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LOCATION REECE – Completed by Aodhan Roberts – 04/12/2020

Things to take:
Camera ✔️ Mobile phone for images, notebook, pen and risk assessment
Mobile phone ✔️ sheet for health and safety and other things to note.
Notebook, pen, etc ✔️
Bring student ID card if you have one.
Risk Assessment sheet ✔️
Maps, directions ✔️ Bring compass and level to measure direction of sun and floor
Identification card ✔️ levelling
Bubble Level ✔️

Landmarks for directions N/A Neighbour disturbance is not to be worried about as the room
Neighbour disturbance Yes No ✔️
is sound proof.
Risk of trespass Yes No ✔️
Students have internal access.
Internal access ✔️
Vehicle access ✔️ College has a carpark for any parking, otherwise surrounding areas.
Toilets ✔️
Traffic control needed? Yes No ✔️
Toilets on the same floor we’re on, at the end of the corridor,
including a disabled toilet.
Shelter ✔️

Position of sun ✔️ Window directions are south west 240 digress and west 290
Window direction degrees. Blinds will be closed, sun direction and position is not to be
worried about.
Power supply ✔️
Size of location N/A 16 wall sockets all around the room for lighting purposes.
Strobing N/A

TV/computer screens Yes ✔️ No

Is floor level?
TV and computer monitor located inside room, however, will
Yes ✔️ No
not interrupt with filming.
Secure place for kit Yes ✔️ No
Cables ✔️ Secure place for kit, technician’s office, room beside this recce.

Smoke alarms, sprinklers Yes ✔️ No

There are smoke alarms, and spinkers located inside the room.
Fire extinguishers are outside the door.
LOCATION REECE – Completed by Aodhan Roberts – 04/12/2020


Traffic/roadworks Yes No N/A

Aircraft Yes No

Electrical hazards Yes No

Schools Yes No

Weather Yes No

Background music/PA system Yes No

Air conditional/fridges Yes No

Wooden floors Yes No


✔️ Canteen on the bottom floor which crew and guests can get
Hotels food from. Otherwise, chippy’s or tesco is nearby.

Check to make sure you've covered all you need and write more notes if necessary, you can include images
or overhead diagrams