arv olre(
courl(|es us|rd lrle(rel l(eedor
as a p(elexl lo( |rle(le(|rd |r olre(s'
|rle(ra| alla|(s. Va sa|d.

Corp||ed ov 5DFKHO0HWHD_ Prolo ard reWs cou(lesv ol 7KH$VVRFLDWHG3UHVV
10 The DePaulia. February 14, 2011
NuLIon & WorId
AIter weeks oI violence. Egypt's historic revolution
pushed President Hosni Mubarak to resign Irom his
30-year presidency last Friday.
Fear has spread to the DePaul community. as some
students have said the protests may aIIect their Iuture.
Some Egyptians living away Irom the revolution
have said it is hard to be apart Irom their country
during a time oI chaos.
'When I think oI my Iuture. I don`t know what
I`m going to do. said Egyptian Sayed ElSalamony.
who is studying economics and Iinance at DePaul.
ElSalamony. who is here on a student visa. said he
is worried what state his country will be in when he
returns home.
Mubarak addressed his nation last week in a
televised statement announcing that he would not step
down Irom his presidencydespite three weeks oI
protests calling Ior his resignation. Expectations that
Mubarak was to resign that night led to more violence
revolts in Cairo. The Iollowing day. Vice President
Suleiman announced Mubarak had resigned.
'Psychologically it is aIIecting me. said
ElSalamony. 'I iust can`t see my country Iall apart in
Iront oI my eyes and not be there because I`m here
and not there. and that`s really Irustrating. he said.
'I don`t know what`s going to happen. I don`t
know where the country`s going. or where the
economy is going. where the political side is going.
is it going to go into a better state? That`s what we`re
trying to Iigure out. ElSalamony said.
Prior to Mubarak's resignation. Scott Hibbard said.
'In my personal opinion. the sooner Hosni Mubarak
leaves the better oII Egypt will be. Hibbard. a
political science proIessor at DePaul. said. 'There are
diIIerent ways that can unIold. but he`s really become
the Iace oI the old regime and the Iace oI everything
that`s wrong.
Citizen protests against the old regime erupted on
Jan. 25 when the people demanded Egypt`s economic
situation and government change. Hibbard said that
while getting Mubarak out oI power may be the Iirst
step in Egypt`s revolution. addressing the country`s
economic situation needs to come next.
'I really hope to see a more vibrant economy.
Hibbard said. According to Hibbard. there is an
enormousbut poorly distributedamount oI
wealth in Egypt and in the region. 'What you have
is the absence oI a Iree and open market. and that`s
contributing to mass poverty. Hibbard said.
Egypt`s transition period has been said to be
aIIecting the Arab population as a whole. Faten
Bushehri. a recent DePaul graduate oI Arabic descent
said she believes the Arab community should support
Egypt during this time oI distress.
'Arabs usually tend to stick together and support
each other because it`s one regionand what happens
in one country aIIects the other countries. Bushehri
As an Arab-American. Bushehri said she Ieels
that it is only right that she and others in the Arab
community back Egypt`s revolution in hopes to
spread democracy.
'We`re supporting other countries that are Iighting
Ior their Ireedom. Bushehri said. 'In America it`s all
about democracy and Ireedomand that`s something
that we try to promote to people in other countries. It
would only make sense to support Egyptians to Iight
Ior their Ireedom. With a president who has been in
power Ior nearly thirty years. Busheri said it`s about
While Egypt may be on the road to democracy. they
are still only at the beginning stages oI their iourney.
said Hibbard. But he still has hope Ior the country`s
'At this stage the Iuture is yet to be written he
said. 'Some change will happen. The question is
how much change and how signiIicant. There is a
movement Ior change and I think it is long overdue
Ior the region. Hibbard said.
An Egyptian mother hugs her child as she watches some thousands of Egyptian protest-
ers gather at Tahrir square in Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011, with the ruling National
Democratic party building burned at top right behind the red coloured Egypt museum.
Photo courtesy of The Associated Press
Power, ruge und Leurs oI jov
spIII ucross EgvpL
Thousands protest nationwide; governent
shuts down Internet access; organizers
call protests. 'the day oI revolution
against torture. poverty. corruption. and
Protesters burn down ruling party's
headquarters; protests turn into riots.
Omar Suleiman named vice president.
Mubarak swears in new cabinet. a gesture
met with scorn by protesters.
Entire leadership oI Egypt's ruling party.
including Gamal Mubarak. son oI the
president. resign.
Vice President Suleiman agrees to
concessions such as Ireedom oI the press and
to release detained protesters.
DeIying expectations. Mubarak says he
will not step down but will hand over some
powers to his vice president now and transIer
all power in September aIter the election.
President Hosni Mubarak oI Egypt resigns
turning over all power to the military; leaves
Cairo Ior his resort home in Sharm el-Sheik;
hundreds oI thousands celebrate outside
Mubarak's main palace chanting. 'the people
ousted the regime.
JAN. 27, 2011
FE. 5, 2011
FE. 3, 2011
JAN. 31, 2011
FE. 8, 2011
FE. 9, 2011
FE. 10, 2011
FE. 11, 2011
JAN. 29, 2011
JAN. 28, 2011
7,0(/,1( 2) $
Corp||ed ov 5DFKHO0HWHD_ Prolos cou(lesv ol 7KH$VVRFLDWHG3UHVV
&$/&877$ ,QGLD Veroe(s ard acl|v|sls ol lre 3oc|a||sl ur|lv Cerle( ol lrd|a
ou(r ell|d|es ol Edvpl|ar P(es|derl losr| Vuoa(a|. |ell. ard P(es|derl 8a(ac| 0oara
du(|rd a so||da(|lv ra(cr or Vordav. Feo. Z. 2011.
Nation & WorId. February 14, 2011. The DePaulia 11
TIIs week In worId news
:$6+,1*721 Tre
louse or Tuesdav la||ed lo
exlerd lre ||le ol lr(ee su(ve|||arce
loo|s lral a(e |ev lo lre ral|or's
posl-3epl. 11 arl|-le((o( |aW. a
s||pup lo( lre reW Repuo||car
|eade(sr|p lral r|sca|cu|aled lre
|eve| ol oppos|l|or.
Tre louse voled 2ZZ-118 lo
|eep lre lr(ee p(ov|s|ors ol lre
u3A Pal(|ol Acl or lre ooo|s url||
0ec. 8. 8ul Repuo||cars o(oudrl up
lre o||| urde( a spec|a| exped|led
p(ocedu(e (ecu|(|rd a lWo-lr|(ds
rajo(|lv. ard lre vole le|| sro(l.
Tre Repuo||cars. Wro loo|
ove( lre louse |asl rorlr. |osl
2 ol lre|( oWr reroe(s. add|rd
lo lre 122 0eroc(als Wro
voled ada|rsl |l. 3uppo(le(s sav
lre lr(ee reasu(es a(e v|la| lo
p(everl|rd arolre( le((o(|sl allac|.
oul c(|l|cs sav lrev |rl(|rde or
c|v|| ||oe(l|es. Trev appea|ed lo
lre arl|palrv lral reWe( ard ro(e
corse(val|ve Repuo||cars ro|d
lo( o|d dove(rrerl |rvas|ors ol
|rd|v|dua| p(|vacv.
Ea(||e( or Tuesdav. Repuo||cars
a|so pu||ed a o||| l(or lre l|oo(
oecause ol d|ssal|slacl|or aooul
exlerd|rd l(ade oerel|ls lo( lr(ee
3oulr Are(|car courl(|es Wr||e
corl|ru|rd a p(od(ar lral re|ps
(el(a|r Are(|cars Wro |ose lre|(
joos lo lo(e|dr corpel|l|or.
Tre Pal(|ol Acl o||| Wou|d rave
(ereWed lre aulro(|lv lo( cou(l-
app(oved (ov|rd W|(elaps lral
pe(r|l su(ve|||arce or ru|l|p|e
prores. A|so add(essed Was
3ecl|or 215. lre so-ca||ed ||o(a(v
(eco(ds p(ov|s|or lral d|ves lre
F8l cou(l-app(oved access lo
arv lard|o|e lr|rd (e|evarl lo a
le((o(|sr |rvesl|dal|or.
1 z

1(: '(/+, lrd|a ard
Pa||slar arrourced Tru(s-
dav lrev Wou|d (esure W|de-(ard-
|rd peace la||s lral We(e l(ozer
alle( lre 2008 le((o(|sl allac|s |r
lre lrd|ar c|lv ol Vuroa|. Wr|cr
We(e o|ared or Pa||slar-oased
Tre u.3. ras oeer p(ess|rd lre
ruc|ea(-a(red (|va|s lo (esla(l lre|(
peace ello(ls |r ropes lral (educ-
|rd lers|ors a|ord lre|( oo(de(
Wou|d l(ee Pa||slar lo locus or |ls
ldrl ada|rsl Ta||oar r|||larls a
|ev e|ererl ol u.3. sl(aledv |r Al-
Tre dec|s|or lo||oWed la||s oe-
lWeer lre lo(e|dr sec(ela(|es ol lre
lWo courl(|es. lre |alesl |r a vea(-
|ord sl(|rd ol reel|rds |rlerded lo
(eou||d lre ral|ors' sralle(ed l(usl.
A slalererl (e|eased s|ru|lare-
ous|v |r NeW 0e|r| ard ls|araoad
sa|d lre reW la||s Wou|d locus or
courle(le((o(|sr. rurar|la(|ar |s-
sues. peace ard secu(|lv. lre d|s-
puled Kasrr|( (ed|or ard olre(
oo(de( |ssues.
Pa||slar P(|re V|r|sle( Yousul
Raza 0||ar| We|cored lre la||s
ard p(a|sed r|s lrd|ar courle(pa(l.
Varrorar 3|rdr. lo( lre oper|rd
ol a reW craple( |r lre (e|al|ors oe-
lWeer lre lWo courl(|es.
8ul lre(e |s ||ll|e expeclal|or ol
a (ap|d ad(eererl lo erd lre s|x
decade corl|cl oelWeer lre o|lle(
(|va|s. Ever |l redol|alo(s rar-
aded lo o(|dde lre daps or eve(v-
lr|rd l(or (ed|ora| Wale( sra(|rd
lo sove(e|drlv ove( a d|spuled
c(ee|. lre(e |s ro dua(arlee lral
lre sra|v Pa||slar| dove(rrerl. o(
ever lre ro(e slao|e lrd|ar adr|r-
|sl(al|or. cou|d se|| sucr a dea| lo
lre|( pa(||arerls ard lre|( peop|e.
-8%$6XGDQ Tre rud-rul loWr ol Juoa ras ea(red a p(oro-
l|or lo Wo(|d cap|la| |ale( lr|s vea(. 0r|v 3oulre(r 3udar reeds la(
ro(e lrar |ls oWr cu((ercv ard a ral|ora| arlrer: Vosl ol lre (oads re(e
a(e d|(l ard ever a|d Wo(|e(s ||ve |r sr|pp|rd corla|re(s.
lr a ||ll|e ro(e lrar l|ve rorlrs. 3oulre(r 3udar |s s|aled lo oecore
lre Wo(|d's reWesl courl(v. F|ra| (esu|ls l(or |asl rorlr's |rdeperderce
(ele(erdur arrourced or Vordav sroW lral 98.8 pe(cerl ol lre oa||ols
casl We(e lo( secess|or l(or 3udar's ro(lr.
Juoa |s o||-(|cr oul |ac|s lre eroass|es ard s|vsc(ape(s ol olre( Wo(|d
cap|la|s. Tre(e Was or|v a r||e o( lWo ol pavererl re(e jusl a vea( ado.
ard lre |oca| a(cr|ves a(e slo(ed |r a lerl. Varv. lroudr. see d(eal po-
lerl|a|. ard a(e exc|led|v |oo||rd lo(Wa(d lo corl(o|||rd lre|( oWr desl|rv.
Erl(ep(ereu( 3o|orar Crap|a|r Lu|. 12. |s ove(see|rd lre corsl(ucl|or
ol 10 apa(lrerls ard role| (oors or a (oc|v o|ull ove(|oo||rd Juoa. Tre
courl(v's |a(desl sW|rr|rd poo| s|ls re(e. lroudr |ls Wale( |s ru(|v. l|s
a(r po|rls loWa(d erplv l|e|ds Wre(e re ropes lo ore dav ou||d a ra||
ard a do|l cou(se.
As l la|| lo vou roW lre(e a(e rarv peop|e l|oW|rd re(e. re sa|d. A
reW courl(v |s oe|rd oo(r.
TWo decades ol Wa( oelWeer lre p(edor|rarl|v Vus||r ro(lr ard (eo-
e|s |r lre Cr(|sl|ar-ar|r|sl soulr ||||ed al |easl 2 r||||or peop|e oelo(e a
2005 peace ad(eererl Was (eacred. Res|derls a(e juo||arl lo rave lre|(
oWr courl(v al |asl. lroudr rucr Wo(| (era|rs.
72.<2 F(esr oll a
daro||rd scarda| lral deep|v
su|||ed |ls |rade. Japar's ral|ora|
spo(l ol suro W(esl||rd |s roW
d(app||rd W|lr a||edal|ors lral
ser|o( W(esl|e(s ard coacres used
ce|| prores lo p|ar roW lo l|x oouls.
Po||ce rave lourd lexl ressades
or corl|scaled roo||e prores lral
|rp||cale as rarv as 13 W(esl|e(s
|r screres lo l|x ralcres. lre
Japar 3uro Assoc|al|or ard
Japarese red|a sa|d wedresdav.
0re (epo(led|v Werl |rlo dela||
aooul roW re Wou|d allac| ard
roW re Warled r|s opporerl lo la||.
Tre lexl ressades. lourd or lre
prores ol a W(esl|e( ard a coacr.
|rd|cale lral lre W(esl|e(s (oul|re|v
l|xed oouls ard cra(ded rurd(eds
ol lrousards ol ver |lrousards ol
do||a(s) pe( ralcr lo do so.
3uro ras oeer dodded ov
scarda|s ove( lre pasl leW vea(s
ard ras seer |ls popu|a(|lv
/21'21 w|||Lea|s
lourde( Ju||ar Assarde ap-
pea(ed |r cou(l Vordav lo( a sroW-
doWr W|lr 3Wed|sr aulro(|l|es lo
ldrl ar exl(ad|l|or o|d ove( sex
c(|res a||edal|ors.
Assarde |s accused ol sexua|
r|scorducl ov lWo Worer re rel
du(|rd a v|s|l lo 3loc|ro|r |asl
vea(. 0elerse |aWve(s W||| a(due
lral re srou|d rol oe exl(ad|led
oecause re ras rol oeer cra(ded
W|lr a c(|re. oecause ol laWs |r
3Wed|sr p(oseculo(s' case ard
oecause a l|c|el lo 3Weder cou|d
everlua||v |ard r|r |r 0uarlararo
8av o( or u.3. dealr (oW.
Are(|car ollc|a|s a(e l(v|rd lo
ou||d a c(|r|ra| case ada|rsl lre
sec(el-sp||||rd s|le. Wr|cr ras ar-
de(ed wasr|rdlor ov puo||sr|rd a
l(ove ol |ea|ed d|p|oral|c cao|es
ard sec(el u.3. r|||la(v l|es. As-
sarde's |aWve(s c|a|r lre 3Wed|sr
p(osecul|or |s ||r|ed lo lre |ea|s
ard po||l|ca||v rol|valed.
Corp||ed ov 5DFKHO0HWHD_ Prolos ard reWs cou(lesv ol 7KH$VVRFLDWHG3UHVV
10 The DePaulia. January 31, 2011
NuLIon & WorId
In the wake oI the Tucson mass
shooting. the maiority oI DePaul
students said gun control laws
should be stricter. according to
a new DePaulia poll.
Many students did not Iavor
the right to bear arms over gun
control. according to the poll.
OI over 100 students who were
surveyed. only 29 percent said
they did not believe gun control
laws should become stricter. These
numbers Iall short to the national
average oI 46 percent oI people who
believe it is more important to protect
the right to bear arms over gun control.
Nationally. 41 percent oI 28-29-year-olds
Iavor the right to bear arms over gun
control. according to the Pew Research
Center (PRC).
The issue over gun control became a hot
topic nation-wide in the aItermath oI Jan.
8`s Tucson shooting which leIt six dead
and Congresswoman Gabrielle GiIIords
with a gunshot wounded in the head.
In Chicago. gun violence is nothing
new to the city. Although Chicago`s
homicide rate was at a 45-year low in
2010. gun violence has still remained
prevalent. On Jan. 26. a bullet was Iound
inside a Chicago elementary school aIter
it allegedly was shot through the window
overnight. According to the Chicago Police
Department. 80 percent oI last year`s 436
homicides were done by Iirearms.
'Chicago sees hundreds oI homicides
and shootings each year. said Ireshman
Caelin NiehoII. a sociology maior. She said
h a n d g u n
restrictions are
important because oI the city`s
high murder rate.
Last June the Supreme Court
struck down Chicago`s 28-year ban on
handguns saying it was unconstitutional.
The new ordinance requires training in the
classroom and Iiring range beIore residents
may apply Ior the $125 Iirearm permit.
Applicants cannot have any previous
convictions oI any violent crimes or have
two or more oIIenses Ior driving under the
inIluence oI drugs or alcohol.
Stephanie Torres. a Ireshman. said
although she Ieels every citizen has a right
to carry a gun. she still believes in stricter
gun laws. Torres. a psychology maior.
said. 'Too many mishaps and tragedies
occur because it is oIten easy to obtain a
gun and get a license Ior it.
In Utah. public colleges and universities
are Iorbidden Irom banning concealed
weapons on campuses. Earlier this month.
the University oI Utah placed a police
and security
guard on paid
administrative leave aIter
leaking an internal memo that
gave guidelines banning the open
carrying oI Iirearms.
Although the shooting oI Gabrielle
GiIIords received national attention.
the nation`s views on gun control have
remained relatively the same. with halI
who prioritize gun control and halI who
prioritize gun rights. to where they were
in Sept. 2010.
According to the PRC. most respondents
saw the Tucson shooting as an isolated
event. About halI as many (31 percent)
said they saw the incident as a reIlection
oI broader problems in American society.
These respondents deIined the 'broader
problems with themes such as as social
climate (27 percent) and the political/
media climate (21 percent).
Ruba Sweis. a Ireshman maioring in
public relations and advertising. said she
w o u l d
Ieel much saIer iI
there were strict handgun regulations.
'However. she added. 'I believe that this
is not the only solution to the problem.
More Americans46 percentwere
likely to see broader social problems
behind the Virginia Tech shootings nearly
Iour years ago than in the Tucson shooting.
NiehoII said that as a sociology student.
she recognizes that even with handgun
restrictions in Illinois. death and shootings
are still a problem. 'We are called to
question the root oI gun problems and why
they remain a problem. NiehoII said.
WIere DePuuI sLunds
& RACHEL METEA, Nation & World Editor
State scoring based on the strength and weakness of state gun
laws to prevent gun traffcking. Some cities and counties have
their own restrictions.
Graphic by RacheI Metea
Source: Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun VioIence
0ePau| 5tudent
WIen usked II LIev ugreed wILI
LIe sLuLemenL, " beIIeve gun con-
LroI Iuws sIouId become sLrIcLer,"
sLudenLs suId:
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
No preference
THE DEPAULA | Jan. 18-26, 2011
Uun |aws by state




