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ee sil ayaa algal pane jo Danes neGee oormanaves reason Poaepenanrngg Asks ily id (ren yaeayyaay ‘The cote certifies that eres Al Abdullah Al Alamoud- Saud Nationa 1D.NO 1097727612 Ra ene algae gig ene ge oe Has attended the training course Principles of occupational safety and ie Ray tad pegs an AVES aly health of public industries n accordance wit the standards ofthe : i ; ie. ie SL el a clea ‘American OSHA. ee eg "Total hours*30 hours nS days Vee re Por al Sy (2) Aa al ey Starting from 03/06/1444 H To 07/06/1441 H Waite Cane ‘Corresponding to 29/01/2020 To 02/02/2020 ea a ht ates Came eae el Accredited by Technical and Vocational Training Corporation AQAA) et py ‘Course Accreditation NO: (118591913) Issued in: 07/06/1441 H 02/02/2020 ‘Any addition alteration o correction on this document invald et tae a ts gh S4 ANETAY guithe