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User Guidelines for Seating Application

By GCS India PMO Team
Engineers & Manager’s Guide
• Vacant Seat Report <Insert Picture Here>
• View Vacant Seat Report
• Search a specific seat
• Manager’s Report
• Block Seat
• Edit/View requests
• Seat Reservation
• New Joinee Reservation
• Relocation / Internal Transfer
Administrator’s Guide
• Administrative Page
• Admin Access
• Seat Master Table Report

Engineers & Manager’s Guide

Seating Application - Home Page
Home page of Seating Application is a ‘public’ page and is available for all engineers and
managers within Oracle. This page provides links to access Asset Management Tool and Vacant
Seat Report. For viewing the vacant seats, click on ‘Vacant Seat Report’.

Seating Application - Vacant Seat Report
This screen gives the summary of all the vacant seats available in each of the locations for GCS
along with the details like facility & seat type. You could drill down further to see the specific seats
in this category by clicking on ‘Availability’ numbers.

Click on the number’s to see the

specific seats which are vacant
for that particular Location,
Facility and Seat type

Seating Application - Vacant Seat Report
At this screen, an engineer can locate a desired seat and inform the same to the manager. If the
user is a manager and has authorization to this tool, he/she could go ahead and login using SSO
credentials, to block the selected seat. Floor plans are also provided to locate the position of the
Click here to

Floor plans
corresponding to
location, facility and
floors for which vacant
seats are available

Seating Application - Manager’s Report

After successful login and authorization to the application, user would be directed to ‘Manager’s
Reports’ page which provides the summary report of his/her team’s employee#, location, current
occupied Seat address, seat type, reserved date and Cost center.

Seating Application - Manager’s Report

Under ‘Tasks’ section on your right hand side, you would find ‘Block Seat’ link, which helps you to
continue blocking the seat which was selected earlier. Or you could choose to re-choose any seat
to block. Any requests which are already placed by you could be viewed under ‘View Pending
Requests’ section. Click on ‘Block Seat’ now, to proceed with blocking the selected seat.

Seating Application - Select a specific Seat

Clicking on ‘Block Seat’ redirects you to Vacant Seat Report with advanced Search facility for
Manager privilege. Select a category from Vacant Seat Report’s Availability or select a specific
seat from the search region. Let’s select a seat# 1A261. Search for this seat number click ‘Go’
and then click on the Seat# which appears.

Click on the seat number

to proceed further, to
block the seat

Seating Application - Reservation Category

Select the category for which this seat is being blocked : ‘New Joinee/ Transfer from Different
LOB’ or ‘Relocation/Internal Transfer’. Guidelines to choose the category is provided in the ‘Tips’
section of the page. Lets block this seat for a new joinee, so we click on ‘New Joinee’ tab.

Guidelines to
choose the
category of seat
Click on New joinee/ reservation
Transfer from
different LOB

Seating Application - New Joinee Reservation

In this screen, select the type of New Joinee : Oracle New Hire or Transfer from different LOB.
See the Tips section to choose the right category. For instance select ‘Oracle new hire’ and the
details required for this reservation would be appearing in the screen.

Select Oracle New Hire

Seating Application - New Joinee Reservation

Seat selected for blocking, gets automatically picked up in this screen. User would be prompted
to provide the details of the Employee Name, Team, Costcenter, Career level & Employment type
as part of employee details. These details are used to validate the data from HR. As part of
Joining details, Offer Ref#, Offer Issue Date and Date of Joining are required which can be
validated against Recruitment data. Once all details are provided, click on ‘Block Seat’

Date of Joining should be a later date than

Date of Joining has to Offer issue date
be in future

Seating Application - New Joinee Reservation

Seat blocked confirmation appears in Manager’s report and an Email Notification will be sent to
user. The seat which is blocked would be in the same status for a period of 10 days from the
‘Joining Date’. Before which the email id and employee# of the new joinee have to be provided.
Failing which, the seat would be released to the Seat Pool. There would be reminders sent to the
user/manager before it gets released.

Seat blocked
confirmation seen in
Manager’s report.

