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1. We should clean these windows before tomorrow.

- These windows
should be cleaned by us before tomorrow.

2. The workers gave the boss some flowers. – The boss was given some
flowers by the workers. The flowers were given to the boss by the

3. The police followed the thieves into a building. – The thieves were
followed by the police into a building.

4. The mechanic can’t fix my car. – My car can’t be fixed by the


5. The neighbour has told us the news. – The news has been told us by
the neighbour.

6. The students painted the walls last year. – The walls were painted
by the students last year.

7. The old woman feeds the pigeons every day. – The pigeons are fed by
the woman every day.

8. They will pick up John at this office. – John will be picked up by

them at this office.

9. She showed the visitors the new house. – The visitors were shown
the new house by her. The new house was shown to the visitors by her.

10. You shouldn’t throw litter on the ground. – Litter shouldn’t be

thrown on the ground.

11. The teacher asked the students a very difficult question at the
oral exam. – The student was asked a very difficult question by the
teacher at the oral exam. A very difficult question was asked by the
teacher at the oral exam.

12. First, we have to read the text and then, we have to do the
exercises. – First, the text have to be read by us then, the exercises
have to be done by us.

13. His parents promised Tom a hundred Euros if he passed the test. –
Tom was promised a hundred Euros by his parents if he passed the test.

14. Did they repair all the windows? Were all the windows repaired by

15. The news surprised us all. – We are surprised by the news.

16. Is the teacher correcting the exams right now? – Are the exams
being corrected by the teacher right now?

17. Someone has sent John a mysterious letter. – A mysterious letter

has been sent to Jonh by someone.

18. Where did they find the book? Where was the book found by them?

19. The taxi driver drove us to the airport. – We were driven by the
taxi driver to the airport.
20. Many people have seen a UFO in this area. – A UFO have been seen
by many people in this area.

21. Have they watered the plants? Have the plants watered by them?

22. Someone stole my purse while I was doing the shopping. – My purse
was stolen by someone while I was being done the shopping.

23. The secretary has already sent all the documents to Mr. Smith. –
All the documents have been already sent to Mr. Smith by the

24. They have offered Michael an excellent job in a British company. –

Michael has been offered an excellent job by them in a British

25. The police could arrest the bank robbers when they were crossing
the border. – The bank robbers could be arrested by the police when
they were crossing the border.

26. Someone has used the computer without permission. – The computer
has been used by someone without permission.

27. My grandmother is baking a delicious cake. – A delicious cake is

being baked by my grandmother.

28. The maid was cleaning my hotel room when I came in. – My hotel
room was cleaned by the Maid when I come in.