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Addiction Addiction
Name Vector Speed Duration Addiction Type Effect Natural? Avail Cost Source Details
Rating Threhold
Characters with the TLE-x quality (p. 59) may take AEXD to help them resist seizures
from their condition. If they are required to make a Body + Willpower Test to resist
AEXD Ingestion Immediate 10 x 2D6 minutes Physiological 1 1 +3 dice to resist seizures due to TLE-x No 4 ¥80 CF 179
seizures from the disease at any point while the drug is in effect, they receive +3 to their
dice pool on that test.
Aisa is one of the most popular party drugs on the market. This drug is most often
ingested by licking a “blot” off a piece of paper or plastic. Users experience intense
giddiness, lassitude, and mild hallucinations. When the drug wears off, the user is
(EAU DE VIVRE, Ingestion Immediate 20 + 2D6 minutes Psychological 5 2 Disorientation No 4 ¥25 CF 179
fatigued, taking 2S (unresisted). Derived from a synthetic form of atropine, aisa can be
TEX-MEX TEA) very dangerous when overdosed. In addition to standard overdose rules, users who take
more than one dose at a time suffer 4S damage per additional dose.

A natural herbal radical of pulp from the manzana cactus in Aztlan. When animal tongue
Essence + 1D6 hours, Grants the critter power of Animal wears off, the user has an unnatural fear of animals for a period of time equal to the
ANIMAL TONGUE Ingestion 3D6 minutes Psychological 3 2 Yes 6R ¥1 500 CF 186
maximum 12 hours Control mixture’s duration. Treat this as if animals–mundane or paranormal–that come near the
character exude the Fear power. Spirits do not count as animals.

This bioengineered form of an Awakened cotton plant is processed for its seeds; the
seeds are ingested to get the effect, which is to act as a mana blocker for a period of
+2 dice pool bonus to resist time. It provides +2 dice to resist the effects of any Manipulation spells, whether they
AYAO’S WILL Ingestion 2 Combat Turns 10 x 1D6 minutes Psychological 5 2 Yes 14F ¥750 CF 184
Manipulation spells are intended harmfully or beneficially. It was originally developed in MCT labs but has
now been replicated by all of the megacorporations, and it is just starting to trickle
down to major sprawls around the world.

A number of pseudomethamphetamine derivatives are sold as betameth. This stimulant

suppresses the appetite and speeds up the user’s metabolism and thought processes,
making it a popular diet drug, especially among adolescents and teenagers. Characters
(9 – Body) hours, on betameth are energetic and prone to jumpiness. When the effect wears off, the user
(BUZZ, RIGGER’S Inhalation 1 minute Both 9 3 +2 Reaction, +1 Intuition No 5F ¥30 CF 180
minimum of 1 hour crashes and suffers 6S damage (unresisted). Betameth users tend to suffer from
attention-deficit disorders and feel unable to properly focus when not on the drug,
leading to extended binges. Habitual users are often gaunt from malnutrition, which
renders them susceptible to infection, especially of the teeth, gums, and mouth.

An ancient and widespread Asian practice of chewing the nuts and leaves of the betel
tree with lime has led to the synthesis of Wuxing’s highly addictive and legal betel
chewing gum. Betel is a mild stimulant with cavity-fighting properties; users commonly
feel awake and alert when using it. Rather than making an Addiction Test, characters
Ingestion Immediate 10 x 1D6 minutes Physiological × 2 +1 Perception Yes 4 ¥5 CF 180 who use betel, even once, gain a Mild addiction to it. A character may never have an
addiction worse than Mild to betel. Characters who add dice to toxin resistance tests
(through adept abilities, implants, metatype, magic, etc.) are immune to this effect if
they succeed at the toxin resistance test. Because it is instantly addictive, betel often
serves as a gateway drug to more powerful stimulants.
A tranquilizing narcotic, bliss is an opiate synthesized from poppy plants. It takes its
–1 Reaction, +1 to all thresholds, –1
Inhalation, (6 – Body) hours, name from the sensations its users feel. Players attempting to roleplay a bliss user may
BLISS 1 Combat Turn Both 5 3 to all Limits, High Pain Tolerance 3 (p. No 3F ¥15 CRB 411
Injection minimum 1 hour want to focus on the escapist angle, using the drug to block out the chaotic or
unsatisfying world.
A nootropic prescription that boosts neurotransmitter speed and connectivity, allowing
for greater recall and cooperative leaps of logic and intuition with exceptional clarity.
When the high ends, the overclocking of the brain results in exceptional migraines and a
(12 – Body) hours, +2 Intuition, +3 Logic, +2 Mental sluggish intellect. After the drug wears off, you take –2 to all limits, –2 to Logic, and 5S
(BRAIN BOOST, Ingestion 1D6 minutes Both 9 3 No 14F ¥800 CF 180
minimum of 1 hour Limit, Analytical Mind quality (p. 72) damage (unresisted). After use, the gamemaster should secretly roll the user’s Intuition
+ Edge. If the player uses Cereprax again before (8 – hits) hours, they take 1D6 points of
permanent Intuition damage from brain damage (the points of Intuition can later be re-
purchased using Karma).

