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Lesson Plans from Edumate

Grade 1

Lesson 1 – How to Sing Properly
Bilingual/International Period 

(W/I) Listening and Watching Students Sing  (5 minutes) 

The students will first listen and watch to a video clip of students singing the Vietnamese National Anthem 
(Quoc Ca)

Then the students will give their observations about the way the students in the video sing the national anthem. 

(W/I) A Short Discussion on National Anthems (5 minutes) 

The teacher will play short videos of other national anthem of the countries from which the students in Grade 1
come from. 

Then the students will be asked why do people stop doing other things when they hear and sing their national

The students will then share their understanding of what a national anthem is all about and how is respect
shown in singing it properly?

(W/I) Discussion on Things to Remember when Singing  (15 minutes)

The teacher will then give point by point important matters that should be taken into consideration when
1. Proper Breathing
2. Proper Posture
3. Correct Pitch

The students will do some exercises under each of these categories to make clear to them which is the correct
way of singing and which practices are not good for their voice. 

(W/I) Song Study: Music Class (10 minutes)

The students will study the song "Music Class" (to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star") and they will be
asked to observe all the important reminders discussed  regarding the proper way of singing. 

The class ends with the reminder that the following meeting with Bilingual and International students, they will
have to sing in group the song "Music Class" as their practical test. 

International Period 

(W) Review of the Different Names of White  Keys on the Keyboard (10 minutes) 

The teacher will first flash on the screen the names of the white key on piano keyboard . 
Then the students will be called one by one to press the keys which will be assigned to them by the teacher. Each
student will be given 3 notes to play on the keyboard. 

(I) Song Study: "Hot Cross Buns" and "Rain Rain Go Away" (15 minutes) 

The students will first study singing "Hot Cross Buns" and "Rain Rain Go Away" to familiarize themselves of it's
melody and rhythm. 

Students will then be assigned to different keyboards and will be asked to follow the tune of the songs "Hot
Cross Buns" and "Rain Rain Go Away"  guided by the letter names placed by the teacher on the keyboard.

The teacher will ask the students to play along as he says aloud the letter names in the melody of the songs being

(G) Group Playing of "Hot Cross Buns" and "Rain Rain Go Away"  (10 minutes)

The class will then be divided into two groups of 4 members. 

Each group will have to play together the songs "Hot Cross Buns," and "Rain Rain Go Away."

WEEK 13 


(G) Review of Past Lesson (10 minutes) 

The students will first listen to the National Anthem of Indonesia, since it was not played the previous week.   

Then the students will be asked to identify the different flags of the countries where the Grade 1 studies come

Then  the students who are from the country of the national anthem played should stand properly when they
hear their national anthem. 

(W/I) Review of the Things to Remember When Singing (5 minutes) 

Individual students  will then be asked to show in front the proper way and proper posture when singing while
standing and while sitting. 

(I) Quiz on the Different National Anthem and the Things to Remember When Singing  (15-20 minutes)

The students will then be given their quiz.

For Test I which is about identifying the different National Anthems, the students will have to listen first to the
played audio before they encircle the flag of the national anthem being played. 

For Test II, the students will then be asked to color the proper posture and things to remember when singing and
to cross the pictures showing the things that  should not be done while singing. 

(W) Finger Family (5 minutes)

The students will first listen to the song "Finger Family."  And then the students will have to answer later
questions about the name of the fingers. 

(W/I) Finger Names in Piano Playing (10 minutes) 

The teacher will then explain to the class that the fingers are called by number in piano playing.   

Then the class will study how to call each finger in piano playing for both the right and left hand. 

(I) Tracing Hands and Naming of Fingers (15-20 minutes)

The students will then be given papers where they will trace their hands. 

After tracing their left and right hand, they will have to write the finger number for each of their fingers. 
Core Tactic – Guided Practice
Students will be guided by the teacher accordingly in order to learn how to sing properly observing proper
posture, correct breathing, and correct placement of voice. Students wil have to imitate and practice these
basic but skills until they are able to produce pleasing sound and exude confidence while singing.