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Radical Völuspá Die Weissagung der Völva

transduced by
Alienne Laval, Magistra PhD
Includes the Epilogue „Mein Kampf“
5 Euro

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
To listen I beg the kindred
High Castes and the Low
Silence, sons of Heimdal!
As All-further wills
I tell songs of man and fire
The oldest that I know

Huge man I know
From ancient time
Who bore me yore
Nine worlds I called my home
Nine vast dimensions
And the tree
Deep in the gap

The years flew out
Where Ymir was interred
There was no sand nor sea
No cold waves, no earth
And above no sky, no heavens
Only Ginnunga, the open gap
And nowhere grass

The sons of Hoe
Murderers of Ymir
Made steady the soil
Created Midgard
The beautiful garden
From south Sunne shone
On the hall stone
It was fruitful
Green leeks grew

But Sonne was Sunne
Sister of Manus
Hand in hand
Her right arm
Touched the stars afar
Chaos ruled her house
The Law of Manus
Did not yet exist
Men and Women
Did not know their places

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
At the Seat of Forseti
The Asegen1 gathered
It was already late at night
When The Law gained a majority
It was almost midday when they sealed it
There was new hope
But some questions remained
Also doubts

The Aesir headed for Idavöllr
The valley ever green
They made an altar and a farm
They also built a school to forge an elite
They also defined the Castes
High and Low
And their roles

Then they rested at the shallow pool
Played dame and dice
The mood was good
Then three showed up
The Norns arrived
Strong maidens from distant Jötunheim

Again Asegen met at Forseti‘s hall
Elementals were called to make the humans new
Except the different Jinn
Despite a similar form
Created from the clotted gor of Ymir
The latter came from godly fire

Motsoginir became chief of the elementals
Durinn his secretary and guardian of the door
The elementals did as Durinn ordered
Of loam soaked with blood
They made new humans, thus in pairs

1 of Ulur

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
Air and Invisibility
Darkness and Eternity
Infinite Space
New Moon and Moonless Night2
Ahn and Ahnin
Fear and Wolf
Numb and Fool
North and South
East and West

Gandalf the Elf and his horse
And Vindalf, the Wind Elf
Burning Desire and his Beloved One
Courageous and Wise
But the dvargas Reginn and Radsvidr
Became new members of the wise council

Fili, Kili
Fundinn was found dead
The Sword in his hand
Also Willi and Hanar, the artists
Were murdered soon and stabbed
And the famous Loni
Also the man from Aurvanga
Found aside his oaken shield
Reginn ruled as if he was God

Mean are the dvargas
They crossed the line
Of ancient time
Little devils they are
Even in the lioness kingdom
Their lies they tell
They left their dwellings
Under the stone
They went to fight
In Iörovellir and Aurvanga3

2 cp. Amm (Amun) and Athirat

3 Israel and Assyria?

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
There was drinking
Fight and ecstasy
The grave was close
And filled with corpses

The elves and their king Yngvi
Hidden behind his oaken shield
Fear and trembling
Finn and Gunnar, the seducer
As long as man will tell
The line will be as at Lofar‘s time

Out of clotted loam
Grew Ask and Embla
Weak and without strength
No self, no destiny
Before the norns appeared
They on higher mercy lived

No breath, nor sense, nor blood
No spirit and no soul
Urt breathed life
Verdandi scent in
Skuld gave blood and soul

I know that an ash tree stands
Called Yggrdasil4
A high tree
Soaked with shining loam
From there the dews come
That fall to the valley
Forever green it rejuvinates itself
Above Urt‘s well of fate

4 The tree of the world, in the Nordic tradition called Yggdrasil = Ygg's Horse, and Yggr is one of
Odin's names. It also can mean "Horse of Fright" = gallows. Also in Arabic lore this motif
appears, the horse is named Barrack. Also interesting to consider Tarot here, Atu "The Hanged",
to be understood as part of an initiation. Odin was seen as hanging from a tree uttering the Runic

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
Here lived the three maidens
Forethought, Thought
And Afterthought
Three in their dwelling
Under the tree
One is called Urt
The other Verdandi
Runes they read to see
The third is Skuld
Response and Presponse
Added logos to the psyche
They considered on the lives
Of the children of time
Destined their fates

She remembers the first war in the world
When Gold-Brew was hoist on the spears
In the High One´s hall they burned her
Three times they burned the three times born
Often, not seldom, but she still lives!