Cram is an extremely popular stimulant. When this drug wears off, users crash and
Ingestion, (12 – Body) hours, suffer 6 Stun damage (unresisted). Cram users appear hyper-alert, almost to the point of
CRAM 10 minutes Psychological 4 3 +1 Reaction, +1D6 Initiative Dice No 2R ¥10 CRB 411
Inhalation minimum 1 hour paranoia. They react quickly, often without thought, and they’re prone to irrational
outbursts. Other common side effects are jitteriness and fidgeting.

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Addiction Addiction
Name Vector Speed Duration Addiction Type Effect Natural? Avail Cost Source Details
Rating Threhold
Crash is an injectable form of the potent vasoactive and stimulant drugs found in a
Allows the subject to make a trauma patch. When given intravenously, crash allows the subject to make a
CRASH Injection Immediate Instantaneous × × × No 3 ¥800 BB 19
Stabilization Test Stabilization Test per the standard rules for trauma patches (p. 338, SR4A, or p. 451,
The red orchid is a Southeast Asian Awakened plant whose dual-natured pollen attracts
dual-natured insects. This distinctive red pollen, while not a narcotic itself, amplifies the
narcotic properties of the poppy-derived opiates such as bliss and heroin, resulting in
–3 Reaction, +1 to all thresholds, Pain crimson orchid. In previous years, crimson orchid was the subject of vicious Triad wars
CRIMSON ORCHID (12 – Body) hours,
Injection 1 Combat Turn Both 9 3 Resistance 6, Astral Beacon negative Yes 6F ¥300 CF 184 in the Golden Triangle, but the dust has since settled, leaving Scarlet Bliss in the control
(H-RED, SCARLET BLISS) minimum 1 hour
quality of the Yellow Lotus. Rumors suggest this was achieved with the quiet support of
Wuxing, but there is no solid evidence to confirm it. Users of crimson orchid possess a
distinctive red tint to their auras and gain the Astral Beacon negative quality (see p. 78,
SR5) for the duration of the effect.

Cryo is a cocktail of potent paralytics, analgesics, and sedatives used to dramatically

lower a subjects metabolic rate. When infused using a rapid infuser (p. 22) the drug
induces a state of suspended animation in a fashion similar to slab. This dramatically
slows the accumulation of Progressive and Overflow Damage, allowing more time for
Stabilization and treatment of wounds. Unlike slab, however, cryo has its effects rapidly
Slows Progressive and Overflow reversed when the infusion is stopped. Character’s receiving a cryo infusion accumulate
CRYO (Rapid Immediate (30 – Body) minutes × × × No 8R ¥1 000 BB 19
Damage, Suspended animation an additional box of Progressive or Overflow Damage every (Body x 4) Combat Turns. A
single dose of cryo lasts approximately 30 minutes, but the duration is shorter for larger
metahumans. During the infusion, the subject is incapacitated and cannot take any
actions. Upon stopping the infusion, the character regains consciousness after (Body)
combat turns. Thereafter he suffers a –4 dice pool modifier to all tests, which is
decreased by 1 every (Body) Combat Turns until reduced to 0.

Deepweed is a narcotic derived by Caribbean houngans from an Awakened form of kelp.

It’s extremely enticing to the Awakened and is sometimes used to dose targets for
possession. Deepweed forces any magically active user to astrally perceive, even if the
Astral perception for Awakened
Ingestion, (6 – Body) hours, user is an adept without the astral perception ability. Once its effects have worn off,
DEEPWEED Immediate Psychological × × characters, +1 Willpower, +1 Mental Yes 8F ¥400 CRB 411
Inhalation minimum 1 hour deepweed users suffer a –1 to all dice pool modifiers and –1 to all limits for the same
limit, –1 Physical limit
duration as the initial effect. There are dangers inherent in forced astral perception,
such as attracting unwanted attention. Role-playing the effects of deepweed may mean
portraying someone who seems not completely “present,” since they aren’t.

A combination of anti-psychotic medications and narcotics designed to cancel the

rampant drug abuse by gangers, dopadrine has become a popular narcotic as well.
Dopadrine prevents characters from going berserk for the duration of the drug; if a user
DOPADRINE Cancels Berserk, –1 die to all physical who is already berserk is dosed with dopadrine, the berserker rage automatically ends,
Contact Immediate 10 x 1D6 minutes Both 3 2 No 8 ¥45 CF 180
(BITTER, WERDEN) actions and the character cannot become berserk again until the duration ends. Dopadrine
heightens the apathy of users, making them feel disconnected from their concerns. This
effect gives them –2 to their Social limit for the duration of the drug. It comes in patch
form to best aid others in dosing a user who has become dangerous.

A favorite party drug, eX is a mild stimulant and aphrodisiac used by revelers to relax,
open up, and become aroused. The drug leaves the user open to suggestion, especially
EX (8 – Body) hours, +1 Charisma, –1 Logic, +1 Perception,
Ingestion 1D6 minutes Psychological 5 2 Yes 3R ¥20 CF 180 toward sexual encounters, and users become more sensitive to changes in light,
(EROS) minimum of 1 hour –1 Willpower
temperature, and pressure. When the effect wears off, the user suffers disorientation
for a like period, along with –2 to their Mental limit for (Body) hours.

