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Wheeling, IL
200 East Roosevelt Road Permit No. 268
Lombard, IL 60148

Ethics and
National Deals With Hard Times
Throughout my 28 years of
practice, I have seen a wide
variety of methods used to
attract new patients and an
equal variety of methods to
All of us should have been aware of what was employees of NUHS is up again this year with 42% of keep existing patients. In
coming. Some clear clues should have been all the all employees giving back to the University through many of those situations,
credit card applications promoting large lines of the various giving clubs or whatever can be managed, ethics have been thrown out
credit "interest free" for a year. Of course at the end, but they are giving. This compares to only 15% of our the door.
if you did not pay attention, you were going to pay alumni, so there is clearly room for improvement.
"through the nose." Bear in mind that we are pleased with any gift you I have had patients become dissatisfied with their
can give — they add up and we are grateful for any doctor and elect to have their records transferred to my
I remember the day when anything above 10% and all support. office. In some cases, the patient would receive a call
interest was, by law, "usury" and was prohibited. We from their previous doctor berating them for going to an
should have known when people were getting home Also, let's not forget to place NUHS in our wills and “inferior doctor.” One fine doctor, who had received
loans with "no money down" and "principal only" furthermore, remember that many of our patients are records on a number of my patients transferring to his
mortgages! wealthy and some are seeking a place for their office, wrote me a letter informing me that I was
tax-deductible contributions. Let them know about

Scholarship Established
stealing his children’s college fund after he received my
Bottom line is that the crash happened and now we National. They build "wings" for hospitals, perhaps a request for the records of one of his patients.
memory. The plaque shares a quote from Robert Dr. John R. Harkins (NA ‘54) of Longwood, Fla., hear all kinds of horror stories, and sooner or later, it room or two at National would be a good idea for

in Memory of Alumna
Frost: “and I took the path less traveled, and that died September 1. will affect all of us, but what about National a change! Perhaps there is something wrong with me because I
University of Health Sciences? Where are we?

In Memoriam
has made all the difference.” have absolutely no problem referring a patient to a
Dr. Gerald Merrian (NA ‘59) of Carmichael, America and NUHS have experienced very tough colleague who might have a protocol that would be
Calif. Well, like everyone else, we are watching our budget times before and because of our commitment to more advantageous for that particular patient. That is
very carefully and we are cutting corners wherever doing the right things for the right reasons; we have what I was taught at National and I know that many
Patricia L. Lorence, MSN, DC, (NA ‘83) passed we can. There will be no raises this year, for pulled through those times. We will do so again, and
Dr. William H. Miller (NA ‘48) of Goodyear, Az. of you were taught likewise because many of those
away in September 2005. In addition to her example, and there are no endowment-based the road will be less difficult if we pull together in the instructors are still at National. They were there long
master’s degree in nursing, Dr. Lorence was a Dr. Hawley Carlson (NA ‘50) of Clarkston, Wash.
scholarships because our endowment is not making same direction. It is to these ends that I ask for your before you and I got there and I am beginning to
certified chiropractic sports physician and was Dr. Leonard Owen (NA ‘47) of Fresno, Calif.
money. Like most everyone else, our endowment has support and I thank you for your commitment to our believe that they will be there long after you and I
also certified in acupuncture. She maintained a Sandra Cucchiara, mother of Dr. Sam Battaglia,
lost money even though it continues to beat the purposes, for what we do is good and honorable and depart this world. Obviously, I say this in jest because
private practice in Roanoke, Va. NUHS Chicago clinician, on Nov. 21. Dr. Levi W. Sherwin (LI ‘42), 86, of Rumford, market in general, thanks to our endowment essential. I think that they are excellent instructors.
Maine, died Aug. 26, 2006, at home. Dr. management company.
As an alumna who loved National, Dr. Lorence Anthony Duarte, brother of Dr. Manuel Duarte, Sherwin started his chiropractic practice in For you and whatever you can do, I am grateful and So, with few exceptions, I would have to say that
included NUHS in her will with the result that NUHS Lombard clinician, on Oct. 27. Rumford in 1944 and retired in 1982. He was a We are managing, but we also need support from I wish you wonderful holidays despite the hard National grads are some of the most ethical doctors
member of the Maine Chiropractic Association.
many will now benefit from her loyalty and anyone who can provide a tax-deductible gift. I am economic times. that I have encountered. Ethics and responsibility are
generosity. With the funding provided through Monica Ennis, RN, DC (NA ‘89) of Wauwatosa, proud to be able to tell you that giving by the a part of the education at National. Our alma mater,