She was called Radiant One5 when she came to the settlements
The greatly talented Carrier of the Wand6
She performed magic, ecstatically she performed it
She knew how to cast spells7
She was always loved by wicked women

The Asegen hurried to Forseti‘s hall
To discuss how to compensate
What Aesir did to Gulveig of the Vanir
The Three Times Born

5 A Seeress, a „Heidi“, someone who can embody Freya/Menglad (Mahapurusha; the opposition
is Mimir = Malapakriti). Menglad is a state of mind needed to reach „wideopener“, the little bird
on the top of Ygdrasill. This task is part of the „shamanic“ inititiation quest. This bird has the
keys to a „box“ closed with chains, kept by an evil hag who lives under the roots of the world
ash. Mimir is „prima materia“. It should be noticed that knowledge was not forbidden to men
but „seidr“ (etym. cp. Arabic „satr“?); cf. the adventures of Swipdag, maybe another name of
6 Völva (etym. cp. „wu-wei?“), Sanskrit: vala
7 Völo Velspá (cp. völuspá), it does not only mean „völva well-wise-speaking“ but „spá“ also is
related to „spy“ and „spähen“. It is too early here to discuss what „spöke“ and „spökenkieken“
mean, and the practise of „simmeleern“.

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
Odin did not accept the offer
Hurled his spear in the hall instead
And this meant war
The Vanir won the first world battle
The wooden wall was broken
And the fortress raided

Again they hurried to their seats to sit in council
To investigate who triggered the corruption
Now a giant wall was wanted for protection
Freya, the wife of Od8, they offered to the giants

Alone Thor9 fought on, angry to the brim
He cannot stay calm when he hears such things
All treaties broken, the law ignored
Arbitrariness ruled and personal agreement

Of Heimdal and his horn10 she knows,
Hidden by the tree
Known to clear the sky
It is sprinkled by the shining loam
Of All-further's11 pledge
Well, would you know more?

Outside I sat, did seidr when you arrived
Terror of godlings my eyes were gazing
What are you about to ask? Why you question me?
Odin, I know well where your eye is hidden
In the well of Mimir it is
Every morning Mimir drinks his mead for Ulur's sake?
Well, would you know more?

8 Is Odin meant? The wife of Odin is known as Frigg/a. In some lore Freya was a Vanir. Or a
different Freya?
9 Thor, sometimes seen as son of Odin, is not just a „smithy“ (cp. Mircea Eliade, „Smithies and
Alchemists“; also Marcel Griaule, „Black Genesisis“) but also a mighty shaman who can
likewise heal and destroy. As a smithy Thor factually is a Low Caste and as such closer to the
people than for example Odin. Thor, the „titanic worker prototype“.
10 Ready for the The Day of Judgement. The Trumpet Shall Sound.
11 Ulur. In Gothic the letter A was almost written like an U. Atlande or Utlande (foreign lands;
lands offshore?)? In English an „u“ still is spoken like „a“ in certain cases.
12 "She" is the völva herself.

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
Arm rings and necklace Odin gave her
To know her lore, to learn her spá
Deeper and deeper through all the worlds she lived in
Even deeper the never ending dimension of the abyss

Heidi and Odin

Valkyries I saw coming from afar
Riding towards the gate
To speak to the warriors in charge
Skuld bore a shield
Skogul another
Gunn with Hild, the magic wand
Gondul had Geirskögul, the spear
She said the names of the girls of the Wild Hunt
The Heavenly Host
The valiant riders, the valkyries
Also norns with them

I also saw the bleeding Baldur, son of Odin
His fate is still not yet revealed
Once a straight plant grew
On a huge bow of the ash
Big like a plane
A slender marvel, a mistletoe
Good for a precise arrow