As laés and other forms of memory manipulation have experienced a resurgence in

popularity, everyone has been looking for a way to counteract drug-induced memory
loss. Forget-me-not is one such drug designed to help resist such effects. While the drug
(12 – Body) hours,
FORGET-ME-NOT Ingestion 1 Combat Turn Psychological × × Counteracts memory loss No 10F ¥400 CF 180 is active in the user’s system, any dose of laés or similar drug will not affect the user.
minimum 1 hour
Additionally, the user receives a +3 dice pool bonus to resist Alter Memory spells while
the drug is in effect. Remember to check for drug interactions (p. 178) if forget-me-not
is in effect when a potentially memory-altering drug enters a character’s system.

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Drugs Drugs 3 / 8 Drugs
Addiction Addiction
Name Vector Speed Duration Addiction Type Effect Natural? Avail Cost Source Details
Rating Threhold
A “gerispice” pharmaceutical believed by many to help prevent aging, G3 takes its name
from the main ingredients: ginseng, guarana, and ginkgo biloba. G3 contains vitamin
G3 (15 – Body) hours, +1 Body when resisting Fatigue additives and antioxidants that help combat fatigue, making it a popular supplement for
Ingestion 1 hour Psychological 2 1 Yes 2 ¥15 CF 181
(GERILIXIR, VITALITE) minimum 1 hour damage, Longevity athletes, professional mercenaries, and other individuals who face regular strenuous
activity. At the gamemaster’s discretion, characters who take G3 on a daily basis may
suffer the effects of old age somewhat less than others.

Galak is an Awakened drug made from the pollen of an Awakened orchid, and is similar
to, though more potent than, eX. It is a mild stimulant and aphrodisiac used by revelers
(9 – Body) hours, +1 Charisma, –1 Logic, +1 Perception, to relax, open up, and become aroused. The drug leaves the user open to suggestion,
GALAK Ingestion 1D6 minutes Psychological 6 3 Yes 4R ¥45 CF 180
minimum of 3 hour –1 Willpower especially toward sexual encounters, and users become more sensitive to changes in
light, temperature, and pressure. When the effect wears off, the user suffers
disorientation for a like period, along with –2 to their Mental limit for (Body) hours.

This drug suppresses the functions of the brain that govern fear, both innate and
learned. For the duration of the drug’s effect, the character is immune to fear (including
GUTS negative results from Composure Tests) and fear-based powers/attacks. As a drawback,
(12 – Body) hours,
(NOFEAR, BRASS Inhalation Immediate Both 5 3 Immunity to Fear No 8R ¥60 CF 181 however, the character becomes reckless, incautious, and also less inhibited. At the
minimum 1 hour
BALLS) gamemaster’s discretion, he may call for the character to make a Logic + Willpower (3)
Test to avoid doing something that would normally be considered foolish, dangerous, or
socially inappropriate.
A bioengineered drug distilled from the sap of an Awakened maple, Hecate’s blessing
helps a magic-using character channel more mana through their bodies, giving them +1
HECATE’S BLESSING Ingestion Immediate 10 x 1D6 minutes Both 4 2 +1 dice pool bonus for drain rolls Yes 12F ¥500 CF 185 die to their drain rolls for the drug’s duration. The downside is that once the drug wears
off, the user’s magical capability is reduced by –1 for a period of time equal to twice the
original duration.

HemoSynth is an advanced blood replacement product containing genetically designed

plasma proteins with high oxygen-binding capacity. When administered to a character
suffering from Damage Progression or Overflow, HemoSynth temporarily reverses the
accumulation of damage and improves their chances of surviving until they receive
Injection medical treatment. HemoSynth comes in doses called units and requires a rapid infuser
Reverses Progressive and Overflow
HEMOSYNTH (Rapid Immediate Instantaneous × × × No 4 ¥2 000 BB 19 (p. 22). Each unit requires a number of combat turns equal to the subject’s Body
Infuser) attribute to infuse. Upon completion of the infusion, the subject rolls Body x 2, and each
hit removes one box of accumulated Progressive or Overflow Damage. Damage cannot
be reduced below the base damage that caused Progression or Overflow. Note that the
subject has not been Stabilized and will continue to accumulate damage during and
after the infusion until Stabilization occurs.

A potent alcoholic beverage developed by orks for orks, hurlg is a dark, thick ale the
consistency of soup, swimming with hops and nutmeg. Orks, trolls, and the occasional
dwarf appreciate the blend of 160 to 180 proof alcohols. With the mildly hallucinogenic
HURLG properties of large amounts of nutmeg, hurlg generates a terrific buzz. When this effect
(FOMORIAN (12 – Body) hours, wears off, the user crashes and suffers 9S damage (resisted by Body). Humans and elves
Ingestion 2D6 minutes Both 4 3 –1 Logic, +1 Willpower Yes 2R ¥10 CF 181
USQUEBAUGH, minimum 1 hour don’t normally possess the constitution to hold their hurlg, and suffer severe and
ORKSTAFF’S XXX) painful stomach cramps (treat as disorientation for the duration of the effect) unless
they possess an implant or magic that gives them bonus dice on Toxin Resistance Tests.
Having suhch a bonus allows them to ignore the disorientation . Hurlg has a robust,
nutty flavor. And is inflammable.

