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Election Fever!

Marcus Cerrinius Vatia Cnaeus Helvius Sabinus Lucretius Fronto Caius Julius Polybius
Marcus Cerrinius Vatia for aedile: he is I beg you to elect Cn Helvius Sabinus If integrity in life is thought to be of any I beg you to elect Caius Julius Polybius
worthy of this commonwealth. Messenio aedile, worthy of public office. He is a use, this man, Lucretius Fronto is worthy aedile. He brings good bread.
supports this. Written by Infantio with good man. Maria asks this. of great honour.
Florus and Fructus and Sabinus, here and The muleteers urge the election of Caius
everywhere. The millers ask for and desire Cn Helvius This Lucretius Fronto is worthy of a good Julius Polybius as duovir
Sabinus as aedile, together with his career
The little thieves ask for Vatia as aedile neighbours. (Zmyrina) asks that you elect Gaius Julius
We neighbours ask for Marcus Lucretius Polybius as duovir. (Note, the name of
All those asleep and Macerius ask for The Urbulanenses ask for Cn Helvius Fronto as aedile Zmyrina was partially erased).
Vatia as aedile Dabinus as aedile.
Marcus Lucretius Fronto; he is worthy of Support C. Julius Polybius for duovir
Nymphodotus with Caprasia asks you to Hermes with the chicken keepers asks for the republic (found inside his house)
elect Marcus Cerrinius Vatia aedile Cn Helvius Sabinus as aedile.
On behalf of modesty, we demand Marcus The neighbours of C J P ask for him to be
The Salineinses ask Marcus Cerrinius as The dice throwers ask for Cn Helvius Lucretius Fronto as aedile elected aedile
aedile Sabinus.
Lucretious Fronto for aedile, a man firm Severus asks for Polybius as aedile
Marcus Cerrinius for aedile. Some people All the worshippers of Isis call for Cn in his resolve
love him, some are loved by him, I can’t Helvius Sabinus as aedile
stand him. - Who loathes, loves

House of Lucretius Fronto House of Julius Polybius

 Find out the definition for the underlined words  Create an Instagram post for TWO candidates
 Highlight who is supporting each candidate; what does this tell us about them?  Political debate!! You will be one candidate aiming for Aedile. You need to
 What evidence is there of political trashing? prepare for a debate against your opposition, outlining who your supporters
 What policies do the candidates have? What does this tell us about politics in are, and what you will do for them.
 What do the houses of Fronto and Polybius tell us about them?