13 Alani Amazons? Who possibly protected Radhanite („Rad“, German for wheel; rota: root of the
tarot?) wagon people tracks? I assume that Iscah Haran, daughter of Haran, called Alan, and
sister of Milcah, one time mentioned in the Thora (Old Testament), was the founder of the Alans
or Alani. I further assume that she is identic with the Vedic Ushas (the Seven Hymns of Book
Seven: "Hail, Ushas, daughter of the sky, who, borne upon thy shining car by ruddy steeds from
realms afar..."). Indians tend to transform names into their context; from Laval they made Mahal
(temple); the Arabs btw. Lahab (Lahabi Lahib).

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
What did Loki mean
Why he gave the arrow to blind Hödur?
Aimed to kill his brother Baldur?
Then replaced by Vali?
Murdered in the first night of his life?
Invincibility as a higher gift?
Not strived for? Not won?
It put the law in question
But who ever understood Loki
And the logos?

A mother mourns her dead sons
No matter the reason of their death
Frigga did not wash her hands
Nor combed her hair
Was weeping at Fensalir14
Praying to Valhalla15
Until the killers were arrested
Anyway there must be guilt
Well, would you know more?

The vala knew how to make chains from twisted guts
Strong and tough they were
The strings of the stretched guts

I see one in chains
In the hole by the lava wells
A sly one, like Loki looks
There Siggi sits by her husband
Like serpents they spit their venom at him
She does not agree to what was done to him
Well, would you know more?

From the East they came, from Venom Valley
Headed by Slid, a stream of swords and axes
And again all was corrupted and treason ruled

14 Swamp Hall is the name of Frigg's home

15 Hall of the Killed Warriors. Woe to Valhöll was the death of Baldur. Was Baldur already a
warrior? And was his death to be seen as an effect of a battle? And he even was seen as

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
North of this, in Nidavellir
Is the dwelling place of Sindri and his kin
Still wealthy and not infiltrated
Another hall is at Okolnir
The bier hall of the giant Brimir
Where the godlings drink
Not so reliable

And then I see a third place
That no sunlight reaches
It is Naströnd Hall16
With the northward gates
Inversive weather pressed the smoke inside
Drips of venom entered with it in
This is, the doors were opened
There must have been combat and fight
Serpent17 spines enskein that hall

She saw there, wading the grievous currents
Men tormented by the thick stream
Lying men, wolves, criminal murderers
And the others, the rapers of Eyraruna18
Nidhogg, the dragon sucks blood from their corpses
The wolf cuts them up
Well, would you know more?

In the East lives Aldna, at Ironwood Hall
She fosters the breed of Fenris
One of them shall finally devour the Sunne19

16 I would say „Dead Man‘s Inn“

17 It was not unusual to define enemies as „serpents“ or „worms“, North American Indian Hero
Cycles also hint at this. Or played something else a role too? It is reported that King Solomon
built his temple with the help of „worms“.
18 Eyraruna, "she-beloved" or "hostess"; eyra = ear, and runa = rune or secret. Eyraruna; possibly
identic with Araunah? It is not to exclude that King David had a völva, this was not unusual.
The völva of King Saul was named Hulda (the famous Witch of Endor), the one of Odin Heidi.
It is reported that Araunah sold her „threshing floor“ on Temple Mount Zion to David to build
an altar there. Of a temple was not spoken.
19 Cf. Revelation KJV 1611, 6:12

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
Without death men could not exist
No matter how long they live
Blood will be shed at Glitnir
Sunne will shine black
The coming summers
Evil storms will come
Well, would you know more?