A natural herbal radical of petals from the immortal flower in the Mojave Desert. For
every 20 boxes of damage sustained while the user is under the influence, permanently
Essence + 1D6 hours, Grants the critter power of
IMMORTAL FLOWER Ingestion 16 Combat Turns Both 8 3 Yes 14R ¥2 500 CF 186 reduce the character’s Essence by 0.1. A character with cyberware or bioware who takes
maximum 12 hours Regeneration
this drug also suffers 2D6 boxes of Physical damage (unresisted) when the drug wears
off, as the regeneration ability attempts to “repair” the implants.

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Addiction Addiction
Name Vector Speed Duration Addiction Type Effect Natural? Avail Cost Source Details
Rating Threhold
Jazz is a stimulant designed to better the odds for run-of-the-mill law-enforcement
officers who run up against augmented street samurai. It’s usually taken from a single-
dose inhaler (or “popper”). When jazz wears off, the user crashes and is flooded with
+1 Reaction, +1 Physical limit, +2D6 despondent and miserable emotions, suffering the effects of Disorientation (p. 409) for
JAZZ Inhalation Immediate 10 x 1D6 minutes Both 8 3 No 2R ¥75 CRB 411
Initiative Dice a duration equal to the duration of the initial effect. While cram makes people hyper
and twitchy, jazz makes people jumpy and hyper as caffeinated two-year-olds. Role-
playing a jazz user means turning it up a notch, portraying someone with too much
energy to burn.

Users of this dangerous combat drug automatically go berserk when wounded, in a

manner similar to Bear magicians. At the end of the duration, the user suffers 18S
damage (unresisted). Berserk character must also make an Edge (1) Test; if they fail,
they stay berserk permanently. Remember that the drug cannot raise any attributes
+3 Body, +3 Agility, +4 Strength, +1 above a character’s augmented maximum (+4 over the natural, unaugmented attribute).
Injection Immediate 5 x 1D6 minutes Both 11 3 Willpower, +5 Initiative Score, High No 16F ¥900 CF 181 All of the initial research subjects of kamikaze grade ten, a.k.a. K-10, died from the
Pain Tolerance 3, Berserk drug’s side effects or wounds sustained while under the influence. The formula for K-10
was hacked from the lab’s medical database, and the drug itself hit the streets as a
combat drug back in 2071. In the years since, it’s become an infamous source of
obituary-linked headlines, from psychotic gang rampages to civilian massacres in distant
countries by mercenary troops who have “Tasted the Blood.”

Kamikaze is a tailored combat stimulant. When kamikaze wears off, the user crashes and
suffers –1 Reaction, –1 Willpower, and –2 to all Limits for a duration equal to that of the
initial effect. He also suffers 6 Stun damage (unresisted). The repeated use of kamikaze
+1 Body, +1 Agility, +2 Strength, +1
has a destructive effect on the user’s metabolism. Large doses can cause excitement,
Willpower, +2 Physical limit, +2D6
KAMIKAZE Inhalation Immediate 10 x 1D6 minutes Physiological 9 3 No 4R ¥100 CRB 412 tremors, momentary euphoria, and dilated pupils. Excess doses (bordering on overdose
Initiative Dice, High Pain Tolerance 3
level) cause anxiety, hallucinations, and uncontrolled muscular movements. Even higher
(p. 74)
dosages lead to death. Kamikaze users are near-crazed, filled with a feeling of
imperviousness and invincibility, exhibiting almost no regard for their own well-being.
They can be entertaining to watch, as long as you’re not in front of them.

Three units of natural herbal refined grasses from the Great Plains of North America. At
Essence + 1D6 hours, Grants the Concealment and
LITTLE SMOKE Inhalation 2D6 minutes Psychological 6 3 Yes 12F ¥1 800 CF 187 the end of the duration, the user’s Perception and Willpower are reduced to 1 for an
maximum 12 hours Confusion critter powers
equivalent duration.

A combination of synthesized hormones and other brain-regulating chemicals, long haul

stimulates the brain and keeps the user awake, obviating the need for sleep. A character
dosed on long haul can remain awake for four days–without incurring any modifiers
from fatigue or weariness. After this time, however, the user immediately passes out
and sleeps soundly for 8D6 hours. If the character is kept awake during this period, he
LONG HAUL Injection 10 minutes 4 days Psychological 2 1 Alleviates need for sleep No 0 ¥50 CRB 412
suffers from disorientation (p. 409) as he is afflicted with hallucinations and an inability
to concentrate. If a second dose of long haul is taken after the first has worn off, the
character can stay awake an additional 1D6 ÷ 2 days. After that period, he suffers 10
Stun damage (unresisted) and must crash as detailed above. Long haul cannot keep a
character awake past this point, no matter how many additional doses are administered.

