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4 — OUTREACH March-April 2008

Share your news in the next issue of Alumnus! In Memoriam

Alumnus is all about YOU and we’d like to share your news in our first 2008 issue, which will be Dr. Roy Allard - NA ‘55
published in May. Have you completed any postgraduate programs, been elected to any offices or Dr. Mark Bradley - NA ‘76
committees, reached any professional milestones, or achieved any personal successes? Let us know Dr. E. Paul DeRose - NA ‘48
and we’ll share it with your fellow alumni. We’ll even accept good quality photos (digital or print) Dr. Jan Marea Jensen - NA ‘79
and will use them on a space-available basis.

March-April 2008
Dr. Mark Nitschke - NA ‘92


Dr. Duane Pavel - NA ‘73
Email your news to, or mail it to Marie Olbrysh, Office of Communications,
Dr. Rodney Pike - NA ‘81
NUHS, 200 E. Roosevelt Road, Lombard, IL 60148. You can also go to the Alumnus page on our
Dr. Don Milton Krogh - NA ‘56
website,, where there’s an email link for submitting news.

Outreach is published by the Office of

Where to Now? ND Program Gains Candidacy
James F. Winterstein, DC
Communications of the National University of Health Non-Profit Org. National University of Health Science’s also allow our first ND graduates to sit for
Sciences, 200 East Roosevelt Road, Lombard, IL U.S. Postage NUHS President
60148-4583. It is distributed free to faculty, staff, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Program important licensure exams.”
students, alumni, friends, and other associates of
Paid In 1999, David was granted candidacy by the Council on
National University of Health Sciences. Wheeling, IL Eisenberg, MD, wrote Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) at Prior to Fall 2006, the Higher Learning
Permit No. 268 his initial article on its board meeting in San Antonio, Texas, on Commission of the North Central
Publisher complementary and
James F. Winterstein, D.C., President March 9. Candidacy is not accreditation and Association of Colleges and Schools had
alternative medicine. At does not ensure eventual accreditation, but it given NUHS permission to grant the doctor
Editorial Staff
Marie Olbrysh, Associate Editor that time, total health is a status of affiliation with the Council that of naturopathy degree, as well as master’s
Tracy Litsey, Public Relations Specialist care costs in the United indicates the naturopathic medicine program degrees in acupuncture and oriental
Robert Hansen, Graphic Designer States were at $900 is progressing toward accreditation. (For medicine. Accreditation from each
Kadi Sistak, Photographer billion. According to
Victoria Sweeney, Director of Communications information, contact: CNME, 342 Main individual profession’s own governing
the National Coalition on Health Care, Street, PO Box 178, Great Barrington, MA body, however, is a multi-faceted and
Vol. XXIV, No. 2 March/April 2008 those costs rose to $2.3 trillion in 2007, are 01230; (413) 528-8877.) multi-year process.
©2008 National University of Health Sciences projected to reach $3 trillion in 2011 and
$4.2 trillion in 2016. This will represent “This not only puts NUHS right on NUHS is now preparing for an April site
20% of the gross national product. schedule for meeting important milestones visit from the Accreditation Commission for
in the accreditation process,” says Dr. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Since 2000, employment-based health Fraser Smith, assistant dean for (ACAOM) and another step forward on
Postgraduate Courses for May - July insurance premiums have increased naturopathic medicine at NUHS, “but will their road to candidacy.
100% whereas the cumulative growth
May 3 - 4 Sports Physician 100-5: Management June 21 - 22 Key Rehab Strategies: Lower Back,
of wages has been 21% during the
Clinical Nutrition: Session 3
NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill.
of Injuries to the Upper Extremity
NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. Clinical Orthopedics: Complex
Clinical Conditions
Pelvis & Lower Extremity
Hilton Garden Inn / Daytona, Fla. same time period, and employee National Icon Completes His Journey
June 6 - 8 Braintree Hospital / Boston, Mass. July 19 - 20
contributions have increased 143%. It
Clinical Orthopedics: Clinical seems clear that this cannot continue Wednesday evening, March 5, Dr. George chiropractic physicians as well as many
Anatomy of the Cervical Spine Acupuncture 200-3: Pulse Diagnosis June 27 - 29 Kinesio Taping: Session 2 indefinitely as it is already creating a major Goodheart completed his earthly journey other physicians. He
NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. Acupuncture Applications NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill.
Sheraton Hotel / Cleveland, Ohio Acupuncture 200-4: Male and drain on everyone’s resources. at the age of 89 and entered the next. He only recently had
Impairment Rating I – 6th Edition Female Health Pediatrics Functional Rehabilitation: Advanced left many people behind who were taught finished seeing patients
NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. Acupuncture 200-2: Meridians and Sheraton Hotel / Cleveland, Ohio Joint Mobilization / Manipulation by him, mentored by him and treated by on a regular basis,
Acupoints NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. Meanwhile, with all this money being
Hypnotherapy: Session 3 NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. Joint Manipulation Series: Session 1: thrown at “health,” people are sicker than him, and he left his beloved JoAnn with having reached the
NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. Full Spine Technique July 26 - 27 ever. According to the World Health whom I spoke soon after his death. time when he was no
Clinical Orthopedics: Cervical Spine NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill.
Pediatrics: Nutrition through Trauma X-ray, MRI & Cadaver Anatomy: Organization, the United States ranks 37th longer able to muster
the Lifecycle NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. Sports Physician 100-6: Emergency Systematic Approach to out of 191 countries in health care She spoke of their many wonderful years the energy necessary
NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. Procedures Understanding a Patient’s Studies together, of his peaceful passing with her in for that great calling.
Impairment Rating II – 6th Edition NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. performance. We are facing a major Dr. George Goodheart
May 16 - 18 NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. epidemic of diabetes and for the first time their home, and of her great sense of loss. I
July 11 - 13 Sports Physician 100-7: Extremity in modern history, our children are understand how she feels. For those who We last saw George here at National
Acupuncture 200-2: Differentiation Kinesio Taping: Session 1 Taping / Strapping & Adjustive
of Syndromes II: The Eight Principles: NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. Acupuncture 300-1: Fibromyalgia Technique projected to have shorter lives than we do. knew this couple it was easy to tell that during our Centennial Homecoming
Patterns of Disease Neurology Conditions NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. they were truly in love and they shared a in 2006 when he, in his usual way,
Sheraton Hotel / Cleveland, Ohio Functional Rehabilitation: Evidence Sheraton Hotel / Cleveland, Ohio partnership that was the envy of many who once more taught so many of our
Based Care: Case Studies, Literature This is a dire picture of health care in the
Acupuncture 200-1: Review & Critical Appraisal Acupuncture 200-3: Eight Principles: United States. Of course, during this knew them. graduates, igniting in them his own
Acupuncture’s TCM Principles NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. Patterns of Disease & Differentiation election year we will hear a lot about sense of commitment and compassion
NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. of Syndromes I For location and registration
June 14 - 15 NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. what can or will be done about it, but we Dr. Goodheart graduated from National in for those in need of his services. It was
information, contact:
Clinical Orthopedics: TMJ / TOS / also know that most of that will be hot 1939 and was a contemporary of Dr. my pleasure to have awarded Dr.
Peripheral Entrapments Pediatrics: Integration of Pediatric Impairment Rating III – 6th Edition Dr. Jonathan Soltys Joseph Janse. He was an exceptional Goodheart the honorary Doctor of Laws
Braintree Hospital / Boston, Mass. Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. air. At least one candidate, an MD of all
Postgraduate Dean student of the basic sciences and from his (LLD) degree after he delivered the
with Conventional Medicine 200 E. Roosevelt Road things, (Ron Paul) wanted to address the
Functional Rehabilitation: Advanced NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. Joint Manipulation Series: Session 2: issue head on and definitely wanted to studies, he developed what people the commencement address at our December
Cervical Spine Rehab Extremity Technique Lombard, IL 60148-4583
NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. June 20 - 22 NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. include chiropractic physicians and world over know as Applied Kinesiology. 2001 graduation ceremony.
630-889-6622 or 630-889-6620
FAX: 630-889-6482 others who are outside the so-called Few people have demonstrated greater
May 31 - June 1 NUHS 2008 Homecoming Clinical Orthopedics: DJD, Stenosis,
“Whole Health Healing” Myelopathy, Post Element, Facet “orthodox medical camp.” We can be commitment to the healing of people who George, we miss you but you are answering
were in trouble and at the same time to God's call, just as you always have.
Jim Winterstein
Hypnotherapy: Session 4 DoubleTree Hotel NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill.
NUHS Campus / Lombard, Ill. Chicago/Oak Brook, Ill. ...see Where to Now... on page 2 teaching what he had learned to his fellow
2 — OUTREACH March-April 2008 OUTREACH March-April 2008 — 3