All is quiet
Swordsman Eggther of the giants
Sits on the mound and joyful plays his harp20
The bold cock Fjalarr
Crows from the gallows wood

The voice of Gullinkambi is to hear
From the Aesir place
Singing of times of old
The warriors
Of the Golden Crest
To invoke the armies of the fathers
Another red rooster echoes
From deep under the ground
From the Hall of Hel

Garmr the dog howls and barks in rage
The Clashing Rocks that kept Hel closed
Are opening
Fenri's chain will burst soon
The beast will then run freely
I know well my spá
For future use afar
Ragnarok is coming
Judgement Day of the victorious God

20 Orpheus and Eurydice? The harp could hint at a lyra. Constellation Lyra? Veor and Vega? Cf.
footnote 26

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
In that time brothers shall slay each other
For greed's sake
Border lines part tables
Parents will defile their kin
Evil crawls across the land
Assault and adultry
Axe time, sword time
An age of split shields
A wind-age, a wolf-age
Until the world caves in
Men will show no mercy to each other

Mimir‘s kindred assembles
Giants in the spirit
The central fire rages
Under the lights of ancient Gjallarhorn
Heimdal lifts his horn to sound
Odin speaks to „Mimir‘s Head“

Yggdrasil21 shakes, the high ash
The trunk trembles
Fenris is loose
All shakes on Hel's way
Then the ash is swallowed by Surt's kin
The anti-norn of the black fire
And her kin are the dark flames

21 Lore tells that Yggdrasil still stood at the times of the Saxon Wars, and that King Karl
Charlemagne and his Holy Romans (in the succession of Kaiser Augustus, not of S.P.Q.R; 12-
9BC Saxonia declared itself Roman Province S.P.Q.R, and maybe this contributed to the
culminating trouble) chopped and partly burned it. Most of the wood they shall have used to
make stakes to burn „witches“. This period is known as „Hellmouth“ in European legends,
spread by traumatized migrants.

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
What about the Aesir?
What about the Elves?
Jötunheim groans
The Asegen are in council
The dvargas grumble
In front of their door of stone22
These masters of mines and ridges
Well, would you know more?

Garmr the dog howls
And barks in rage
The Clashing Rocks that kept Hel closed
Are opening
Fenri's chain is bursting soon
The beast will run freely then
I know well my spá
For future use afar
Ragnarok is coming
Judgement Day of the victorious God

Hrym, the gentle giant, rises his shield in the East
Jórmungandr, the Midgard Serpent, squirms in rage
Attacked by the "great worm"23 24
Who whips the waves
Taken by the giants' frenzy
A yellow-grey eagle pecks the dead
The deathship Naglfari is set free

22 Different to the Revelation the dvargas will get judged at Ragnarök too (not crashed by rocks),
they are seen as in full responsibility. It were the later Saxon Laws (Sachsenspiegel) that
excepted them and defined them as not legally competent. The same happened to the „alevils“
(much too much; „all to veel“ in Lower Saxon), most probably völvas („witches“).
23 This „great worm“ is not the Midgard Serpent but the „Spöke“, later often associated with the
Leviathan (the Atlantic Fleet of Germanicus 16AD that sunk in the North Sea – were völvas
involved?). The word „spöke“ is related to „spook“ and „Spuk“. A „spökenkieker“ is someone
who can envision the „spöke“ and other „monsters“ that could show up.
24 Not all "serpents" are evil: Dragon, Fáfnir, Mighty Monster, Adder, Nídhöggr, Lindworm, She-
Adder, Góinn, Móinn, Grafvitnir, Grábakr, Ófnir, Sváfnir, Hooded One. „Lindworm“ was a code
for Roman Legion; the symbol of the Roman Arny was the dragon.

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
The ship sails out from the east
Loki is the captain
With the offspring of Muspelheim25
Offspring of mighty foreigners
Allies of the wolf
Them all do follow Loki

Surtr comes from the South
With the bane of branches
Hel's sword accelerates the Sunne26
Crags topple
Monsters on the run
Hel's army on the road
The Heavens split open

Further woe approaches Frigga
When Odin departs to fight the wolf
Freyr battles with Surt
While Odin
Frigg's beloved

Garmr the dog howls
Barks in rage
Clashing Rocks
Kept Hel closed
Fenri's chain bursts
The beast runs freely
I know well my spá
For future use afar
Ragnarok is coming
Judgement Day
Of the victorious God

25 Muspelheim; MU = the orginal earth, Pangaea, spell = creation – where the world was made
form giant fire. Today Africa often is seen as the remnant. The other hemisphere is Nifelheim.
Interestingly the world conception resembles the one in Ovid‘s „Metamorphoses“.
26 Cp. KJV Revelation 6:8. Except here „Hel“ often is translated as „Hades“. KJV rather uses
„Hel“ in the sense of the Geman „hell“; the opposition of „dunkel“ (dark). And then „Hel“ rather
would mean „Light“ - and Light follows Death in the apocalyptic context to get swallowd by
darkness – the Sunne became like a dark sack.