Distilled from an Awakened poppy plant, this drug puts the mind in a temporarily
altered state. After the drug’s effects end, any attempt to remember what occurred
while experiencing this altered state requires a Memory Test (p. 152, SR5) with a –2 dice
(14 – Body) hours, Puts the mind in an altered state
MEMORY FOG Ingestion 1 minute Both × × Yes 6R ¥100 CF 181 pool modifier. Likewise, while under the influence of Memory Fog, any attempt to recall
minimum 2 hours where remembering is difficult
anything from times when the user is not under the drug’s influence also requires a
Memory Test with a –2 dice pool modifier. The altered state is the same every time, so
remembering events from previous doses does not incur the –2 dice pool penalty.

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Drugs Drugs 5 / 8 Drugs
Addiction Addiction
Name Vector Speed Duration Addiction Type Effect Natural? Avail Cost Source Details
Rating Threhold
NanoScan is an injectable suspension of the soft nanites routinely used in a nano-
biomonitor. Upon injection the sensor nanites circulate through the subject’s body and
begin transmitting biometric data, which is then collected by a small external receiver
24 hours, or (Nano- rather than an implanted diagnostic processor. The receiver retransmits the data to a
NANOSCAN Injection 3 Combat Turns × × × Injectable nanite biomonitor No 5 ¥500 BB 19
hive Rating) Days subscribed commlink or medlkit. Since it lacks the implanted components of the nano-
biomonitor, the system degrades quickly and becomes ineffective after 24 hours. If the
subject has a pre-existing nano-hive, the system lasts a number of days equal to the
hive’s rating.
Neostigmine is an older drug used to treat toxic exposure to nerve agents and other
chemicals that cause neuromotor dysfunction. When administered to a character
NEOSTIGMINE Injection Immediate 10 x 1D6 minutes × × × Counteracts the effects of Paralysis No 2 ¥100 BB 19 suffering from the effects of Paralysis (p. 409, SR5), double the subject’s Reaction for the
purposes of determining paralysis. Neostigmine also halves the duration of Paralysis
from one hour to thirty minutes.
These eyedrops grant temporary low-light vision. They were developed by studying the
NIGHTWATCH eyes of deep-sea fish and are commonly used by low-budget security on the nightshift,
(ANIMU, BEGGAR’S Contact Immediate 20 x 1D6 minutes Psychological 1 2 Grants low-light vision No 3R ¥25 CF 182 urban scavengers, and nocturnal urban predators. This drug increases the eye’s
GAZE) sensitivity to light; all Glare Environmental modifiers (p. 175, SR5) are one category
worse for the character for as long as the drug is active.
A dangerous combination of potent drugs favored by troll gangers, nitro is a powerful
+2 Strength, +2 Willpower, +2 stimulant that can easily kill a user. After the drug’s effects wear off, the subject suffers
NITRO Inhalation 1 Combat Turn 10 x 1D6 minutes Both 9 3 Perception, +2 Physical limit, High No 2R ¥50 CRB 412 –2 to all limits and takes 9 Stun damage (unresisted) for an equal duration. Nitro users
Pain Tolerance 6 (p. 74) feel infused with energy, suffer a diminished attention span, and talk incessantly (even
to themselves).
Popular with intercity gangs with a tribal motif, NoPaint is a medical-grade, water-
resistant novocain gel that comes in a number of colors. NoPaint is applied to the skin
NOPAINT with a swab or brush. Characters lose tactile perception in areas covered with NoPaint
Contact Immediate 1D6 hours Both 3 1 High Pain Tolerance 3 No 3 ¥15 CF 182
(NUMB, PBG) for the duration of the effect, and must make a First Aid + Logic (2) Test to judge how
badly they are injured while the drug is active. One dose of NoPaint can cover a dwarf,
human, or elf; orks and trolls require two doses for full coverage.

+1 Reaction, +1 Charisma, +1 A stimulant derived from coca plants, novacoke is a highly addictive social drug. After
Inhalation, (10 – Body) hours,
NOVACOKE 1 Combat Turn Both 7 2 Perception, +1 Social Limit, High Pain Yes 2R ¥10 CRB 412 the drug wears off, Charisma and Willpower are both reduced to 1, and all limits are at
Injection minimum of 1 hour
Tolerance 1 (p. 74) –1 for a duration equal to the duration of the initial effect.
Ondansetron is a powerful anti-emetic drug that works rapidly on the central nervous
system to relieve nausea. When administered to a character suffering from the effects
ONDANSETRON Injection Immediate 10 x 1D6 minutes × × × Counteracts the effects of Nausea No 2 ¥50 BB 19 of Nausea (p. 409, SR5), double the subject’s Willpower for the purposes of determining
incapacitation. Ondansetron also halves the duration of Nausea from ten to five

Provides vivid dreams in sleep, usually with prophetic insights. Burned like incense, the
vapors are inhaled, providing vivid visions and dreams with prophetic insight. The user is
allowed to use Divination using Logic + Intuition (threshold set by the table on p.125,
Street Grimoire). If the user has the Augury and Sortilege ritual, they may use it to
ONEIRO Paralysis, allows the use of the interpret the Divination as normal. If they do not, the user is Disoriented afterwards for
Inhalation Immediate 3D6 minutes Psychological 6 3 Yes 6F ¥1 250 CF 186
(DREAMSAGE, DELPHI) Divination metamagic while active a duration equal to the time the drug was in effect. Addiction often occurs because of
the tantalization of seeing the future, the feeling there was something important just
about to be revealed, and for mundanes, the chance to touch real magic for a moment.
Long-term users have been known to develop chronic indecision and paranoia, unable
to take action without forewarning of some sort.

