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Introduction Chapter One
1. I have always liked flowers.

2. My favorite flower is a rose.

3. When i want a rose i go to nursery.

I have always liked Flowers
4. The soil has to be prepared.
From when i was a kid I used to grow flowers. I always
5. Watering the plants.
grew them in garden .As a child it made me happy
to work in the garden. Gardening brings back happy
6. Variety of Roses.
Flowers are amazing, I love their colours.
7. Weed the garden.

8. Watching the plants grow

9. I feel happy

10. One day i will have a vase off roses that I have grown.

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Chapter Two Chapter Three
My favorite flower is the rose... When I want a rose
The rose is my favorite flower because mum and I used I go to the Nursery...
to like to do gardening together. At home I had pink
roses growing in the front of my house. When I want to see a rose I go to Nursery to look at them
in nursery at home. They have coloured roses and they
Pink roses reminds me off my special mum. It always have other roses in different colours.
reminds me of us being in bare feet. The nursery is a plants specialist .

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Chapter Four Chapter Five
The soil has to be prepared... Watering the plants......
To start planting a garden there are many steps that You need to water plants three times a day in
have to be done. First we dig soil to start preparing it morning and evening plants.
and then we add fertilizer. Don’t water in heat off day because plants will
die off and wither if you don’t water them at right
Add a little drop off water to make them grow. times.
Plants will die off and wither if you don’t water
Then you put the plants in to grow in the ground with a them at the right time off day.
little bit of water then we cover with soil.
The best time you should water in the cool off the
My favorite plants are geranium, daisy, marigold’s, day they will grow then you can cut them and
lantana’s, petunias, climbing, roses which you can grow put them in vase.
over an arch way.

If you would like to plant bulbs I have some suggestions.

You could plant daffodils, runuaualars, hypuatras,
lilies. My favorite is bogenavills purple and white. You
have to be careful when you plant them as they have
thorns in them.

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Chapter 6 Chapter 7
Variety of roses... Fertilizing
Well rotted horse and cattle manure contains plenty of
There are many types off roses. nutrients for plants it can be added before planting or
A rose is perennial shrub or vine there are 100 species used as a surface mulch around established plants.
form a group of erect shrubs and climbing or trailing Adding fertilizer to the base off planting holes for
plants with stems and have sharp prickles. new plants will encourage good root establishment and
Roses are grown all around the world they are grown for growth in the first season.
their beauty and fragrance rose plants they range in Balanced ground all established plants in spring dis-
size from compact miniature roses then climbers that tribute it around the base off plants at the rate recom-
can reach 7metres in height. mended on the packaging.
rose hips are occasionally made into jam jelly and mar- Avoid getting granules on soft stems and leaves as it
malade or are brewed for tea primarily for their vitamin may scorch them.
c content they are also pressed and filtered to make rose Slow release granule or pellets can be mixed with the
hip syrup rose hips are also used to produced rose hip seed compost in pots when planting
oil which is used in skin products and some make up. summer bedding.
to provide nutrients for the
whole growing season fertiliz-
ers are also available to mix up
with water for liquid application
liquid concentrates and ready
to use liquid feeds are also avail-
able these are quick acting as the
plant roots can take in the dis-
solved nutrients with the water

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Chapter 8 Chapter 9
I like roses ... I Feel happy…
I feel happy when I am in garden doing my gardening
I like the roses because me and mum and i liked the and growing my plants in garden i am the happiest
pink one . and mum dad and kids loved the garden we when i am growing flowers in garden with my family
used to go and look at it and we use to water plants in and friends i love growing flowers with my new friends
garden all off them we liked all off them we liked all col- it makes me happy growing flowers and roses
ours in garden off flowers i liked the geranium’s and so
did all the others at home we liked the garden at home we
grew some flowers or plants or shrubs at home we loved
gardening at home in town how mates used to get cut-
ting from us in town at home

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Chapter 10

One day I will fill

a huge vase of roses….

If I had a big vase of flowers I would have

to put water in vase and I would put some
daisies, roses and geraniums in the vase.
I know it will look pretty in the vase. The
flowers would be nice ones and they would
have all the colours.

I will grow flowers in my garden; I will pick

them and put them in a pretty coloured vase

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