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
The belt of the earth opens
The world circle breaks
The ends wide open
High in the air
Like worm‘s yaws
Ragnarök is near
Vidar‘s family is dead

Now appears the son of Kathlyn
Comes Odin's son
Fiercest of warriors
The belt of the earth
Gapes to the heavens
Veor and Vega27
Men flee their homes
Fjörgyn is in rearguard battle
Retreating from the worm
With no fear or loss of honor

Sunne turns black
Earth sinks into the sea
The stars are shaking
Smoke and Fire
And the
Flame of Ulur
Fires reach the heavens

27 Veor and Vega – the eagles? - the great and the small eagle?
It seems that the historical events of the Völuspá coincided with catastrophes of cosmic dimensions.
What, if then Veor was the brightest star at the night sky? In South-America possibly known as the
"Great Condor"? The "Velikovsky plot" would be be Disney in comparsion to this.
And may it even be that the transformation and later explosion of this star changed the gravitation
for a while, so that huge rocks could be moved relatively easily?
The time frame seems wrong, and the Völuspá uses a "diachronic view", this is, it maybe spans a
million of years...

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
Garmr the dog howls and barks in rage
The Clashing Rocks that kept Hel closed
Are opening
Fenri's chain will burst soon
The beast will then run freely
I know well my spá
For future use afar
Ragnarok is coming
Judgement Day of the victorious God

I can see
How the earth arises
A second time from the sea
Cascades, cascades
Eagles fly
Mountain high
Hunting fishes
By the cliff

The Aesir meet at Idavöllr
Midgard Serpent was mighty
Glorious past they call to mind
The old world, this world is gone
Ancient signs they call to mind

The end of God this is not
In an elevated garden
Without vain talk
Again will be a flowing spring
Thrones raised high
Cups put in place
Cushions in rows
Carpets spread out

Unsown fields will bear rich harvest
The evil mass is gone
Baldur returns, and Hödur healed
The Asegen sit in council
Well, would you know more?

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
Up to the sky they go
Gone with the wind
Says the wand of fate
An echo as home
Remote memory
Well, would you know more?

I see the hall of Sonne28
Protected from black fire
Righteous rulers shall rule there

Now comes from the high
Riding down
The mightiest ruler

Now Nidhögg the dragon rises
Shining now, plumed with feathers
And riding men I see
And now I shall rest for a while…

28 Principially the KJV revelation distinction of Sonne and Sunne that fits so well to the logic of
the Völuspá is of ancient Egyptian origin. Atum and Aton are meant (maybe also Ninive and
Babylon; cp. Proverbs 9, „The Keys of Solomon“). Sonne means the resurrection and
rejuvination of the old order by parthenogenesis, „Ra“ becomes „Rat“ in a process called
Iusaaset, connected to the acacia tree, in this context seen as the tree of life (cp. the ash tree), or
in Islam the holy olive tree (Sura 24:35).

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
Flamie, sleep and do not cry,
Truth is stronger than the strangling wolf;
May you sleep until the dawn,
Ushtara feeds you honey and sweet eggs,
Hera culls flowers, red and blue,
Tanfanna sends the morning and white clouds,
And One-Eye lightening and thunder.
(Lullaby of the Marsi, transduced by Alienne Laval, Autumn 14)

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
Mein Kampf
Das Dritte Reich begann mit einem kategorischen Imperativ: die Juden!
Und es endete im wohl größten indirekten Beweis der Weltgeschichte: deren Vernichtung.