From the steamy jungle pharmacopoeia of Latin America comes a central nervous
stimulant with sizzle. At the end of this drug’s duration, users suffer 8S damage
(unresisted). Aside from a few brain-damaged hacker junkies who complain that
OVERDRIVE (10 – Body) hours, +1 Reaction, +1 to all Logic-linked overdrive causes nosebleeds, most users of the so-called “hacker drug” report few side
Inhalation 1 Combat Turn Both 5 3 No 10F ¥800 CF 186
(X-CYTE) minimum 1 hour skills effects other than a pleasant tingling across the forebrain and the sudden crash. Long-
term users have been known to develop narcissistic personality disorder (use Poor Self-
Control: Braggart, p. 158, Run Faster) or paranoid personality disorder (use Paranoia, p.
158, Run Faster).

Drugs Drugs 5 / 8 Drugs

Drugs Drugs 6 / 8 Drugs
Addiction Addiction
Name Vector Speed Duration Addiction Type Effect Natural? Avail Cost Source Details
Rating Threhold

The oxygenated fluorocarbon compound known as P4MO is widely used as a blood

substitute. Its use in emergency situations helps to prevent the mismatching of blood
types. Fluorocarbons like P4MO also exceed the capabilities of the blood’s natural
hemoglobin as a vehicle for gaseous exchange. In other words, P4MO dissolves a higher
percentage of oxygen from the lungs into the blood. When introduced into healthy
+1 Agility, double the amount of time subjects, P4MO allows them to achieve higher levels of physical performance. P4MO is
FLUOROCARBONS Injection 1D6 hours 1 week Physiological 2 1 No 12R ¥2 000 CF 182
character can hold his breath added to the bloodstream in five-liter treatments along with a dose of carcerands
containing a chemical that allows the body to metabolize the oxygenated fluorocarbons,
clearing out of the user’s system by the end of the drug’s duration. If another P4MO
treatment is taken while the first is active, the character will suffer an embolism,
inflicting 15P damage (unresisted). When the P4MO wears off, you take a –1 to Physical
limit and –1 to Body for (Body) days.

A recent bastardization of traditional cocaine cut with leäl, and sometimes with other
substances including raw sugar, ground glass, and powdered caffeine tablets. A
character on pixie dust loses all memory of the past 1D6 minutes after the drug takes
PIXIE DUST +1 Charisma, +1 Perception, High Pain effect; this effectively means they forget they ever took the drug, but the high remains.
Inhalation Immediate 1D6 minutes Both 10 4 Yes 8F ¥800 CF 186
(BLEEDER, NEVERLAND) Tolerance 1, Memory Loss Snorting pixie dust is the painful but preferred method of taking the drug because users
forget the agony almost immediately. Consequently, nosebleeds are a common side
effect of using pixie dust. Recovery from pixie dust addiction is notoriously difficult,
because users cannot remember how often they use it, and overdoses are common.

This designer stimulant is especially prized by magicians and technomancers alike. In

addition to the effects noted above, Awakened users also only suffer a –1 dice pool
(12 – Body) hours,
PSYCHE Ingestion 10 minutes Psychological 6 2 +1 Intuition, +1 Logic, +1 Mental limit No 0 ¥200 CRB 412 modifier for each sustained spell (rather than the standard –2). Psyche users are
minimum of 1 hour
simultaneously hyper-aware and detached, easily absorbed by detail and obsessive
about certain facts or problems.
Push was designed for users seeking a quick, no-frills high. The active chemicals in the
drug are theobromine and cathinone, and they combine to give push users a mild
euphoric state that has been compared to eating large amounts of chocolate or the
PUSH (15 – Body) minutes,
Ingestion 1 minute Both 4 3 Mild euphoric state No 4F ¥25 CF 182 moment after sex. Excessive consumption of push over long periods of time can result in
(NANOHI, RUSH) minimum 1 minute
exacerbated hyperactivity leading to psychosis, as well as possible genetic mutation in
metahumans. Gamemasters may represent these effects on push addicts at the burnout
level by Essence loss and drastic, violent mood swings.

A popular drug with musicians, technicians, and magicians, red mescaline (redmesc for
short) is a profound combination of psychoactive substances ten times more potent
than natural peyote. Many drug users consider a redmesc trip equivalent to a religious
experience, with their awareness heightened to an almost cellular level; coming down
RED MESCALINE +1 Charisma, –2 Reaction, +2
(18 – Body) hours, from a red mescaline high is often accompanied by crushing depression. At the end of
(MANASHROOMS, Ingestion 1 hour Both 5 3 Perception, +1 Willpower, No 4R ¥50 CF 182
minimum 1 hour the duration, the user’s Charisma and Willpower are reduced to 1 for an equivalent
VERTIGO) Disorientation
duration. Red mescaline complements the effects of the street drug psyche, and
combining the two is common. Users do not need to make a Drug Interaction roll (see p.
178) when using redmesc and psyche at the same time. A psyche/redmesc speedball is
commonly called a loco.

