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Each question is followed by four choices of answer.

Choose the best answer for each


1. Which of the following senses is not correctly matched with its sensory organ?
Sense Sensory organ
A Hearing Ear
B Taste Hand
C Smell Nose
D Touch Skin


The above diagram shows the longitudinal section of the human eye. Which of the
following represents the parts labelled K, L, M and N?
A Retina Iris Aqueous humour Vitreous humour
B Choroid Aqueous humour Iris Cornea
C Pupil Choriod Retina Iris
D Iris Cornea Choroid Retina

3. What is the sensory organ for smell?

A Nose
B Ear
C Tongue
D Skin


The diagram above shows a type of vision defect that is common in humans. Name
that vision defect and the type of lens that is needed to correct it.
Defect Correction
A Short-sightedness Convex lens
B Short-sightedness Concave lens
C Long-sightedness Convex lens
D Long-sightedness Concave lens

5. Which of the following animals has the same type of vision as an owl?
A Rabbit
B Cat
C Deer
D Goat

6. Among the following equipment, which is used to help human overcome the
limitation of hearing?
A Stethoscope
B Telescope
C Microscope
D Periscope


Among the following tropism, which type is shown in the green plant in the diagram
A Seismonasty
B Thigmotropism
C Phototropism
D Hydrotropism

8. When touched, Mimosa pudica shows

A phototropism
B hydrotropism
C geotropism
D seismonasty

9. The eye is a very important sensory organ Therefore, we should take good care of it.
Which of the following is the correct way of taking care of the eyes?
I Resting the eyes by looking at very close objects
II Reading in places that have good lighting
III Avoid rubbing the eyes with your hands
A I only
B I and II only
C II and III only
D I, II, and III


The table above shows the estimated percentage of class of food in rice. Among the
following, which represents the classes of food?
A Carbohydrate Protein Fat Water
B Fat Water Carbohydrate Protein
C Protein Fat Water Carbohydrate
D Water Carbohydrate Protein Fat

11. Among the following, which is not true about the type of disease caused by the
deficiency of a certain vitamin?
Deficiency of vitamin Disease
A C Night blindness
B D Rickets
C E Miscarriage
D K Haemophilia


The diagram above shows tests for two classes of food. It is observed that red
precipitate formed in test tubes X and Y. Therefore test tubes X and Y contain
A protein and glucose
B glucose and protein
C starch and glucose
D protein and starch

13. Gastric juice in the stomach contains hydrochloric acid to

I neutralise the alkali in saliva
II kill bacteria in food
III provide nutrients and vitamin to the body
A I only
B I and II only
C II and III only
D I, II, and III

14. The following living things live in the same habitat except
A cricket
B centipede
C earthworm
D housefly

15. Choose the correct pairing of animal with its respiratory organ.
A Crocodile - gills
B Whale - lungs
C Cow - skin
D Snake - skin


Which of the following plants has the above characteristics?

A Mango tree
B Durian tree
C Balsam plant
D Coconut tree


Which animal belongs to the class of animals having the above characteristics?
A Lizard
B Frog
C Snake
D Crocodile


Choose the correct pair of animals with legs and without legs.
With legs Without legs
A Lobster Starfish
B Lizard Earthworm
C Newt Snail
D Frog Flatworm


The plants shown in the diagram above belong to the class of

A alga
B fern
C fungus
D bacteria


Each of the animals above represent a class of vertebrates. Animals belonging to class
X include
I Penguin
II Bat
III Platypus
A I only
B I and II only
C II and III only
D I, II, and III

21. The population in the same habitat is

A a group of organisms of the same species
B a group of organisms of different species
C a group of animals of the same species
D all the organisms and the non living things

22. Which of the following is a prey - predator association?

A Rabbit - eagle
B Sea anemone - hermit crab
C Cheetah - lion
D Lice - man


Which of the following represents P, Q, R, and S in the pyramid of numbers in the

above figure?
A Frog Leaf Snake Caterpillar
B Leaf Caterpillar Frog Snake
C Snake Frog Caterpillar Leaf
D Snake Caterpillar Frog Leaf

24. Which of the following is an example of commensalism?

A Mistletoe and tree
B Sea anemone and hermit crab
C Remora fish and shark
D Tapeworm and human being


The above figure represents a food web in a pond. How many food chains are there in
the food web?
A 4
B 5
C 8
D 9


An experiment is carried out and it is observed that the part that is exposed to sunlight
becomes dark blue when tested with iodine solution. What is the conclusion of the
A Photosynthesis requires chlorophyll
B Photosynthesis requires sunlight
C Photosynthesis requires carbon dioxide
D Photosynthesis requires water

27. Solution X shows the characteristics below:

Among the following, which is X?

A Limewater
B Sauce
C Vinegar
D Distilled water

28. Among the following factors, which does not influence the rate of solubility?
A Temperature of solvent
B Size of solute particles
C Mass of solute
D Rate of stirring

29. A student carries a table of mass 20 kg for a distance of 2 m. How much work is
being done by that student? (Assume 1 kg = 10 N)
A 0J
B 10 J
C 100 J
D 400 J


Wooden blocks X and Y in the diagram above have the same mass and contact
surface. Among the following forces, which exerts the same magnitude on both
A Magnetic
B Electric
C Electrostatic
D Frictional

31. A boy with a mass of 55 kg carries a school bag of 15 kg up staircase of 4.8 m

in height. How much power does this boy generate?
A 95 W
B 100 W
C 112 W
D 160 W

32. A worker whose mass is 70 kg carrying a box of 30 kg in mass goes up a staircase of

3 m in height. If the time taken by that worker is 50 seconds, what is the power he
produced? (Assume 1 kg = 10 N)
A 15 W
B 60 W
C 1 00 W
D 1 50 W

33. The ways to reduce friction include

I applying grease on the contact surface
II using ball bearings at the contact surface
III sprinkling sand on the contact surface
A I only
B I and II only
C II and III only
D I, II, and III

34. Among the following tables, which is the most stable?

35. Among the following objects, which is the most stable?

36. Among the following tools, which belongs to the same class of lever as a badminton
A Scissors
B Paper cutter
C Forceps
D Bottle opener


The diagram above shows a bottle opener that is being used to open the lid of a bottle.
Among the following, which is correct?
Fulcrum Effort Load


Among the following, which correctly shows the points of P, Q and R for the lever
system in the diagram above?
I P - Fulcrum
II Q - Load
III R - Effort
A I only
B I and II only
C II and III only
D I, II, and III


The following are the reasons causing the tin to become dented when it is heated until
all the air is driven out and the cap tightly closed before cold water is poured over it
A cold water condenses the steam into water
B air pressure outside the tin which is higher pushes the tin inwards
C air pressure inside the tin decreases
D air pressure inside the tin increases

40. Among the following pairs of organisms with their types of support, which is correct?