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RIMT University

Subject Code: BCM 1208
Semester:2 nd
End Term Theory Examination
Max Marks: 60
Timings: 03 hrs. Univ.Roll No.:----------------------------

Part-A (Question-1) (MCQ) (All Questions are Compulsory) 01*12=12 Marks

(i) The purpose of value education is to:
a) Foster universal core values(b) Make the syllabus easy(c)Develop values in individuals(d)Both a&c.
(ii) Self exploration uses two mechanisms– natural acceptance and:
a) Experiential validation(b)Reason(c)Logical thinking(d)Theoretical concepts.
(iii) Harmony should be maintained in:
a) Between body and life. (b) Between self and society(c)Between life and environment(d)All the above
(iv) Sah-astitva means:
a) Co-existence.( b) Co-operation ( c)Cooption (d) Corporate identity.
(v) A harmonious world is created by values at 4 levels.. These are:
a) Home, family, society, country.(b) Individual, family, society, universe (c)School, home, office,
temple.(d) None of the above
(vi) Many human values seem good or right due to:
a) Positive feelings(b) Internal happiness( c)Natural acceptance( d) All the above.
(vii) Harmony of ‘I’ with ‘body’ is not possible as they have different needs
a) True (b) False
(viii) The body is an instrument of „I‟
a)True   (b)False
(ix) The ‘I’ is the doer, sear and enjoyer
a) True (b) False
(x) Sanyam leads to swasthya and swasthya leads to such
a) True (b) False
(xi) Nature has self – regulation
a) True (b) False
(xii) Understanding human relationships leads to undivided society.
a) True (b) False

Part-B (Question- 2 to 7) (All Questions are Compulsory) 06*04=24 Marks

Q2 What do you mean by values or human values? Explain.
Explain the process of value education
Q3 Write a short note on the need for value education in today’s scenario
Q4 Explain the process of self-exploration with a diagram.
What is innateness (svatva), self organization (swatantrata) and self expression (swarajya)?
How are they related to each other?
Q5 Define harmony in nature and why is it important. Explain with examples
Q6 What do you understand by trust? Differentiate between intention and competence with
What is pre-conditioning? What is their source?
Q7 What do you mean by your natural acceptance and experiential validation?

Part-C (Question- 8 to 10)(All Questions are Compulsory) 03*08=24 Marks

Q8 What do the abbreviations given as SVDD, SSDD and SSSS signify? Explain.
Q9 What do you mean by animal and human consciousness? Explain with the help of a diagram.

What is the difference between respect and disrespect? Which of the two is naturally
acceptable to you?

Q10 How is the activity in human order is different with that of animal and plant order?
RIMT University


Semester: 2nd

Subject Code: BCM 1208


End Term Theory Examination

Answer Key for Part-A (Question-1) (MCQ)

Question No. Answer

( a or b or c or d)
i. D
ii. A
iii. D
iv. A
v. B
vi. D
vii. B
viii. A
ix. A
x. A
xi. A
xii. A

Name Dr.Harpominder Sidhu

Department SOMC
Contact No. 9888120858