Once the pawn has become addicted to the drug, he gains the Immunity (Age) critter
power (p. 397, SR5) and the Essence Loss weakness (p. 401, SR5). Immunity (Age)
remains in effect as long as the pawn receives a regular dose of the drug. What
constitutes “regular” is left to the gamemaster’s discretion, but most vampires won’t
+1 Agility, +1 Intuition, +1 Strength,
give a dose more frequently than once a quarter, due to the great personal expense
Ingestion, +1 Physical Limit,
RENFIELD 7 days 1 Combat Turn Both 8 3 Yes × × HT 128 involved in creating it. Once transformed, the pawn is dependent upon the drug to
Injection Euphoria (8 – Body hours, minimum 1
maintain his Essence; even if he breaks the habit, he’ll still have the Essence Loss
hour), +1D6 Initiative
weakness. Each dose gives him 1D6 points of Essence; he can carry up to twice his
natural Essence, just like a vampire. Pawns addicted to renfield have a sixth sense when
near the infected who gave it to them, much like from a group bond ritual (Essence in

Drugs Drugs 6 / 8 Drugs

Drugs Drugs 7 / 8 Drugs
Addiction Addiction
Name Vector Speed Duration Addiction Type Effect Natural? Avail Cost Source Details
Rating Threhold

A potent mix of synthetic steroids, pseudolipids, sugars, and amphetamines that cause
short-term muscle growth and an energy boost, ripper is used as quick way for many to
“bulk up.” At the end of the duration, the user takes 2 boxes of Stun damage
(unresisted) due to fatigue; some of the muscle growth, however, remains. Regular use
(at least three times a day for three to six weeks) of ripper reduces the Karma cost for
RIPPER Contact,
Immediate 10 x 1D6 minutes Both 5 3 +1 Strength, –1 Willpower No 6F ¥60 CF 182 improving the Strength attribute by 1. Muscles developed with ripper often leave users
(J-H, ROIDPATCH) Injection
disproportioned. Side effects of prolonged use may include sterility, baldness, lack of
sexual desire, development of secondary sexual characteristics of the opposite sex (such
as breast growth in males), and cancer of the testes or ovaries. Ripper is most often sold
in dermal patches or disposable syringes, though heavy users have taken to wearing
portable chemical injectors for a constant dose.

A natural herbal radical of pulp from a North American weeping tree. At the end of the
Essence + 1D6 hours, Grants the critter power of Immunity
ROCK LIZARD BLOOD Ingestion 30 minutes Physiological 6 3 Yes 10F ¥1 700 CF 187 duration, the character suffers 2P damage (unresisted) and –4 dice for all tests to resist
maximum 12 hours against Diseases and Toxins
diseases and toxins for an equivalent duration.
A natural herbal radical of pollen from the red orchid of Southeast Asia. This compound
forces the user, even a mundane, to astrally project. This grants all users, including
mundanes, access to the metaplanes if they are in the company of a spirit guide or
Essence + 1D6 hours,
SHADE Inhalation Immediate Psychological 7 3 Astral projection Yes 6R ¥1 000 CF 187 initiate. At the end of the duration, the user suffers 10 boxes of Stun damage
maximum 12 hours
(unresisted). Characters must return to their bodies before the duration ends or they
die. Shade allows Awakened users to retain their astral form longer than normal, adding
the duration of the drug to their normal astral time.

This legal drug first gained popularity in the early days of the Native American Nations
and is traditionally made from an ancient formula including tobacco leaves, cannabis
resin, and willow bark. Modern snuff typically forgoes the expensive natural ingredients
Ingestion, by directly combining the active chemical compounds involved: THC, nicotine, and
(AZTECH CHEW, 1 minute 10 x 1D6 minutes Both 2 2 +1 Reaction, Pain Resistance 1 Can be 1R ¥10 CF 183
Inhalation salicin. Snuff users claim the drug has a calming effect. Once the effect wears off, users
INDIAN TOBACCO) experience –1 Intuition for a time period equivalent to twice the original duration. At the
gamemaster’s discretion, long-term snuff users may be more susceptible to Fatigue
damage and cancer.

This drug temporarily counteracts the buzz of alcohol or drugs. For the its duration, the
drug removes negative penalties to Charisma, Intuition, Reaction, and/or Willpower, up
to a maximum of 6 dice worth of penalties between those attributes. If the total
penalties are greater than 6, the drug’s benefits are applied evenly across all attributes
that have suffered a negative penalty, and any leftover benefits can be applied as
desired to other applicable attributes that still have penalties. Once the drug wears off,
SOBER TIME Contact 1 Combat Turn 10 x 1D6 minutes Both × × Removes penalties caused by drugs No 6F ¥125 CF 183
all negative penalties return at twice the effect for the penalty’s whole original duration,
even if part of that penalty’s duration had already passed. This only is true for attributes
that had their penalty reduced by the drug. Sober time only negates penalties already in
effect. Any penalties incurred after sober time is taken will be suffered as normal. If any
attribute is reduced below 1 when the negative penalties return, the character will be
rendered immobile and fall into a trance until the effect wears off.