Nation & WorId. January 31, 2011. The DePaulia 11
TIIs week In worId news
Tre po||ce cr|el ard a|| 38
po||ce oll|ce(s ol a ro(lreasle(r
Vex|car loWr rave cu|l lo||oW|rd
a se(|es ol d(ud ca(le| allac|s.
|rc|ud|rd lre decap|lal|or ol lWo ol
lre|( co||eadues.
3o|d|e(s. slale ard lede(a|
po||ce rad oeer dep|oved lo pal(o|
0ere(a| Te(ar. a loWr a|ord a
rolo(|ous d(ud-srudd||rd (oule lo
lre u.3. oo(de(. sa|d Vavo( Raror
Tre po||ce cu|l alle( lre d|scove(v
wedresdav ol lre rul||aled ood|es
ol lWo oll|ce(s Wro rad oeer
||drapped ov durrer lWo davs
Tre |||||rds lo||oWed lr(ee
allac|s or lre po||ce readcua(le(s
s|rce 0eceroe(. 0urrer ru(|ed
d(erades ard sp(aved lre ou||d|rd
W|lr racr|re-dur l|(e.
\|||adorez sa|d arolre( po||ce
oll|ce( ras oeer r|ss|rd lo( Wee|s
|r lre loWr ol 11.500 peop|e
soulrWesl ol lre |rdusl(|a| c|lv ol
Vass po||ce (es|dral|ors rave
oeer corror |r sra|| loWrs |r
Vex|co. Vur|c|pa| po||ce corp|a|r
lrev a(e oulruroe(ed ard
ouldurred ov Vex|co's o(ula| d(ud
ca(le|s. Wro l(ecuerl|v slade oo|d
allac|s or secu(|lv lo(ces W|lr
ser|auloral|c assau|l (|l|es ard
P(es|derl Fe||pe Ca|de(or ras
|rl(oduced a p(oposa| |r Cord(ess
lo d|sso|ve Vex|co's ro(e lrar
2.000 rur|c|pa| po||ce lo(ces. Trev
Wou|d oe (ep|aced ov a s|rd|e lo(ce
lo( eacr ol Vex|co's 31 slales.
JUA, 8udan Tre Al(|car ur|or
cr|el savs lre o(dar|zal|or |rlerds lo
oe lre l|(sl lo (ecodr|ze 3oulre(r 3udar as a
reW slale srou|d lre (esu|l ol |ls (ele(erdur
oe secess|or.
Va|aW|'s P(es|derl 8|rdu Wa Vulra(||a
rade lre slalererl wedresdav alle( reel|rd
3oulre(r 3udar's |eade(. 3a|va K||(. Vulra(||a
cu((erl|v ro|ds lre (olal|rd cra|(rarsr|p ol
lre 53-reroe( Al(|car ur|or.
3oulre(r 3udar re|d a Wee||ord (ele(erdur
lral oedar Jar. 9. Tre (ele(erdur corc|udes
a peace dea| s|dred |r Jarua(v 2005 lral
erded a 21-vea( c|v|| Wa( oelWeer ro(lr ard
soulr 3udar.

Corp||ed ov Rache| Hetea [ Prolos ard reWs cou(lesv ol The Assoc|ated Press
wA8h|NCT0N - P(es|derl 8a(ac| 0oara de||ve(s r|s 3lale ol lre ur|or add(ess
al lre Cap|lo| |r wasr|rdlor. Tuesdav. Jar. 25. 2011.

8ANAA, Yemen Ters ol
lrousards ol Yerer|s de-
rarded lre p(es|derl slep doWr
|r ral|orW|de p(olesls Tru(sdav.
la||rd |rsp|(al|or l(or lre popu|a(
(evo|l |r Tur|s|a ard voW|rd lo cor-
l|rue url|| lre|( u.3.-oac|ed dove(r-
rerl la||s.
Yerer |s lre |alesl A(ao slale lo
oe r|l ov rass arl|-dove(rrerl p(o-
lesls. jo|r|rd Tur|s|a ard Edvpl |r
ca||s lo( (evo|ul|ora(v crarde. Tre
derorsl(al|ors pose a reW lr(eal
lo lre slao|||lv ol Yerer. lre A(ao
Wo(|d's rosl |rpove(|sred ral|or.
Wr|cr ras oecore a raver lo( a|-
0a|da r|||larls.
No de|avs. ro de|avs. lre l|re
lo( depa(lu(e ras corel srouled
p(olesle(s. ca|||rd lo( lre ousle(
ol P(es|derl A|| Aodu||ar 3a|er.
Wro ras (u|ed lo( rea(|v 32 vea(s.
3a|er's dove(rrerl |s (|dd|ed W|lr
co((upl|or. ras ||ll|e corl(o| ouls|de
lre cap|la|. ard |ls ra|r sou(ce ol
|rcore o|| cou|d (ur d(v |r a
Tre p(olesle(s We(e |ed ov oppo-
s|l|or reroe(s ard voulr acl|v|sls
|r lou( pa(ls ol lre cap|la|. 3araa. lr
lre soulre(r p(ov|rces ol 0a|| ard
3raoWa. (|ol po||ce used oalors lo
d|spe(se peop|e. Wr||e lrousards
loo| lo lre sl(eels |r a|-ludavdar
p(ov|rce. ar a|-0a|da sl(ordro|d
a|ord lre Red 3ea coasl.
Tre acl |s lre |alesl |r a Wave ol
allerpls al se|l-|rro|al|or ac(oss
lre A(ao Wo(|d. Wr|cr appea( lo oe
|rsp|(ed ov everls |r Tur|s|a.
A leW rurd(ed p(o-dove(rrerl
suppo(le(s re|d a courle(-p(olesl
|r 3araa. oul lrev We(e d(eal|v oul-
6A|R0 - \|o|erce esca|aled
|r lWo c|les ouls|de lre cap|la|
Ca|(o Tru(sdav Wre(e arl|-dove(r-
rerl p(olesle(s lo(cred a l(e slal|or
ard |ooled Weapors lral lrev lrer
lu(red or po||ce. Edvpl's lop deroc-
(acv advocale (elu(red lo lre cour-
l(v ard dec|a(ed re Was (eadv lo
|ead lre carpa|dr lo ousl |ordl|re
P(es|derl losr| Vuoa(a|.
lr lre lasrpo|rl c|lv ol 3uez.
easl ol Ca|(o. W|lresses sa|d (|ol-
e(s sore Wea(|rd su(d|ca| ras|s
lo Wa(d oll lea( das l(eooroed
lre ra|r l(e slal|or ard l(eldrl-
e(s jurped oul W|rdoWs lo escape
lre lares. as reavv o|ac| sro|e
o|||oWed l(or lre ou||d|rd. lr lre
ro(lre(r 3|ra| a(ea ol 3re|| ZuWe|d.
seve(a| rurd(ed 8edou|rs ard po-
||ce excrarded ||ve durl(e. |||||rd a
1Z-vea(-o|d rar. Aooul 300 p(olesl-
e(s su((ourded a po||ce slal|or l(or
(oollops ol rea(ov ou||d|rds ard l(ed
lWo RP0s al |l. darad|rd lre Wa||s.
3oc|a| relWo(||rd s|les We(e aouzz
W|lr la|| lral F(|dav's (a|||es Wou|d oe
sore ol lre o|ddesl so la( ca|||rd lo(
lre ousle( ol Vuoa(a| alle( 30 vea(s
|r poWe(. V||||ors dalre( al roscues
ac(oss lre c|lv lo( F(|dav p(ave(s.
p(ov|d|rd o(dar|ze(s W|lr a rude
ruroe( ol peop|e a|(eadv oul or lre
sl(eels lo lap |rlo.
C|oucestersh|re, ENCLAN0 [be-
|ow} -- A p(olesl s|dr |s seer or a
l(ee |r lre Fo(esl ol 0ear. 0|oucesle(-
sr|(e. Erd|ard. ore ol lre lre courl(v's
re(|lade Wood|ards Wr|cr rav oe allecled
ov lre 0ove(rrerl's p|ars lo( a se||-oll ol
Erd|ard's puo||c lo(esls.
3ore ol Erd|ard's oesl-|oved ard o|desl
puo||c lo(esls cou|d oe so|d oll lo p(|vale
corpar|es urde( dove(rrerl p|ars p(o-
posed Tru(sdav. Tre p(oposed sa|e cou|d
(a|se up lo 250 r||||or pourds |S399 r||-
||or) lo( lre dove(rrerl. oul |l p(ovo|ed |(e
ard ro((o( l(or ralu(e |ove(s Wro sav lre
rove Wou|d darade W||d||le ard srul oul
Wa||e(s ard cvc||sls l(or lre Wood|ards.
ucharest, R0HAN|A - JeWs s|l |r lre 0(eal 3vradodue du(|rd
a correro(al|or ol lrose ||||ed ac(oss Rorar|a du(|rd a (evo|l
|ed ov reroe(s ol lre l(or 0ua(d lasc|sl pa(lv oelWeer Jar. 21-23.
1911.0r|v aooul .000 JeWs ||ve |r Rorar|a lodav doWr l(or 800.000
oelo(e wo(|d wa( ll acco(d|rd lo oll|c|a| Rorar|ar slal|sl|cs.
10 The DePaulia. January 24, 2011
NuLIon & WorId
BeIore last Wednesday. I had only
seen neighborhoods like Merida`s
Emiliano Zapata Sur in books. in
movies. on television. and through the
bus window. I wasn`t sure what to expect
when my group members and I stepped
oII the bus in Iront oI Marista University
on the south side oI the city. where we
would be taking our service-learning
course and volunteering with the local
I had to dodge a decomposing cat
in the gutter beIore stepping onto
the sidewalk (not the greatest initial
observation. but hey. dead cats aren`t
exclusive to the developing world).
We began our assigned neighborhood
promenade hesitantly. Ieeling more like
a conspicuous imposition than a group oI
humble college students.
There was an eerie silence in the
streets. and the smell oI incinerated
garbage hung in the air there is very
limited trash collection in Emiliano
Zapata Sur. so residents burn their waste
As we walked beside a row oI
windowless homes. most oI which
were made oI cement and rooIed with
scrap metal. I was careIul to look inside
without catching the eyes oI inhabitants.
Most oI the houses appeared to be
single rooms with unIinished Iloors.
There was music emanating Irom many
oI them. and Iew times I heard the low
murmur oI a television set. Towels were
draped here and there to keep the bugs
out. and cinderblocks served as stairs
on most porches. Occasionally. a house
would be painted. usually a bright hue
similar to those in neighborhoods on the
north side.
It was impossible to avoid eye
contact with the residents in their yards
or sitting in doorways. I don`t know
why I Ielt like I should I suppose I
Ielt pretty voyeuristic wandering down
the street with a notebook in hand. It
seemed wrong to walk in Iront oI them
wearing new clothes and a backpack
with a laptop computer inside. II I lived
in Emiliano Zapata Sur. I`m quite sure
I would resent the people who walked
through observing my poverty.
Despite my apparent discomIort. the
people oI Emiliano Zapata Sur were
welcoming; they smiled. waved and
nearly all oI them greeted us with EXHQDV
WDUGHV. They were outside hanging
laundry on their clotheslines. inside
cooking on their stovetops. or arriving
home Irom work.
Children played outside. laughing
the same way children laugh behind
white picket Iences in the United States.
On porches. teenage girls painted their
toenails and mothers rocked their babies
to sleep next to large shrines to the
Virgin Guadalupe. Small Iamily-owned
WLHQGDV sold cold drinks and snacks. and
the neighborhood dogs ran and chased
one another harmlessly in the streets.
The people oI Emiliano Zapata Sur
weren`t angry we were there. at least not
noticeably. They didn`t scoII at the large
group oI JULQJRV walking on their turI.
and I never heard one catcall.
They were iust people. Regular.
Iriendly. hospitable people doing
the same things that regular. Iriendly.
hospitable people do in my own
neighborhood at home. And suddenly. I
Ielt very much at ease.
nLerneL surpusses TV us muIn news source Ior voung uduILs
Two years ago the Internet surpassed
newspapers as the main news source
Ior Americans. Although television`s
popularity remained higher than
Internet. its numbers quickly began to
Iall. And now. the Internet has surpassed
television as a main news source Ior
young adults.
According to a national survey
conducted by the Pew Research Center
(PRC). since 2007. the number oI 18
to 29-year-olds citing the Internet as
their main news source Ior national and
international news has nearly doubled
to 65 percent. Over this time period. the
numbers oI those who said television
was their prime news source dropped to
52 percent.
'TV network news demographics
have been changing Ior years. said
iournalism proIessor. Mike Reilley.
'Viewers are getting older and liIestyle
and technology changes have impacted
viewership oI the 5:30 p.m. news.
However. television news is still
dominates among less educated young
people. According to the PRC. iust 29
percent oI those with no more than a
high school education cited the Internet
as their main news source. while
three-quarters oI the respondents cited
While Reilley said the Pew study
didn`t surprise him. he said. 'it does
tie quantitative research to what we`ve
long knownthe web and mobile
technologies are delivering news Iaster
and diIIerently than traditional media.
including TV news.
Ricky Green. a senior Iinance student
said he gets his news Irom iGoogle.
. 'Users are able to personalize their
Google homepage by customizing their
news preIerence. Green said. 'I can put
in all the big news websites onto one
page with the top Iive to IiIteen stories
Irom each website into my Ieed.
With more and more young adults
turning to the Internet Ior their news.
many are beginning to wonder what is
to come Ior broadcast news.
'As someone who grew up watching
Walter Cronkite on network news
as well as local evening and night
newscasts. I`m disappointed to see
the sea change. Reilley said. 'I think
we are a smarter. better-served news
consumer when we draw inIormation
Irom multiple platIorms. Reilley said
making reIerence to what he called. 'the
depth oI newspapers. the immediacy
oI TV and radio. and the multimedia
aspects oI online storytelling.
Andrew TreIIy. a recent DePaul
English graduate said he is convinced
that television will Iind a way to evolve to
the rapidly changing media. 'Television
still has somewhat oI a chance to utilize
the medium oI the Internet through
Internet viral marketing and such.
Most news networks have done so
by working with the Internet by taking
advantage and utilizing various Iorms
oI social media to break news stories.
'News networks are well aware oI the
shiIt. It`s most likely that they`re going
to work with. and adapt to the change in
media source. rather than Iight against
it. said TreIIy.
Many young adults
say the Internet makes
it convenient Ior those
always on the go to
check their news on
their smart phones.
Krystina Andreoli.
a iunior vocal
perIormance maior.
is no stranger to
mobile web browsing.
'Most people have
Internet services
on their phones.
It makes it easier
to access the news
because college kids
are on the go. and
like. don`t have time
to sit and watch
television. she said.
Senior Iinance
student Green
agreed with Andreoli.
'I don`t watch
television Ior any
news. other than to
turn on ESPN.
Despite television
news` Ialling numbers.
Reilley said stories will
always need to be told on
its medium. 'I think there
will always be a place Ior TV
news. he said. 'especially on
the local level
'As long as advertisers still see
it as a valid option. and the audience
doesn`t completely vanish. Reilley
said. 'the medium will remain in some
Children in Emiliano Zapata Sur line up as they wait to take a crack at breaking open a pinata on
Mar. 23, 2010.
Photo by RacheI Metea
'GrIngos` begIn servIce work In MexIco
Graphic courtesy of MCT Wire Services
Nation & WorId. January 24, 2011. The DePaulia 11
TIIs week In worId news
Na|rob|, KENYA - 3co(es ol p(olesle(s dalre(ed al
F(eedor Co(re( or Tuesdav. Jar. 18. 2011 lo oed|r
a carpa|dr lo co||ecl 1 r||||or s|dralu(es |r suppo(l
ol lre lrle(ral|ora| C(|r|ra| Cou(l. lCC P(oseculo(
Lu|s Vo(ero 0carpo ras puo||c|v rared s|x r|dr-(ar||rd
dove(rrerl oll|c|a|s ard p(or|rerl Kervars as lre peop|e
Wro oea( lre d(ealesl (espors|o|||lv lo( v|o|erce lral
lo||oWed lre 0eceroe( 200Z e|ecl|or |r Wr|cr ro(e lrar
1.000 peop|e We(e ||||ed.
lr lre alle(ralr ol lre d|spuled e|ecl|or. a roo sel l|(e
lo a cru(cr Wre(e rurd(eds We(e la||rd (elude. 3lore-
lr(oW|rd dards W|e|d|rd racreles ||||ed sco(es ol peop|e.
ard po||ce lala||v srol p(olesle(s.
3eve(a| op|r|or po||s corducled |r lre pasl vea( sroW
o(oad puo||c suppo(l lo( lre lCC p(ocess. lroudr. ard
c(|l|cs Wa(r sucr a de|av Wou|d p(everl jusl|ce lo( lre ro(e
lrar 1.000 peop|e ||||ed du(|rd Wee|s ol (|ol|rd ard elrr|c
ATLANTA - Fede(a| aulro(|l|es a(e
r|dr||drl|rd Al|arla's ere(derce as a ruo
|r rurar l(all|c||rd a|ord lre Easl Coasl as
lrev l(v lo (a|se aWa(eress aooul lre p(oo|er
ard dere(ale l|ps l(or lre puo||c.
8(oc| N|cro|sor ol u.3. lrr|d(al|or ard
Cuslors Erlo(cererl lo( 0eo(d|a ard lre
Ca(o||ras savs rurar l(all|c||rd ras oeer
|rc(eas|rd |r lre Al|arla a(ea ard lre c(|res
a(e oller ra(d lo urcove( oecause rarv v|cl|rs
Wor'l core lo(Wa(d.
N|cro|sor sa|d v|cl|rs oller lea( oeal|rds
l(or l(all|c|e(s o( a((esl ard depo(lal|or ov
aulro(|l|es |l lrev l(v lo escape. le sl(essed
lral aulro(|l|es W||| rol pur|sr o( depo(l v|cl|rs.
N|cro|sor sa|d lWo l(ouo||rd reW l(erds a(e
lral v|cl|rs a(e dell|rd vourde(. sore as vourd
as 11. ard l(all|c|e(s a(e |rc(eas|rd|v us|rd
v|o|erce lo corl(o| v|cl|rs.
wA8h|NCT0N - A u.3. oll|c|a| savs
lre 0oara adr|r|sl(al|or W||| soor
|rc(ease lre use ol r|||la(v l(|a|s lo( p(|sore(s
al 0uarlararo 8av. Cuoa. Ard |l W||| sel up
a pa(o|e-lvpe svsler lo (ev|eW lre cases ol
p(|sore(s Wro a(e rol expecled lo del sucr
Tre oll|c|a| spo|e or cord|l|or ol arorvr|lv
oecause lre p|ar ras rol vel oeer arrourced.
le sa|d 0elerse 3ec(ela(v Rooe(l 0ales
|s expecled lo soor ||ll a 2-vea(-o|d o(de( lral
o|oc|ed arv reW cases l(or oe|rd sla(led
ada|rsl le((o(|sr suspecls al 0uarlararo.
P(es|derl 8a(ac| 0oara |s expecled lo s|dr
ar execul|ve o(de( sell|rd up lre pa(o|e-lvpe
Tre oar or reW cases Was pul |r p|ace jusl
alle( 0oara's 2009 |raudu(al|or oecause re
p|arred lo c|ose lre p(|sor. 8ul r|s ello(ls rave
oeer lrWa(led ov Cord(ess.