Inside Alumnus
her will, National has established the "Patricia L. Wis., died Dec. 6, 2007 at age 56. Dr. James Smith (NA ‘50) of Ashland, Ky. our state associations and our national associations
Lorence Scholarship" in her memory to help are working for our profession and that work requires
female chiropractic students in the Third Dr. Theodore ‘Ted’ Gabe (NA ‘48) of Mason, Dr. Reese R. Smith Jr. (LI ‘55), formerly of our support. Your support can be to give one or more
Trimester who have a cumulative GPA of at least Ohio, died September 12 at age 84. Dr. Gabe Feasterville, Pa. and Long Beach Island, N.J., died of those old professors a call, and with this very diffi-
2.5 on a 4.0 point scale. was involved in numerous professional, July 15. He was a resident of Barnegat, N.J. and cult economic situation, National is going to need
Gaining Join the Honor Roll NUHS,
civic and community organizations. He The Villages, Fla. Dr. Smith was in practice for your continued financial support.
Respect for NUHS of NUHS Alumni
In addition to the scholarship, and with the approval served the Norwood community for many more than 40 years in Feasterville where he also
Chiropractic Family Supporters News
of the family, a portion of the money left to National years in the Service League and on the was active as a Sunday School teacher, youth With best wishes for good health I remain,
in Dr. Lorence's Norwood and Great Oaks school boards. He is group and Scout leader, and was a member of
will was used survived by his wife of 61 years, Bernice, two the Neshaminy School Board, including

President Winterstein discusses PCI Chair Audie Klingler asks View the lists of donors Catch up on campus
to help refurbish daughters and a son, seven grandchildren, president for one year. Dr. Smith was a member

the profession’s lack of cultural alumni to support their alma from the Beginner’s Club to happenings and alumni
Room 220 in Janse five great-grandchildren, and one great-great- of Frankford Lodge 292, LuLu Temple Shriners

authority and how to improve it. mater and its mission. accomplishments.
Frank Strehl, DC, DABCI, Chair
the PCI.
Hall and a plaque granddaughter. and Feasterville Rotary. He is survived by his wife
of 52 years, Joan, five children, 14 grandchildren, President’s Alumni Advisory Council
has been placed
Dr. Martin Hare (NA ‘50) of River Grove, Ill., two stepsons, and six great-grandchildren.
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outside the hall in
honor of her died October 15. Pages 3- 5

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Join Our Family at the National University of Health Sciences
And We Wonder Why Dear Alumni: programs have diminished this year and have caused

