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Assignment No.

Kaizen (7 steps continuous process improvement
cycle implementation)
Continuous process improvement is a PDSA (plan, do study, act)
approach used for continuous improvement. It is a problem solving
approach that carries on with the alternatives and then
implementation of the optimal solution. Also the results are to be
monitored and the systematic approach is to be taken for the proper
implementation of the solutions and the tactics to enable non-
hindering process and improvements that could leas to the
standardized solutions and to identify the areas to be considered and
taken care of in future and to plan things accordingly.

Here is an exemplary implementation of the PDSA (continuous process

improvement cycle) in a company to show the importance and
practicality of the process improvement approach.

Phase 1: Identify the opportunity

Let’s take PTCL as the organization that has lots of opportunities to for
identification for improvement. First they have to identify the problem
being faced, then have to form a team later on the scope is to be
defined so as to get the grip of actual problem and its depth. So PTCL
have to look for its services and also billing methods to get more
recoveries and ease of customization at its services and also a
customer survey along with employee survey can be done to know the
problems being faced by the customers and the types of complaints
being received by the employees.

Phase 2: Analyze the current process

First PTCL will have to look at the current situation identifying the
actual things to be looked at so that the team should be aware of the
problem and its depth. The customers requirements and expectations
be looked at and review of the things to be done so that the things and
areas to be improved should be pointed out. Ishikawa diagram (fish
bone analysis) can also be done to find out the gaps in the current
process as compared to customers’ expectations.

Phase 3: Develop the optimal solution(s)

In this step the objective of the optimal and feasible solution to the
problems being faced is evaluated. That could lead to the best
solution. Also at this stage PTCL team for problem solving can look at
various alternatives and look for the best through testing and
evaluation of the most viable ones.

Phase 4: Implement the changes

Once the best solution is selected, PTCL team should look forward for
its proper implementation with a pre-planned approach, along with
approval and implementation of the continuous process improvement.
Services are to more customize and ease of billing and network
availability in wireless PTCL products should me improved along with
the DSL advanced facilities providing more feasible packages and

Phase 5: Study the results

Once the change has been implemented the job is still on the go, it has
to be monitored is the changes have brought about positive result and
good impact in terms of financial and other areas improvements.
Customer satisfaction survey can be done to measure the
attractiveness of the new processes and service packages. This would
tell the PTCL management as to what extent there changes
(improvement) has worked. Pareto analysis and trend analysis can also
be done.
Phase 6: Standardize the solution
Once the PTCL team is being satisfied with the results of the
improvement approach, the things will be standardized, but still areas
to be looked at for continuous improvement and betterment.
Customers wont be overlooked not the employees would be held to
laid back, the employee suggestion system can still bring on new ideas
for the betterment of PTCL services and bring on innovation.

Phase 7: Plan for the future

The PTCL management will have to look for the future as continuous
improvement is not a one-time affair, it has to go on and the
customers are to be served in best possible way with innovative ideas
ahead. The things are to be planned for future and long term approach
is to be taken in consideration with the flexibility of the things and
ideas along the way. Also the new modes of connecting with customers
are to be adopted so that they could be able to deliver the best
service at maximum possible customized level that could not only lead
to customer satisfaction but also in continuous improvement in the
right direction.

The companies must go for the continuous process improvement
approach as it would lead to the attainment of total customer
satisfaction, also the process improvement can be done in the right
manner. PTCL can take advantage of the PDSA approach as it would
lead them to provide better service and will help them to serve their
customers better.