ERL|N - 0e(rarv's cap|la| lu(red |ls allerl|or
lo lasr|or lr|s Wee|. W|lr 2012 W|rle( co||ecl|ors
or lre (urWav sla(l|rd wedresdav al 8e(||r Fasr|or
wee| ard ere(d|rd des|dre(s sroW|rd oll lre|( eddv
p|eces al lre sl(eelWea( l(ade sroW |roWr as 8(ead
& 8ulle(. A rode| |aoove) p(eserls a c(eal|or ol lre
lasr|or des|dre( 0aW|d ToraszeWs||.
8e(||r Fasr|or wee|. Wr|cr oller sl(udd|es |r
corpa(|sors lo lre oelle( |roWr. We||-eslao||sred
coulu(e p(eserlal|ors |r Pa(|s o( V||ar. del|res |lse|l
as a sroWcase lo( vourd ard |oca| des|dre(s.
6h|6AC0 Vavo( R|cra(d
0a|ev's |ord ello(l lo ou||d
l|es W|lr lre Wo(|d's secord-|a(desl
ecororv seered lo pav oll Tru(s-
dav as Cr|rese P(es|derl lu J|rlao
a((|ved lo( r|s l|(sl v|s|l lo Cr|cado.
r|s or|v slop ouls|de wasr|rdlor
du(|rd lr|s l(|p.
lu Was expecled lo locus or
ecoror|c l|es oelWeer Cr|ra ard
Cr|cado du(|rd r|s Wr|(|W|rd ove(-
r|drl v|s|l lo lre c|lv. Expe(ls sa|d
lre allerl|or l(or Cr|ra ras oeer
lre ervv ol olre( u.3. c|l|es ard
cou|d ra(| a d|darl|c ard p(ol|l-
ao|e slep lo(Wa(d lo( oolr pa(-
l|es. desp|le lre sorel|res (oc|v
u.3.-Cr|ra (e|al|orsr|p.
Varv c(ed|led 0a|ev's ello(ls.
Tre ravo( ras l(ave|ed lo Cr|ra
lou( l|res s|rce 2001. loul|rd Cr|-
cado as a d|ooa| l(arspo(lal|or ruo
W|lr |a(de rarulaclu(|rd ard |r-
dusl(|a| seclo(s l(|erd|v lo Cr|rese
Cr|cado dese(ves sore |udos.
ll's c|ea( lral re's |0a|ev) cu|l|valed
lre Cr|ra (e|al|orsr|p ard re's
|ea(red roW lo do lral ve(v We||.
sa|d Kerrelr L|eoe(lra|. d|(ec-
lo( ol lre Jorr L. Tro(rlor Cr|ra
Cerle( al lre 8(oo||rds lrsl|lul|or.
Vavo(s ard dove(ro(s a(ourd lre
courl(v. (eda(d|ess ol lre|( po||l|cs.
see Cr|ra as a sou(ce ol polerl|a|
cap|la|. ra(|els ard joos. 3o vou
oelle( oe ores |oo||rd lo rave lre
p(es|derl ol Cr|ra core re(e.
0a|ev cra(acle(|zed lre v|s|l as
a o|d. o|d. o|d. o|d. o|d dea|. al a
reWs corle(erce |asl Wee|.
As|de l(or ous|ress. lu's v|s|l
Was expecled lo re|p |rc(ease
aWa(eress ol Cr|cado ard lou(|sr.
Corp||ed ov Rache| Hetea [ Prolos ard reWs cou(lesv ol The Assoc|ated Press
NEw Y0RK - Fede(a| au-
lro(|l|es o(cresl(aled ore
ol lre o|ddesl Val|a la|edoWrs |r
F8l r|slo(v Tru(sdav. cra(d|rd 12Z
suspecled roosle(s ard assoc|-
ales |r lre No(lreasl W|lr ru(de(s.
exlo(l|or ard olre( c(|res sparr|rd
Pasl |rvesl|dal|ors rave (esu|led
|r sl(aled|c sl(||es a|red al c(|p-
p||rd |rd|v|dua| c(|re lar|||es. Tr|s
l|re. aulro(|l|es used a sroldur
app(oacr. W|lr sore 800 lede(a|
aderls ard po||ce oll|ce(s ra|-
|rd sco(es ol s|ru|lareous a((esls
slerr|rd l(or d|lle(erl roo |rves-
l|dal|ors |r NeW Yo(|. NeW Je(sev
ard Rrode ls|ard.
Veroe(s ard assoc|ales ol La
Cosa Nosl(a a(e arord lre rosl
darde(ous c(|r|ra|s |r ou( courl(v.
Allo(rev 0ere(a| E(|c lo|de( sa|d.
Tre ve(v oalr ol a||ed|arce sWo(r
ov lrese Val|a reroe(s du(|rd
lre|( |r|l|al|or ce(erorv o|rds lrer
lo a ||le ol c(|re.
lr lre pasl. lre F8l ras add(es-
s|ve|v pu(sued ard |rp(|sored lre
|eade(sr|p ol lre c|lv's l|ve lla||ar
roo lar|||es. or|v lo see aro|l|ous
urde(||rds l||| lre vacarc|es. sa|d
Jar|ce Feda(cv|. read ol lre F8l's
NeW Yo(| oll|ce.
we dea| |r (ea||lv. ard lre (ea||lv
|s lral lre roo. |||e ralu(e. aoro(s
a vacuur. sre sa|d.
loWeve(. lre F8l ras da|red a
(ecerl advarlade ov cu|l|val|rd a
c(op ol roo l|du(es W||||rd lo Wea(
W|(es ard lesl|lv ada|rsl dardsle(s
|r excrarde lo( |er|ercv |r lre|( oWr
Tre voW ol s||erce lral |s pa(l
ol lre oalr ol ore(la |s ro(e rvlr
lrar (ea||lv lodav. sre sa|d.
Kua|a Lumpur, HALAY8|A - A l|rdu devolee dels p|e(ced W|lr a rela| (od du(|rd
lre Tra|pusar lesl|va| al 8alu Caves. Tru(sdav. Jar. 20. 2011. Tre lesl|va| |s (ooled
|r l|rdu |ederd ard Was o(oudrl l(or soulre(r lrd|a ov 19lr cerlu(v |rr|d(arls Wro care
lo lre Va|avs|ar per|rsu|a lo Wo(| |r (uooe( eslales ard dove(rrerl oll|ces.