Counteracts the effects of the Reduces the remaining Power of the rocuronium toxin by –2 every Combat Turn after
SUGAMMADEX Injection Immediate 10 x 1D6 minutes × × × No 6 ¥100 BB 20
rocuronium toxin injection.
A paralytic neurotoxin secreted by an Awakened Latin American tree frog, trance is
often erroneously sold as an opiate. Popular with hackers, magicians, and other
TRANCE professions that don’t require excessive movement, trance causes paralysis and a
(6 – Body) hours, +1 Intuition, +2 to all Logic-linked
(TOADSTONE, Inhalation 1 Combat Turn Both 6 3 Yes 10F ¥1 100 CF 186 speeding up of the higher brain functions. At the end of the duration, users remain
minimum 1 hour skills, Paralysis (see below)
ZUVEMBIE POWDER) paralyzed (see Paralysis, p. 409, SR5) for an equivalent duration. This paralysis only
affects voluntary muscle groups; breathing and other autonomous functions are not
A synthetic hallucinogen derived from North European mushroom species, woad is the
cheapest legal combat drug on the market. Users automatically go berserk when
WOAD wounded, in a manner similar to Bear magicians (p. 321, SR5), but you also gain +2 to
Ingestion 1 Combat Turn 5 x 1D6 minutes Both 5 2 +2 to Agility, Berserk No 3R ¥15 CF 184
(BOZOKU, FRENITICO) your Agility while the berserk rage lasts. Side effects include frothing at the mouth,
fever, and a desire to bite. When the drug wears off, users suffer –2 to all Social tests for
the original duration x 10.
Drugs Drugs 7 / 8 Drugs
Drugs Drugs 8 / 8 Drugs
Addiction Addiction
Name Vector Speed Duration Addiction Type Effect Natural? Avail Cost Source Details
Rating Threhold
The user receives +2 dice on all A natural mineral radical of powdered fossils from the Australian Outback. While the
Ingestion, Essence + 1D6 hours, Conjuring skill group tests and adds drug helps summon spirits of man, it’s not so good for other conjuring activities. Once
WUDU’AKU 2D6 minutes Psychological 4 1 Yes 12F ¥2 350 CF 187
Inhalation maximum 12 hours +2 to her effective Charisma when the drug is ingested, users suffer –2 dice to Conjuring skill group tests and –2 Charisma
dealing with spirits of man when summoning any other type of spirit for twenty-four hours afterward.

–2 Reaction, +1 Willpower, –1 A psychedelic hallucinogen, zen is popular among those looking to escape reality or
ZEN Inhalation 5 minutes 10 x 1D6 minutes Psychological 3 1 No 4R ¥5 CRB 412
physical action dice pool modifier seeking trance-like states.

Zero is the street name for a number of different immunosuppressant drugs used to
help the body adjust to new cyberware or reduce the effects of allergic reactions. Street
docs commonly use small quantities of the drug to suppress the body’s immune system
for a period of time, reducing the chances that the body will reject implanted ’ware.
Allergy and Addiction reduction, Habitual drug users use zero to lower their tolerance to other drugs. When this drug is
Ingestion, (20 – Body) hours, promotion of cyberware adaptation, used in a clinical setting under the supervision of a trained doctor, the user does not
(CYBERTRAM, DOCTOR 1 hour Physiological 1 3 No 8R ¥150 CF 184
Injection minimum 1 hour –2 to Disease and Toxin Resistance take the penalties from mixing drugs (see p. 178). For the duration of effect, zero users
BOB’S ALLERGY ELIXIR) Tests are no longer subject to penalties from allergies, though they still suffer damage for
Severe allergies (see p. 78, SR5). Furthermore, users can treat any Addictions they may
have as if they are one level lower than they actually are for the duration of the effect.
At the gamemaster’s discretion, characters who undergo surgery for implants may be
dosed with zero.

With exotic metahuman remains, powdered puffer fish, marine toad, and hyla tree frog
combined in an alchemical mixture, this refinement of an ancient traditional voodoo
Contact, Essence + 1D6 hours,
ZOMBIE DUST 2 Combat Turns Psychological 2 3 Prepares target for possession Yes 12F ¥1 500 CF 187 formula causes a target to be instantly prepared for possession. While this can offer a
Injection maximum 12 hours
rapid conversion for a friendly ally, it can also be used aggressively against unwilling
targets. Note they still get their Intuition + Willpower Test to resist possession.

A fear of heights can be a major inconvenience when scaling the outside of an office
skyscraper. A fear of enclosed spaces is a pain when you are hiding in someone’s trunk,
waiting for them to unknowingly drive you to the location of a secret research lab. For
(SELECTIVE SEROTONIN (12 – Body) hours,
Ingestion 1 hour Both × × Can ignore Mild to Moderate Phobias No × × CF 184 these occasions and more, you have SSRIS. This drug has the positive effect of calming
RE-UPTAKE minimum 1 hour
phobias (see Phobia quality, p. 157, Run Faster), and it also makes users restless and
INHIBITORS, OR SSRIS) light sensitive. Users receive a Mild Allergy to light while the drug is in effect (p. 78, SR5)
and –1 to Perception tests. Any applicable Glare penalties are increased by 1.

Drugs Drugs 8 / 8 Drugs