Where to Now... ...from page 1 Chiropractic doctors must be physicians

who engage in and promote “whole
New Massage Class News Briefs from National
certain that is not going to happen, so
what do we do?
health healing.” Targets Novices,
Recently, I appointed a Task Force on
He asks the question, “From which Entering Students Shellee Handley, DC, interim dean for
institutional analysis, has been appointed
physician can a patient get true information
“Whole Health Wellness,” and we met with National University recently created a new dean for institutional analysis. “She has
about prevention of disease, about proper
futurist and trends forecaster, Gerald “Introduction to Massage” class that will served as Interim Dean for the past six
nutrition, about proper exercise, about
Celente ( focus on fundamental principles and months and despite coming into the
proper supplementation?” “Nowhere,” he
We discussed these issues in relation to the hands-on techniques, as well as anatomy, position at a time when two self studies
responds, “unless it is from a properly
chiropractic profession. We will be health sciences and medical terminology. were in process, she has managed her
educated chiropractic physician,” which,
discussing them for some months to come. work exceedingly well and has ‘risen to
incidentally is why he is working with us
On the task force are a number of our Students must be 18 years of age and have the occasion’ with strength and courage,”
at National.
faculty and administrators but also full time sufficient vision, hearing, touch, strength, said President James Winterstein in
practitioners of chiropractic medicine. and coordination to interact with the person announcing the appointment. After
For our entire history, our education has
they will assess, palpate and massage at the graduation from National in 1988, Dr.
been about chiropractic physicians
Some things are already clear to us. The massage table. Handley spent nearly two decades of
and “natural medicine.” It has been
profession-at-large continues to be stuck experience in higher education and was
about holistic health — looking at the
predominantly in a musculoskeletal model The gateway class is available to individuals also engaged in private practice. She
patient, not just parts of the patient. It has
with back pain being the most significant who would like to learn the basics of returned to National and served as a
been about a very thorough patient history
component of most practices. Third party massage for their own personal use, but is a clinician in Lombard before bring named
reimbursement for chiropractic care for
and physical examination, about functional
medicine to include the valuable use of mandatory entry requirement for those to the interim dean position. Tornado Devastates Alumni’s Practice
these disorders continues to diminish. Still, spinal manipulation. planning to enroll in the Massage Therapy
Certificate or AAS degree program. Taking Jerrilyn Cambron, LMT, DC, MPH, PhD, A powerful funnel cloud that blew through Arkansas and the southern U.S. in early
it seems, the majority of chiropractic
the class enables prospective students to associate professor of Research, has been February totally destroyed the clinic of Dr. Anthony Doncheff (NA ‘83) in Hardy,
physicians have not embraced the need So what is the answer? Where to next? I
determine whether massage therapy might promoted to full professor. Dr. Cambron Ark. Dr. Doncheff rented his office space and had no contents insurance.
for change in their practices or do not think our doctors and our students alike
think change is possible, being convinced be the correct career choice for them. has been part of the National community
must think seriously about practice that is
since her graduation in 1991. Her interest “I am in the middle of restoring my practice and am in a temporary location
that patients will not pay for care directed toward “whole health healing.”
The class lasts for two weeks and consists of in research began early in her DC adjusting patients on the Zenith II that I have had for 23 years,” he reports. “We dug
themselves. There are some chiropractic Yes, it is true that insurance companies will
two evening classes per week from 6 to 10 education and has continued with the it out of 4 feet of rubble and the only damage was a bolt stripped out of the right
physicians who belie this concept and not likely reimburse this approach. The
p.m. Course material will cover a variety of writing of research grants and participation leg.” He was also fortunate to find his computer hard drive.
do very well outside the insurance truth is that entire system is falling apart. It
reimbursement market. massage techniques, anatomy, ethical and as a principal investigator or member
does not work.
legal issues, boundaries, hygiene, massage of a research team in a number of The Arkansas Chiropractic Association has established a Tornado Relief Fund to assist
terminology, table management, traits of a different protocols. all DCs affected by the storm. Those who would like to offer some assistance to Dr.
Into the picture comes Mr. Celente. Now At the same time, we must not be seduced
massage therapist, benefits of massage, and Doncheff can reach him directly by cell phone at 870-847-6258 or by mail at at 22
mind you, we heard from him in 1998 and by the purveyors of “wellness by
much more. Cost is $90. Kristina Conner, ND, instructor in the Sara Circle, Ash Flat, AR 72513.
most paid no attention. At that time, subluxation correction.” There is a lot of