10 The DePaulia. January 17, 2011
NuLIon & WorId
Over December intercession. 20 DePaul
students oI various areas oI study traveled
to Kenya as part oI a short-term study
'The people there said they welcome
us with open arms. said senior public
policy student LeAaron Foley. 'This little
8-year-old said to me. we`re a Iamily. we`re
Throughout their travels around southern
Kenya. students stayed primarily in Karen.
a suburb oI Kenya`s capitol. Nairobi. as
guests oI the Green Belt Movement.
The Green Belt Movement (GBM).
is an organization whose mission is to
'mobilize community consciousness
Ior selI-determination. equity. improved
livelihoods and security. and environmental
conservation. according to GBM`s
Not Iar Irom Karen is Kibera. the largest
slum in Kenya and arguably the largest in
all oI AIrica. Kibera is a community made
oI tin-rooIed shacks. poor sanitation. and is
the home oI 800.000 to one million people.
DePaul students spent a day in Kibera
with children Irom Red Rose School.
They talked with students and teachers.
made activity books with the children. and
donated supplies to the school.
'I loved Kibera and being at Red Rose
School. Devin Meyer said. 'Despite the
destitute look oI things the people are really
genuine and sincere. The kids there are
so ambitious despite their circumstances.
she said.
Meyer said she anticipated a great divide
oI resources among the people oI Kenya.
'I expected there to be a lot oI poverty
and a lot oI rich people. I didn`t expect
there to be such a strong middle class.
Meyer said.
While Kenya is estimated to have a
40 percent unemployment rate. students
learned that people who lack money can
still be rich in other resources.
'They were completely happy iust with
what they had. Jaclyn Tabbert. a iunior
psychology student. The DePaul students
who traveled to Kenya said their outlook
on service and community has been altered
Irom studying abroad.
'The way I relate to organizations has
changed because oI this experience. said
Meyer. 'There are ways to put money
directly into the hands oI the people who
will be using it. I want to make sure
when I give money or time I want it to go
directly to the community rather than a
huge organization like UNICEF. she said.
'There`s a diIIerent world outside oI
where we are. said Foley. 'II you get a
little uncomIortable exploring the other
parts. that`s good. It`s important that you
get out oI your comIort zone. it makes you
such a more well-rounded person. he said.
Upon living in Merida iust over
a week. my Spanish has improved
tenIold. I Iind myselI saying. 'Lo
siento. no entiendo. (I`m sorry. I
don`t understand) about halI as oIten
as I was mere days ago. I am able to
conIidently tell people good morning.
good aIternoon and good night without
wondering iI I said something wrong.
and even when I`m on the phone with
Iriends and Iamily in the States I Iind
myselI accidentally saying. 'si instead
oI 'yes. and 'porque instead oI
I`m able to get Irom point A to point
B with relative assurance using the bus
system. I know how to ask someone
Ior help iI I get lost. and I know
how many pesos a Corona costs on
Thursday nights at El Cumbanchero.
the local salsa bar.
I know that when you`re hot. you
always want to say you`re calor.
not caliente. (unless you are in
Iact caliente. which probably isn`t
something you want to advertise on
the street). I know that the Yucatecan
culinary special. 'Pollo Pibil. is a sure
bet at most restaurants. and that iI you
are an easily-oIIended young American
Iemale who doesn`t take well to being
ceaselessly ogled by the locals. this
probably isn`t the place Ior you.
On the list oI quagmires I have yet
to solve is Iiguring out a polite way
to tell my host mother that there is no
hot water in my bathroom. that there
is a colony oI possibly carnivorous
ants living in my bedroom. or that I
would like a little more than rice and
lettuce Ior dinner sometimes. (Dinners
are quite small here across the board;
lunch is the main event in most oI
Latin America and Spain).
Speaking oI my host mother--
her name is Maria Lucia. and she
is the nicest. most helpIul Mexican
woman that I have met thus Iar in
Merida. She is patient with me as we
attempt to converse in Spanish over
breakIast at 6:30 a.m.. she gives me
directions everywhere I need to go.
andchanneling the spirit oI my real
mothershe will not let me leave the
house iI my shorts are too corto (Take
a guess at that one).
Maria Lucia has three grown
children who live here with her
Pricilla. Patricio. and Paulina. In
this culture. it is customary to live at
home until you marry. Pricilla works
Ior a company based in Boston that
sells travel packages to American and
Canadian universities sending students
abroad. I see her the most out oI all
my host siblings. and she speaks Iluent
English because oI her work.
Patricio recently graduated Irom
a local university. where he studied
marketing. He is currently tirelessly
looking Ior work. yet he always
enough Iree time to tell me where all
the best discotecas are (and appears to
Irequent them nightly).
I see Paulina the least out oI the
threeshe leaves Ior work beIore I
wake in the mornings. and retreats
upstairs beIore I have time to talk
with her any other time oI the day. It
seems that Maria Lucia. as my primary
caretaker. is the only one who takes
much notice oI me. I can hardly blame
the kids Ior their lack oI interest in
attempting to speak Spanish with me
the Iamily has been hosting students
Irom the U.S. and Canada Ior over
IiIteen years.
As my second week in Merida
draws to a close. I can already tell
that the most diIIicult task Iacing me
on this trip will not be learning the
language or writing ten-page papers Ior
my classes. but rather. deciding which
oI the hundreds oI exciting activities
oIIered to visitors oI the Yucatan I can
squeeze into ten short weeks.
Although the recession has oIIicially been declared to be over.
many students have said it changed their lives in ways they still
continue to experience.
College tuition is increasing at a Iaster rate compared to
Iamily income. While the median household income in the U.S.
Iell by 4.2 percent over the course oI the recession. DePaul
University`s tuition increased by nearly 6 percent.
'LiIe is tough now. said Nikol Gabrisakova. a Ireshman
maioring in psychology who said she Ieels the recession has
changed her liIe tremendously. AIter spending months looking
Ior a iob. Gabrisakova said it is hard to Iind a iob even at a store.
'I Ieel guilty asking my parents Ior money because my mom lost
her iob and my dad`s business is not prospering like it was beIore
the recession.
During the recession. employment oI students enrolled in
colleges Iull-time dropped by 20 percent. while part-time student
employment Iell by 7 percent. According to the U.S. Bureau oI
Labor Statistics. during this time the gap between Iemale college
students who were more likely to be in the labor Iorce than their
male counterparts continued to grow.
Gabrisakova`s decision to come to DePaul was due in large
part to its relative inexpensiveness and her desire to attend a
maior university.
'I decided to come to DePaul because it was my cheapest
option and one oI my top schools. Luckily. I qualiIied Ior
Iinancial aid because oI my parents` Iinancial situation. I did
not want to go to a community college because school is very
important due to the competitiveness with the iob market.
According to the National Center Ior Education Statistics.
during the Iirst year oI the recession. roughly 66 percent oI
undergraduates received Iinancial aid.
Gabrisakova is also Iinancially aware when it comes to
where she lives. choosing to live oII campus to save money.
Nevertheless. she is still worried about paying oII student loans
in the Iuture.
Many students have said their spending habits changed as a
result oI the recession.
'Money is tight and I need to save it so I can pay oII my
loans. said Karishma Riman. a Ireshman maioring in biology.
'Due to the changes I do not go shopping as oIten because I am
saving money Ior everyday necessities. said Riman who now
spends more time cooking dinner at home instead oI going out on
weekends. Riman said the recession changed her driving habits
and that she only drives when absolutely necessary because oI
the high gas prices.
Stephanie Kopalski. a sophomore maioring in history. also
Iaces the challenges oI the recession. 'I have to watch my
spending a lot more. It used to be easier to iust spend money
on random things. but now I have to really ask myselI iI I need
certain things.
Some students such as Kopalski went to community college
beIore enrolling at DePaul as a way to save money.
'My Iamily and Iriends are the same way. Kopalski said.
'BeIore I came to DePaul. I attended a community college
because I wanted to save money.
When Martin Bednarczyk`s Iather lost his iob he did not
let it stop him Irom coming to DePaul. 'I still went to college
because I knew how important it was Ior Iuture success.
Bednarczyk said. Now a Ireshman with an undecided maior. he
said. 'I wanted to maior in business. but due to the recession I am
questioning my choice.
Although Bednarczyk is now questioning his maior as a result
oI the recession. he said that his liIe didn`t change too much and
added. 'I still go out and have Iun.
Graphic courtesy of MCT Wire Services
RecessIon`s uILermuLI IILs DePuuI
IndIng udjusLmenL In MexIco
Kenvuns weIcome
sLudenLs wILI
'open urms`
Photo courtesy of Katrina Kopeck
Nation & WorId. January 17, 2011. The DePaulia 11
TIIs week In worId news
Port-au-Pr|nce -- A Worar ro|ds a (osa(v as sre p(avs
du(|rd a rass al lre Calred(a| |r Po(l-au-P(|rce. la|l|.
wedresdav Jar. 12. 2011. wedresdav ra(|ed lre ore
vea( arr|ve(sa(v s|rce la|l|'s radr|lude-Z.0 ea(lrcua|e lral
devaslaled lre cap|la| ard |s esl|raled lo rave ||||ed ro(e
lrar 230.000 peop|e ard |ell r||||ors rore|ess.
8ANT J0AN, Ha||orca -
3ee||rd lo (a|se rorev lo(
lre|( Rorar Calro||c voulr d(oup.
reroe(s care up W|lr a (|scue
|dea: Pose rea(|v rude lo( a
ca|erda( (ec(eal|rd sceres l(or
lre Pass|or ol Cr(|sl.
Tre d(oup ras a|rosl so|d oul
ol lre 10-eu(o |S13) ca|erda(s lo(
2011 ard |s cors|de(|rd arolre(
p(|rl (ur oecause ol r|dr derard.
8ul Va||o(ca's 8|srop Jesus Vu(du|
|s o|asl|rd lre ello(l as sroW|rd
d|s(especl lo( lre rosl |rpo(larl
Calro||c ro||dav.
Tre ca|erda( l(|v|a||zes
Easle(. lre 8|srop's oll|ce sa|d
|r a slalererl e-ra||ed lo Tre
Assoc|aled P(ess or F(|dav.
ll added: we (ed(el lral lre
(e||d|ous lee||rds ol Calro||cs or
lr|s |s|ard rave rol oeer la|er |rlo
accourl ard lral Cr(|sl|ar svroo|s
srou|d rol rave oeer sroWr due
Veroe(s ol lre 0ava||arerl
Calro||c d(oup ol vourd adu|ls lral
d|ves 3urdav scroo| c|asses sav
lre sree( popu|a(|lv ol lre ca|erda(
sroWs lrev rave lre puo||c's
suppo(l. Trev rave a|rosl so|d oul
lo( a p(ol|l ol 1.500 eu(os lral W|||
oe used lo ouv rale(|a| lo( lre|(
Wo(| a|red al educal|rd vourd
Calro||cs ard |eep|rd lrer |r lre
Tre ca|erda( lealu(es o|ac|
ard Wr|le srols ol vourd rer ard
Worer ol 3arl Joar. popu|al|or
2.000. (ec(eal|rd |rades ol lre
Rorar e(a Wrer Cr(|sl|ar|lv Was
lrades la|er |r (usl|c sell|rds
|rc|ude rea(|v ra|ed d|ad|alo(s
l|drl|rd W|lr spea(s. ard Rorar
cerlu(|ors W|lr lre|( oulloc|s
v|s|o|e esco(l|rd lr(ee |rp(|sored
Cr(|sl|ars Wea(|rd s||rpv |o|r
c|olrs Wr||e ca((v|rd a (usl|c
Wooder c(oss.
TU680N - F(or |ell. E|||e 3leve. . Luc|a Reeves. . ard Zoe Reeves. 18. dalre(
lo( a card|e||drl v|d|| ouls|de lre oll|ces u.3. Rep. 0ao(|e||e 0|llo(ds. 0|llo(ds Was
c(|l|ca||v Wourded du(|rd a srool|rd al a po||l|ca| everl 3alu(dav |r Tucsor or Jar. 8.
TUN|8, Tun|s|a - l|s lace Was p|asle(ed a||
ove( Tur|s|a. ard lre ressade Was p|e(c|rd:
Ar ade|ess ard uo|cu|lous |eade( W|lr a seer|rd|v
erd|ess d(|p or poWe(.
Trer care urp(ecederled (|ols ard r|s ousle(. ard
lre p(eva|||rd |rade Was ol a orce-urlr|r|ao|e ralu(e:
0r v|deo-sra(|rd s|les. Tur|s|ars Walcred loolade ol
p(olesle(s sell|rd ||drl lo lre prolo ol P(es|derl Z|re E|
Ao|d|re 8er A||. lre|( |eade( ol 23 vea(s.
P(|re V|r|sle( Vorarred 0rarroucr| Werl or
slale le|ev|s|or lo sav re Was do|rd lo assure poWe(
|r Tur|s|a.
lr (esporse lo lre (|ols. lre p(es|derl dec|a(ed
a slale ol ere(dercv |r lre No(lr Al(|car ral|or.
d|sso|ved lre dove(rrerl ard p(or|sed reW |ed|s|al|ve
e|ecl|ors W|lr|r s|x rorlrs.
8er A|| rad dell|v raraded lre ecororv ol r|s
sra|| courl(v ol 10 r||||or. a oeacr raver lo( lou(|sls
ard oeacor ol slao|||lv |r vo|al||e No(lr Al(|ca. ll
seered as lroudr lre(e Was a l(adeoll W|lr r|s
peop|e. Tre(e Was a |ac| ol c|v|| (|drls ard ||ll|e o( ro
l(eedor ol speecr. oul a oelle( cua||lv ol ||le lrar |r
re|droo(|rd courl(|es |||e A|de(|a ard L|ova. 8ul |l Was
urerp|ovrerl oll|c|a||v reasu(ed al 11 pe(cerl
lral |ed lo r|s doWrla||.

8EATTLE - A s|rp|e W(|l|rd exe(c|se car (e||eve
sluderls ol lesl arx|elv ard rav re|p lrer del
oelle( sco(es lrar lre|( |ess arx|ous c|assrales. a
reW sludv ras lourd.
Tre (epo(l |r F(|dav's ed|l|or ol lre jou(ra| 3c|erce
savs sluderls Wro sperd 10 r|rules oelo(e ar exar
W(|l|rd aooul lre|( lroudrls ard lee||rds car l(ee up
o(a|rpoWe( p(ev|ous|v occup|ed ov lesl|rd Wo((|es ard
do lre|( oesl Wo(|.
Psvcro|od|sls. educalo(s ard pa(erls rave |roWr
lo( a |ord l|re lral lre Wav sluderls pe(lo(r or a
lesl does rol recessa(||v |rd|cale Wral |roW|edde
lrev o(|rd lo lre lao|e. Tesl arx|elv |s la|(|v corror
|r c|ass(oors. espec|a||v |r lre ur|led 3lales oecause
ol |ls |rc(eas|rd|v lesl-oosessed cu|lu(e. sa|d 3|ar L.
8e||oc|. a co-aulro( ol lre sludv.
E|RUT - Leoaror's dove(rrerl co||apsed
wedresdav alle( lezoo||ar ard |ls a|||es (e-
s|dred l(or lre Cao|rel |r a d|spule W|lr wesle(r-
oac|ed lacl|ors ove( upcor|rd |rd|clrerls |r lre
2005 assass|ral|or ol lo(re( P(|re V|r|sle( Ral||
A u.N.-oac|ed l(|oura| |rvesl|dal|rd lre l(uc|
ooro|rd lral ||||ed la(|(| ard 22 olre(s |s W|de|v
expecled lo rare reroe(s ol lre 3r||le r|||larl
d(oup. Wr|cr rarv lea( cou|d (e-|dr|le secla(|ar v|o-
|erce lral ras e(upled (epealed|v |r lre l|rv ral|or.
lezoo||ar's Wa||oul usre(s |r lre courl(v's Wo(sl
po||l|ca| c(|s|s s|rce 2008 |r ore ol lre rosl vo|al||e
co(re(s ol lre V|dd|e Easl.
Corp||ed ov Rache| Hetea [ Prolos ard reWs cou(lesv ol The Assoc|ated Press
TERE80P0L|8, raz|| -
Tre poWe( Was oul. oul ||drl-
r|rd l|asres |||ur|raled lre ro((o(
as v|||ade(s Walcred re|droo(s'
rores var|sr urde( a Wa|| ol rud
ard Wale(. lu(r|rd re|droo(roods
|rlo d(aveva(ds. 3u(v|vo(s dud al
lre ea(lr oa(erarded Tru(sdav. oul
a|| lrev lourd We(e ood|es.
ll Was a scere ol ruddv de-
sl(ucl|or |r rourla|r loWrs ro(lr
ol R|o. Wre(e al |easl 11 peop|e
We(e ||||ed Wrer lo((erl|a| (a|rs ur-
|easred ruds||des |r lre p(e-daWr
rou(s wedresdav. ou(v|rd peop|e
a||ve as lrev s|epl. 0ll|c|a|s Wou|d
rol verlu(e duesses or roW rarv
peop|e We(e r|ss|rd oul lea(s
We(e r|dr lral lre dealr lo|| cou|d
sra(p|v (|se.
lr lre (erole Carpo 0(arde
re|droo(rood ol Te(esopo||s. roW
access|o|e or|v ov a pe(||ous l|ve-
r||e r||e lr(oudr rud-s||c|ed
jurd|e. lar||v reroe(s pu||ed lre
||le|ess ood|es ol |oved ores l(or
lre ruc|. Trev ca(elu||v |a|d lre
co(pses or d(v d(ourd. cove(|rd
lrer W|lr o|ar|els.
A vourd oov c(|ed oul as r|s la-
lre('s oodv Was lourd: l Warl lo
see rv dadl l Warl lo see rv dadl
F|ood|rd ard ruds||des a(e cor-
ror |r 8(az|| Wrer lre surre(
(a|rs core. oul lr|s Wee|'s s||des
We(e arord lre Wo(sl |r (ecerl
rero(v. Tre d|sasle(s urdu|v pur-
|sr lre poo(. Wro oller ||ve |r (|c|elv
srac|s pe(cred pe(||ous|v or sleep
r|||s|des W|lr ||ll|e o( ro lourdal|ors.
8ul ever lre (|cr d|d rol escape lre
l rave l(|erds sl||| |osl |r a|| ol
lr|s rud. sa|d Ca(o|s Eu(|co. a
(es|derl ol lre c|lv's Carpo 0(arde
re|droo(rood. as re rol|ored lo a
sea ol desl(ucl|or oer|rd r|r. ll's
a|| dore. ll's a|| ove( roW. we'(e pul-
l|rd ou(se|ves |r lre rards ol 0od.

