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FMZ 5000
Reflex module

 Product Application + Benefits

 The reflex module makes avail-  The reflex module is essential + Complete protection of your plant
able all functions and connections where pneumatic conveyors are through safe and fastest fire detection-
for 2 extinguishing zones where involved and in areas where there is combined with greatest possible safety
very fast fire detection and instan- the risk of rapidly spreading fires. of the extinguishing triggers.
taneous extinction are of particu-
lar importance.
 Pneumatic conveyors are at risk + Individual configuration for each
from flying sparks or glowing project: detectors, detector groups,
The following components are embers. Spark detectors in various extinguishing valves and valve controls
available as a free combination designs can reliably spot sparks and and valve monitoring as well as the
for both or individually for each sources of fires – the extinguishing response to flying sparks.
extinguishing zone: process is initiated without delay.
+ Adapted production intervention
 2 detector lines for a maximum  Alternatively or in addition to the through evaluation and extinguish-
of 8 spark detectors or 4 flame extinguishing action, combustible ing of flying sparks: continuous series
detectors each. material can be ejected from the of flying sparks, exceeding a defined
transport system without delay. number or average value per unit of
 2 transmission lines for activating
time, unacceptably long extinguishing
and monitoring a maximum  In ESTA paint shops flames caused
4 valves each for releasing extin- by high voltage flashovers are
guishing agents. extinguished immediately by closing + Precise monitoring of the supply lines
the supply of paint and entering and equipment: control of the tripping
 4 lines for monitoring the condi-
extinguishing agent through the voltages as a function of the line resist-
tion of each valve unit, the extin-
paint spray nozzles. ance and battery charge.
guishing process and the
ball valve.  Flame detectors in the cabins of + Display and registration of the instant
machine tools monitor the material when fire detected and extinguished,
 All detector, control and monitor-
processing and the cooling agent. accurate to milliseconds: fire events
ing lines are monitored for wire
can be reproduced precisely and well
breaks and short circuits. The
directed and effective measures carried
Detectors report possible malfunc-
tions after carrying out a self-test.

Fault and
1 4
Valve group 1
valve group 1

1 8

Detector group 1
Fault and performance
monitoring external

Units in the

Fault and performance

monitoring external
Detector group 2

1 8 Fault and
Valve group 2
valve group 2
1 4

Each module unit is freely usable for

creating two extinguishing zones
or assuming other detection and
control tasks.

Changes in the line resistances of lines to detectors and The module is configured from a PC using the program
extinguishing units are identified very accurately and MxSysCon. The configuration datas are downloaded to
measures taken for reliable fire detection and initia- the control panel.
tion of extinguishing actions.
Components from several Minimax reflex modules can
be combined together to create larger extinguishing
zones. Parts of the module which are not used in extin-
guishing zones are available for all the other tasks in
the fire detection alarm panel.

Technical data
PB57Fe_01/04.07/5/05.07/HA Printed in Germany

Operating / load voltage 24 Vdc (19 V to 29 V)

Units per module 2 detector groups, 2 control groups, 4 monitoring groups, 2 instantaneous relays
Line monitoring all lines monitored for line breaks and short circuits
Fault and performance monitoring detectors and valves monitored for connection and function, overall monitoring of
an extinguishing unit with ball valve on a common line
Number of detectors / valves (max.) 8 spark- / flame detectors per detector group, 4 valves per control group
Operating temperature –5 °C to 40 °C
Relative humidity 95 %, without condensation
Dimensions 99 x 52.5 x 114.5 mm (L x W x H)
Article number 906262

No. S 89201

240 South Vasco Road, Suite A

Livermore, CA 94551
Certified according to
Phone 925.583.1352 ISO 9001

Fax 925.215.2291