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Wisenet SSM-Core Server Wisenet SSM-Core Server

Wisenet SSM's Basic Server DEVICE

Hanwha Techwin : Network camera, Encoder, NVR, DVR,
Supported Device Decoder, Controller
Others : Network camera, Encoder through ONVIF
General Camera Protocol SUNAPI, ONVIF(Profile S)
Camera Connection Up to 3,000 channels
Access Control
WACS (Wisenet Access Control Software)
Centralized License
45 days free trial
Server Clustering Data sharing, Failure management
System Dashboard Real-time system status monitoring
Configurable user group, LDAP supported
Management User Management
Device access authority, Feature level authority
SSL, Database encryption
Login lockdown, Multi-level user access authority
Federation Multi-tier domain federation, Max 100 domains
Centralized Device
Device Auto / Manual discovery, Device and add-on server registration
Key Features Maintenance Setup file backup / restore, Device firmware update
Event Configuration 4 levels event priority, Configurable event color
• Supports H.265, H.264. MPEG-4, JPEG codec Event
Rule based event and triggering action setup
Management Event Action
• 400Mbps / 100 Mbps for Recording / Playback Instant viewer pop-up, Alert sound, E-mail notification

• Supports various recording mode : Multi-Layered Site

Flexible site design, Site access authority
Site / Layout / Configuration
Manual, Continuous, Event with pre / Post and schedule
Map Design Layout & Pattern User defined layout and tile pattern
• Supports automatic data recovery from network failover with Map 2D image map
Max. Camera Per Server Up to 128 channel
Recording Performance Up to 400Mbps (@4 HDD)
Recording Mode Manual, Continuous, Event, Schedule
Recording Pre / Post Event
Pre : 10 ~ 60 sec / Post : 1,200 sec
Module Recording
RAID Hardware RAID controller required
ARB (Auto recovery backup) from camera edge storage,
Recoding retention time, iSCSI support
CPU : Intel i7-4770@3.40GHz
RAM : 16GB minimum
Ethernet : 1Gbps x 2ea
OS : Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64bit)
- For S/W Install : SDD, 60GB available hard drive space
- For Recording : Extra storage needed
* SATA2 7200rpm (64MB Cache) x 4ea
* RAID, iSCSI : RAID5, 8Bay, HW RAID Controller (AF support)
* The lastest product information / specification can be found at
* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
* Wisenet is the proprietary brand of Hanwha Techwin, formerly known as Samsung Techwin.

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