10 The DePaulia. January 10, 2011
NuLIon & WorId
Graphics courtesy of The Associated Press
La Decepcion y las
pastillas Ialsas se han
utilizado durante mucho
tiempo por muchos medicos
cuando necesitaban curar
a sus pacientes. Conocido
como el eIecto placebo.
los pacientes llegan a
sentirse meior a traves
de la creencia de que se
tomo un medicamento
real. Pero ahora. la nueva
investigacion sugiere que
este metodo Iunciona
incluso cuando los
pacientes saben que estan
tomando medicamentos
La Ialta de honradez
en el uso de placebos con
los pacientes Iue revelado
para que los medicos de
EE.UU. puedan usarlo
comunmente de una
manera etica y permisible.
segun se encuentra en un
estudio publicado en el
British Medical Journal
en el 2008. Alrededor de
la mitad de los medicos
estadounidenses inIormo
la prescripcion de placebos
en lugar de la medicina
actual y sobre una base
regular. Segun el estudio.
los medicos que utilizan
tratamientos con placebo
lo describen comunmente
como un medicamento
potencialmente beneIicioso
para los pacientes. o como
un tratamiento que se
suele utilizar para s u
personas en su condicion.
En respuesta a esta
practica que 'viola los
principios eticos. lea su
inIorme. los investigadores
de Osher. Centro de
Medicina de Harvard de la
Escuela de Investigacion
y Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center. analizaron
si es posible obtener
beneIicios del eIecto
placebo de manera honesta.
El estudio dividio a 80
pacientes con sindrome de
intestino irritable (SII) en
dos grupos: un grupo Iue
inIormado que las pastillas
que tomaban dos veces al
dia eran pildoras 'Ialsas.
mientras que el otro
grupo no recibio ningun
Despues de tres
semanas. casi el doble
de pacientes tratados
con placebo presento un
adecuado alivio de los
sintomas en comparacion
con aquellos que no
recibieron el tratamiento.
Ademas. los pacientes
que tomaron el placebo
duplicaron sus tasas de
meiora en un grado mas
o menos equivalente
al de los eIectos de los
medicamentos mas
potentes para el SII.
Los investigadores
deiaron 'absolutamente
claro a los participantes
que estaban recibiendo
tratamiento con pastillas
placebo. diio Dr. Ted
Kaptchuk. proIesor
asociado de medicina en
Harvard Medical School
y Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center. Sin
embargo. a pesar de
que las pastillas Iueron
administradas a los
pacientes en una botella
que decia: 'placebo en
toda su superIicie. se les
diio que la droga habia
sido demostrada en
ensayos clinicos rigurosos
para producir importantes
procesos de auto-curacion
en mente-cuerpo.
For a translation of this
article. go to:
Nation & World Editor
Illinois has been called the 'wild
west because oI its unregulated politi-
cal campaigns that escalated to unIair ad-
vantages and domination Ior the highly
sponsored political parties. However. the
New Year began with a new set oI laws
in Illinois that will limit the amount oI
money that can be contributed to politi-
cal candidates and political action com-
This is a good frst step Ior less cor-
ruption in Ill.. said political science pro-
Iessor Zachary Cook. 'The law might
help protect honest businesses Irom be-
ing pressured by political fgures to give
them signifcant contributions in the
Iorms oI bribes. Cook said. Although
the law will be very relevant to candi-
dates running Ior governor. Cook said.
the law may have little impact on up-
coming elections because the contribu-
tion limits are still relatively high Ior a
During the 2005-2006 elections. Rod
Blagoievich`s campaign collected $18
million and his opponent. Judy Topinka.
collected $9.5 million. The new law
comes aIter Blagoievich's arrest. im-
peachment and indictment on block-
buster government corruption charges.
During Blagoievich`s era. Illinois was
one oI fve states in which there were no
boundaries Ior political contributions.
Contributions to all candidates by
individuals have now been limited to a
maximum oI $5.000 per election. Busi-
nesses and associations are limited to
$10.000 per candidate and political ac-
tion committees are limited to no more
than $50.000 per candidate. The impact
oI this limitation oI money contributed
to political candidates will be assessed
to determine Iuture precautions and re-
quirements Ior elections.
Bruce Newman. a DePaul proIessor
who specializes in political marketing.
said the new law will level the playing
feld to give those that do not receive
signifcant amounts oI money a Iair op-
portunity to compete in elections. This
will encourage the political candidates
to Iollow the 'Obama motto oI using
the Internet to collect contributions. he
said. According to Newman. this method
will enable political candidates to col-
lect money Irom more people rather than
collecting a signifcant amount oI money
Irom iust one organization.
'This law will aIIect political parties
because the candidates will not rely on
one organization Ior support and will
gain support Irom the people. Newman
Michael Evers. a iunior at DePaul
University maioring in political sci-
ence. worked on Obama`s campaign in
Cincinnati. Ohio. His perception oI
Illinois beIore coming here was
that it was not the cleanest
state in sense oI poli-
tics. 'This law would
be benefcial Ior the
voters because the
people. rather than
businesses and as-
sociations. would
gain more
interest on
the politi-
cal candi-
d a t e s .
Evers said.
G o v e r n o r
Patrick Quinn
signed the new legislation
into law on Dec. 9. Candi-
dates will be required to
fle campaign ex-
penditure and
reports every
three months
instead oI every
six months.
The thermometer outside the kitchen
window read ten degrees below zero
yesterday morning. By the time I arrived
at the Denver International Airport. my
Ieet were slowly regaining circulation
inside my snow-covered black Ilats
the only closed-toed shoes that would
be making the trip to Merida. Mexico
with me.
I hadn`t Ielt such a puzzling
combination oI anxiety and excitement
since leaving Greeley. Colorado Ior
DePaul a year and a halI ago. I was
trying hard to Iocus on the essentials
check bags. get boarding pass. don`t
drop it. etc. but this was becoming
increasingly diIIicult due to the non-
stop barrage oI questions running
through my head. What iI all oI my
classes were taught in Spanish? (Mi
espaol es muy terrible.) What iI I
slept in a hammock tied to two palm
trees and drank nothing but coconut
milk? What iI my host Iamily was part
oI some Mayan cult in which ancestor
worship and human sacriIice were still
Upon arriving in Merida. I was hit
by a blanket oI warm. Iresh. humid
air. There`s nothing quite like your
Iirst breath in the tropics. My clothes
immediately Ielt too heavy and every
odor in my surroundings was enhanced.
My skin Ielt moist all over and I couldn`t
imagine ever applying lotion again.
Even at night. the colors oI the
city were stunning. The term 'concrete
iungle took on a whole new meaning
it was truly an urban rainIorest. I didn`t
realize how accustomed I was to neutral
colored buildings in the States. Every
structure in Merida seemed to be a
unique color bright orange. baby blue.
and lime green were commonplace.
Despite the Ioreign nature oI the
architecture and landscape. many
buildings were adorned with Christmas
decorations and a giant Christmas tree
was situated in the center oI el Paseo de
Monteio. Merida`s main street.
I slept like a rock when we got back
to the hotel. and woke up this morning
eager to see Merida in the daylight.
BeIore leaving the hotel. I brushed my
teeth with bottled water the amoebas
in the tap water don`t take well to
During our bus tour. there was no
hiding the Iact that I was new to the
city. I snapped photos ceaselessly Irom
beginning to end like a kid in a candy
store. Every building was unique.
every plaza was Iilled with beautiIul
monuments. and it seemed like every
other car on the road was an old-
Iashioned VW Bug. I grew increasingly
excited and nervous as the tour drew to
a close meeting our host Iamilies was
the next scheduled event.
We arrived back at the hotel in the
aIternoon. where our host mothers were
to pick us up and take us to our new
'casas. Our resident director. Claudia
Chapas. met us in the lobby. 'Are you
ready to meet your host mothers? she
That`s all I have time to write Ior now.
Stay tuned. DePaul. Ior more articles
Irom Merida soon! Adios amigos.
SLudenL kIcks oII sLudv ubroud
New Iuw LurgeLs IIInoIs poIILIcs
Unu menLIru InnecesurIu
Nation & WorId. January 10, 2011. The DePaulia 11
TIIs week In worId news
4 TEhRAN, |ran - A slale-oWred l(ar|ar
reWspape( savs aulro(|l|es rave dela|red ar
Are(|car Worar or esp|orade susp|c|ors.
Tre (epo(l Tru(sdav ov lre lRAN Fa(s|
da||v sa|d sre rad r|dder spv|rd lecrro|odv
o( a r|c(oprore |r re( leelr Wrer sre Was
dela|red ov cuslors aulro(|l|es |r lre oo(de(
loWr ol No(douz |r ro(lrWesle(r l(ar.
ll sa|d sre a((|ved |r l(ar l(or re|droo(|rd
A(rer|a W|lroul v|sa.
Tre (epo(l d|d rol sav Wrer lre Worar Was
5 wA8h|NCT0N 0elerse
3ec(ela(v Rooe(l 0ales ar-
rourced Tru(sdav re W||| cul
SZ8 o||||or l(or lre Perlador's
ouddel |r lre rexl lve vea(s
rorev lral W||| core l(or
sr(|r||rd lre r|||la(v's d(ourd
lo(ce. |rc(eas|rd rea|lr ca(e
p(er|urs lo( l(oops ard olre(
po||l|ca||v urpopu|a( cosl-sav|rd
Tre p|ar a|so |derl|les a
sepa(ale S100 o||||or |r sav|rds.
|rc|ud|rd lre carce||al|or ol a
S11 o||||or arpr|o|ous Va(|re
ver|c|e. loWeve(. lre se(v|ces
W||| oe a||oWed lo (e|rvesl lral
rorev |r reW Weapor svs-
lers ard p(od(ars lral oerell
l(oops. re sa|d.
Tre rove |s pa(l ol a o(oade(
ello(l lo l(|r lal l(or lrer|||la(v's
rarrolr ra|l-l(||||or arrua|
ouddel |r ||drl ol lre ral|or's oa|-
|oor|rd delc|l.
''we a(e rol exerpl l(or
sc(ul|rv ard oe|rd as|ed lo ld-
u(e oul Wral We a(e do|rd W|lr
|ess do||a(s. 0ales lo|d (epo(l-
8ul pa(ls ol lre p|ar a(e
|||e|v lo (ur |rlo se(|ous oppos|-
l|or l(or Cord(ess. LaWra|e(s
rave loudrl pasl p(oposa|s lo
|rc(ease rea|lr ca(e p(er|urs
ard cul Weapors p(od(ars lral
p(oduce joos |r lre|( slales.

2 6ARA6A8, Venezue|a
0ppos|l|or |aWra|e(s da|red a
o|dde( p(eserce ard a p|allo(r
lo cra||erde ludo Cravez as
a reW Nal|ora| Assero|v loo|
oll|ce wedresdav. lroudr lre
cord(ess' poWe(s a(e ||r|led ov
a reasu(e |ell|rd lre p(es|derl
eracl |aWs ov dec(ee.
Alle( rav|rd a|rosl ro
(ep(eserlal|or al a|| |r lre
ouldo|rd cord(ess due lo
a dec|s|or lo oovcoll 2005
e|ecl|ors. lre oppos|l|or roW
corl(o|s Z ol lre Nal|ora|
Assero|v's 15 seals. Tral
rears Cravez's a|||es ro |orde(
rave a lWo-lr|(ds supe( rajo(|lv.
lre lr(esro|d reeded lo app(ove
sore lvpes ol rajo( |aWs ard
appo|rl 3up(ere Cou(l jusl|ces.
LaWra|e(s slood ard sard
lre ral|ora| arlrer al lre sla(l
ol a (aucous |raudu(a| sess|or.
Wr|cr saW oper|rd speecres
lral d(eW app|ause ard srouls
l(or lre lWo carps. P(o-Cravez
|aWra|e(s crarled lre|( s|odar
Trev W||| rol (elu(rl lo Wr|cr
sore oppos|l|or |aWra|e(s
(ep||ed lral lrev rad. |r lacl.
3uppo(le(s ard opporerls ol
Cravez oolr derorsl(aled rea(
lre Nal|ora| Assero|v. Wr||e
rurd(eds ol Nal|ora| 0ua(d
l(oops ard po||ce |r (|ol dea(
o|oc|ed sl(eels.
'I'd like my liIe back.
T0NY hAYwAR0, BP CEO at the time oI the GulI oil spill.

MemorubIe quoLes Irom

'II |being| a geek means you're willing to study things.
and iI you think science and engineering matter. I
plead guilty. II your culture doesn't like geeks. you are
in real trouble.
|LL CATE8, founder of Microsoft.
We can't legislate courtesy.