By James F. Winterstein, DC
quite a burden on many students. The number of

NUHS President
Happy holidays to all! The President’s Cabinet students enrolled is higher than previous years, mainly
Internationale (PCI) is alive and strong, but could be due to the diversification of our university.
stronger. We have many doctors, staff members and Dr. Winterstein, the vice presidents, faculty, and
friends of the University who are members, but we are staff have done a fantastic job providing the best
always looking for more. education of all the chiropractic universities
As a profession (chiropractic) we often express our expense of the patient diminishes our profession. There is I know that the entire system of allopathic health care is
and colleges. However, the students, University,
dismay that we are not more readily and completely just no way around that. True, a chiropractor can practice rife with unethical activity from over-prescription of drugs,
The PCI has three different giving levels, which and anyone involved with the University still need
recognized — that we don't have greater cultural this way for a period of time, especially in a large which have not been demonstrated to be efficacious, to
are bronze ($1,000-$1,499 per year), silver our help.
authority and that we are under-compensated for metropolitan area where there is always a new supply of over-use of surgical procedures and the promotion of
($1,500-$1,999 per year) and gold ($2,000 and up per
our services. "innocents," but what it does to the profession at large is testing that does not show any improvement of outcomes year). While we would love everyone to be a gold Please stop and think — Where would you be
devastating and that devastation is something we see in patient benefit. But these unethical behaviors do not member, we certainly understand that any donation is without your alma mater? Many of us take the
These concerns are all true, I believe, and I think I know every day. give the chiropractic profession license to do the same. very much appreciated. The people that give to University for granted. Many alumni have not been
some of the reasons why they are true. Let me elucidate. this philanthropic group do so with the hope back to National for a long time. I myself try to think PCI Members at a recent Homecoming reception.
If we review the latest statistic on whom the public views Where and how does it all change? I believe it is fair to say that National will continue to be the leader of of National first when deciding where my donation
Very recently at a state convention in the Midwest, a as most ethical among those who serve public needs, that big money is a major factor in any change that is our profession. dollars go. Please try to keep National in mind when 630-889-6605. Dr. Winterstein will also entertain any
you make your own decisions. National has provided questions that you might have.
prominent member of one of the nationally known we see that chiropractic physicians fall mid-way contemplated. Does anyone think, for example, that
"practice building organizations" was a featured speaker. down the list between "bankers and journalists." despite the fact mammograms have not been scientifically We must realize that tuition alone does not keep this us with the top-notch education that has allowed us
university running. We have to rely on giving groups to to make very nice livings. So please, give a piece of Again, happy holidays, and thanks for being part of the
Here is how he answered this question: “How many ( proven to decrease the number of deaths due to breast
be the best of the best. I know many of you are having that back and be part of our family again at National. National family.
treatments should a new patient have?” news/2006/december/page.jsp?itemID=29117737). We cancer, that the promotion of annual mammograms will
a hard time this year with the economy so low and
are far from the top and despite all the negative things go away? Does anyone think that despite the fact PSAs Sincerely,
reimbursements so low, but please keep in mind that If you have any questions you may call my office at
He said (I must paraphrase but think it is very close) we have read and heard about allopathic medicine have no correlation with longevity as related to prostate Audie Klingler, DC, Chair
the students are also having a hard time. Student loan 301-777-0110 or you may contact Tracy McHugh at
"at least 40 visits for a new patient and then I re-evaluate and its misuse and abuse, people still rate nurses, cancer, this testing process is going away? How about the President’s Cabinet Internationale
that patient every 12 visits or every month, whichever pharmacists and allopaths among the top four most Statins? There is no scientific evidence that they reduce
comes first, and then I re-evaluate that patient every 90 ethical professions. the number of deaths due to cardiovascular disease and

Fiscal Year 2007 - 2008

days for the rest of his or her life." yet they are now even being recommended for children.

To me this is plain charlatanism. This practice promoter 2006 Honesty and Ethical Ratings Summary Want to talk about hypertension? Why was 140/90
President’s Cabinet Internationale
already knows how many treatment visits a patient will Gallup News Service perfectly normal for decades and suddenly is not?


need just because the patient is a new patient — never Do we think it has to do with the huge business
Very/High Average Very Low/Low

Nurses 84 14 2
mind history or examination! Furthermore, this seer of anti-hypertensives?

Dr. Kevin Cichocki Mr. Ronald Mensching Dr. David Weber

already knows that the patient must receive chiropractic
Druggists or pharmacists 73 23 4

Dr. Audie Klingler Dr. Burt Rubin Dr. Mitchell Weiss

treatment for the rest of his or her life! It must be nice to So how does it all change? Well, it is not our problem to

Dr. Kristina Sargent Dr. James Winterstein

Veterinarians 71 23 2
Dr. Donald Mammano
have this kind of ability to predict the future. change it because we cannot. What we can do however,

Dr. Thomas Stotz

is change the lives of those whom we treat. Too often
Sorry friends, this is NOT the way to develop cultural Medical doctors 69 26 6 today, we spend more time fighting with third party
Dentists 62 34 4

authority — not now and not ever. But it is worse than payers than we do taking care of those who seek our

that, in my opinion. This kind of practice promotion at the services. I know, we need to be paid but even in a culture

$1,500 - $1,999
Engineers 61 33 3 that is expecting to get health care for "nothing," there are