An erster Stelle wurde bewiesen, dass die Korruption so nicht zu stoppen war. Die allgemeine
Judenverfolgung war meinungsbasiert; Hitler hat nie behauptet, dass es sich bei „Mein Kampf“ um
ein wissenschaftliches Werk handeln würde, von dem seinerzeitigen Stand der Wissenschaft ganz
abgesehen. Er äußerte lediglich seine Meinung und schrieb ein Programm, das kaum jemand las,
das er zur Wahl stellte, das ihn ihn zum Millionär machte.

Die prima materia der Kapitalisierung ist nicht notwendig Wahrheit. - und ihre Finalursache ist es
auch nicht. Eher ist es „totaler Krieg“ um das Ganze zu deckeln, wenn denn schon das Ritual
sozialer Sündenzuschreibung und -austreibung nicht mehr hilft.

Um es zynisch auszudrücken: man hatte wohl die falschen Leute vergast. Was nicht sagen soll, dass
nicht vielleicht einige darunter waren, die es wohl verdient hatten. Der Fehler war die
Kategorisierung und Generalisierung – Statistiken, die heute diese Aufgaben erfüllen, gab es in der
Form noch nicht.

Der ganze antisemitisch-imperative Ansatz war nicht qualitativ.

Die Konsequenz, die Hitler aus dem totalen Krieg zog, sein Vermächtnis, war die
Flensburgregierung mit dem Kommunikationswissenschaftler und Propagandaminister Dr.
Goebbels and Spitze.

Innenminister Heinrich Himmler fehlte, das Amt gänzlich gestrichen und durch ein
Kulturministerium ersetzt. Himmler nahm sich das Leben auf dem Weg nach Flensburg,

Was Himmler schließlich wirklich wusste – oder herausfand – bleibt unklar. Es ist bemerkenswert,
dass der oberste Judenverfolger der Nation gleichzeitg immer intensivere Hexenforschung betrieb,
an die er sein Herz verloren hatte.

Es ist davon auszugehen, dass meine jüdische Urgroßmutter und Müllerstochter Hedwig Lloyd
(Fuchs), die bei Culm/Chelmno in Westpreußen, heute Polen, als Hexe verfolgt worden war, nur mit
Hilfe der SS als Arbeiterin in einer Reifenfabrik überlebte. Diese Relation bestand auch nach dem
Krieg weiter.

Schließlich, nach dem von Hitler unerwünschten Selbstmord von Dr. Goebbels, führte Admiral
Dönitz die Flensburgregierung an – und hier besteht ein Bezug zur Deutschen Abwehr und zu dem
Westphalen Admiral Wilhelm Canaris.

Während generell die Abwehr auf den Fersen der SS unterwegs war um sie verfassungsfeindlicher
Aktivitäten zu überführen – sind die Juden ein deutscher Stamm oder nicht? -, so konnte sich dieses
Verhältnis auch umkehren: die Hexen.

Die Abwehr hatte „Vril“ entdeck, und die „Vril-Gesellschaft“ war nicht uninteressant. Wer waren
die Völvas? Mit Hilfe der Abwehr sind hunderte, wenn nicht tausende, von Juden und Zigeunern ins
Ausland entkommen, oft nach Südamerika, Argentinien, Brasilien.

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
Was war die „Operation Walküre II“, bei der deutsche U-Boote Richtung Argentinien ausliefen?

Das der SS unterstellte „Amt Ahnnenerbe“ unterstand ursprünglich Hermann Wirth, einem
esoterischen Feministen und Atlantisforscher. dessen auf der„Ora Linda Chronik“ aufgebaute Lehre
auch Ludwig Roselius und dessen Freundeskreis beeinflusste; und so auch Wilhelm Uchtmann,
meinen Großvater und Glasermeister. Heinrich Himmler ersetze Wirth durch Otto Wüst und setzte
diesem Treiben ein Ende. Das Ganze hätte unter anderem fast zur Zerstörung der Böttcherstraße in
Bremen geführt.

Den Mutterschaftskult ausgenommen und von Ausnahmen wie Leni Riefenstahl, Beate Uhse oder
Heidi Hetzer abgesehen, war das Dritte Reich frauenfeindlich und auf einer männlichen Doktrin
aufgebaut. Dies lag wohl eher an Hitlers „Lutherismus“ als am esoterisch-sozialistischen
Katholizismus von Dr. Goebbels.