Email Notification Communicated

Seating Application - New Joinee Reservation

For editing/viewing the request New Joinee request, click on ‘New

Joinee Requests’ in Managers report.

Following screen which appears, has the details of the block request which has been placed for
the new joinee. For making any changes/or providing the email id details of the new joinee, click
on ‘Edit’ icon on the right most column of the report.
You could view and search all the New joinee requests which have been placed by you at a later
stage under ‘New Joinee Reservations – Reserved till date’ report
‘Transfer from different LOB’ would require Employee Email Id and Employee Number to be
provided, as the new joinee to GCS would be an existing Oracle Employee.

Seating Application - Relocation /Internal Transfer
To block a seat for relocation for one of your team members, you would have to navigate through:
Manager’s report > Block Seat > Vacant Seat Report – select the seat# to which relocation is
requested. Once you are navigated to ‘Seat Reservation’ page click on ‘Relocation/Internal

Click on
Transfer to relocate
current employee to
new location

Seating Application - Relocation /Internal Transfer
Relocation request could be placed only for your direct reporting team members or for yourself. In
the following screen, which appears, select the employee email who has to relocate and click on

Select the employee who has to

relocate from the available options
in drop down list.

Seating Application - Relocation /Internal Transfer
Current and Selected seat details of the employee are automatically populated. Provide the
relocation date with the reason for relocation and click on Block seat.

Key in Relocation date and

reason and click on Block

Seating Application - Relocation /Internal Transfer
Confirmation of the blocking would be received via email and an alert in Manager’s Report page,
is shown. Current seat occupied by the employee gets released to the pool after one day from the
Relocation Date. Any modifications to be made to this request could be done by Manager’s, from
Report page.

Email Communication sent to Manager.

Seating Application - Relocation/ Internal Transfer
For making any modifications to a ‘Relocation Request’, Navigate to Manager’s Report. Click on
‘Relocation Requests’ under ‘View Pending Request’. In the following screen, select the request
which you would like to modify and click on ‘Edit’.

Administrator’s Guide

Seating Application - Administrative Page
Administrative page is authorized to the person with the access ‘Admin’ in this tool. If user has
this privilege, they would be able to find ‘Administration’ link next to Home Tab. Prominent report
available on this page is ‘Seat Location Details’, which includes the list of all facilities, floorwise
available for that BU. Right hand section of the page is the list of tasks and reports available for
the Administrator.

Seating Application - Administrator Privileges
Admin Access : Provides all the features for the
administrator to work with this tool like : Reserving a seat,
releasing a seat, maintaining Seats DB, Monitor/create New
Joinee Request, Relocation Requests and Release request.

Application Users : Helps to provide the Authorizations to

the Managers or Admin. Default first creation would be a
Manager Access. You can later edit this access by either
providing with ‘Administrator’ or ‘Full View’ access, where
only view privilege is provided to the user.
Reports : Provides the Admin with Various reports to
maintain the infrastructure details.

Guidelines : Provides guidelines for few of the activities

which can be performed in this tool

Seating Application - Admin Access
Block Seat : Block a seat for an engineer. This feature is
helpful to reserve a seat for an engineer where manager is not
available locally.
Access Employee Database : Maintain Employee details
who are to be allocated seats from the current seat pool.
New Joinee & Relocation request are the access to Admin
to monitor such requests from user or create the same.

Release Seat : It is Administrator’s

responsibility to release a seat for an
employee who is moving out of
LOB/Oracle. Click on this link, which
provides a report of all the occupied seats
for your BU. Search the seat by person’s Click on ‘Release
email id or the seat# and drill to the Seat’ and provide :
Release Date &
details. In the following screen, select the Comments
‘Release Seat’ and provide the release
date and reason for releasing the seat.

Seating Application - Admin Access
Seat Master Table Access : This privilege to administrator
provides the details of all the seats available for their Business
Unit, with the details of the occupancy of the specific seats.

Calculated Seat Address: Seat# + City+ Facility + Floor

Automatically generated
Search here for address for a specific seat.
specific person/seat Used to Uniquely identify
the seats

Click here to edit

the details