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IQ Range

Installation and
Maintenance Instructions

This manual contains important safety

information. Please ensure it is thoroughly
read and understood before installing,
operating or maintaining the equipment.

Date of issue 10/11

The Rotork Setting Tool allows actuator control, indication and

protection functions to be configured to suit site requirements.
In addition, the new Setting Tool Pro also allows downloading
of datalogger and uploading/downloading of configuration
files. Files are transferred to and from the Setting Tool Pro via
Rotork Insight.

It is essential that all the actuator settings are checked for

compatibility with the valve, process and control system
requirements before the actuator is put into service. Please read
this publication.
Rotork Setting Tool Pro
When Rotork personnel or nominated agents are contracted to
carry out site commissioning and/or acceptance, documentation
of commissioned actuator configuration can be made available
for customer records.

Rotork Setting Tool


This manual provides instruction on: THE ROTORK IQ RANGE – THE FIRST VALVE ACTUATOR THAT YOU
* Manual and electrical (local and remote) operation. ELECTRICAL COVERS.

* Preparation and installation of the actuator onto Using the supplied infra-red Setting Tool to access the actuator set up
procedures, non-intrusive setting of torque levels, position limits and all
the valve.
other control and indication functions can be made safely, quickly and
conveniently, even in hazardous locations. The IQ allows commissioning
* Subsequent commissioning and adjustment of the and adjustment to be carried out with the main power supply to the
Basic Settings for correct valve operation. actuator switched on or off.

* Commissioning and adjustment of the Configuration Standard diagnostics access information about the control system, valve
and actuator status is in the form of display text and help screens.
Settings to suit site-specific control and indication
requirements. Setup, Alarm and Status text is available in English (default), Spanish, French
and German.
* Maintenance – Troubleshooting.
Instantaneous valve torque and position can be monitored on the actuator
* Sales and Service. with a single key press of the Setting Tool.

The on board Datalogger captures operational and valve torque data

enabling informed maintenance choices to be made. IQ Insight software
for PC and PDA allows the Datalogger to be interrogated, as well as the
Refer to Publication E180E2 for repair, overhaul and complete actuator set up to be configured and recorded.
spare part instructions.
The actuator containing the Setting Tool will be identified with a yellow
label on the terminal cover.

Visit our web site at for more information on the IQ,
IQ Insight and other Rotork actuator ranges.