Dr. Shellee Handley Dr. David Parish Dr. Mark Woloshin

College teachers 58 32 7

Dr. Joseph Calcagno

plenty of people who will pay for something that helps

Dr. Vincent DeBono Mrs. Tracy McHugh Dr. Leonard Schroeder Dr. Steven Yoemans
Clergy 58 29 9
them when nothing else has. This is where we can and


Dr. Neil Elliott Dr. Richard Olff Dr. Francis Tierney
must make the difference. When we do this consistently,
Policemen 54 34 11 we will also become a force for good and our position on

ALUMNUS is published by the Office of Communica- Psychiatrists 38 42 12

the "chart of ethics" will rise.

tions at National University of Health Sciences, 200 East
Roosevelt Road, Lombard, Illinois 60148-4583. Bankers 37 52 10 $1,000 - $1,499

Dr. Richard Altieri

Give our patients what they need, not what we need or

Dr. Kenneth Dougherty *Dr. Theodore Johnson Jr. Dr. Ted Sazdanoff
Chiropractors 36 48 10
more likely "want." Get out of the profile of the person

James F. Winterstein, DC
Anonymous Dr. Daniel Driscoll Dr. Craig Jordan Dr. David Scott
who "will keep you coming back for the rest of your life!"
Journalists 26 48 25

*Dr. Kelly Baltazar

*Dr. Manuel Duarte Dr. Reiner Kremer Dr. Joseph Simunic
Develop a profile of one who takes care of the patient and

*Dr. Edward Barowsky

EDITORIAL STAFF State governors 22 52 26

Dr. James Emch *Dr. Christian Laurent Dr. Gordon Stephens

then provides proper exercises and proper life style

Dr. Dean Berg

Marie Olbrysh Associate Editor
Dr. Scott Fladland Dr. Paul Lombardi Mrs. Rosemary Stephens
changes and discharges the patient. That person will
Business executives 18 53 27

Dr. Fritz Boehm

remember you and will come back when he or she

*Dr. Emory Giles *Dr. Kevin McKenzie Dr. James Sullivan

Tracy Litsey PR Specialist Lawyers 18 42 38

Dr. John Carr

needs you.

Robert Hansen Graphic Designer

Dr. Alvin Graun Dr. August Mormino Dr. Samuel Sullivan
Stockbrokers 17 56 23

Dr. Ezra Cohen Dr. Jim Guo Dr. Christopher Mote Dr. William Swanson
This will take time but in the long run, it will benefit not
Kadi Sistak Photographer
Dr. Joseph Conklin Jr.
Senators 15 49 35

Dr. Warren Hammer Dr. Raymond Nietzold Dr. Rand Swenson

only our patients, but also our profession. As I was taught,

Dr. Elfrieda Conrad

Victoria Sweeney Congressmen 14 45 40
Dr. Steven Headrick Dr. Thomas O’Bryan Dr. David B. Taylor
and as I continue to teach:
Director of Communications
Dr. Christine Cosgrove Dr. Frederick Hult Dr. Gary Ogurkiewicz *Dr. Nicholas Trongale
Insurance salesmen 13 51 34

Dr. John DeMatte IV

"Take care of your patients and they will take care

Dr. C. Robert Humphreys Mrs. Betty Roberts Dr. Nathaniel Tuck Jr.
HMO managers 12 45 37

Neither the editor nor National University of Health Sciences are to be

Dr. Brad Dennison

of you!"

Dr. Yukio Ichinose Dr. Donald Ross

held liable or responsible for statements or opinions expressed herein.
Material contained in this publication should not be reproduced in any Advertising practitioners 11 49 35
Dr. Richard Dietzen Dr. Claire Johnson Dr. Richard Sarnat * New 2007-2008
form without written consent from the editor.
Car salesmen 7 36 55