Bereits im Jahre 1905 hatte der Theologe Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels eine eigenartige Schrift
veröffentlicht, „Theoozoologie – Die Lehre von den Sodomsäfflingen und dem Götterelektron“. Mit
seiner Hervorhebung des Hermaphroditen als Erlöser oder zumindes als paulanischem Weg zu ihm
hin, passte es ganz in die Epoche eines Magnus Hirschfeld und ihrem „männlichen
Transsexualismus“. Auch Gustav Meyrink und C.G.Jung waren solchen Gedankengebäuden nicht

Und Kaiser Wilhelm fuhr mit seiner Yacht, Männern und Frauenkleidung in einen norwegischen
Fjord – Frühlingserwachen: Igor Strawinski schrieb mit „Rites of Spring“ eine europäische
Vorkriegshymne der besseren Kreise.

Anderswo wurden aus dem Sachsenspiegel und seinen Gesetzen ganz andere Konsequenzen
gezogen. Dies brachte nicht nur Alfred Kubin mit seiner „Prinzessin von X“ zum Ausdruck, auch
die Abwehr war dran an der Sache.

Wer zum Beispiel war Isais, auf die Friedrich von Schiller in seinem Gedicht anspielte und die
Männer in frühen Tod und Irrsinn trieb? Oder Aschera, die schon Moses so verachtete und von den
Gotteshäusern verbannte wenn er nicht gut drauf war? Es gibt eine Genealogie schizoider
Charaktere von Moses über Abraham bis hin zu Salomon – und das gilt für alle abrahamitischen
Religionen, die eben auch mit einem Bein in Babylon stehen.

Sprüche 9, Salomon, sehe ich als Herausarbeitung der Opposition Ninive und Babylon, die später
auch im Neuen Testament eine Rolle spielen wird.

Der ADONAI Davids war kein Herrgott in früherem oder späterem Sinne und die Hiobsbotschaft
fehlte; ihm ging es um Sinn und Deutung, poetisch ausgedrückt: was war der logische Wille Gottes?
Auch Salomon hatte diese dichterische Gabe, und seine Verse stehen denen seines Vaters
keineswegs nach – aber da war auch Asmodeus, sein alter ego. David war anders.

Während Salomon die Aschera von Ninive konsultierte, später ansässig in Antiochia und
möglicherweise in Daphne, machte Asmodeus in den Gassen von Babylon die Runde, im Reich der
Schatten. Dr. Jekyll und Mister Hyde.

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676
Die psychologische Integration des Doppelgängers (Ende des Zwillingszyklus) ist nicht so das
Problem, aber sein sozialer Nachvollzug ist es. Was passiert wenn man den Schatten integriert, so
wie es C.G Jung von einer demokratischen Doktrin ausgehend vorschwebte und der Sozialist Albert
Einstein es unterstütze?

Der einzige Ausweg ist der Salto Mortale in die Vernunft und wenn der Preis die Erkundung des
eigenen inneren Afrika bedeutet: der Schatten ist nicht integrierbar; es geht um Macht und
Herrschaft, Licht und Dunkel.

Henry Rider Haggard hat dies früh begriffen, und zwar 1886 – und „She“ war kein Transvestit.
Möglicherweise war die „Queen of Sheba“ der psychologische Prototyp, der gegen den Druck des
männlichen „Kusch Imperiums“ und gegen Babylon in einer Allianz mit den nordassyrischen
Niniviten aufbegehrte. Lukas und Mattheus spielen im Neuen Testament darauf an.

Im gleichen Kontext schimpfte Jesus, einer Kirchengründung nicht grundsätzlich abgeneigt, Petrus
„Satan“: der babylonische Talmud hatte das entstehende Christentum schon früh vergiftet, die
Handschrift des „bösen Marduk“ war nicht zu verleugnen; ein Herrgottskult etablierte sich.

Radical Völuspá, © 2020 Alienne Laval, Alle Rechte vorbehalten - ISBN: 9783752606676