6LAREH0NT 60UN6|LHAN 8AH PE0R0ZAZA, beIore council mem-

bers reiected a proposal to ban smoking in some public places such as
outdoor dining areas.
'Uh. good evening and welcome to the last
Larry King Live.` It`s hard to say that.
LARRY K|NC, From 'Larry King Live.
8ARAh PAL|N. on Glenn Beck's
radio show. talking about North
Korea and South Korea.
'This speaks to a bigger picture here
that certainly scares me in terms oI
our national security policies. But
obviously we've gotta stand with our
North Korean allies.
1 A|0JAN, |vory 6oast

- Youlrs (a|se lre|( rards |r a sroW ol suppo(l lo( Lau(erl 0oadoo al a (a||v
|ed ov 0oadoo r|r|sle( ard voulr |eade( Cra(|es 8|e 0oude. wr||e lre ur|led Nal|ors ard olre( Wo(|d
poWe(s (ecodr|ze (|va| A|assare 0ualla(a as lre W|rre( ol Noveroe( p(es|derl|a| e|ecl|ors. 0oadoo ras
(elused lo slep doWr lo( ro(e lrar a rorlr alle( lre p(es|derl|a| (uroll vole. Tre 15-ral|or (ed|ora| o|oc
EC0wA3 ras lr(ealered lo (erove lre |rcuroerl |eade( |l ordo|rd redol|al|ors la||.
3 8outh Korea [|eft} 3oulr Ko(ea's Al-13
Coo(a re||cople( l(es (oc|els du(|rd lre A(rv
Av|al|or 3rool|rd Valcr |r Yardpvourd. 3oulr
Ko(ea. Tru(sdav. Jar. . 2011. No(lr Ko(ea
ca||ed lo( urcord|l|ora| ard ea(|v la||s W|lr
(|va| 3oulr Ko(ea lo pul ar erd lo rorlrs ol
lers|ors. 3eou| cu|c||v d|sr|ssed lre olle( as
|rs|rce(e ard sa|d |l's Wa|l|rd lo( ar apo|odv lo(
lWo dead|v allac|s o|ared or Pvordvard.
10 The DePaulia. November 8, 2010
NuLIon & WorId
Una ex rebelde marxista que
Iue encarcelada y torturada
durante la dictadura militar
de Brasil. Dilma RousseII. se
convirtio en la primera muier
en llegar a la presidencia en
la historia de Brasil el 1 de
Su presidencia ha sido un
cambio desde que Iue miem-
bro activo de un grupo armado
Despues de ser iniciada en
las politicas del marxismo.
RousseII ayudo a construir
una de las tantas organizacio-
nes guerrilleras tratando de
derrocar al gobierno. Durante
este tiempo. RousseII paso tres
aos en prision.
Ahora. siendo una politica
conservadora. RousseII es la
primera muier en ocupar el
cargo como presidenta en la
historia del pais.
RousseII. que obtuvo el 55
por ciento en comparacion con
el 44 por ciento de su rival. se
comprometio a deshacerse de
la pobreza en Brasil y promov-
er la igualdad de genero
'Si. una muier puede ser
presidente. diio poco despues
de ser elegido presidente.
RousseII hablo en contra de
la lapidacion eIectuada en Iran
el miercoles diciendo que seria
"barbaro" si una muier en Iran
Iuese eiecutada por adulterio.
En 2006. Ashtiani Sakineh
Mohammadi Iue declarada
culpable de adulterio y con-
denada a muerte. En agosto.
Brasil oIrecio proveer ayuda
a la muier para salvarla. Iran
rechazo la oIerta.
For a translation of this article.
go to
I am gay.
These three words have changed
the liIe and career oI West Point
Academy graduate. Iraq veteran
and Arabic linguist Lt. Dan Choi.
Choi. 28. spoke to a crowd oI
DePaul students. Iaculty. and
neighbors on Oct. 25 about being
openly gay in the Army and the
repercussions oI being honest.
Choi is among the 14.000 ser-
vicemen and women who have
been fred under the Don`t Ask.
Don`t Tell policy that President
Obama has promised to repeal.
'When I Iell in love Ior the frst
time. that`s when I Ielt the pain oI
Don`t Ask Don`t Tell. Choi said.
Created in 1993. Don`t Ask.
Don`t Tell (DADT) mandates the
discharge oI openly gay. lesbian
and bisexual service members.
Under this law. a service member
can be discharged iI they make
their sexual orientation known.
According to the Congressional
Research Service. a third party
can 'out a service member iI he
does so under oath.
Choi came out on MSNBC`s
'The Rachel Maddow Show
on March 19. 2009. The Army
then discharged him. as he was in
violation oI DADT by making a
public announcement oI his ho-
mosexuality. Here. Choi had two
choices: he could accept his ter-
mination and receive an 'honor-
able discharge. or fght it and re-
ceive a 'dishonorable discharge.
He chose to fght.
'II we want to have anything as
oppressed people. we should nev-
er wait. said Choi. He said that
aIter Obama was elected. the gay
community was told to wait. and
that they were creating confict.
'We didn`t start the confict.
Choi said. 'The confict is already
there when you cannot donate
blood. adopt children or get mar-
One oI the reasons DADT was
originally enacted was to ensure
'unit cohesion. However an arti-
cle in The National DeIense Uni-
versity Press. 'The Joint Force
Quarterly reads. 'aIter a careIul
examination. there is no scientifc
evidence to support the claim that
unit cohesion will be negatively
aIIected iI homosexuals serve
'I don`t know what the hell unit
cohesion is. Choi said. He said
some people believe the idea oI
showering together could create
'Why are you aIraid oI gay peo-
ple in the shower? You iust came
back Irom Iraq. he said.
According to Servicemembers
Legal DeIense Network. 'The
younger generations. those who
fght America's 21st century wars.
largely don't care about whether
someone is gay or not and they
do not link iob perIormance with
sexual orientation.
DePaul neighbors Jon Porter.
21. and Annie Salazar. 22. heard
about the event through Face-
book. Salazar said she came to the
event to be more involved in the
gay rights movement. and Porter
wanted to continue his involve-
'I`m very active in fghting Ior
equality Ior all. Porter said. He
said he Iollows Choi in his media
presence. as Choi is 'the Iace oI
the gay rights movement right
Throughout his speech. Choi
encouraged his listeners to take
action in their lives and commu-
He said there are two types oI
homophobic people: the loud ho-
mophobes who shroud words in
religion and television. and the si-
lent homophobes that are the by-
standers in Iraternities and sports
teams that hear 'that`s so gay
and don`t say anything. Loud or
silent. the result is the same. Choi
Choi said that everyone should
be active when they witness
seemingly innocent acts like this.
Freshman psychology student
Rebecca Matras said. 'I will be
defnitely more vocal about my
opinions aIter hearing Lt. Choi
During his speech. Choi had the
audience stand up and say 'I am
somebody over and over. He
said this was not Ior the people
who were saying it. but so some-
one else could hear them say it
and Ieel like they were somebody
Last week`s midterm elections
proved challenging to gay-rights
activists like Choi. Congress lost
a Iew key supporters oI gay mar-
riage and the GOP gained control
oI the House oI Representatives
with what Joe Solmonese. presi-
dent oI the Human Rights Cam-
paign said is 'a track record oI
opposing gay-rights initiatives.
Choi said he shows no loyalty
to any particular political party.
though gay-rights activists are
traditionally Democrat.
'I was born gay. I wasn`t born
Democrat. Choi said.
An article in the HuIfngton Post
said that this anger at the lack oI
progress in DADT has caused
some people who usually vote
Democrat to change or withhold
their vote.
'II you don`t think you`re liv-
ing history. you need to wake up.
Choi said.
Photo courtesy of The Associated Press
Political heat between the De-
Paul College Republicans and
Democrats arose on Oct. 28 when
they debated the Bush tax cuts.
the Arizona immigration law. and
Obama`s stimulus package.
The expansion oI the Bush Tax
Cuts was debated by Kevin Crit-
tenden. a DePaul College Repub-
lican (DCR) member. and Robert
Foley. the political director oI De-
Paul College Democrats (DCD).
Crittenden. who was in Iavor oI
the expansion. said small busi-
nesses will decrease fnancially by
18 percent iI the top two percent
oI the upper income bracket is
taxed. 'Raising taxes now won`t
be a good idea Ior business. Crit-
tenden said.
Foley did not agree. 'The Bush
tax cuts should expire. he said
aIter claiming that they add to
the defcit. Foley argued that with
higher taxes. Iormer President
Clinton created 22 million iobs
while Iormer Iormer President
George W. Bush only created
three million iobs with tax cuts.
Eric Tamerlani (DCD) took on
Arizona`s immigration enIorce-
ment law. SB1070. He said it is in
violation oI the Constitution and
will require U.S. citizens to show
documents oI citizenship. AIter
saying that the law does not ap-
ply to Mexicans and that the prob-
lem is in Mexico. Tamerlani said.
'The drug cartels in Mexico are
the reason why Mexicans come to
However. while violence along
the border has signifcantly in-
creased in sight oI the drug war.
data collected by the Pew Hispan-
ic Center revealed that illegal im-
migration has actually decreased
by 65 percent since President Fe-
lipe Calderon declared Mexico to
be in a drug war in 2004.
In Iavor oI the law. Dan Dunham
(DCR) said the Arizona State Law
re-illustrates Iederal law that gives
local powers to local authorities.
According to Dunham. the contro-
versy over SB1070 is an issue oI
local authorities not being able to
make their own decisions over the
matter. Durham asked. 'Are you
in Iavor oI enIorcing America`s
laws or not?
According to the Immigration
Policy Center. SB1070 requires
state and local law enIorcement
agencies to check the immigration
status oI individuals it encounters
and makes it a state crime Ior non-
citizens to Iail to carry proper im-
migration documentation.
Obama`s stimulus package was
debated by Brandon Weichert
(DCR) and David Ellis (DCD).
Ellis said the Recovery Act saved
millions oI iobs and gave a lot oI
money to Chicago public schools.
Weichert. on the other hand. said
'Spending more money that we
already spent is not working. II we
do not stop spending. we will be in
an economic hole.
NuLIon's conLroversIes
und concerns debuLed bv
DePuuI RepubIIcuns und
L. Dun CIoI sIures IIs LIougILs
on Don'L Ask Don'L TeII
PuIn und oppressIon
"f you don't think you're living history, you need to wake
up, said Dan Choi, an raq War veteran who was dis-
charged from the military in July because he announced
publicly that he was gay. Lt. Choi spoke at DePaul on Oct.
Nation & World Editor
DIImu RousseII: de guer-
rIIIeru u prImeru mujer
presIdenLu de BrusII
Ex-guerrIIIeru se voIvI
Iu prImeru mujer
presIdenLe de BrusII
Nation & WorId. November 8, 2010. The DePaulia 11
TIIs Week In WorId News
3 ACh0A0 -
A|-0a|da's l(orl d(oup |r
l(ac ras lr(ealered ro(e
allac|s or Cr(|sl|ars alle(
a s|ede or a 8adrdad
cru(cr |ell 58 peop|e dead.
||r||rd lre Wa(r|rd lo
c|a|rs lral Edvpl's Copl|c
Cru(cr |s ro|d|rd Worer
capl|ve lo( corve(l|rd lo
Tre ls|ar|c 3lale ol
l(ac. Wr|cr ras c|a|red
(espors|o|||lv lo( 3urdav's
assau|l or a Calro||c
cru(cr du(|rd Vass |r
doWrloWr 8adrdad. sa|d
|ls dead||re lo( Edvpl's
Copls lo (e|ease lre
Worer rad exp|(ed ard
|ls l|drle(s Wou|d allac|
Cr(|sl|ars Wre(eve( lrev
car oe (eacred.
we W||| oper upor lrer
lre doo(s ol desl(ucl|or
ard (|ve(s ol o|ood. lre
|rsu(derl d(oup sa|d |r a
slalererl posled |ale Tuesdav or r|||larl Weos|les.
Tre ls|ar|c 3lale ol l(ac |s ar uro(e||a d(oup lral |rc|udes a|-0a|da |r l(ac ard
olre( a|||ed 3urr| |rsu(derl lacl|ors.
ll |s urc|ea( exacl|v Wral |ed lre d(oup lo se|ze or lre corve(s|or d|spules oelWeer
Edvpl's Vus||rs ard |ls r|ro(|lv Cr(|sl|ars. a|lroudr lre |ssue ras oecore a (a||v|rd
po|rl lo( ra(d-||re ls|ar|sls |r Edvpl.
lr arrourc|rd |ls (easors lo( 3urdav's allac|. lre d(oup sa|d |l rad d|ver lre Copl|c
Cru(cr 18 rou(s lo (e|ease lre Worer |l savs rad corve(led lo ls|ar. Tre d(oup
a|so derarded lre (e|ease ol a|-0a|da-||r|ed p(|sore(s re|d |r l(ac.
A|| Cr(|sl|ar cerle(s. o(dar|zal|ors ard |rsl|lul|ors. |eade(s ard lo||oWe(s a(e
|ed|l|rale la(dels lo( lre rujaredeer |ro|v Wa((|o(s) Wre(eve( lrev car (eacr lrer.
|l sa|d.
4 T0KY0 - lrred|ale p(olesls We(e l(|dde(ed
|r To|vo alle( Russ|ar P(es|derl 0r|l(v Vedvedev
v|s|led Kurasr|(| ls|ard or Vordav. lre |s|ard |r lre
Pac|l|c 0cear c|a|red ov oolr Russ|a ard Japar.
Japar ras Wa(red lre Russ|ar p(es|derl rol lo v|s|l
arv ro(e d|spuled |s|ards alle( a l(|p lo ore lr|s
Alle( p(or|s|rd deve|oprerl lo( ar |s|ard |r lre
soulre(r Ku(||s or Vordav. Russ|ar P(es|derl 0r|l(v
Vedvedev sa|d re p|arred lo v|s|l ro(e ol lre |s|ards
|r lre cra|r.
P0RT H0RE8Y, Papua
New Cu|nea - u.3. 3ec(ela(v ol
3lale l|||a(v Rodrar C||rlor or
wedresdav Wa(red lre peop|e ard
dove(rrerl ol Papua NeW 0u|rea
lral rurar (|drls cord|l|ors rusl
|rp(ove |l lre |rpove(|sred 3oulr
Pac|l|c ral|or. aWasr |r (ape.
doresl|c v|o|erce ard po||ce
o(ula||lv. |s lo deve|op.
Tre l|(sl sec(ela(v ol slale lo v|s|l
lre courl(v |r 12 vea(s. C||rlor
u(ded dove(rrerl oll|c|a|s |r lre
cap|la| lo ero(ace a (oousl arl|-
co((upl|or aderda ar|d corce(rs
lral a W|rdla|| l(or a rass|ve ralu(a|
das l|rd ard vasl r|re(a| depos|ls
W||| lue| a|(eadv W|desp(ead d(all
ard ra|e ralle(s Wo(se. espec|a||v
lo( Worer ard cr||d(er.
Varv lea( (everue l(or r|r|rd
ard a S15 o||||or Exxor Voo|| das
p(ojecl cou|d ove(Wre|r lre (u(a|
courl(v. popu|aled ov ro(e lrar
800 |rd|derous l(|oes.
Corp||ed ov Rache| Hetea [ Prolos ard reWs cou(lesv ol The Assoc|ated Press
5 wA8h|NCT0N - Tre Fede(a| Rese(ve
eroa(|ed or a r|slo(|c |rle(verl|or |r oord ra(|els
wedresdav. arrourc|rd lre sladde(ed pu(crase ol
S00 o||||or |r T(easu(v oords lr(oudr rexl Jure |r
ar ello(l lo spu( d(eale( |rveslrerl. (|s|-la||rd ard
acl|v|lv |r lre ro(|ourd u.3. ecororv.
Tre (ale-sell|rd Fede(a| 0per Va(|el Corr|llee
corc|uded a lWo-dav reel|rd W|lr a slalererl lral
oul||red |ls add(ess|ve reW app(oacr lo |oWe( |ord-
le(r |erd|rd (ales ac(oss lre ecororv. Tre Fed a|so
sa|d |l Wou|d (e|rvesl ea(r|rds l(or p(ev|ous|v pu(-
crased deol. (a|s|rd |ls lola| sur ol cor|rd acl|or lo
a (arde as r|dr as S900 o||||or.
3ucr a o|d pu(crase ol T(easu(v oords ov lre cer-
l(a| oar| ras reve( oeer l(|ed oelo(e.
7 Ph|LA0ELPh|A - F(or
Perrsv|var|a lo A(|arsas. NeW
larpsr|(e lo 0r|o. lre e|eclo(ale
lu(red ove( |rcuroerls Tuesdav