2 3
©November 2008 National University of Health Sciences 8M/1108
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National News
Dr. Raymond Nietzold was awarded the university’s Robert Shiel, PhD, clinical sciences Naperville, Ill. He also chaperoned several students
prestigious Distinguished Service Award at the professor, was named chair of the from National who competed in the Chiropractic
October Board of Trustees meeting in honor of the Department of Clinical Sciences on Games sponsored by the ACA in September in
expiration of his term and nine years of service to the November 17. Dr. Shiel has taught Stuart, Fla.
university. Dr. Nietzold served three three-year terms psychology at National since 1980.
on the board and held the position of chair for the past Dr. John DeMatte IV (NA ‘96) and Dr. Richard Fay
four years. A 1981 graduate of National, he practices Dr. Joseph Stiefel has been promoted to the position of (NA ‘80) are new members of the President’s Alumni
in Clearwater, Fla. In addition to his commitment to dean of the College of Professional Studies, St. Advisory Council.
the Board of Trustees, Dr. Nietzold has also been a Petersburg Campus. The change in title gives Dr. Stiefel
member of the President’s Cabinet Internationale for a greater ability to manage the development of the Dr. Jerrilyn Cambron, LMT, DC, MPH, PhD, research
many years. chiropractic medicine program in Florida, not only in professor, participated in the 2008 Heartland
the area of curriculum but personnel, scheduling and Conference of the Illinois Chapter of the American
“Dr. Nietzold was an exceptional member of the facilities as well. He will be instrumental in hosting Massage Therapy Association October 18-19 in
board and an understanding and thoughtful chair,” the site visit by the Higher Learning Commission of the Springfield, Ill. Dr. Cambron gave two presentations,
said Dr. James Winterstein, president of NUHS. “As North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in one on “How to Write a Case Study” and another on
president, it is vital that one have the full support of December. “How to Read A Research Paper.”
the board chair and that was always the case with C. Robert Humphreys, DC, DACNB,
Dr. Nietzold. I am most grateful to him for his advice, clinical sciences professor, passed a Chris Decker, ND, a naturopathic medicine faculty
his encouragement and his support of our mutual national certifying examination of member, gave a presentation on Lyme Disease on Nov.
alma mater.” the American Association of 12 on campus in conjunction with the Chicagoland
Electrodiagnostic Technologists in June Lyme Support Group. The discussion included ways to
Mabel Chang, DC, of West Frankfort, Ill., has joined 2008, which allows him to use the recognize the protean symptoms that characterize
National as a Research resident. Dr. Chang earned her credentials RNCST (registered nerve the disease and how to treat it in effective and
DC degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in conduction studies technologist). He has been lasting ways.
2000. As an undergraduate, Dr. Chang served as a performing these studies for 24 years and teaching
research technician for Pfizer, Inc., Wellman DO YOU REMEMBER...Barbara
National’s postgraduate electrodiagnostic program for Kellogg, assistant to Dr. Ronald
Laboratories of Photomedicine, Harvard Medical 18 years.
School, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Beideman, dean of Admissions,
University of Massachusetts, Center for Cellular from 1978 to 1991? Barb stopped
Dr. Humphreys accompanied several interns in an in at National to visit longtime
Neurobiology and Neurodegeneration Research. She outreach effort to provide stretching and mobilization
also interned at several chiropractic clinics prior to friend Mel Collins, alumni
at the Family Shelter Service’s 5K Walk/Run to raise outreach coordinator.

Alumni News
graduating from Logan. awareness of domestic violence in October in

1940s Award from the Department of Health (DOH) and the Board Temporo-mandibular Joint Syndrome.” He has a special
of Chiropractic Medicine at the Florida Chiropractic interest in the treatment of actors and dancers and has served
Dr. Robert Lyle Riddell (NA ‘41) of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, Association National Convention in Orlando in August. He is as a chiropractic advisor to various performing arts
will celebrate his 93rd birthday on January 12. According to a former board chairman and a licensed chiropractic physician companies, president of the board of directors of a professional