Celente said that if the chiropractic department of naturopathic medicine, was
that going around today but it is, in my
profession wished to remain viable, it During the final class, students will be published in the February 2008 issue of Naturopathic Medicine, where she also Dr. Leach received a master of science
opinion, a “hot air money game,” rather
should concentrate on nutritional required to complete a written assessment of Naturopathic Doctor News and Review served as clinical faculty and clinic degree in health education from the
than a true approach to the major decline in
counseling and obesity issues. These, he course concepts as well as a practical (NDNR), which is available in print or on coordinator. She came to NUHS in 2006. Mississippi University for Women with
the health of our citizens who need help
said, are the upcoming big health care evaluation of massage technique. line. The women’s medicine issue focused thesis research on a potential role for youth
not hype.
markets! I reported his recommendations to on naturopathic principles as applied to Robert Leach, DC, NUHS adjunct faculty soccer as an intervention for the pediatric
various groups at that time but most ignored After successfully completing the course, women’s health. Dr. Connor’s article was member, was named Health Educator of overweight. The work, co-authored with
What people need is a National physician
him, and here we are, with an epidemic of students who choose to enroll in the MT on “Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.” Dr. the Year by the Mississippi Alliance Joyce Yates, EdD, has been submitted to
who can properly assess their concerns,
obesity and a clamor for information on certificate or AAS degree program will be Conner graduated from Bastyr University of Health Physical Education Recreation a biomedical journal. Dr. Leach served
work with them, educate them, and assist
nutrition and disease prevention. required to complete an admission and completed her residency at the and Dance (MAHPERD) at its annual as research director for MAHPERD in
them in optimizing their health through the
application but there will be no application University of Bridgeport College of convention in December in Clinton, Miss. 2006-2007.
application of well established protocols
Still, there is a whole generation of people of nutrition, exercise, supplementation, fee. For further information, contact the
who are completely unaccustomed to physical medicine, and proper lifestyle. In Office of Admissions at 1-800-826-6285.
paying for their own health care. Amazingly
however, these same people are virtually all
my estimation, this is the ONLY hope for
improving the health of Americans and my
Homecoming 2008 Focuses on “Whole Health Healing”
taking their children at increasingly friends, we, the graduates of National are
younger ages to the orthodontists for the ones best suited to make this happen.
Inside the Web Homecoming 2008 will focus on “Whole
Health Healing” and how to better care for
expand on the the whole health theme. therapy graduates can earn a total of six
CEU credits on Saturday. Presenters will be
straightening of their teeth, and they are patients through an emphasis on helping Scheduled Homecoming speakers include: Patricia Coe, DC, NUHS Massage Therapy
paying for this out-of-pocket. When one NUHS admissions counselors are constantly
If we look at the situation from this people gain and maintain optimum health. Donald Aspergen, DC; Vincent DeBono, Clinic supervisor, and John Louis, massage
asks the parents about their reasons for this, on the road attending career fairs and
perspective, it becomes clear that we must The event will be held from Friday, June DC; Gregory Cramer, DC, PhD; Thomas therapist to the Chicago White Sox.
more often than not, the response is “I want college and universities in the U.S. and
be as busy as we can be and still we won’t 20, through Sunday, June 22, at the Hyde, DC; Matthew Kowalski, DC; Chris
my children’s teeth to look nice!” They Canada. Maybe you would like to meet
be doing nearly enough to get the job done. DoubleTree Hotel, Chicago/Oak Brook. Mote, DC; Thomas O’Bryan, DC; Fraser Registration for homecoming can be made
don’t even see this process as an important with a staff member while they are visiting
Those whom we do help, however, will Smith, ND; and President James online at A
aspect of health — it is cosmetic — and your area or you would like to introduce
discover life changing events, greater Kicking off the schedule on Friday morning Winterstein, who will deliver the annual printable version of the registration form
they are perfectly willing to pay for it! them to a prospective student. Check our
mobility, greater freedom from pain and will be trends analyst Gerald Celente, a State of the University report. may also be downloaded from the site. For
representatives’ itineraries by going to the
chronic disease, and a life worth living futurist who has predicted major additional information, contact Shawna
Back to us and human health in this National website:
again. This, I believe is the calling of the happenings in health care, finances and DCs can earn a total of 15 CME credits. McDonough, alumni and development
country, we met again with Gerald Celente.
National physician. lifestyles. Following his plenary Sessions will begin on Friday at 8:30 a.m. coordinator, at
His perspective is as follows: presentation, additional speakers will and end at noon on Sunday. Massage or 630-889-6701.