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Why You Should Vote Ed ~ a Manifesto for Reform

If I am elected to the Student Council, I will act on two principles: fairness for all students, and my belief in a
democratic and representative body to act on your behalf.

I will:

 Campaign against the trebling of higher education fees, the ideologically-driven decimation of EMA and
the unfair increase in student bus fares
 Secure a fair grant for students under the expansion of the LSF (Learner Support Fund)
 Establish a new Exceptional Hardship Fund, funded through donations and available to students
struggling to attend college because of their/their families’ financial situation
 This would be funded through the letter sent to the families of all incoming L6
students, asking them to make a donation towards exam fees; I propose there be a
request for an additional donation to go toward this fund. This fund would be given to
students who are having serious and pressing difficulties meeting the costs of their
education, for example bus fares. It would be nice to get some funding from the
College itself, but it’s fair to assume that is unlikely.
 End the requirement for students to attend lessons when their teacher is unable to attend
 Although I completely understand that teachers may be unable to teach their classes
on some occasions, there is an issue that teacher often don’t give notice to their
students when they are away, or expect students to work in class when students would
be better off working in a quite area. I know that this is a minor annoyance for all
students, but for some students who have to travel long distances on buses with
irregular timetables it is a major issue. I propose to draft an agreement, with the help
on the Corporation, with teachers to make a consistent and fair policy which makes
sure students get work done while not wasting their time.

I will:

Reform the Student Council to make it more open, accountable, and effective by:
1. Holding meetings in open, and allow ordinary students to contribute
2. Allowing any student with the backing of 4 others to submit a motion (a proposal) to be
debated by the Council
3. Working with the Communications Officer to ensure all students are regularly updated about
the actions of the Council
4. Ensure that Huish’s membership within the NUS is in student’s interests
5. Transform the Student Council into a body that has the confidence of all students

If we work together to change the Student Council, then it would be better able to represent students, and have
a greater mandate to make decisions on student’s behalf. And ultimately, this would make the voice of students
hard to ignore.

You may be wondering if this is all a little ambitious. It is. I think the state of the Council calls for nothing less.
Ultimately these proposals are necessary, when we are faced with a Student Council that doesn’t work and a
difficult future for all of us, this is not the time for complacency.

Not to say the “small” things don’t matter too. The Canteen, the vending machines, and the field affect us too.
That’s why I want to pursue this agenda of reform, so any problems that you have are dealt with quickly and
effectively by the Council. Of course, if you have any ideas/suggestions/problems/thoughts/love, then I’d love to
hear from you. Send me a message on my fan page, a private message, or the college e-mail system if you prefer.

And thanks for reading. I hope I can count on your vote :)