his daughter, Bethany, he has a sharp mind and is an avid since 1968. He served on the Board of Chiropractic Medicine theatre company, and a board member of a student-
reader and movie buff, attends church, and has not given up from 1987 until 1995, is a former board member on professional ballet company.
on life. He wants to be 100 years old and gives advice to the the Probable Cause Panel, and still serves DOH as an
tenants in the nursing home where he resides. He hopes to expert witness. 1990s National University of Health Sciences sincerely
attend Homecoming 2009 if his health is stable.
appreciates the following alumni who have referred
1970s Dr. Matthew Barton (NA ’98) of Grand Rapids, Mich., and
He first studied toward an MD degree at the University of his wife, Carlee, share belated news of the birth of their first students in our Fall 2008 class.You are truly our #1 best
Toronto and then came to National in 1939. At NCC, he met Dr. Alan P. Krasnoff (NA ‘78) of Chesapeake, child, Anna Lee, on Feb. 28, 2008. Carlee, a massage source of new students. Thank You! Thank You!
Christine Smith, who was appointed to give new students a Va., was elected mayor of Chesapeake, a city of therapist, works with Dr. Barton at his office.
tour of the college. It was love at first sight and since they both 230,000, in May 2008 for a four-year term. Dr. Iwona Bialon (’07) Illinois
had “the right chemistry,” they eloped after a three-month Previously, he held five consecutive terms on Dr. Robert M. Smith (NA ‘98) recently achieved Diplomate
courtship. The marriage lasted 50 years minus four days, due the City Council for a total of 18 years. In Status with theAmerican Chiropractic Rehab Board (DACRB). Dr. Joseph Calcagno (’80) Pennsylvania
to Christine’s passing in 1990. addition to his chiropractic degree, Dr. Krasnoff He owns a successful practice, Chiropractic Whole Health, Dr. Terry Clemens (’98) Pennsylvania
holds a master’s degree in urban education/school in Easton, Pa., where he lives with his wife and their
Dr. Robert Eberle (’81) California
After his graduation from National in 1941, Dr. Riddell counseling from Norfolk State University. He and his wife, three children.
practiced in Chicago, Detroit, St. Marys, Ontario, and Lapeer, Phyllis, have two grown children. Dr. Herbert Flynn Jr. (’56) Pennsylvania
Mich. In Lapeer, he served as a coroner and was active with 2000s Dr. Mark Flynn (’87) Pennsylvania
the Rotary, Masonic Lodge, Eastern Star, andTrinity Methodist Dr. John J. ‘Jack’ Moran Jr. (NA ’78) of Overland Park, Kan.,
Church. “He is a very compassionate man, sensitive, and a Dr. Clifford Tao (NA ’00) of Anaheim, Calif., has maintained Dr. Jeffrey Garofalo (’02) Illinois
was awarded the National Board of Chiropractic Examiner’s
great provider, and has helped numerous clients with various “Certificate of Attainment” in May 2007, which signifies his own radiology practice since 2005. He also teaches Dr. Joe Gatza (’00) Illinois
back problems throughout the years,” says Bethany. successful completion of Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV of the radiology residents part-time and conducts continuing Dr. Nick Koinoglou (’91) Ohio
board examinations. education seminars at LACC, is actively involved in
1950s publishing, and serves as a reviewer for Acta Radiologica. Dr. Dr. Matthew Milonas (’01) Illinois
1980s Tao has completed three mission trips to Bolivia with LACC Dr. Robbin Mitchell (’87) Illinois
Dr. Charles Cooper (NA ‘55) of Baltimore, Md., was presented students to provide chiropractic care.
Dr. Craig Phillips (’89) Pennsylvania
with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Maryland Dr. Mark Saracino (NA ’82) of King of Prussia, Pa., was the
Chiropractic Association Convention in October. The award subject of an article inACA News entitled “A Path to Practice.” Dr. Timothy Yon (NA ‘02) and Dr. KittyYon (NA ‘02) hosted Dr. Carlos Quezada (’07) Illinois
recognizes his long-term dedicated service to the chiropractic The article outlined his career, which began with his a School Supply Drive at their Centre for Chiropractic Health Dr. Alan Sowa (’80) Rhode Island
profession. chiropractic degree from National and was later enhanced in Lombard, Ill. TheYons donated their services to patients in
Dr. Josh Younce (’02) Illinois
with a diplomate in clinical neurology in 1992. Dr. Saracino exchange for a donation to the DuPage Education
1960s strongly believes in patient education and has contributed Foundation.The chiropractors and their patients raised a total Dr. Mark Wolff (’88) Wisconsin
articles to magazines such as Muscle and Fitness, Lilipoh of $300 for the purchase and distribution of school supplies to
Dr. Ronald J. Hoffman (NA ‘67) ofTallahassee, Fla., received

and most recently, Doctor of Dentistry, in which he needy children.
the 2008 Distinguished Service to the Chiropractic Profession discusses “Chiropractic Neurologic Management of