|||e a da(dere( lu(rs ove(
ea(lr. Repuo||cars (eaped ar
|rp(ess|ve ra(vesl ral|orW|de.
oul |r sore p|aces lre|( sWeep
(eve(sed oa|arces ol poWe( Wre(e
0eroc(al|c (ools (ur deep.
Tre 00P's (eWa(d: 0ove(r|rd a
lc||e. ard(v e|eclo(ale |r a l|re ol
ousled slale ouddels ard r|dr arx|-
elv aooul joos ard joo|essress. Ard
lo( vole(s |r slales lral l|pped l(or
0eroc(al|c lo Repuo||car corl(o|.
Wral lrev soudrl crarde |s
delr|le|v |r slo(e.
lr 0r|o ard w|scors|r. r|dr-
speed (a|| p(ojecls rav oe scull|ed.
lr Perrsv|var|a. p(|val|zal|or ol lre
slale ||cuo( slo(es |s oac| or lre la-
o|e. lr lre 0eroc(al|c sl(ordro|d ol
V|rresola. |ord-do(rarl 00P p(o-
posa|s lo eslao||sr (acel(ac| dar-
o||rd. (ecu|(e a prolo l0 lo( vol|rd
ard arerd lre slale Corsl|lul|or lo
oar dav ra((|ade rav lrd reW ||le.
Ard eve(vWre(e. lrev p(or|sed lo
locus or lre ecororv.
wre(eve( vou We(e. lre rarl(a
Was joos. joos. joos joos. sa|d Rar-
da|| V|||e(. a po||l|cs p(olesso( al 3l.
Josepr's ur|ve(s|lv |r Pr||ade|pr|a.
8ul slales dor'l (ea||v corl(o|
lre|( ecoror|c desl|r|es. re sa|d.
so Repuo||cars r|drl (eap a Wr|(|-
W|rd ov rol oe|rd ao|e lo do ve(v
rucr lrerse|ves ard lu|l|| expec-
lal|ors Wr|cr a(e corl(ad|clo(v.
2 wA8h|NCT0N - 3pu((ed
ov arde( ove( lre (ecess|or ard
c|ose|v corlesled (aces |r seve(a|
|a(de slales. Are(|cars voled |r
r|dre( ruroe(s lrar |r r|dle(r
e|ecl|ors lou( vea(s ado.
w|lr ro(e lrar 95 pe(cerl ol
p(ec|rcls (epo(l|rd. e|ecl|or dala
|rd|cale lral lu(roul Tuesdav Was
up |r al |easl r|re slales. |rc|ud-
|rd s|dr|lcarl |rc(eases |r F|o(|-
da. V|rresola ard Texas. Tu(r-
oul appea(ed lo oe doWr s||drl|v
|r seve(a| olre( slales. |rc|ud|rd
0r|o ard Perrsv|var|a.
0ve(a||. lu(roul |r lre r|dle(r
e|ecl|ors Was p(ojecled al 12 pe(-
cerl ol (ed|sle(ed vole(s. aooul
1.2 pe(cerlade po|rls r|dre( lrar
|r 200.
Tre lola| popu|a( vole ral|or-
W|de Was expecled lo (eacr aooul
90 r||||or peop|e. .2 r||||or ro(e
lrar voled |r 200. Aooul 131.1
r||||or peop|e voled |r 2008.
Tu(roul |s r|dre( lo( a p(es|der-
l|a| e|ecl|or lrar lo( r|dle(r cor-
Cu(l|s 0ars. d|(eclo( ol lre Cer-
le( lo( lre 3ludv ol lre Are(|car
E|eclo(ale al Are(|car ur|ve(s|lv.
sa|d corpel|l|ve (aces lealu(|rd
lea pa(lv-oac|ed card|dales
d(eW r|dr vole( lu(roul |r F|o(|da.
3oulr Ca(o||ra. 0e|aWa(e ard
olre( slales. W|lr r|xed (esu|ls.
Tea pa(lv lavo(|le Va(co Ruo|o
Wor a 3erale seal |r F|o(|da ard
N|||| la|ev Was e|ecled dove(ro(
|r 3oulr Ca(o||ra. Wr||e 3erale
ropelu| Cr(|sl|re 0'0orre|| Was
delealed |r 0e|aWa(e ard Ker
8uc| appea(ed readed lo( a ra(-
(oW |oss |r a Co|o(ado 3erale
1 0r|o 0ov.-e|ecl Jorr Kas|cr ce|eo(ales a v|clo(v du(|rd lre 0r|o Repuo||car Pa(lv ce|eo(al|or.
wedresdav. Nov. 3. 2010. |r Co|urous. 0r|o.
10 The DePaulia. October 25, 2010
Obama administration
moves to strengthen
wiretapping law
Federal law enIorcement and
national security oIfcials are
preparing to make it easier to tap
into people`s online communica-
tion. II served a wiretap order.
transmitters including encrypted
e-mail transmitters like Black-
Berry. Facebook. and Skype
would be able to be intercepted
and decoded by the government.
Federal law enIorcement and
national security oIfcials are ar-
guing that their ability to wiretap
criminals and terrorists is becom-
ing diIfcult since a lot oI com-
munication has gone online. The
Obama administration plans to
submit the bill next year.
'We`re talking about lawIully
authorized intercepts. said Val-
erie Caproni. the General Coun-
sel Ior the Federal Bureau oI In-
vestigation. 'We`re not talking
expanding authority. We`re talk-
ing about preserving our ability
to execute our existing authority
in order to protect the public saIe-
ty and national security.
The bill strengthens the Com-
munications Assistance to Law
EnIorcement Act. The 1994 law
states that telephone and broad-
band companies must design ser-
vices so the government can con-
duct surveillance on targets aIter
being presented a court order.
Many DePaul students and Iac-
ulty have said that they Ieel the
bill is a positive thing Ior the
United States.
Political science proIessor Pat-
rick Callahan said that it is neces-
sary Ior the U.S. to gather inIor-
mation to prepare itselI Ior Iuture
attacks. Because technology has
progressed. the bill is a logical
advancement. Callahan said.
Journalism proIessor. Mike
Conklin. said the bill will tough-
en Obama`s image. People who
did not vote Ior him will see that
he is not soIt on these types oI is-
sues. However. civil rights are at
stake. Conklin said.
Stephanie Kopalski. a sopho-
more. said she Ieels that this is
an important tactic to track down
dangerous threats. However. she
said it is unIair Ior the govern-
ment to tap into private conversa-
When ignorance isn't bliss
"DePaul is a faith-based university that believes that re-
ligion can play a powerful role in
a person's life, said the president
of DePaul University, Rev. Den-
nis Holtschneider. With a large number of Americans who
do not know basic religion facts, many have questioned
America's lack of religious world knowledge stirs a debate
on whether religion should be taught in public schools
The average American doesn`t know basic Iacts about world reli-
gion. according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. America`s
lack oI religious knowledge has led many to question whether world
religions should be taught as obiective. academic inquiries in public
According to the Pew Research Center (PRC). Americans were
able to correctly answer 50 percent oI basic questions about a num-
ber oI Iaith traditions. About halI oI those surveyed knew the
Koran is the Islamic holy book. that the D a l a i
Lama is Buddhist. and that the golden
rule is not one oI the Ten Command-
ments. On questions pertaining to
the Bible and Christianity. Jewish
people scored the highest while
Catholics Iared the worst.
Overall. only halI oI Chris-
tians were able to correctly
answer questions pertaining
to their Iaith. Only 23 percent
oI those surveyed knew that
public school teachers can
read Irom the Bible as an ex-
ample oI literature.
America`s lack oI religious
knowledge goes hand-in-hand
with a separate PRC study that
revealed the U.S. is the world's
most religious industrialized nation.
According to the Sept. 28 report.
nearly six-in-ten American adults
say religion is "very important" in their
The PRC report was not the only instance
when concern over Americans` religious knowledge
has arisen.
The Chicago Council oI Global AIIairs (CCGA) released a report
earlier this year that said 'all too oIten. Western powers Iail to appre-
ciate the consequences oI many international conficts because the
religious resonance is so poorly understood. 'However. Americans
can also employ religion in a way that is irresponsible. wrong. and
can escalate tensions. the report said.
Claiming that a narrow view oI religion will no longer suIfce. the
report said that religion must be seen as a social reality that shapes
and is shaped by violent confict and war. globalization. and democ-
Fr. Anthony Dosen. a priest and education proIessor at DePaul said
he advocates a more comprehensive education oI world religions
and Christianity because diIIerent belieI systems impact how we do
things. 'We make decisions on Ioreign policy with no clue to what
is going on religiously in some oI these countries. Dosen said. Such
misunderstanding can ignite a powder keg oI issues. he said.
At DePaul University. undergraduate students are required to take
at least two religion classes in the domains oI Religion and Ethical
Questions and Religious Traditions. Although it is the nation`s larg-
est Catholic university. the courses oIIered explore many diIIerent
religions and perspectives.
Fr. Holtschneider. said that Irom his point oI view there are two
reasons that DePaul students are required to take these religious
classes. 'There is barely a day when the New York Times does not
carry a story about a place or an issue in the world in which religions
play a role. he said. 'To be an active member oI our world. one
must understand the great religions oI the world.
'DePaul is a Iaith-based university that believes that religion can
play a powerIul role in a person`s liIe. Fr. Holtschneider said. 'Our
religious studies courses do not attempt to convert students. but
they do oIIer an intellectual and adult study oI religion in a way
that enables students to understand these great Iaiths Irom the inside
perspective oI those who practice them and fnd them a source oI
With similar reasons to why DePaul embeds religion classes
into its curriculum. many students and Iaculty members have said
world religions should also be obiectively taught in public high
The president oI the DePaul Alliance Ior Free Thought. Brandi
Stepp. a senior. said that it is important to understand how religious
policy aIIects social issues. 'In a world where we are continuously
fghting over LGBT equality and sex education. people should
understand the role that churches can play in said de-
bates. she said.
The DePaul Chair oI Religious
Studies. James Halstead. said
public high schools should teach
about diIIerent religions. 'II a
high school curriculum stud-
ies people. the student ought to
learn about the stories. rituals.
belieIs. and values by which
people live. and Ior which
people are willing to die.
While devotional Bible
study is prohibited in public
schools. many teachers will use
it as a piece oI literature when
teaching in the classroom. The
Bible is taught in 43 states. ac-
cording to the Bible Literacy
Proiect. which publishes The
Bible and Its Infuence. a student
textbook designed Ior public school
courses on the Bible. Such states. how-
ever. are not required to oIIer comparative
religious classes or study oI other religions.
and many do not provide other oIIerings to Jew-
ish. Muslim. and students Irom other religious backgrounds.
This Iall. Oklahoma implemented HB 2321. a law encouraging
public school districts to oIIer Bible literacy courses. Georgia. South
Carolina. Tennessee. and Texas all have laws that call Ior Bible lit-
eracy in public schools.
BeIore he was a student at DePaul. digital cinema maior Samuel
McClure said he took a Bible literacy class in high school which read
texts in the Bible and analyzed them as literature. 'II a discussion
started up in class on literature having to do with religious belieIs.
my teacher would reIuse to respond to such questions. According
to McClure. his school did not oIIer any other classes on religious
Although the Supreme Court oIten fnds it permissible to teach the
Bible as literature in public schools. some Bible study programs that
school districts have instituted have been Iound unconstitutional.
Judges have Irequently concluded that these courses are disguised
eIIorts to teach a particular understanding oI the New Testament.
For a public school class to study the Bible without violating the
Constitution. the class has to include critical rather than devotional
readings that allow open inquiry into the history and content oI bibli-
cal passages.
II it`s true that knowledge dispels Iear. then teaching about reli-
gions in public high schools could not hurt. said Attorney David Ly-
sik. a visiting proIessor oI religious studies. Doing so could have an
impact on the day-to-day relations with members oI non-maiority
religions in this country. such as between U.S. Christians and U.S.
Muslims. he said.
Many DePaul proIessors have said that teaching about religions in
public schools could potentially bring Iorth issues.
Fr. Dosen said that teaching about diIIerent religions in public
schools 'becomes a slippery slope due to the Iact that each teacher
will talk about the subiect out oI their own experience. and added.
'When does it become indoctrination?
Teaching about religion in public schools should be an elective and
only done iI the school has the resources to do it. Lysik said. 'Public
schools have a lot oI other material that they need to put in their cur-
riculum and material that students need to learn in order to become
successIul members oI our society. he said.
'An obiective. scientifc. academic study oI particular religions is
the only approach Ior a public school to take iI it desires to have
courses that deal with religion. said Lysik.
Teaching religion in public schools has been criticized in the past
Ior discriminating against atheist students. However. citing the PRC
report that revealed atheists and agnostics knew the most about re-
ligion than other religious groups. Stepp said. 'Having these articu-
late. inIormed students in the classrooms would make Ior an intel-
lectually challenging experience Ior all involved.
'It would do young people good to understand that everything.
even their most deeply held belieIs. should be up Ior examina-
tion and questioning. Stepp said. 'Such a challenging experience
leads to a more thoughtIul populace.
RACHEL METEA, Nation & World Editor
Graphic by RacheI Metea Graphics courtesy of MCT Wire Services
Uncle Sam's
Facebook and
e-mail snooping
Nation & WorId. October 25, 2010. The DePaulia 11
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6()6&' "(2#' 7.--#4' +53-./' ,00./.(-&' ()4' 1#$$.0.#4' 8()9' /.1.:#)&' .)1,' 0-##.)6;' (' <=>9#($>,-4' *,8()' *",' "(&)%1' 9#1'
7" #%$)*" 891:;" <" =195>?" 6"
N$#)/"' (51",$.1.#&' 0,$/#4' &1$.7#>
&"511#$#4' 05#-' 4#+,1&' 1,' $#,+#)'
1,' #)&5$#' 6(&,-.)#' &5++-.#&E' ()4'
1"#' .)1#$.,$' 8.).&1#$' 1"$#(1#)#4'
,0' +$,1#&1&' (6(.)&1' $(.&.)6' 1"#'
P,51"&' *#($.)6' ",,4&' ()4'
&/($2#&' ,)' 1"#.$' 0(/#&' $(8+(6#4'
1"$,56"' 1"#' Q($.&' &535$3' ,0'
()4' "5$-.)6' &1,)#&' (1' $.,1' +,-./#?'
!"#' 1,*)' "(&' &##)' /-(&"#&' .)'
$#/#)1' 4(9&' /#)1#$#4' ,)' (' ".6"'
@,)1"&' ,0' -($6#-9' +#(/#05-'
4#8,)&1$(1.,)&' (6(.)&1' 1"#'
+#)&.,)' $#0,$8' "(2#' 1(7#)' ('
2.,-#)1' 15$)' .)' $#/#)1' 4(9&?' !"#'
+-()' .&' &-(1#4' 0,$' (' 2,1#' .)' 1"#'
L#)(1#' ,)' !"5$&4(9E' 351' -(3,$'
5).,)&' *()1' 1"#' 6,2#$)8#)1'
1,' $#)#6,1.(1#E' &(9.)6' 1"#' 3.--'
1"$#(1#)&' 1"#' /,5)1$9%&' "($4>
@" A)B0)C+D.C/" (19," 6" T#+53-./()' U"$.&1.)#' V%W,))#--' /"(--#)6#4' "#$'
/"5$/"' ()4' &1(1#E' 4$(*.)6' &*.01' /$.1./.&8' 0$,8' "#$' ,++,)#)1E' -(56"1#$' 0$,8' "#$'
!"#' &53S#/1' ,0' $#-.6.,)' ()4' 1"#' -(*' /(8#' 5+' 45$.)6' 1"#.$' 4#3(1#' (1' C.4#)#$'
X).2#$&.19' Y(*' L/",,-' (&' V%W,))#--' /$.1./.:#4' U,,)&' 0,$' &(9.)6' 1"(1' 1#(/".)6'
U,,)&' &(.4' +$.2(1#' ()4' +($,/".(-' &/",,-&' ($#' 0$##' 1,' 1#(/"' /$#(1.,).&8' K'
E" F%0#%B%/" -GHIJH" 6" !"#' 0$,)1>+(6#' )#*&+(+#$' &1,$9'
0#(15$#4' (' -.&1' ,0' X6()4(%&' [==' Z1,+Z' ",8,&#M5(-&E' *.1"' (' 3$.6"1'
9#--,*' 3())#$' (/$,&&' .1' 1"(1' $#(4;' ZH()6'!"#8?Z'\-,)6&.4#' 1"#.$'
!"#' ($1./-#' /-(.8#4' 1"(1' ()' 5)7),*)' 351' 4#(4-9' 4.&#(&#' *(&'
(11(/7.)6' ",8,&#M5(-&' .)' X6()4(E' ()4' &(.4' 1"(1' 6(9&' *#$#'
])'1"#'4(9&' &.)/#'.1'*(&'+53-.&"#4E'(1'-#(&1' 0,5$'6(9'X6()4()&'
,)' 1"#' -.&1' "(2#' 3##)' (11(/7#4' ()4' 8()9' ,1"#$&' ($#' .)' ".4.)6E'
\01#$' 1"#' )#*&+(+#$' ".1' 1"#' &1$##1&E' 1"#' 6,2#$)8#)1' @#4.('
T,--.)6' L1,)#' *.--' 3#' 0$##' 1,' +53-.&"' (6(.)E' &(.4' Q(5-' @57(&(E'
\' -(*8(7#$' .)' X6()4(' .)1$,45/#4' (' 3.--' (' 9#($' (6,' 1"(1' *,5-4'
"(2#' .8+,&#4' 1"#' 4#(1"' +#)(-19' 0,$' &,8#' ",8,&#M5(-' (/1&' ()4'
-.0#' .)' +$.&,)' 0,$' ,1"#$&?'\)' .)1#$)(1.,)(-' 5+$,($' #)&5#4E' ()4' 1"#'
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8()9' +#,+-#' *",' "(1#' ",8,&#M5(-.19EZ' &(.4' Q(1$./7' R4#4#E' <_?'
&5++,$1' 0$,8' -#6.&-(1,$&' 1,' /"(--#)6#' (51,8(1./' X?L?'
Z!".&' .&' (' 3(11-#' ,0' #+./' +$,+,$1.,)&EZ' 1"#' @#&('
T#+53-./()' &(.4?' ZC#%2#' (--,*#4' 1"#' ".S(/7.)6' ,0' 1"#'
H#' ()4' (),1"#$' \$.:,)(' -(*8(7#$' 4.4' ($65#' 1"(1'
1,' +#,+-#' 3,$)' .)' 1"#' X?L?' *",' ($#' Z&53S#/1' 1,' 1"#'
S5$.&4./1.,)Z' ,0' 1".&' /,5)1$9' 4,#&' ),1' (++-9' 1,' 1"#'
/".-4$#)' ,0' .--#6(-' .88.6$()1&' 3#/(5&#' &5/"' 0(8.-.#&'
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N(8.-9' +-()).)6' ,00./.(-&' 1,-4' 1"#'
N,$' 1"#' -(&1' `=' 9#($&E' U".)(' "(&'
-.8.1#4' 8,&1' 5$3()' /,5+-#&' 1,' S5&1'
6$,*1"' ()4' /,)&#$2#' .1&' -.8.1#4'
$#&,5$/#&?' U".)(' "(&' 1"#' *,$-4%&'
-($6#&1' +,+5-(1.,)E' *.1"' 8,$#' 1"()'
!",56"' .--#6(-E' +,-./#' ()4' S54./.(-'
(51",$.1.#&' ,01#)' -,,7' 1"#' ,1"#$' *(9'
*"#)' 0,$/#4' (3,$1.,)' /(&#&' ($#'
$#+,$1#4' ()4' 1"#' "#(2.-9' /#)&,$#4'
&1(1#' 8#4.(' &"9' (*(9' 0$,8' &5/"'
b.(,' 4#-.2#$#4' 1"#' 4#(4' 3(39' ,)'
8(9' $#G5.$#' #8#$6#)/9' &5$6#$9' 1,'
.)' H#3#.' ()4' L"()4,)6' +$,2.)/#&'
"DePaul is a faith-based university that believes that re-
ligion can play a powerful role in
a person's life, said the president
of DePaul University, Rev. Den-
nis Holtschneider. With a large number of Americans who
do not know basic religion facts, many have questioned
10 The DePaulia. October 4, 2010
'Mancession is the new nickname being
thrown around for the recession that began
in 2007. The nickname stems from the vic-
tims of job loss in the recession-mostly
Men account for 75 percent of the labor
market that have lost jobs since 2007, ac-
cording to a 2009 report by the U.S. Bu-
reau of Labor Statistics. Most of those jobs
lost had been in felds such as manufactur-
ing and construction.
This year, for the frst time in American
history, women make up a majority of the
workforce in highly paid managerial and
professional positions, holding down the
felds at 51.4 percent, according to the U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Over a fve-month time period in 2008,
nearly 700,000 American men lost their
jobs while women gained close to 300,000
jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor
Statistics. While only 3 percent of the For-
tune 500 CEO list were women, last year
female CEOs out-earned their male coun-
terparts by 43 percent and on average, re-
ceived bigger pay raises.
According to the James Chung of Reach
Advisers, who spent over fve years ana-
lyzing data from the Census Bureau`s
American Community Survey, in 147 of
the 150 biggest U.S. cities, the median
full-time salaries of young women are
eight percent higher than those of men in
their age group. In Atlanta and Memphis,
young women are making about 20 percent
more. In New York City, Los Angeles and
San Diego, they are earning roughly 15
percent more than young males. However,
this only holds true for childless, unmar-
ried women under 30.
The study found that the cities where
young women were out-earning men were
in places that either had primary local in-
dustries that were knowledge-based or
were manufacturing towns where indus-
tries had shrunk. Cities where men out-
earned young women were places that
tended to be built around industries that
were heavily male-dominated, such as mil-
itary-technology or software development.
Of the 15 jobs that are projected to grow
over the next decade, men are the major-
ity in two of them: janitors and computer
engineers. Women dominate the remaining
13 in jobs such as nursing or childcare.
'We need to look at how we are raising
our sons and daughters, said Chicagoan
Veronica Arreola who runs the blog, Viva
La Feminista. With most of the fastest
growing jobs in nurturing professions,
Arreola said, 'If we are we telling them
that only women are caretakers, then only
women will go into nursing. We need to
get to the point where male nurses are re-
spected as much as male doctors.
While not all of these jobs are essentially
high paying, they can lead towards a steady
accumulation of working women.
But not all believe this is good economi-
cally. 'Who said that being a home health
assistant is a good job? It is a very low pay-
ing job, said Dr. Claudia Goldin, the di-
rector of the American Economy program
at the National Bureau of Economic Re-
search, 'Just because a sector is growing
does not mean that it has lucrative jobs.
While women have surpassed men in the
workforce as a whole, in some felds their
numbers are declining. In fnance, 2.6 per-
cent of women have disappeared from the
industry while men have grown by 9.6 per-
cent, fnds the U.S. Bureau of Labor Sta-
At the same time that blue-collar jobs his-
torically done by men are becoming hard
to fnd, higher education is being dominat-
ed by women. This is giving way to a new
dynamic in the white-collar workforce.
Thirty years have passed since women
started to receive more bachelor`s degrees
then men. Since then, the gender gap in
college enrollment has continued to grow.
At DePaul University, only 41 percent of
last year`s entering freshman class were
'We were just held back for so long, it was
a pressure building up, said Arreola. 'On
some level, women know that they need
this college degree to even survive in this
economy, said Arreola.
As the proportion of male and female col-
lege enrollment continues to grow, instanc-
es of an affrmative action-type method
have quietly begun to spring up. Several
schools such as the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill have asked if it is
time to institute affrmative action for men.
Being male raises the chance of college
acceptance by 6.5 to 9 percentage points in
selective liberal-arts schools, found econo-
mists Sandy Baum and Eban Goodstein in
a 2003 study.
In December, the U.S. Commission on
Civil Rights said it would investigate
whether some colleges were discriminat-
ing against women in admissions by ad-
mitting males at a higher rate or by offer-
ing them more generous aid packages.
Title IX of the Education Amendments
of 1972 bars gender discrimination in all
education programs at institutions receiv-
ing federal funds. But this does not apply
to private institutions.
In a 2006 Op-Ed piece to The New York
Times, Jennifer Delajunty Britz, who was
on the board of the admission committee at
Kenyon College, confessed that qualifed
female applicants were given hesitation
in the admittance process based on their
gender alone. When recalling a women
applicant that was over-qualifed in every
realm except her middle-of-the-pool test
scores, Britz wrote, 'We had to have a
debate before we decided to swallow the
middling scores and write 'admit next to
her name. Had she been a male applicant,
there would have been little, if any, hesita-
tion to admit.
'Rest assured that admissions offcers are
not cavalier in making their decisions,
wrote Britz.
The growing gender gap in college enroll-
ment has led many to speculate what is to
come next in the workforce.
'Women will go into jobs that require a
college education and fewer men will be
able to, said Goldin. 'But there is a lot
of retooling and retraining that goes on.
Males mature later and many will realize
at age 40 that they need better tools.
American women are now the breadwin-
ners or co-breadwinners in two thirds of
American households. In a survey con-
ducted by The New York Times, when jobs
are scarce, 85 percent of people polled in
the U.S. believe that men should not get
priority for jobs.
'Part of my Christian upbringing in a pre-
dominantly Christian nation is that God
is the head of man and man is the head of
the household, said Mustafaa El-Scari, a
program specialist for the Administration
for Children and Families. 'There are very
few men in the nation that can ask their
wives to stay at home because they don`t
have the fnancial resources to do so.
'The lines have been blurred over jobs
that are supposed to be for men and sup-
posed to be for women, said El-Scari who
heads support groups for men that are late
or delinquent on child support payments.
Since 2008, El-Scari said his support
groups for men have seen a dramatic in-
crease in enrollment.
The recession has made stay-at-home
dads a reality, said Arreola. 'Hopefully in
the future, men will know they have the
choice to stay at home or work. With the
increase of women in the workforce, they
will also know that they have that option.
With a country composed of a growing
male population who do not hold college
degrees, and a recession that has dimin-
ished many blue-collar jobs, people are
beginning to speculate what is to come for
the American workforce.
Nation & World Editor
"Pope's apology" continued from cover
bring the church`s reputation back to a more positive
outlook without solving the problem.
But not all believe the pope`s apology wasn`t genuine.
'Pope Benedict XVI took a stance of repentance and
remorse, said Cassarella. Having met the pope multiple
times throughout his career, Dr. Cassarella said he knows
the pope`s theology and shares the same idea of the church
always being in reform.
Roberto Francsco Oscr Valentn, a freshman education
major who identifies himself as a Roman Catholic, said, 'I
think it is an admiral act of the pope to have apologized for
the clergy`s actions, said Oscr. 'I believe, as a Catholic
university under the papacy, DePaul should accept the
Pope`s apology and admire his goal for better relations
with people and the church.
'It`s not like I am not going to accept the pope`s apology,
because he is just recognizing the problem and offering
his condolences for the actions of the clergy, said Kiara
Harden, a junior majoring in biology. 'However, I think
the apology should be coming from the offenders, and the
pope`s apology does not right the wrong.
'I don`t accept the pope`s apology because the pope is
being used as a scapegoat, said freshman digital cinema
production major Sarah Jeanne Perry. 'The person who
committed the crime should be the one to apologize-
not the pope. After committing a crime like that, that
clergyman should not be affiliated with the Church.
"Mancession" brings new majority to the workforce: women
Graphic courtesy of MCT Wire Service
Since the mid-'80s, women have continued to outnumber men in colleges
and universities.
Graphic courtesy of RacheI Metea
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Nation & WorId. October 4, 2010. The DePaulia 11
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Nation & WorId. September 27, 2010. The DePaulia 11
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+8#% 4/$+% 1)"#% +8&,% &% '#*&'#% &2)<% \9%
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&"#,?+% *),$/'#"#'% 1&6)"% ,&"*)+/*$%
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*#&$#% #,9)"*/,2% +8#% $+&+#?$% MMD0#&"D)4'%
2&0% &').+/),% 4&-@% -8/*8% -&$% '#*4&"#'%
7,*),$+/+7+/),&4% 30% &% :/&1/% &..#&4$% *)7"+%
G"/$+% 4&7'#'% +8#% *)7"+% "74/,2% &$% =2"#&+=%
*),9#"#,*#% 8#% -)74'% /11#'/&+#40% $+).%
G"/$+% ),*#% $7..)"+#'% +8#% 3&,<% [7+% +8#%
E<F<% F#,&+#% *&,'/'&+#% "#(#"$#'% 8/1$#49%
*&4% 34)-% +)% O4)"/'&?$% MMD0#&"D)4'% 4&-% 3&,D
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.&"#,+$@=% +8#% )./,/),% $+&+#$<% =K)% ),#% /,%
=C)% +8#% *),+"&"0@% +8#% .&"+/#$% &2"##% ?+8&+%
2&0% .#).4#% &,'% 8#+#")$#;7&4$% 1&5#%
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C)% +#$+% +8#$#% +8#)"/#$@% "#$#&"*8#"$% &+%
+8#% E,/(#"$/+0% )9% I4&3&1&% &+% [/"1/,28&1%
&,&40W#'% 2#,#+/*% 1&+#"/&4% /,% $&1.4#$% )9%
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."/1&+#% $.#*/#$`% *8/1.&,W##$@% 3),)3)$@%
-#$+#",% 2)"/44&$% &,'% #&$+#",% 2)"/44&$<% C8#/"%
9/,'/,2$% -#"#% .734/$8#'% ),4/,#% >#',#$'&0%
/,% +8#% -/4'% /$% ,)+% &,% #&$0% .").)$/+/),@%
$&/'% [#&+"/*#% ]&8,@% &% 1/*")3/)4)2/$+% &+% +8#%
7,/(#"$/+0@% -8)% *)D-")+#% +8#% $+7'0<% YC"0%
[7+% &9+#"% $+7'/#$% *&1#% )7+% $8)-/,2% +8&+%
&% 972/+/(#% 4#2/$4&+)"% -/+8% '"72% *8&"2#$% .#,'/,2% &2&/,$+% 8/1% $,#&5#'%
C8#% &$$&$$/,&+/),% )9% :&0)"% !"/$*/4/&,)% X)'"/27#W% F&4/,&$% )7+$/'#%
8/$% "&,*8% 8)7$#% /,% &% "7"&4% &"#&% )9% K7#()% H#),% $+&+#% ")/4#'% +8#% .)4/+/*&4%